Ronnie Coleman “Nothin But A Podcast” | Ep. 1 Story Behind Surgeries

98 thoughts on “Ronnie Coleman “Nothin But A Podcast” | Ep. 1 Story Behind Surgeries

  1. May you have long long long life . Love you Coleman .
    Hope u are eating your "Good Old Chicken " , taking your " lightweight ", cherishing your life .

  2. Please allow Ronnie to finish speaking. Hard to watch with all that asking in between.

    Would love to see more Podcasts, very interesting. 👍

  3. Guy is such a class act. Best bodybuilder in history. Probably the hardest worker as well. Not to mention one of the strongest bodybuilders ever. Hope he continues to make a full recovery.

  4. This guy has a lot to learn about how to interview a person he constantly talkin over Ronnie Coleman that's very unprofessional.

  5. Yeah mane… interviewing is an art/skill. This is like my first gig as a drummer…. drum solo every 10 seconds. Get out the way!

  6. Well here it is, my first podcast titled "Nothin But a Podcast" of course! Here is part 1 where I talk about my surgeries with my CMO Derek Ciocca. Comment below with other topics you want to hear on this show! YEAH BUDDY!

  7. Ronnie considering you could lift some heavy ass weight back in the day, do you think you would have had much success as a strongman? Or even manage to make a 500kg deadlift?

  8. It took you 2 weeks to upload this video? Are you fucking kidding me? Ronnie you need to fire this idiot and hire someone better!

  9. If you could stop interrupting / stop talking over Ronnie that would be great. Otherwise… amazing content. Thank you.

  10. Stop interrupting Ron so much please. It's fine if you're having a conversation but this should be interview style since, no offence, we only want to hear from Ronnie. Thanks.

  11. Podcast on the type of meals you wanna eat during the day and pre/post workout meals. Maybe on meals that are the easiest to digest.

  12. Please stop interrupting Ronnie. There's a difference between having a conversation in real life and having a conversation on a podcast. You don't talk or say anything when the other person is speaking because it disrupts the listener's experience.

  13. Hey id like a video explaining your passion for training and why you enjoy training so much, great to see it when people love what they do.

  14. The other guy seems cool but he has to stop trying to finish Ronnie’s sentences. If Ronnie is talking then he (the other guy) shouldn’t be. Other than that the content was good.

  15. okay alright mmhm okay alright mmhm okay alright mmhm okay alright mmhm okay alright mmhm okay alright mmhm

  16. Hey Ron any particular reason why you avoided going into the movie industry?
    Big guys like dwayne Johnson and the mountain making a buck or two, why didn't you?

  17. Whenever I don't feel like working out, I bring up Ronnie's old workout vids and I immediately get pumped! G.O.A.T.!! Yeah buddy!!!!!

  18. Was here to listen about the injuries about Ronnie, but that DEREK guy kept trying to be in the spotlight pissed me off, couldnt really listen to ma boy Ronnie.

  19. This guy really needs to shut up , I see other people posting the same thing so I'm not crazy , I had to stop the video to post this comment , to the guy commentating the podcast ….please stop taking while Ronnie is talking , ask a question and let him answer , surely you had to go back and watch this and wish you'd not interrupted and talked so much , I mean honestly it's kind of rude what you were doing

  20. Oh and Jay Cutler has a 13 minute video about his and Ronnies relationship and competing together that has 250k views , his guy asks him one question then shuts up and let's Jay talk for 10 straight minutes without saying a word , please learn from this .

  21. Rest brother, your Faith in The Lord will always heal you. Wishing you the best, my friend brotha from anotha mutha! Get well soon Ronnie! Much love and hugs from Brasil josee

  22. Why is the interviewer talking so much. Let Ronnie Coleman finish talking. Gees its so annoying! Shut up and LET the champion talk!

  23. God fuckin damnit the amateur hosting this cast is such a massive fuckin tit. Someone put a sock in his annoying constant talking mouth!!

  24. the guy doing the podcast is annoying and keeps interrupting ronnie. and finishing his sentence. he needs to be replaced. very annoying to watch with him

  25. I'm glad mr. Coleman that your surgery although painful was successful for you may all the blessings in your recovery come your way with all your future endeavors it's a blessing to hear that you're doing well

  26. Ronnie…u r super dood, and one ethically decent man.. loved watchin ur determination and hunger for body buildin still…yeahhhhh buddy!!!!
    Love and prayers from india..

  27. God Bless You Ronnie Sir

    You are great man with Golden Heart
    We all want to Get Well Soon and Onec Again You Mr. Olampia

    Miss You Sir . . .

    Yeh Budy . . . Yeh Babby . . .

  28. Todas las bendiciones para ty Ronnie se nota q eres una gran persona y fuerza siempre la has tenido una mas Ronnie una Mas!….

  29. I don’t ever comment, but that interviewer is one of the most annoying people in the world based on this video.

  30. You're the Man Ronnie. Huge inspiration. Love the idea of you having this podcast. Get a new interviewer who shuts the hell up.

  31. Stopped watching because the other guy wouldn’t let the GOAT finish his own sentences 👊🏻💥! This isn’t what a good CMO does.

  32. The host is fucking annoying stop interrupting and talking over Ronnie…this guy sounds like he is on a cocaine binge…he cant stay still smfh..and Ronnie sounds like he is on a Oxycontin binge, he wont stop talking smh ..what the fuck!

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