Ron Burgundy Performs Stand-Up with a Hipster Dummy

Ron Burgundy Performs Stand-Up with a Hipster Dummy

-Our first guest tonight
is a world-renowned journalist and legendary newsman. Tonight he’s going to perform
some comedy for us. He also hosts
“The Ron Burgundy Podcast” on iHeartRadio. Please welcome to the show
Ron Burgundy, everyone. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Well, thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Well, that’s so nice. That’s lovely. Always, always great to be back
here in New York City with my hipster buddy,
J.J. Hipster. Isn’t it great to be back
in New York? [ Raspy voice ]
I live here [bleep] [ Laughter ] -[ Normal voice ]
[ Chuckling ] Okay. That’s right, J.J. You live in Brooklyn now,
don’t you? That’s where all the hipsters
live. -[ Raspy voice ] Would you
give me a [bleep] break? [ Laughter ] Are we really doing this? [ Normal voice ]
[ Laughs ] Yes, we are. We are doing this. This is our act, J.J. So, J.J., let me ask you this. What — What part of Brooklyn
do you live in? Is it Greenpoint? No, no, wait, wait.
Williamsburg? [ Raspy voice ] Neither. I live in a neighborhood
called PAGIMM. [ Normal voice ] PAGIMM? [ Raspy voice ]
Yeah. PAGIMM. [ Normal voice ]
Well, I’ve never heard of that neighborhood.
How do you spell it? [ Raspy voice ]
P-A-G-I-M-M. [ Normal voice ] Oh, I see.
It’s an anacronym. [ Laughter ] [ Raspy voice ] Yes, it is. [ Normal voice ]
And what does it stand for? [ Raspy voice ] It stands for
“put a gun in my mouth.” [ Laughter ] Because that’s what I want to do whenever I work with you. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ]
[ Chuckles ] J.J. Hipster, everyone. [ Laughs ] [ Applause ]
You are full of it tonight. Oh, you’re getting
some applause, J.J. [ Laughs ]
So J.J. and I, we went to the
Empire State Building today. [ Raspy voice ] Shut up.
No, we didn’t. You’re such a hack. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ]
[ Chuckling ] J.J. J.J., you better be quiet, or
I’ll put you back in your box. [ Laughter ] [ Raspy voice ] Oh, please do.
Put me in that box. Duct tape it, shut,
and drop me in the river because this — This right now, what we are doing in front
of these people is a nightmare. [ Normal voice ]
[ Chuckling ] Whoa. Someone hasn’t had
their edibles. [ Laughter ] [ Raspy voice ] Shut up.
Listen to yourself. No one thinks this is funny. [ Normal voice ]
No, no. Hold on here. Some people are laughing. [ Raspy voice ] Yes. Because
they are nervous for you. [ Laughter ] They’re nervous because
you’re not funny and you have no talent. You have never had talent
for anything. Not one thing. [ Audience awws ] [ Normal voice ]
You listen to me, J.J. Okay? You listen to me. You will not address me
in this way. Are we clear? You will treat me
like a human being. This is a comedy act, okay?! It’s a two-way street! And you have to contribute! All right?! Do you hear me?! [ Laughter and applause ] For once you’ve got to write
some material or pick up a tag! You can’t just stand there
and look at me and say, “That’s not funny.” Living in New — Brooklyn,
and just lording it over me! I’m so sick of it, J.J.,
and I’m so sick of you! I’m sick of it!
I’m sick of it, J.J.! Sick of it!
Sick of it! [ Audience ohs ] [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Chuckles ] J.J.? [ Laughter ] J.J.? Say something, J.J.! No, you made me do this, J.J.! Damn it, wake up, J.J.! Wake up!
I know you’re faking! I know you’re faking! You piece of [bleep]!
Get up! [ Laughter ] No! No! Oh! [ Sighs ] -Do you want to — Do you want
to come over to the desk? -Yeah. That’s my time. [ Cheers and applause ] -Uh… -That was, um… -I mean… -That was, uh… -Seth, you saw what happened.
He drove me to that point. -Yeah.
-I mean, he was relentless. -Yeah.
-And, you know, he never gives me a break.
-Yeah. Is this an act you’ve been
working out in the clubs? -Yeah.
I’ve been doing stand-up lately. And I really enjoy it. -Yeah, you can tell.
It comes across. -I — We had a good run. [ Laughter ] I wish — We don’t really need
to talk about this, okay? -Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, we’ll —
I think we’ll edit out, you know, the —
-Yeah. -Parts of it.
-[ Clears throat ] [ Laughter ]
-But, yeah, I’ve been — [ Laughter ] -Are there — you know, uh — Are there hipster — Are there hipster things
you like? -He was my friend.
-Yeah. -But he just — we come from
different generations. [ Laughter ]
You know? -Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -I love hipster culture, I do.
-Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -I like Juuls.
-Okay, yeah. -Yes. And, um… skinny jeans.
-Oh, yeah, sure. That’s — That’s a good
reference to that. -The new Vampire Weekend album
just came out. Yeah. [ Laughter ] -Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
-Just got it. Fishbone. -Oh, yeah. Well, okay. I do want to — before you go,
I do want to make sure we plug your podcast.
-Yes, please. -“The Ron Burgundy podcast.”
-Right. -Do you listen to podcasts, Ron? -I enjoy them. I love “60 Minutes”…
-Uh-huh. -…and um — uh, “The Voice.”
-Okay. -And, um…
[ Laughter ] I think those are —
-“The Bachelor.” -Sure, yeah.
-All the podcasts, yes. [ Laughter ] No, they’re great.
-Yeah. -They’re great.
We’re having a great time. We’ve had some amazing guests. -Who are some of the guests
you’ve had? -Oh, my gosh. One of my favorite interviews is former President Gerald Ford. -Oh, wow! [ Laughter ]
-The ghost. -The ghost?
-Yes. -That’s a good get. -What’s compelling about
interviewing a ghost is you can’t see him.
-Yep. -And you’ll just feel a cold
breath on the back of your neck. [ Laughter ] And that’s when you assume
they’re there. -Yeah.
-Then it will be gone. Then like a door will open
and shut real quick, and you won’t know —
President Ford, was that you? And we had the ghost
of Gerald Ford, a werewolf, and Cheryl Tiegs.
-Well, that is — if that was season one,
I can’t wait for season two. Hey, Ron, what a pleasure
to have you here. -Thank you, Seth.
-Thank you so much. And I think, you know,
there’s probably parts of that you wish had gone differently.
But I thought it was perfect. -Well, I really appreciate it. I think — yeah, 80% of that was some of the best material
I’ve ever done. [ Laughter ]
-Well, take that away. Let that be your takeaway
for the night. -I’m not going to be bummed out. -Okay, great.
Ron Burgundy, everybody!

100 thoughts on “Ron Burgundy Performs Stand-Up with a Hipster Dummy

  1. This is on the level of his SNL audition as a cat.
    If you understand how deep Will can go, then this whole bit makes total sense. Uncomfortable darkness is where Will Ferrell shines brightest.

  2. Hahaha, goddamn, been a while since i laughed this long.
    Had tears in my eyes from it, even though it was totally predictable, but i still laughed my ass off.
    Great job!

  3. Well Chevy Chase career ended this kind of way, when your time has passed and people realizes that you are really not that good or funny and are forced to appear on shows and bring gimmicks that sucks. Damn Will Ferrell is only as good as the other people who work with him, by himself he is a sad boring person.

  4. David Brent would be proud

    Btw, that was weirdly creepy and disturning, one of the most interesting acts out of the 6

  5. Ron Burgundy sucks! Why is he on all these late night shows? He's not even funny, he's an idiot and a crybaby drunk. I wish that bear would've ripped his stupid fucken head off and eaten that little rat dog of his.

  6. How can he be a hipster if his Ts aren't silent? You know, as in "ki'en" for kitten, and "bu'on" for button, "hi'ing" for hitting, "bu'er" for butter, etc. You have zero hipster cred without that affectation. Their anthem:

    "I'm a hip'ser!
    I'm a gangs'er!
    I say ki'en, I say bu'on,
    coz I'm a hip'ser,
    coz I'm a gangs'er!
    Oh yeah!"

  7. Perfect! I always Hated ventriloquist acts, so this was a perfect sendup of the whole genre. Seth's deadpan question "so you've been working this up at the clubs?" is a perfect sendup of a late nite host's boilerplate guest question.

    Also, I had no idea Fishbone was a hipster band. They've been around longer than most hipsters have been alive. I felt bad for them since they've been relegated to opening for Slightly Stoopid (one of the worst bands Ever)

  8. You're getting some applause. Come on, this is full funny, and if you watch all his multi-show appearances, this is quite something. Say something, jj…

  9. The minute Will came out I've never laughed so hard in all my life. The quieter and weirder it got the harder I laugh. That's the funniest man in America

  10. I’m not sure I’ve laughed harder at a talk show appearance. That was absurdly funny. A man playing a man who is a terrible comedian getting upset with his own voice to a violent point… there is nobody like Will Ferrell.

  11. This was the funniest of the 6 appearances.the other ones weren’t near as weird. I could’ve watched him and JJ for an hour.

  12. That was awesome. I laughed so hard I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack. That had me in tears. ROFL!

  13. For a second I thought the puppet was gonna get up and say “live from New York it’s Saturday night!!” Woulda been an epic Kaufman-esque monologue.

  14. LMAO!!! Im so sorry! But my humor just gets this and now Im asking myself why!? 😂🤣 When he was shaking JJ I just cant LMAO! 😂🤣

  15. So this is, like, improv or something? And the main joke is that it isn’t funny? And that in itself is meant to be funny somehow?

  16. It's good to see ventriloquism getting the respect it deserves! We are the world's most important artists! Here's my ventriloquism act:

  17. I had someone so nervous for me, he pissed himself.. Then I love doing progressively better humor where I just build off the last thing or joke I said earlier.

    Maybe you have something that has been embedded in you, like a chock-full of irrelevant, I can say I've been there because when I had this moment when I jumped deeply into my mind.. I wasn't serious and it made me feel better and relaxed a bit more. Good stuff.

    So find out what is the embedded from something like mostly environment, versus just in your genes factual… and just the factual like it's inside of your genes and that you can't really be able to have those abilities be fixed.

    OK, I'm mainly messing with you, It's fine seeing you on all the talk shows, it's just, you acted like something set you off that night…

  18. Seth I want to thank you for having me on and allowing me to make my dreams come true. I do want to apologize for murdering JJ on your show. I especially feel bad for the fact that JJ shoes fell off during the murder. To make up for this fiasco, I invite you to one of my orgies I'm having throughout the summer with some of your late night colleagues. For more information, just read comments I've left under other standup videos of other shows I've done stand up on recently. P.S. I'm opening a GoFund Me page for JJ if anyone wants to donate towards JJs funeral arrangements. Thanks again Seth. See you at the orgy. Sincerely, Ron B.

  19. He's not bombing he's being a character it's a role it's not supposed to be funny he's playing the role because he's not being (Will Ferrell) he's being (Ron Burgundy) they have nothing in common it's all Improv. Just like Andy Crawford he's being a character he's not trying to make you laugh he's trying to do his fair share because the audience isn't in on it so the floor is his. He's playing the role.

  20. This is the hardest I have laughed at Will Ferrell for a long time! Brave move doing this kind of unhinged spin on a well loved character. Very well done!! Reminded a little of Alan Partridge but on meth.

  21. Someone needs to tell Will Ferrell this isn't funny. And making part of the routine not being funny, is not funny.

  22. I will not believe our culture has been completely consumed by hipsterism until Ford brings the Pinto back

  23. Yeah, this is Will Ferrell in a nutshell. Hilarious if given a script for 2 minutes, but want to shoot yourself in the head, otherwise.

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