Ron Burgundy Got into a Knife Fight with Kylie Minogue

Ron Burgundy Got into a Knife Fight with Kylie Minogue

-Ron Burgundy, everybody!
Ron Burgundy! [ Cheers and applause ] Wow. That was some funny —
That was some funny stuff. -Well, it must have gone well. You invited me back over
to the couch. -That’s some funny stuff
over there. -Sorry. I got a little hot
under the collar about Mendes. -Yeah, no problem. I didn’t
even know that you did standup. -Oh, yes. It’s been a lifelong passion
of mine for about a week now. And I just love it.
It’s all about the Benjamins. You know what I mean, Jimmy?
-No. -The Benjamins.
-Yeah. I don’t know what you mean. -You know.
-No, I don’t. Uh, do you do it on tour? -Well, I’m on tour right now. In fact, tomorrow night
I’m opening for Jerry Seinfeld at Madison Square Garden. [ Laughter ]
-Really? -Tickets available
on Ticketmaster. -Is that right? -It’s Jerry Seinfeld,
Ron Burgundy, and the Rolling Stones. With special guest star
KC and The Sunshine Band. The Roots
are going to be playing. -Hey. Congratulations.
That’s great. -And jazz vocalist
Bobby McFerrin. [ Laughter ] -What a bill.
What an absolute bill. Oh, I don’t want
to miss that one. -It was tough to land Bobby. -You got him there, though.
-We got him. -You got him, man.
You got him. -I said, “I’m not doing it
without McFerrin.” -Yeah, you said that? -And they said, “Well, wait
by the phone.” But we got him. But tickets are still available
for tomorrow night. Madison Square Garden. -Madison Square Garden.
A lot of people. -Huge. It’s huge. -Dude, I have to be honest,
I miss you doing the news. -Oh. Well, thank you.
-Do you miss doing the news? -Of course I do. Of course I do.
-You do. Yeah. -Anyone who has walked away
from the news game, any former journalist who says
they don’t miss it is lying. And I’m talking to you,
Tom Brokaw. Get your [bleep] together
and get back on the air. -All right. Hold on now, Ron.
Hold on now, Ron. Now just… [ Laughter ] Let’s get back on board here.
Let’s talk about this podcast. “The Run Burgundy Podcast.” Season two launched today.
iHeartRadio. The app. Where do you podcast from? -A room. A room with a microphone
and chairs. -Yeah. That’s the setup there?
-Mm-hmm. It’s myself, my assistant and producer,
Carolina, and a bottle of Scotch. We just keep it loosey goosey. -Wow. -Yeah.
-Interesting. -It’s all about the Benjamins.
-Yeah. Well, you say that because every
episode starts with a sponsor on all of your episodes
of the podcast. Is there any sponsors
you turn down? -Oh, of course. All the time. -Oh, really?
-Yeah. Jimmy, I’m not — You know, I don’t have to
listen to the man. No. No, no. So I turn things down
all the time. -Who have you turned down?
-Unless they offer me cash. -And then —
-It’s all about the Benjamins. -I’ll say it, it’s all about —
or the Grover Clevelands. [ Laughter ] He’s the face
of the $1,000 bill. -Oh, is he really?
-I carry thousands. I usually walk around
with thousands. -You carry a wad of
a thousand-dollar bills? -A wad of thousand-dollar bills
that people are handing me back ’cause they’re like,
“I can’t cash this.” -Yeah. It creates more problems
than it solves. -So you hand someone
a thousand-dollar bill, and they hand it back to you? -So, I’ll get, like, a pint
of milk at the grocery store. -You go out and get a pint?
-Yeah. What is that? About —
What does that run you? About $1.20? $1.20. I’ll slap down
a Grover Cleveland. And they’ll go, “Is that fake?” A crisp Grover Cleveland.
-Crisp Grover Cleveland. You don’t even fold them.
-I don’t even fold them. -You make your pockets longer so that you don’t
have to fold your money. -Right. Keep it…
-Flat. -…in a sleeve,
a plastic sleeve. And I pop it out, snap it.
Grover Cleveland. -Yeah. -And they’re like,
“First of all, is this real?” And they’re like,
“We can’t cash this.” -“There’s nothing we can do.”
Yeah. -I’m like,
“Can I take it, though? ‘Cause all I have
are thousands.” -Yeah. And do they let you
have the milk? -Usually.
-Yeah. I’ve listened to some
of your interviews, and they’re fantastic.
I’m just going to ask you, has there ever been an interview
that’s gone wrong? -There has. Two words.
Kylie Minogue. -Ooh, that’s unfortunate. -Yeah. I mean, you’ve been
in that situation before. Like, you know, you never
want to meet your heroes. And, boy, Kylie and I, from the moment
she came into the studio, we just looked at each other,
and it was on. -That’s terrible.
I mean, Kylie Minogue? -And she just bit me
right in the ass. -I don’t even know
what that means. -And then when she was done, she bit me
in the [bleep] and balls. So it was — It was — [ Laughter ] I mean, that thing… -What are you talking —
What are you talking about? -We didn’t even get a word out!
-What are you talking about? -It was just —
-What the hell are you — What the hell
are you talking about? -We just —
-What do you even want? -We just smelled
each other’s pheromones! It turned into a knife fight! -What? With Kylie Minogue? -With Kylie Minogue.
The great Kylie Minogue. -The great Kylie Minogue. -Great, beautiful
Kylie Minogue. She got into a knife fight?
-Here’s the irony. We ended up in the emergency
room covered in cuts. I mean, I looked like The Mummy.
I had bandages all over me. And we’re lying next to
each other, and we’re like, “What the hell happened?” “I think you’re great.” And she’s like,
“I like you, too.” And we’re good friends now. [ Laughter ] -I couldn’t take you
as a Kylie Minogue fan, to be really honest. -Oh. I was so nervous
around her. -Really? -I think I wanted
to tear her down. -Name one of her songs.
-I’ll name you 50. -I don’t have time for that.
-Oh, okay. -Why don’t you give me one —
Give me three songs. -Three songs.
-By Kylie Minogue. One or three, yep. Give me any Kylie Minogue song
that you love. -Okay.
“Take Me to the River.” Um, “Hot Air Balloon for Two.” [ Laughter ]
-Okay. -And then “Sydney Nights.” -Okay. Yeah.
She’s from Australia.
She’s Australian, yes. We only have time for a couple
rapid-fire questions. -Oh, sure, sure, sure.
-Is that okay? -Yeah. I love this. -Favorite food.
-Pop-Tarts. [ Laughter ] -Favorite animal?
-The meerkat. [ Laughter ] -Favorite article of clothing?
-Brass knuckles. [ Laughter ] -Favorite mode
of transportation? -Pass. [ Laughter ] -Favorite kitchen accessory?
-Wait. What was that? -Favorite kitchen accessory?
-Oh, belt sander. -[ Laughs ] Ron Burgundy. Thank you so much
for being here. And thank you for everything
you’ve done for this world. -Thank you.
-Ron Burgundy, everyone. Season two of “The Ron Burgundy
Podcast” launched today.

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  1. Wasnt a fan of the stand up routine. BUT I am highly impressed that he somehow did late night talk shows in NYC (Fallon, Myers, Colbert which are recorded around 5-6pm ET), and then somehow was in LA —-on the same day??? with Kimmel, Corden, Conan – 3 hours behind and also recorded around 6 – 8pm. He didnt take the freggin supersonic Concorde since that plane has been out of commission for decades.

    SO…I assume some of the shows was recorded a day before…or maybe hours in advance and somehow inserted into last nights show to make it look part of the actual show. Clever promotion.

  2. Fallon shiting his pants about his Jew overlords when Ron says "it's all about the Benjamin's" 0:27 is fucking hilarious

  3. I just realized that years ago on SNL Will kept touching Jimmy's legs underwater in the hot tub during The Loveahs skit which kept making Jimmy break LMAO

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  10. This Ron Burgundy guy looks an awful lot like a Will Farrell

    A better looking Will Farrell but don’t tell him I said that.

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