hey friends how’s it going? so today’s
video is going to be another ebook romance haul. I did one of these a few
months ago and it was so much fun so I definitely wanted to do another one
because I have accumulated quite a few books over the past few months and a big
reason for that is because of BookBub. If you don’t know what Bookbub is it’s a
website where you can sign up and you can choose your favorite genres and they
will send you alerts or emails every single day and let you know what
books in those categories are on sale or free. I feel like it’s just super fun
because I’m like waiting for that email every single day to see what will come
out and it is a free service so you can also get on there and follow certain
authors and write book. I think that’s why I have so many on this list now
is because of that website. So I’ll leave it linked down below it’s just fun and I
was super excited when I discovered it because there’s just so much on there
and they let you know every single day what’s free and what’s on sale. So the
first book that I got is the Wallflower Wager by Tessa Dare this is the third
book in The Girl Meets Duke series it’s a series that I have totally been loving
and I’ve read the previous two books in this series as well and I loved them
both so much and this one follows one of the side characters that’s
present in the first two books and this one came out back in 2019. I don’t think
it’s on sale anymore it was like a $1.99 for a day or two so I
snatched that one up and I’m so excited because I’ve definitely been wanting to
read this one and I think it’s kind of also like enemies to lovers I’ve heard
incredible things about this and I am of course like a Tessa Dare fangirl.
The cover for the fourth book in this series was also just announced recently
I think that one comes out later like in the fall of 2020 but yeah I’m so excited
that I got this one. The next book I got was Rival by Penelope Douglas
and this is the second book in the Fall Away series. I think the first book in
this series is a Bully and I don’t know really anything about it but when I saw
that a Penelope Douglas a book was like free or on sale I have to pick it up
because she’s such a popular author. I think similar to a lot of
her books this is like an enemies to lovers romance and I think that these
two people used to be like foster brother and sister. It’s probably also
one of those series where you don’t really have to read them in order they
can’t all be read as stand-alones but just like for me and my brain I will probably end up reading the first book before I jump into this one but since it
was on sale and I think it was only on sale for that short amount of time I
wanted to pick it up. The next book I got was Trick by an Natalia Jaster and this
is the first book in the Foolish Kingdoms series. I’ve been wanting to pick up this
author because Cara from WildeBookGarden talked about this series and then her
other series which I think the other one is like fairytale kind of retellings or
inspired by stories like retellings. I think this one follows like a Jester
kind of character and a princess and I think that the love interest this Jester
type character I think he is also bisexual so I’m really excited about
this one and I want to read more of this series and then read her other series
and it’s like a forbidden love kind of thing and I think that the main jester
character is like witty and fun and I don’t know I’m excited. And then we have
another very very exciting one this is Brazen and the Beast by Sarah
MacLean this is a second book in the bare-knuckle bastard series and I think
that again this is one that you don’t have to read an order but I probably
will read them in order because the first book really appealed to me as well
and I saw that this one that was on sale and I don’t know anything about it
but of course I had to pick it up. I’ve heard a few of Sarah MacLean’s books in
the past. That was like my first introduction into kind of Regency or
historical romance. I didn’t love them I liked them but I didn’t like love them
the way that other people have but I’ve heard really good things about this
series especially and I think that the third book was recently announced so I’m
excited to have this one for when I read the first book. An then we have Beneath
This Mask by Meghan March and I’ve read some Meghan March in the past.
I’ve read quite a few series of hers but I’ve never like really talked about them
on my channel because I think I read them like before Booktube and I don’t
know – I don’t really know like what to rate them either because
I don’t wanna read them like for substance I just read them for like
entertainment purposes but she writes a lot of like mafia kind of style
romances or like darker romances and this one I think follows a guy – it’s like
a bad girl kind of situation if I was a guy who’s like a Navy pilot and he is the
son of a congressman and he has a really good like resume and he starts a
relationship with this girl who like has tattoos and she’s kind of a bad girl
she’s like on the wrong side of the tracks. This is also the first book in the Beneath series so I think there’s a lot more books in the series that follow
different characters and I think that they’re all set in New Orleans which is
kind of cool because I like New Orleans setting it’s always like fun and
mysterious and I don’t know so, I went ahead picked up that one. Then from
this author I also got Dirty Billionaire and I think Averie talked about this one
in a recent haul that she did but this one is just like about an alpha kind of
you know asshole guy and he has a one-night thing with this woman but then
she leaves without telling him her name or phone number or anything like that so
he has to go and find her. This is another first book in a
trilogy that follows different characters I’m assuming that they will
all be introduced in the first book but yeah I don’t know Meghan March’s
romances are always like really fun really entertaining and very addicting
so I’m excited to read that one. Then I got two books in the same series by
the same author the first one is Her Guarded Hero by Caitlin O’Leary this is
the fifth book in the Black Dawn series and then I also got book eight which is
called Her Dominant Seal so these are like military kind of romance. I don’t
know anything about them beyond that but I have been on kind of like a military
romance kick lately like I’ve been wanting to just like hoard them and I
think I want to read them all at one time. I haven’t heard anyone talk about these I
think they have pretty good reviews and yeah I think this is a pretty long
series also since that was a book 5 in book 8. And then I got kind of an
interesting one this is Beauty and the Beast, an adult fairytale romance by
Vivienne Savage and this is a series that – its like an adult romance series
that’s going to follow a different retelling in each book in the series. It says in the synopsis that each can be read as a standalone but there is kind
of like an overarching plot if you want to read them all in order. So this
first one is Beauty and the Beast and I’m never gonna be tired of Beauty and the Beast retellings I don’t think. The next one is also like Little Red Riding Hood and
then I think there’s there’s one that’s like Tinkerbell and Captain Hook
there’s also Goldilocks so, this sounds like it’s going to be kind of a fun
series and I’m really intrigued about the other ones and all the different
fairy tale retellings so I’m excited about that one. Then I got two books
by LJ Shen, the first one is Blood to Dust which I loved and have read. I did
kind of like a review on it I’ll leave that video linked down below. and then the
other one I got is the End Zone and I think this one is like a roommates kind
of a situation and they also have like a fake dating trope thrown in there. The next
book I got is Better When It Hurts and this is by Skye Warren. That’s the only
reason I picked it up is because it’s a Skye Warren book and I wanted to read more of her books but this is one of the books in this like a long series and I think
it follows this couple who – it’s about her and this guy that used to
be like her foster brother and he’s kind of like a bad boy and their lives
took different paths but now they find themselves like in a similar
situation, they like me back up for some reason and it’s about their romance and
then the next book I got is Trust Fund and this is also by Skye Warren. It is the
prologue to Survival of the Richest and that’s a duology that I wanted to read
because Lainey from gingerreadslainey has talked about it and it follows like –
it’s kind of like a Cruel Intentions situation where these two people used to
be like step brother and sister but he’s still kind of like in charge of her
trust fund and so they’re in each other’s lives reluctantly, its kind of like enemies to lovers. That couple was introduced in The Pawn
by Skye Warren which I read back in January so I didn’t know that there was any
overlap between them so now I’m even more interested to read this one and
since the prologue was free I decided to go ahead and pick it up. And then the
find a book on this list is the one that I’ve been most excited for and this one
is one that you could read for free with Amazon Prime and that’s The Right Swipe
by Alicia Rai. I really really love this author.
I read her series before this one The Forbidden Hearts series at the end of
2018 and I absolutely loved it it’s so good. I definitely recommend those books
and I think that they’re not as popular as The Right Swipe turned out to be
because the covers like this cover is like you know, Illustrated which is
like a super big thing in publishing right now but those are kind of more
classic romance looking, but I still definitely recommend them they’re so
amazing and I’m just so excited to read this one because I really wanted to read
more of Alicia Rai’s work and this one is just getting such great reviews.
The second book in this trilogy was recently announced and I think this is
going to be a trilogy it’s called the like Modern Romance trilogy and this
story it follows the sister of the love interest that was in the third book of
the previous series so I don’t think you need to read that one to read this one
but I would recommend it because it’s really good
so yeah I’m so so excited about this one As soon as I saw it I like screamed I
was so excited so I cannot wait to jump into this one as soon as possible. So
that is everything for this romance ebook haul. If you guys have read any of
these books let me know what you thought about them or if you’ve picked up any
good free or cheap Kindle books let me know down in the comments. Thanks so much
for watching if you made it this far and I will talk to my next one – see ya

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  1. ahh so excited to hear your thoughts on Trick! 💖
    same on never getting tired of BatB retellings! haha
    I've heard so many people talk about The Right Swipe but no one who mentioned that it's loosely connected to another series by Alisha Rai!

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