RODECASTER Pro — a Not-so Technical First Impression – Podcasting Equipment

– So I’ve been podcasting
for about a decade now. I’ve recorded over 1300 episode and have had over 60 million downloads. And never have I been so
impressed with a box. (laughs) So yeah today we’re talking
about the RODECaster Pro. RODE is an Australian company. Good day mate! And that was bad, take that out. No leave it in, no take it out. Anyway I’m just really excited because this is my first
impressions of this thing. Thank you to RODE they
sent me this to test out. I’ve been testing it out for
about a month and half now. Using it in the studio here
for my podcasting needs for both Smart Passive Income and AskPat and wow this thing blows me away. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite highlights with you. This is not a video
that’s gonna go over all the little bells and whistles but there are a lot to talk about. And I wanna talk about
some of my favorite things. So one of my favorite
things is that the hizzard can connect to the fleeb and the blamph. Which are not real words,
those are from Rick and Morty and I’m not technical at all. – I was wondering how plumbuses got made. – So if you’re expecting
some like hardcore numbers and all this like language
in the space that you know and you’re a technical person
then this is not for you. I’m just a normal person
reviewing this box and I love it and I’m gonna share with you why I love it ’cause I’m here to just make
things easier for you so yeah. Ooh look at the plumbus. All right so upon first viewing it was a little overwhelming. I’m like whoa there’s a bunch of colors and a bunch of buttons
like what do I press? What does this all mean? But diving into it, even
just for a few minutes you start to understand how
this thing is organized. So you’ll see here on the left hand side, you have four microphones
that you can plug in. These are the volume
controls for those mics, these buttons down here. You can just hear that channel alone or you can mute that channel
alone, which is kinda nice. And then you’ll see these
other volume controls here. This one is specifically for a USB device like your computer. So your computer audio
can feed into this box and you can record that in your show which is pretty amazing. You can connect your phone wired or you can connect a
Bluetooth device as well. And then this side over here is just your sound pad for
different sound effects. And you can actually drag and drop audio on your computer to change
what these buttons do. And I have like my AskPat intro and some funny sounds
and like a horn noise. These four knobs up here control individual monitors or
headsets that you can plug in. So if you are interviewing
with three other people, it’s you and three other
people, four total. You each can be on a microphone here, you can each control your audio and your monitor or your headphones here. And then going into the
little touch pad here which is really nice. You can see your levels
which is really cool. You can go to settings,
you can change hardware sort of universally,
but you can also go into each individual channel even by clicking on these little buttons here. And you can see ’em going one, two, three, four to light those up. What’s really cool about that is they, each channel has its own settings. So you can go into the advanced settings and have your compressor, your de-esser, your noise gate, high pass filters. What do those mean? It doesn’t matter, turn ’em all on and you’re gonna sound great. You can also define like the voice, so this voice for this person. Maybe they have a deep
voice, so you can set that. And then they might have a
strong voice or a soft voice and you can set that and it just knows what to do with those settings. So again you don’t have to go into all these other crazy little boxes that have a bunch of knobs and you have to have
them at certain settings. Like this just does it
automatically for you as well. Another cool thing is if you have a specific type of microphone,
like a RODE, a PODMIC, or some other specific RODE mics they actually have settings built in for those types of mics as well. It’s just kinda all built in
here which is really cool. And then this big green button
here if I were to press that it turns red, that means now
I’m recording into the SD card. This has nothing to do with what’s happening in the computer. Literally again, I don’t
even need a computer to bring with me if I
were to go on the road, bring four microphones, I can interview up to three other people. Record it right into this box, I don’t even need a
computer, it’s kinda crazy. All right now size wise this isn’t tiny. There’s a lot of other devices
that I’ve used in the past for podcasting like this
Focusrite, the Scarlett 2M2 or 2i2 which is amazing, I love this, I still use this at home and it’s quite compact,
easy to travel with. And even from sound devices
here, this MixPre-3. These two will get you really great audio but it doesn’t have all
those other effects, like the compressor and all those other things to go along with it. Those are just ways that you can connect your XLR microphones to a USB computer. This is so much more. And then price wise for what
you get, 600 bucks currently. That’s not bad at all considering all the things that are involved with this. But even a preamp like I’ve
used before, like the DBX286S, again all these numbers and things. That cost over $250 and that
adds some of those things but then you need to
connect it to another box like one of these guys and
it’s just a lot, right? This is all in one, it’s
convenient and I mean, it’s not super heavy
either, it’s just great. Okay so you’re hearing right now the audio from a Shotgun mic which is also from RODE, is it not? Okay cool an NTG, but anyway
don’t worry about that. I’m gonna switch really quick to what you’re gonna listen
to through the RODECaster Pro. But a couple things, we’re gonna go to my computer really quick. I’m gonna make sure that
my settings are correct and then I’m going to hit record here. You’ll hear my voice
through Heil PR 40 here and then I’m actually gonna
press play on YouTube video that’ll feed through the
RODECaster and insert itself into the audio that
you’re gonna hear as well. It’s kinda all crazy how it’s connected and it’s all gonna be recorded in the micro SD card here too. So let’s go ahead and do that right now I’m gonna go to the Apple systems
preferences and hit sound. And now I can see my output
is the RODECaster Pro. That means that the audio
coming from the computer is actually gonna go through here and I’m gonna hear it
here in my headphones. So I’ll put these guys on, left right, right left, okay there we go. Then I’m actually, I can
actually hear myself right now because the monitor is on and I can adjust that here if I need to and then the input is
also the RODECaster Pro in case I wanted to record simultaneously using something like GarageBand or Adobe Audition or Audacity, I can do kind of simultaneous
recording from there. So here’s what I’m gonna
do, I’m gonna hit record on the RODECaster Pro, this will turn red. I’m gonna press play after a little intro on the YouTube video
which will feed into here and it’ll be a nice little kinda
little clip, so here we go. Hey guys what’s up, Pat Flynn here and you’re listening to
me on the RODECaster Pro. I’m gonna hit play on a YouTube video about how to podcast
with an iPhone or iPad. It’s Pat here, if you’re
looking to record a podcast just with your iPhone or iPad. What do you think of
that, pretty cool right? (air horn blows) So yeah this sound board, you heard me do a little (air horn blows) promise not to abuse that in the future. But there are some other
things you can do here like if you have an intro for your podcast you can just play it. (techno music) – AskPat.
– (record scratches) – What’s up everybody, Pat Flynn here and welcome to episode
5276.2 of AskPat 2.0. Thanks so much for being– See so you, instead of having
to do that in post edit you can actually have your
sounds and your intros and stuff and outros on the little sound board or sound bank here which is pretty cool. Okay so that was audio coming from the computer into the RODECaster Pro simultaneously with my voice over the Heil or with the Heil mic here
connected into channel one. But now let’s try the Bluetooth. So this is gonna be the
Bluetooth connection from my phone into the RODECaster Pro. We’re gonna hear what that sounds like and I’ll comment on that as well. So here you are listening
to me on the Heil PR 40 and I’m gonna hit play on this video and you should hear it come through. Ratios or sizes, widescreen
which is 16 by nine or standard which is four by three. But again check, some do
different and custom sizes. You can turn it up. Contact the conference
director or the owner. Turn it down. Or sometimes they’ll have a packet or a PDF file for you to read over. (air horn blows) Sometimes they also give you a template and you can use that
template to guide you and– So overall first impressions,
this is a 10 out of 10 for me. And it’s even more so because
recently they came out with a new firmware update which allows us to now connect through podcast transfer. Meaning your micro SD card can
be read through your computer so I can actually access
this as a drive right now. I have to click a couple
things here to do that but now I don’t even have to take the SD card out to transfer those files. It does take a little bit more time than if you were to plug it in directly through a microchip reader
or something like that but man this thing is amazing. The cool thing about that firmware update was it literally feels
like it was like a Tesla. So I have a Tesla X and
what’s really cool about that is like sometimes you’ll wake up and it’ll be like now your
Tesla does this thing. Same thing just happened with this RODE. This is, I feel, the
Tesla of podcast equipment and I’m just very impressed with it and I can’t wait to see what other updates are gonna come out to
make this even cooler. Because there’s a lot of things here and we’ve only scratched the surface. So make sure you subscribe
because we’re gonna do some deeper dives on this thing and some other things that you can do that even I’m still
figuring it out right now. But overall just super
impressed with this. If you wanna check this out
go through my link down below, that is an affiliate link and
that’ll help you get access to this and I get a
little kickback for that so thank you for that. But RODE, very impressed. Good on you for creating
something amazing all in one because it’s just easy. And the user interface,
fantastic and the buttons, it’s just a beautiful piece of kit. So thank you so much
for watching this video, I appreciate you, let
me know what you think. Have you gotten your hands
on the RODECaster Pro yet and if not what are you most
excited about with this? How might it help with your workflow? It might not be for everybody,
it is kind of expensive, it’s $600 bucks, but if you
are serious about podcasting and you’re ready to take your step into the next level of your show, this would be the piece
of kit to do that with. So let me know what you think
in the comment section below. Thank you so much, please
subscribe if you haven’t already. And of course as always
Team Flynn for the win.

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