Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone- review,setup and fit

Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone- review,setup and fit

Setting up lavalier mic and
connecting it to a camera or smartphone can be the simple fix to improving the
quality of the audio recordings Now RODE microphones have just released
the smartLav+ it’s an improved version of the very
popular smartLav so you’d like to check out what’s in the
box and how to set up the mic then this audio tip is just for you I’ve chosen the smartLav+ microphone
because it’s so versitile in the sense that you can directly connect it to a smartphone without having any extra adapters involved the principles of setting up any lavalier microphone are basically the same so let’s have a look in the box and see
what you get Inside the box you get a storage pouch a little windscreen and inside the pouch
itself you get the lavalier mic itself and also a little mic clip which we’ll
have a look at later. An instruction pamphlet and that’s all the gear you get in the box. The metal clip has a built-in cable restraint the capsule is broadcast quality and is
fitted with a reinforced cable that is easy to thread through and hid under any clothing. RODE have implemented a gray sleeve to identify all of the tip- ring- ring sleeve smartphone plugs and
sockets Now how do you put it together. What you do is you thread the microphone capsule in
through the little clasp making sure that you fit it into the manufactured grooves. Once you’ve got that in place it’s quite firm. Then you can fit the little microphone windscreen
and it has a little manufactured groove to settle in once you’ve done that you can set up the cable restraint.
Open up the clip and thread in the cable making sure
that it goes inside the clip and then very carefully role the cable are over so it goes into this little cable restraint groove. you can use a credit card or your fingernail just be careful that you settle it in
without damaging the cable and there you have it. The microphone is ready for fitting Let’s look at fitting it to
ourselves Thread the cable through your shirt or your garment and then clip it into place. Once it is settled into place thread the cable out of a place that is not visible to the camera and you can
plug it into your recorder in this case I’m just using a smartphone. There you have it you really for recording. The position of the mic can vary considering a number of factors if there’s a lot of
noise around you in the room you might need to lift the position of
the mic up if the person tends to move their head up
and move it down you may have to lower the mic just so you can get a more even recording and if the talent as a very strong voice you might even need to invert the microphone upside down to minimize the chances popping all what
they call plosives in some cases you might not even be
able to clip the microphone on to the garment, for
example if they’re wearing a t-shirt well you can tape the mic underneath the garment underneath the
fabric. RODE microphones have even made a special stick on mic holder called and invisilav to minimize noise when the mic is mounted under fabric now in some situations the lavalier mic might not even be an option at all
because of the loud background noise around you now if that’s the case you may have to
choose a headset type microphone to capture good audio. If
you’d like to have a closer look at the smartLav+ I’ll leave some links in that description
below You might even have some good questions
or comments that you’d like to share with us Make sure you type that in the comments
section. I uploaded a video recently comparing the original smartLav and the smartLav+ you can click on the link or check it
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65 thoughts on “Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone- review,setup and fit

  1. Nice vid. Good to see the differences between the lav mics. What do you reckon is the best lav mic you can get?

  2. Great quality video! Does the SmartLav only record into an audio app or will it also work with a video app such as FilMicPro or MoviePro? I am looking for a mic that will function in that environment – that is I don't want to record separate audio then sync with the video. Again – excellent video!

  3. Very informative!!!       

    I'm looking for the best, cost/benefit,  lav for the Zoom H4N and a shotgun mic. Please advise. All the best, 

  4. +Red Umbrella The ZOOM H4N looks like a great recorder with a 3.5mm mike socket on the back. @Curtis Judd has a comparison between some under $200 lav mics using the ZOOM H1, worth a watch.
    The only thing is if you use the smartLav+ you need an adaptor. Hope this is of some help.

  5. Hey mate. Really good editing played quite smooth throughout the video.

    I'm currently having trouble connecting my mic. There an audio and a mic input so I place the 3.5mm jack into the headset input, checked if any recording devices showed up and nothing. 

    I even checked "show disabled devices" and still nothing. Could you help me out on this one? Thanks. 


  6. Hey, great tips! And nice channel overall. Keep it up and good luck 😉
    Also, I would really appreciate if you could check my channel, too! (sorry for that spam part lol)

  7. Can u guys plz do a video on a capture card.i think it's this thing where you can record your tv screen and stuff like that.

  8. Thank you for your video.  I was a little confused by the printed instructions on how to thread the mic cable through the mount.  Your video was very clear and a big help.

  9. Great video, thanks. I just subscribed. Could you help me out? I am very new to video and audio recording. I have the Smartlav+ but no recording device as yet. I am thinking of using a second hand IPOD 4 as the recording device to plug my Smartlav+ into. I would appreciate your thoughts on the idea.

  10. Hi there, thank you for the video, is there anyway to buy an adapter for this mic so it can be used with a computer?

  11. Doing a lot of videos for the company and all I have right now is a smartphone. I was looking into one of these and I can't wait to get my hands on it now. Thank you for the advice!

  12. Hello. I have recently purchased this mic and its app for iphone but I am having a hard time recording a clean sound. In most cases, there is no difference between the sound I record with a built-in iphone mic and the one recorded with smartlav+. Why is that? What am I doing wrong? The sound that I record is so small, I need to volume all the way up on my computer to be able to hear it at a comfortable level.. Thanks a lot in advance!

  13. Hi, What kind of tape should I use to stick the mike to my skin?

    I tried this since it was lying around but didn't work. Fell off.

  14. thank you!!! this video saved my life! …well from utter humiliation due to incompetence at least 😀👍

  15. Hi, is this cable—Headset-extension-cable—mini-phone-35-mm-4-pole-(M)—mini-phone-35-mm-4-pole-(F)—1-m—black/ could extend smarlav+ cable? I want to extend it and with SC3 connect to Canon EOS 5d mark III.

  16. Do you have to unplug the mic in order to play the recording back on the iPhone (6S Plus in my case)? Thanks.

  17. This video really helped me setup the clip to the mic itself on my new Smartlav+ and thread the cable. I couldn't quite figure that out. Thanks man!

  18. Really great video. Nicely set up, and very helpful.
    I just got one question for you: Can you use this mic directly with the camera app in an iPhone (for example for vlogging)? Or can you only record audio-only?
    Thanks beforehand 🙂

  19. Hi Gary
    Thanks for the video …
    Do you know if there is a lapel microphone that can isolate all surrounding voices except the person that wearing the lapel microphone , I tested few and got disappointing results

  20. thank you for this video..thinking about starting a new DIY youtube channel but didn't know what mic to use or even how to use it. This video was very descriptive, gave me options and very easy instructions for a newbie to understand!!!

  21. Hi Gary! Thanks for the video. I have a question for you 🙂 What does the piece of Velcro in the package stands for? I can't find the info anywhere and it's driving me crazy!!!

  22. Thanks for this. I was staring at the SmartLav little clamp thing and had no idea what to do with it! All sorted now!

  23. Hello, I am looking for a mic for our wedding. It will be on a island and we are thinking of using this mic with either a smartphone or laptop then broadcasting through a bluetooth speaker. Can someone tell me if this is a good idea or not? thanks

  24. Will this work with an iPad mini 4 ? Looking for a mic that will improve audio quality when shooting video.

  25. So only started recently looking into Lavalier mics and might be easy to find but what if you wanted to record with a lavalier mic when streaming? Would it have to just be plugged straight to the computer or is there like a bluetooth receiver or something?

  26. The link for this should be in the useless Quickstart guide that comes with the SmartLav+ essential viewing in my opinion. The instructions don't tell you that you need to take the head off to get the mic into the wire…

  27. thank you so much! great tutorial on getting that little cable to sit in the holder the correct way – good job!

  28. Very helpful, just what I was looking for; a visual instruction on attaching the clip to the mic cable. Much appreciated 👍

  29. You you try using the R0DE rec app for the iPhone? That app has only a 2.0 star rating with a lot of complaints. There are some YouTube reviews that specify that certain settings need to be changed in the app, such as the iPhone audio compression has to be turned off. If you used the R0DE rec app for the iPhone, did you experience any problems? If you used a different app for recording, which app did you use?

  30. Great video. For some reason when I plug mine in though it doesn't work. When I play back the recording there is no audio. Any thoughts?

  31. thank you for this! Al so the comments here made me feel good about myself again, i just thought I was really stupid 😉

  32. Read up quite a bit before going for it. On getting it, read up the instructions that came with it. After a making a great product, it is a pity that they haven't done a good job with the set up instructions. Your video was extremely useful and saved me from almost damaging a not so cheap mic. Have saved the link for future reference. Thanks much !

  33. Can we set it up to a laptop? I would like to use it in my screencast tutorials on my computer. Can you give some information about this?

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