Rode NT-USB Mic Demo (Rap Vocals)

Rode NT-USB Mic Demo (Rap Vocals)

hey what’s going on out there I’m
Sean Divine hope you all are doing well today we’re gonna be recording a hip hop
style vocal with a USB microphone so USB mics are generally a lot more affordable
but you can get a great sound with them there’s just kind of some general
confusion about the differences between a USB mic and a traditional mic so
Before we jump into recording my hip hop style vocals with the USB mic I want to
point out a couple of the features here on the side of the mic we have a
headphone input all we have to do is just hook it up through USB and then we
can actually set up our OS to use this as the input and output device and this
headphone output here is zero latency meaning there’s no delay between what is
going in and what you’re being able to monitor which is really great for
keeping your timing super tight especially with the hip-hop vocals this
is going to just simply adjust the overall output level and then this
control up here is just a balance control so it’s gonna allow you to
balance between the mic and then the signal that’s coming out of your DAW or
you know possibly the backing track that you’re using to record with so again
this is not controlling the input gain of the microphone itself this is just
what you’re hearing in order to set the input gain for our USB mic we need to
first make sure that it is the audio interface or the input and output for
our system here so I’m going into system preferences and we’re gonna select the
input tab here and you’ll see that in my case the Rode NT-USB is there and then
we can see an indicator for our input level so what you want to do is make
sure that you’re not turning this up too loud to the point where you’re
distorting the input now the other thing I want to note is that before we start
recording since we have zero latency on our headphone output for our USB mic and
we have these handy monitoring controls here where we can balance the mic and
the the sound coming out of our DAW the overall output gain we want to use those
and we want to make sure that software monitoring which is this button here in
logic is off so meaning when we hit record on any of our channels we’re
going to be able to record the signal from the microphone but we’re not going
to be monitoring it through logic yeah I let the beat ride out I don’t find the
need to tell you all about my bank account that ain’t my goal in this thing
stacking up zeros steer people to the purpose we could be heroes in this
life when you’re young think it stretch on endlessly but it could come to an end
prematurely and we’re left looking back like how did you affect the life of
others? love is all that matters taught by my own mother thankful for the grass
under my feet still keep an eye out for the snakes and the negativity it’s contagious
energy wasted but glories on the hill I could almost taste it
I’m pushing through the fog you can say what you want to say it’s no
love lost when I see you on the other side I hope your heart changed and you
found a couple reasons to forgive your enemies whoa leaped over hurdles that
haunt you in the next video coming soon which I’m gonna link here we’re going to
mix the vocals top to bottom so that you can hear what’s possible recording your
vocals with a USB microphone

50 thoughts on “Rode NT-USB Mic Demo (Rap Vocals)

  1. I literally just bought this mic the other day for this same purpose. I have Windows 10 though and it seems really glitchy with Windows. You need the gain really high like 90% to get a clean solid recording. And the audio playback comes out very distorted (as if it was clipping) from the headphone jack unless you set the windows volume to 1 and turn the physical volume knob on the microphone itself up instead. Overall I decided to just stick with my Blue Yeti. I think it's just a Windows 10 issue mostly though. Windows 10 is awful with audio hardware it seems like. 🙁

  2. bought this mic a while ago and like it so far but i always have problems mixing vocals from it, would love to see some mixing from u with vocals recorded on this mic cant wait for the video ty man 🙂

  3. Bro from day one im using usb mic .. usb mic can work very good if your are good at mixing ! . Now usb mic is really giving me good result .. im using samson co1u ..

  4. Sean divine which one is better though rode nt1 the one you recorded in the kitchen or this USB which one is better to buy I would like an opinion which one would be a better performance and more comfortable to use for recording?

  5. I need help using the correct settings for my vocals, I tend to sing kinda loud and gets distorted! any advice for the input gain?

  6. I'm having an issue with mine sean, my gain is cranked so I'm always clipping, even if I turn it down in the settings or anything on the on the mic it's still gained high, any help would be super sweet dude

  7. Would you recommend this microphone for a starter. Or would a UMC202HD and an AT2020 together sound better?

  8. why is it that when i record using nt-usb, my recorded vocals are delayed. im using ableton live 10. how to fix that?

  9. Hey Sean, love your videos man. I have a question in relation to this mic. My recordings have that slightly boxy sound, is it likely due to recording in an untreated room? I'm wondering how you go about achieving that nice clear sound. Can you recommend any possible solutions to this? Thank you! Peace

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