13 thoughts on “RODE M1 & M2 Microphone Reviews | Robert Lunte | The Vocalist Studio

  1. I have one, but no. Its a good microphone, but there are so many other microphones that are better, its not very interesting. The Shure Beta 58A has been overhyped. It is a good mic, but it is NOT, by any means, the best mic or even close to one of the top 10 dynamic microphones you could own. Music store people always recommend this mic, because its just a proxy or a habit. Programmed response… its good, but I encourage you to explore other options. The world is not just about vanilla.

  2. bouight the m2 after viewing this; it has the quality presence in i have been looking for; I use it live but also for recording see about saying goodbye – 'young man' on tascam neo 4880; also worked well for acoustic guitar recording

  3. Thinking of getting the M2 as my general-purpose mic. Can I use it for anything other than vocals (I play piano, keyboard/synthesiser, recorder, egg shakers and spoons)?

  4. May I ask your advice, Robert? I have a clean tenor voice, sing melodic rock and metal, also musical… And I wonder which would be the right live vocal mic for me: Rode M1, or Rode M2!?

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