Ring Light for YouTube Videos Review — Video Lighting Tips

In this video im gonna review one of my favorite
lighting set ups for YouTube and eighteen-inch ring light as well as a
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below everything I talk about I’ll list out down there let’s go check out the ring light
ok so this is a halo prismatic eighteen inch ring light this is my new favorite lighting solution
for just making YouTube videos for a couple reasons number one it’s super easy to setup you can
just pull it out of the box plug it in and you are ready to go number two is dimmable
so you can get different brightness levels for your videos number three it’s a daylight
balanced fluorescent ball and so as you can see I love to shoot right here in my office with
the window light coming in and then I get a great Brightness off of the ring light it’s a great
color temperature as a light ball goes its versatile you can use it outside for video or photo shoots
number four is low heat and so this is awesome because they rely pretty close
to me and some other lighting setup I’d use is like a traditional halogen
soft box and it put off a ton of heat so if you’re in front of the camera the last
thing you want is more heat coming at you causing you to sweat during shoots next I’m
using it with a light stand and I got and I got the tripod and a canon 70D with
a ten to twenty two lens on it and a shotgun mic and I love this set up and the look that has
but what’s cool is depending on where you’re starting if you want versatility
is got a cold shoe mount that comes with it so you can easily put a point and
shoot or you can also get a cell phone mount and mount mount your smart phone directly
on the light it self so you could have a super quick setup without an
extra tripod contained right into the ring light and another option im really looking
forward to is that by doing your cellphone in that shoe mount you could go your live
streaming with periscope great lighting with the ring light and then just mount your phone directly
on it I also like the diffusion plate system which snaps on and eliminate hard shadows
and just gives the light a nice diffuse look plus protects the ball with the
hard plastic and I also like the fact that its super portable so it’s easy to take with
you in the case that it comes with and now you have like a one light solution that you
can set up in a hotel room or anywhere on the road to get kind of a consistent look across
all your videos so ultimately makes videos look really great and also like how it makes pictures
look and specifically for making YouTube thumbnails and you know shooting on your camera in the
settings so you could pick this ring light up on Amazon but also directly through DVE
store.com that’s where this one came from and so check out links in the YouTube description
for a couple different options number one it doesn’t come with a light stand
however there is a bundle on amazon with the light stand in case you need that
and then also check out the different mounts that they offer on DVE store and also the ring
light itself comes with this piece that you can mount your point and shoot camera or even
any camera up to 2 pounds directly on the ring light but then there different options you
can just add your own like this is a me photo cell phone mount that could easily combined with
this so you could do video on your smart phone or this one is from DVE store you could do
video on your tablet right on the ring light itself with this set up and use like an iPad or something
else so anyway I’ll link all things in the YouTube description so you can kind of
research and see what your options are and how we recently just launched the think
media tv buyers guide and so if you are looking for pro options or budget options
it’s literally a range for every budget for audio video lighting all that kind of stuff
you can download that for free I’ll link it up on the YouTube card as well as in the description
below if you are looking for video gear to crush it with online video this
year question of the day what do you think about ring lighting and
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and we will talk soon oh my back my back hurts oh in the middle
of a shoot day I’m in the middle of a batch shooting day
and I’m exhausted but hey if you haven’t seen the video on consistency batching is one of the tips in
the YouTube card YouTube card will link link to that video if you’ve never seen it

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