Revenge Homes

Revenge Homes

Some people have built some strange homes,
just to get revenge. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning.
– Revenge is a dangerous thing. It can consume your life, especially if
it involves building a home in order to – get said revenge. Today, we are
– Mm. gonna talk about “spite homes.” Yes, there
are people who have invested time, energy, and money into constructing a
permanent domicile just to exact… – Domicile!
– …revenge on someone else. And we’re gonna go through some of the
most famous ones. There’s some really ridiculous results
when you really try to get the best of somebody via a home. Right off the bat, in
1952, Virginia City, Nevada, neighbors… – That’s confusing.
– …um, got in a dispute. – Just being in Virginia City in Nevada.
– Right. – They were probably just upset about…
– “Where are we?! What state?! What city.” So they got upset about that. They were
confused; they didn’t know where they were, and they started taking it out
on each other. One guy built a house; the other guy bought the lot right next
to it and built his house right there to block the view and the breeze. 12 inches
away. That’s literally how close — – (Link) look at that! — his house is
– (Rhett) A foot. Ha. from the other house. This is a classic
spite home, and they’re both there to this day. People live in both homes, and they’re
not actually angry with each other. But you’ve gotta ask yourself: if you’re
angry at a dude, and then you build the house a foot from his house,
YOUR house is also a foot from his house. You know what I’m saying?
You’re a foot from each other. That’s his level of spite. But I think
he built it that close so he could just reach out and choke the guy
when he was like brushin’ his teeth. – Okay.
– (choking sound) This one, the Alameda spite house, has
less to do with a dispute between two neighbors and is more a dispute between
a man and a town. – Oh, really.
– At the turn of the 20th century, there was a guy named Charles Froling,
and he was planning to build his dream house on this lot that he had. But lo and
behold, the city decided, “We gotta put a street through there!” And I guess this
was in the days where they would just kinda do this without asking. So they
put a street through his lot, or basically took up most of his lot. And out of spite,
he build a house that was 10 feet deep and 54 feet long.
You can see it right here. (Link) It looks like it’s teetering over
the street, as if to say, “If you choose to drive here, my house
could fall on you to teach you a lesson.” – I mean, that’s spite.
– He kinda gets out over the street. And I gotta — again, is it worth
it? Because he wanted to build his dream house. This is now his dream house?
I mean, this is the kind of thing where maybe if his dream is to constantly be in
that situation where you are walking and another person’s walking and you don’t
know which way to go, if that’s his idea of a dream, that probably happens all the
time in this house. No, this totally makes sense to me.
I mean, have you ever been having a dream and you woke up in the middle of it? – (scoffs) I don’t understand.
– It was a… it was a half of a dream. – House.
– Ohhh! – You really didn’t understand?
– No. I just thought you thought is was like,
such cheesy joke that you were… – …gonna let me off the hook.
– I get it now. “I don’t understand. I know it couldn’t
have been a cheesy joke.” – Did y’all get that joke?
– Um, let’s a take a trip to Boston, – shall we? 44 Hull Street:
– Chase didn’t get it. a four-story house squished between two
apartment buildings. Look at this thing. it is indeed the skinniest house in
Boston. The outside dimensions range from 10.4 — that’s 3.2 meters — and it
tapers in the back down to 9.25 feet — – 2.82 meters — in the rear.
– It’s a pie shape. Inside, the narrowest it gets
is 6.2 feet across. – I couldn’t even have a bed in there.
– I could not extend… I have to be in the fetal position
just to sleep. … my arms, ’cause I’m six-foot tall.
Here’s the story behind this one. Back in 1874, two brothers are having
it out with one another. The father dies, and they’re given a plot of land. One son
goes off and to do some… into the military while the other son stays home and builds
his house on the majority of the property. Just takes basically all
of it for himself. Lemme guess: he leaves about, eh…
10 feet or so. 10 point somethin’ feet. Yeah, so
his brother comes back, has no other inheritance, and says, “You know, well,
I’m gonna build my sliver of a home right here.” Just to spite his brother.
Or re-spite his brother. Funny thing is, the only house that
remains is the spite house. (Rhett) Right, those are like apartment
buildings on either side of it. (Link) They build apartments around it,
but the spite house endured, – and an architect lives in it now.
– Well, that’s the thing: what once was a spite house is now the cool house
to have your business in. Well, no. He and his wife and their
four-year-old daughter live in the house, and then in the backyard, people will just
come in there and start taking photos. “Oh, I’ll be out in a second. Just let me
take a few photos,” like it’s a tourist destination.
That’s what they say. – They should charge for it.
– They should charge for it! I have a brother. He’s never been in the
military, but if he ever goes off in the military, I’m gonna go on his property
and build a little… – A huge house.
– …No, I build the big house. – Yeah, there. Right. (laughing)
– I gotta get this straight. – I gotta get this plan straight.
– Don’t start with the spite house first. Okay, sometimes it’s not just about
building a house, but it’s about – modifying your house out of spite.
– Okay. So back in 2001 in Lubbock, Texas, there
was a city ordinance that was instituted that prohibited more than two unrelated
people living in the same house. You know how it is: college town.
Lubbock, Texas, is a college town. You had these houses with multiple people
living in them. Apparently, there’s like a college situation where they’re causing a
lot of trouble, and so the city decides to pass this ordinance where you can’t have
more than two people who are related to each other, so that basically means these
big college houses are outta luck. – Right.
– So they issue this citation, and then they enforce it on this one house
in Lubbock, where incidentally, one of the students who lived there was named Brain
Bosworth. This is not the Brain Bosworth from the 1980s who played in the NFL and
was also in the 1991 movie Cold Stone, and had an incredible mullet and, uh…
flattop combination. – (Link) He had a spite haircut.
– He was amazing. He had that haircut just to spite
everyone who looked at it. – Really?
– Yeah, that’s how bad it was. It all comes full-circle.
But this wasn’t him. So they wanted to all live together.
They weren’t allowed to, – so what did they do?
– So the landlord, out of spite, paints the house purple. You might say,
“Okay, that’s not that big of a deal.” But then she paints black polka dots on
it. And then she paints yellow polka dots on it. And then she makes smiley faces
on some of the polka dots. – (Link) It’s like the house has a disease.
– (Rhett laughing) – She ends up backing down, unfortunately.
– Oh no, really? She was having some health issues, and
the town was giving her the runaround, so she ends up backing out of this
thing and repaints the house. So she kinda gave up, but it was cool while it
lasted: the polka dot house. I’ll bring it back up with another polka
bot house. Stan Pike had a nice home in Avondale Estates in Georgia.
You’re heard of Avondale Estates. – Oh, yes. They have estates there.
– I hadn’t heard of it, but I actually Street Viewed it. That’s how committed I
am to research for you guys. And, you know what? It’s a pretty nice
neighborhood. But he wanted to build a… Usually that’s a trailer park, just so you
know. Like, “Avondale Estates” is usually – a trailer park in North Carolina.
– Right, that’s why I Street Viewed it. – It is like a nice neighborhood.
– Okay. The guy wanted to build a nice, rounded
porch on the rounded edge of his house, kinda like a wrap-around porch. He was
denied by the local historic preservation commission, who said the porch didn’t
fit the neighborhood’s look. – I guess a historic… um…
– What? – Wasn’t historical enough.
– …neighborhood? “That wrap-around porch
is not historical!” So instead of putting up the wrap-around
porch in protest, he instead paints his house this lime-green-yellowish color and
puts purple polka dots on it. Apparently people think polka dots are
very offensive. I kinda like ’em. – They’re not good for a house.
– I mean, look at my shirt. i mean, they make historic preservation
commissions really upset. The cool thing is, all of the neighbors, they got behind
him. They started putting purple dots on – their homes. Victory!
– Oh. Maybe it WAS contagious. – For the spite home. Yeah. (laughing)
– (stammering) Houses got measles. The mayor overruled the decision, and he
was allowed to create his wrap-around – porch. So he repainted his house.
– (applause) Positivity from a spite home.
There we go. Okay, this one, I think, is the coolest of
all. In 2006 in Seattle, developers were building a shopping mall, and there was
some houses there they needed to get – rid of. They bought everybody out.
– Sure, sure. And there was this one woman. They
offered one million dollars to – Edith Macefield for her…
– So one million dollars to eat it. – Eat what?
– …1000-square-foot home. – That’s a pretty good deal.
– Okay? Small home. She refused to leave because she had
been livin’ in there for 50 years. And so what did they do? They built the
mall around her house. (Link) Oh, man. They did everything
but build over top of it. If you’re a fan of a move called Up by
Pixar, you might know this is exactly what happens in that movie. It is said —
it hasn’t been confirmed — but it is suspected that this is the inspiration for
Up. That explains why during the… promotion for the movie Up, they actually
put balloons on the house. (Link) Well, in fairness, they didn’t
put enough balloons. – They undersold their own movie.
– Well they don’t want the house to actually go up in the air. You saw
Up, didn’t ya? That’s what happens, – brother, when ya do that.
– Good point, brother. But there’s a really cool story here
between the relationship that she had with the guy who was actually building
mall. He wrote a book about what he learned from her, and he ended up buying
the house from her after she died… Or she gave the house to him after she
died of cancer. – (Link) Hm!
– And then somebody else bought it, and now it’s foreclosed on, but newsflash!
It’s up for auction. You can go and buy this house right now,
and Link, I think you should. There’s a Trader Joe’s like literally 10
feet from it. – (laughing) In the mall.
– (laughing) And there’s a 24-Hour Fitness – like 10 feet from it also.
– I’ll weigh my options. But guys, put away the revenge. Come on. Let’s
channel positivity into polka dots – on other things, okay?
– Positivity into polka dots. Thanks for liking and commenting
on this video. You know what time it is. – Hi, my name’s Alyssa.
– And I’m Talia. – And I’m Emma.
– And we’re from Oklahoma. (unison) And it’s time to spin
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nightmare stories. – Neighbor nightmare.
– Throw in a little peeping tom story… “Contemplating pit stains.”
Pit stains. – ♪ (piano ballad) ♪
– (Link) Pit stains… …never thought about those before.
If I said it wrong by accident… – …it would be “sit pains.”
– (Rhett) Sit pains… – …talkin’ ’bout hemorrhoids?
– (Link) That’s what those are? [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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  12. In the town of Potsdam NY the town next to my home town,has a large college campus an old man got so mad about the change in the town he started putting toilets in his yard (that’s the story my parents told me ) they’ve been there my whole life there 30+ toilets right in his front yard. The towns tried to sue him and he won’t take them down … I guess there waiting for him to pass to demolish the house. He’s been on the news and everything.

  13. So I have a good polkadot revenge story, it wasn't a house but a Historic Tavern that was in such disrepair that it would cost too much money to restore so the owners were trying to just sell it off. Well there's a Golf Course nearby that was like "Hey we'd love to have that land to extend our course so how bout it? 🙂 " and the people were like "Okay sure whatever we just don't want this thing anymore" But the State Historic Group were like "Yooooo Hold your horses. This is a Historic Location you can't tear it down!!!" So the Golf Course backed out and the Owners were annoyed but kept trying to sell it.

    Thing is… No one wanted to buy this place to keep the building… it would cost too much money to keep the building… But the Historic guys wouldn't budge on the idea of just tearing it down…. So the Owners got POed and painted the building with polkadots since they can't sell it anyway. Historic group couldn't do anything about it for years because there was no law against it.

    Eventually the Owners repainted the building greyish-brown but for a good 3-5 years it was covered in polkadots because of Spite. I dunno if they ever managed to sell it or what but it's still locked up. It'll probably collapse one of these days tbh since no one wants to pour thousands upon thousands of dollars into restoring it in a way the State Historic Peeps want it to be preserved.

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