Reveille’s Video Podcast

Reveille’s Video Podcast

[happy easy-listening music] Howdy, Ags! Reveille here to tell
you about the University Writing Center. Making an appointment online is super easy. I like that I can get help with any kind of writing. Lab reports, engineering papers, personal
statements, research posters, graduate school applications, essays for class, or even just
personal writing. I’ve actually gone in to brainstorm ideas for a paper. The consultants
are great at explaining writing concepts, and it really helps when I actively participate
and point out concerns I want to focus on. The consultants encourage me because they
want to help me become a better writer. In grad school, the UWC helped me understand
and adjust to graduate level writing. Did you know the UWC can provide feedback on presentations too? I practiced with my consultant and I’m ready to give my presentation. The UWC even
helped me with this video podcast. Visit the UWC website today. That’s it for me. Thanks and Gig ‘em!

2 thoughts on “Reveille’s Video Podcast

  1. I love this video so much and I think that it is so funny. And I love this pretty collie. Rev looks like my collie and my collie died many years ago. Take care everyone.

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