Revamped Podcast with Westwood One: Announcement

Revamped Podcast with Westwood One: Announcement

I’m dr. Jordan B Pederson a professor at the University of Toronto a clinical psychologist and author of the best-selling book twelve rules for life which has sold more than three million copies worldwide being translated into 50 languages and which I have lectured live about in 150 cities all over North America Europe Australia and New Zealand I’ve also produced a series of popular podcasts which will now be featured weekly on the Westwood one podcast network every Sunday in which I will be hosting with my daughter Michaela Petersen if you want to understand yourself and other people far more deeply and keep abreast of the latest scientific discoveries and philosophical ideas then the Jordan B Peterson podcast on Westwood One might be just what you’re looking for it’s a call to individual responsibility courage and truth in the face of the trouble and tragedy of life listen and subscribe for free today

100 thoughts on “Revamped Podcast with Westwood One: Announcement

  1. Cool, a more classic podcast style would be great. The close-up single view of you at your computer isn't my style. But I love your content so I still watch, but this sounds great.

  2. What’s up doc I know you probably don’t read these but if you thanks I had this one I keep asking myself so I was adopted at 6 and got shit need stick so all his other kids got a car and everything they want but I had duck tape keeping my shoes together and was only graduate but he didn’t even go to my graduation find out he got paid 1.2 mil for me when I turned 18 he gave me my adoption papers so I found I had brother and sister and I found them but they want nothing to do with should I keep trying with my adopted and brothers n sister or should I just let it go I not bad person I never been jail I don’t I lie i don’t cheat if you get a chance to read thx doc

  3. Dear Dr. Peterson,
    I'm a big fan of yours, listening to you is always enlightening and helpful. You've made me change my take on life and what I need to do in order to improve it.
    Here is a suggestion in order to improve the quality of your podcast and videos, at least when you are in your house (there are on the rode options as well).
    You should hire a some with knowledge in video/audio recording. I've notice that you changed the camera but the audio is still lacking. There are affordable options out-there like usb microphones (like Rode NTUSB or Audio-Technica AT2020USB) that you could also take on the rode and have extremely good quality even when traveling.
    Having a good audio quality is important to make you work easier and more pleasurable to listen to and it make make it future proof with out having to remaster the audio.
    Take Joe Rogan for example, he has an awesome audio setup but there are simpler setups that have similar quality.
    Theres also some softwares that act as compressors (that would create an awesome sound)
    Just a humble suggestions from a fan.
    Thank you for your awesome work.

  4. Will the podcast also be available on Youtube? If not, how do I listen in because I don't want to miss it but I've only ever used youtube.

  5. please post it to youtube, it would get a bigger reach and it would be easier to watch every week, on another site its like a chore (I want to but I might forget)

  6. Really like much of the information you provide. But your explanation of the concept, “self-interest” went into some infinite time sliced La La Land.

  7. But Mr. Jordan, please tell them that "Intellectual dark web" is not dark if it's ideas are published on Youtube 🙂 here is a solution "Out of the dark Intellectual web" 🙂 But we welcome you on all platforms. Thank you for your efforts!

  8. I just gave a presentation about existentialism and taking responsibility for your surroundings, and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. The teacher liked and understood it, but it was a little disheartening to see my class mates so confused at these simple premises.

  9. Navigating to the website is a bit of a headache on the phone. I listen on the road. Can this come to YouTube?

  10. I anticipate some great listening ahead and I think you and your daughter will be an excellent duo 😊
    I cant wait Mr Peterson!!

  11. Sir, How do I get the podcast here In Nepal? Will the podcast be on Youtube or some other platform? Sir, You said there are substantial amount of audio only content of podcasts. Where can We get that? Sir.

  12. Please add an option to listen to the podcast on a higher speed just like it's on youtube – I've got used to listening you on 1.25 – 1.5 speed and that's the speed at which I absorb information best 🙂

  13. Dr.Peterson, here is a question you might have answered in the previous discussions. I would like to know how an Introvert as myself who enjoys to sit in and read things that are highly intellectual and meditate a lot as opposed to being in the social scene, would get along better with my extroverted husband of 12 years who enjoys watching sports, wrestling and B grade movies as well as going out to bad social scenes like clubs and rock shows. Keep in mind i am 47 years old and he is 57. I have raised 6 children with only 2 left in the home. my father was a mathematician my mother was a dress makerhomemaker. My father taught me a good book is better than a bad challenge. Apparently, I didn't listen to what that really meant until it was too late. My husband grew up in the projects with a never-ending longing for money. Nothing of value was ever taught to him or mentored in any way. We have managed to stay together throughout the years through the constant patients to wait for something more on my part from my marriage other than the differences that are between us. He is extremely ignorant and often shallow but I find he still holds a kind heart. I stopped trying to engage in any kind of conversation regarding this issue as I always get the "not now hunny I love you" pass off.

  14. you look funny reading from text below the screen. I will listen to your podcasts because i am both nourished and challenged by what you have to say.

  15. He's fully reading off the paper just look at his eyes. I would have expected him to adlib it just based on how eloquent his speaking is.

  16. This was a very boring and rehearsed introduction JP. You can do a whole lot better.

    Nevertheless, I'm very excited about this.

  17. Pardon my ignorance, but how exactly do you subscribe? I looked on YouTube for Westwood one and I also looked on iHeartRadio on your podcasts. Nothing

  18. The reason why you should post the audio-only podcast content on YouTube is so we can comment on it and add timestamps for eachother…

  19. Be strong Mr. Peterson. I disagree with you sometimes, but continue being as honest as you can. You've helped me get out of a dark place, but be just continue being honest and open to critiquing yourself.

  20. Are you and your daughter still doing the meat only diet? How's it working out? My friend is on methotrexate for arthritis and it's killing him. Currently trying to convince him to try the meat only method you mentioned on Joe Rogan's podcast. Hope you're well!

  21. Mr Peterson are you willing to admit yet bill C16 was not what you made everyone believe it was? its been 5 years now since it passed and none of the bad things you scare mongered people about have happened?

    People you've been fooled…

  22. Dr.Peterson Your book 12 rules for life changed the way i looked at the world.It helped me so much i thank you for your understanding of things it turned my emptiness into meaning.

  23. Usually people who go against the norms lose their sense of identity and become crushed by the ritualistic norm-abiding society in full force. The society unites and weighs in that way. I don´t think psychologists understand that. If Peterson assumes aggression while going against norms with rational arguments, he is going for a chaos.

  24. The advertising in the new podcast format was unexpected, unexplained, and unwanted. Are donations not cutting it anymore? I'm concerned that the dependence on advertising will undercut Jordan Peterson's independence, and concerned that revenue may be trumping the message in this partnership with Westwood One. The existing podcast seemed entirely satisfactory to at least this listener.

  25. The podcast content will be available on YouTube, as it is now, except perhaps for audio-only recordings. I may consider keeping them on YouTube as well. Opinions?

  26. I was wondering… What are your thoughts on the quote from John Milton's "Paradise Lost" which goes "better to rule in hell than serve in heaven"?

  27. Talked to a Montreal city government employee who informed me of their policy of "positive discrimination". I gather this is the Canadian version of 'affirmative action' in the states. Although I have a hard time rationalizing using the word positive with discrimination.

  28. You Jordan Peterson is turning into a giant greedy money machine. What has young Micaela to contribute? YUMMY YUMMY MONEY

  29. I just discovered you yesterday. I wish I would have heard your messages before my husband’s affair and our divorce. I’m a Tennessean living in Sweden, was married to a Swedish man. I saw in your interviews that you cited Scandinavia as showing outcome. Many women do have the “agreeable” trait, but in order to succeed, you have to remove it. Removing it can be detrimental to a happy marriage. As a Tennessean, I learned the “agreeable” trait, but as an immigrant here, I had to prove to Swedish women and others that I was equally employable, etc… I prefer to be agreeable and I prefer my husband to try be the head of my home. However, as a person who takes the words of others to heart, I chose to set aside that trait for success. This practice led to another dominant woman evening my marriage and destroying it. I was no longer the “agreeable” Tennessean that he met. However, at the core, I am. Playing the dominant female role made me miserable and triggered all of my traumas. If I did hear you before this crisis, I might not have liked you because your words would make no sense in the midst of “being agreeable” with the rhetoric of gender equality I was encountering here in Sweden. Notice that I called it rhetoric, because that’s all it is. The women in this country seem to know that this rhetoric is never applicable in successful relationships or in relationships with their male bosses, but it’s unsaid. I am a woman who acts as I believe and I believed that rhetoric. I am now a woman who has moved to Sweden for my husband and for our children, but who sits alone, watching him allow himself to be dominated by the affair partner that easily entered our marriage due to my step away from my true self – an agreeable, compassionate, and loving woman. I wish to have an agreeable relationship with him, but he is being dominated by a disagreeable woman. Therefore, our children, etc… suffer. You said that spouse’s control by keeping the children away. I believe that I have done that out of pain over betrayal. I would like to see a video clip for me and my situation. If you’ve already done one, I’d like to be led to it. Thank you!

  30. Much love and appreciation for Dr. Peterson, but I need to point out how stiff and awkward this scripted video felt. You convince with your authenticity, so a script didnt quite do you a favor in this video :>

  31. I want to ask Jordan Peterson if he has read " Listen Little Man" by Wilhelm Reich and what he thinks was at the heart of this piece of writing, taking into account Reich's life experiences.

  32. I LOVE Dr. Peterson's work.

    But he comes across as a novice actor reading a salespitch in this vid.

    Dr. Peterson: please keep up the great work, but really I think you could do with a good holiday, mate. God knows I would if I'd had to endure your past few years!

  33. I'd love if your introductory video was a little less robotic, if you know what I mean, either way I'm a great fan of your work and videos. Keep doing this amazing work!

  34. This is what I came up with today, and its because I know that it exists within you, you are not a happy person deep inside because you've sold out. You reap what you sow.

    "Idea: You cannot follow truth unless you truly believe and follow what is right and good. Following truth is forever a servant to morality as that's what consistently provides the power to consistently follow truth as a life virtue in the first place. There are three primary paths for a man: Truth, power and morality. Power comes in many forms, here it mainly pertains to mental and physical power. These three primary paths have three complements which overlap to create a star: pride, honour and integrity. The former is what man drives towards, the latter is what man achieves."

  35. Dear Professor,
    I find your speeches to be humorous, thoughtful, delightful, outrageous and immensely liberating at the same time. I have not had so much intellectual fun in a long time !
    I am subscribing !
    And a big Thank You for sharing your knowledge !

  36. Hello!!!!! Can someone please translate the videos? I am peruvian, and I would like to learn all you are teaching. Please.
    Maybe there are More people asking the same…

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