Return to Stand Up Comedy, Touring with Jordan Peterson & More | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

Return to Stand Up Comedy, Touring with Jordan Peterson & More | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

One of the things I’m most amazed by at the
moment is how the ideas and issues we’re talking about on The Rubin Report every week are relevant
not just in America, but resonate all over the world. The amount of email I’m getting from you across
the globe, whether it’s from Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Hungary, or even Japan is actually
staggering. It really seems that there has been a re-awakening
as to what being a free human is all about. You are in charge of your own life, and if
you start with this premise, you can accomplish anything. While the discourse on social media may seem
more toxic than ever, I see a growing, dynamic group of people coming together through ideas
and conversation, regardless of where they were born or the color of their skin. My guest this week, Rajshee Agarwal, was born
in India to a traditional family, only to move to America and now teaches about capitalism
at the University of Maryland, where she is the Chair and Professor of Entreprenuership. She believes capitalism provides maximum freedom
and happiness to all people, regardless of race, religion or anything else. An idea once sparked in her and now she is
helping further those ideas into the future. That’s what freedom is all about. If you want to join me in spreading these
ideas of freedom and individuality in person I’ll be joining Jordan Peterson on his 12
Rules for Life tour for as many events as possible — most of these dates are sold out
already, but some tickets are still available. We kicked off the tour two weeks ago at the
Beacon Theater in New York City, where the energy and enthusiasm in the room was off
the charts. I’ll be traveling with Jordan to the UK to
speak in London at the Apollo Hammersmith Theater on May 13th, and then on May 14th,
I have the incredible honor of speaking at the Oxford Union. Hopefully I’ll get to meet as many of you
as possible, and we can down a couple pints. I’m also working on an Australian tour and
hope to have some more info on that for you guys soon. I’ve mentioned on the show lately the endless
hysteria of the Left and and the politically correct craziness we’re caught up in was eventually
gonna drag me back into stand up — and this finally came to fruition this past Sunday
at the Irvine Improv. The show was billed as an evening of stand
up and sit down as I did about an hour of stand up, and then Bob Saget joined me for
about 45 minutes of a sit down.. It was awesome seeing so many of you out there
and the show was a huge success. The manager of the Improv told me it was the
first sold out standing ovation she’s seen at the club in 18 years. Travel dates for upcoming stand up gigs will
be announced soon, come join me for two drinks and plenty of laughs. And finally, after years in the making, we
taped our interview with Dr. Thomas Sowell yesterday on location at Stanford University
in San Francisco. We flew our whole team up there and rented
a studio to make it happen. It was truly a career highlight, and I can’t
wait to share our sit down with you next week. Big thanks to our Patreon supporters who make
huge interviews like this possible. So, all these announcements aside, whether
you’re in the US, India, Oxford, San Francisco or anywhere else, we’re all in this fight
together. Keep fighting for what you believe in and
I’ll do the same…

100 thoughts on “Return to Stand Up Comedy, Touring with Jordan Peterson & More | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

  1. Would love to see you interview Dr David Berlinski.  You are one of the best interviewers I've seen. (along with Fat-burning Man)  Dr Berlinski is one of those highly intellectual guys with a wicked sense of humor.  I bet your smooth and informed technique would coax a highly-watchable conversation from him.

  2. Here's some free advice Dave. Don't return to stand up, you sucked then & you suck even worse now. The world doesn't need another shit "comedian" stick to the sophistry, you're good at that

  3. For someone who professes to be all about the free exchange of a variety of ideas, your guests are all starting to sound the same. Isn't there one progressive out there willing to talk to you Dave?

  4. Hey Dave, you mentioned the possibility of an Australian tour, I would love it if you could find time to pop over to New Zealand while you’re on this side of the world 🙂

  5. Fan-bloody-tastic! Who do I have to kill to get Hammersmith tickets!?
    Bravo young Mr Rubin…you and Jordy P. are the Special Forces of the Truth and Logic League and I salute you!!!

  6. Yep freedom individuality. Good stuff keep it up. With the information age still in its infancy I'm thinking that this platform will knock big government down a couple notches. Don't need it when people have each other.

  7. What are the chances you are escorted out of the UK for saying something "offensive"? Wouldn't be too difficult. In fact, I dare you to say, "Mohammed is gay". Maybe start light with, "Mayor Khan is a globalist pedophile protector".
    P.s. Rubin crew should leave any tools at home as tools are now considered weapons within UK.

  8. I hope you have a great time when you come to England. The work you're doing is so important.

    I can hardly wait for your Thomas Sowell interview.

    Many Thanks.

  9. I've watched Dave for two years now, and while my opinion on him has fluctuated I can say with 100% certainty that he has never made me laugh. Perhaps it's not fair to judge him based on his "political" output or Twitter feed, but somehow I get the impression his standup will be heavily political.

  10. I am also from Japan, currently studying sociology at a university in Tokyo. Your channel has given me new perspective on so many different things. I learned so much more from watching your interviews than from the courses I take at school. I look forward to your projects ahead. Thank you for the great content!

  11. The only thing funny about you is your beard. Oh, and also how you were a full on Bernie Sanders supporter and now pretend like he is the enemy of America. Funny stuff.

  12. Please c me to the London event on the 16th! I’m flying back home to Maidenhead, England (from Raleigh, NC) just to see JP there! (Ok, I may be going primarily to go to my sisters wedding but you’re a close second on my priority list)

  13. This is what I don't understand or it simply doesn't add up. The left is claiming that a "blue wave" is coming this election cycle, yet everywhere you or any other libertarian conservative appear there are lines out the door.

  14. Dave: "What do you get when you cross Mozart and John Locke? A CLASSICAL LIBERAL!!!!!"
    What I imagine Dave Rubin's standup to be like

  15. I've been watching Rubin since he first appeared on TYT. He's always been very pleasant. And despite his turn to the dark side, he continues his schtick as a mild mannered reporter. But never once have I suspected that he has ever been funny about anything. Conservatives just don't know about funny, which is why so many of these failed comedians turn into political talking heads on hacky tv shows. Gutfart,Chowder, Dennis Miller and now Rubin. Comedians so funny, I forget to laugh.

  16. Dave – this is amazing news! I am so glad that you paired up with Dr Peterson on the next stage of his world tour to promote his book and engage on many other important issues. I feel you are one of the only successfully "neutral" hosts on the right on YouTube as both Alex Jones & crew and Stefan Molyneaux are poor at it – like Alex's infamous interruptions and frequent non-sequiturs that spin wildly out of control. Stefan is better but often approaches with a firm Agenda and one never gets the full viewpoint of the guest. You bring a very professional polish to the craft and I would say imho certianly is as good as the networks.

    Finally you seem to bridge the left & right quite well. Then there is your openness to Canada and so many of these non-American speakers" (although you do have alot of Americans who are great and are "emerging" into the intellectual firmament to be fair).

  17. I hope you guys can bring a new center together. Hopefully soon we will have Countries where everyone is equal, and our rights aren't constantly under attack. Where we can focus on the real problems of corporatism, globalism, and the bankers ruling over everything with the help of bought and paid for politicians.

  18. Dave, you are one of the most professional people out there……humans are craving what you offer……sanity and class. You future is limitless.

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