Resolution: An Interactive Adventure | Choose-Your-Own Doctor Who Podcast

Resolution: An Interactive Adventure | Choose-Your-Own Doctor Who Podcast

CHIBNALL: Not much to add to that is there, really?
Whittaker: Okay, cool, cool cool cool. CHIBNALL: A pillar of hope is exactly – & I think that’s who Jodie’s Doctor is, I think, um I think what you’ll, what you’ll find is it’s the Doctor you’ve known and loved with, just a, erm, a fresh take really, it’s a…the thread is still there, you know, it’s very important the Doctor’s a pacifist, it’s very important that the Doctor has a sense of humour, the Doctor solves things through uh, brains, not, not, erm punching or bullets. Um, so the Doctor’s still very much the Doctor, but pillar of hope, we need a pillar of hope in these times, and that pillar of hope is Jodie Whittaker. GRACE: Ryan Sinclair, don’t you dare! 13: What’s your name?
YAZ: PC Khan, Hallamshire Police.
13: Name not title! YAZ: Yasmin Khan, ‘Yaz’ to my friends. GRACE: I’ll check in with me nurse’s group on WhatsApp.
GRAHAM: I suppose you’ll be blaming this on the dyspraxia as well! TZIM-SHA: You may tell your children you were once privileged to encounter Tzim-Sha of the Stenza. 13: Tim Shaw?
TZIM-SHA: Tzim-sha.
13: Tim Shaw?
TZIM-SHA: Tzim-sha! GRAHAM: You see I can hear her saying to me ‘Graham we had three glorious years. What are you complaining about? I’m complaining because I wanted more. 13: No, guns, never use them.
13: Amazing what you can learn from a Sniperbot! RYAN: Where’s the reload! Warhgrgr! Wahhhh! ANGSTROM: Pay the prize or pay the price!
RYAN: It’s not like Rosa Parks wipes out racism from the world forever. Otherwise, how come I get stopped way more by the police than my white mates? YAZ: Oi, not this police.
YAZ: I can be a police officer now because people Rosa Parks fought those battles for me! 13: Asteroid 284996. Also known as Rosa Parks.
Ryan: Woah! SERIES 11 TRAILER 2: I feel glorious, glorious, got a chance to start again. 13: I’m just a traveller SERIES 11 TRAILER 2: I was born for this, born for this 13: Sometimes I see things need fixing and do what I can. 13: I eat danger for breakfast. I don’t, I prefer cereal. Or croissants. Or those little fried Portuguese…nevermind, it’s not important. ROBERTSON: My hotel, my rules! I’m the future President of the United States – how’s this for ‘Fire and Fury’? GRAHAM: Doc, the thing about grief is it needs time.
YAZ: I want more. More of the universe. More time with you You’re like the best person I’ve ever met.
YAZ: Like a posh version of my uniform camera! COMPUTER: P’ting.
13/YAZ/GRAHAM/RYAN: P’ting!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! MABLI: Doctor of medicine?
13: Well, medicine, science, engineering, candyfloss, Lego, philosophy, music, problems, people, hope. Mostly hope.
MABLI: Light in dark times. 13: People prevail. Hope prevails.
13: Because love is a form of hope and, like hope, love abides. 13: I’ll make a note of your thoughts and pass them onto Mountbatten if I ever bump into him again. CHARLIE: People like me, my generation, we change things. We make things happen. 13: The systems aren’t the problem, how people use and exploit the system, THAT’S the problem! YAZ: Seriously mate, not witches, bodies possessed by alien mud! 13: No more witch hunts.
13: But-that-means-this-world-is-dangerous-but-how-can-it-be-dangerous? Also-what-even-has-the-power-to-create-a-copy-world-like-this?
13: Our-reality-cannot-work-with-Solitract-energy-present-the-most-basic ideas-of-the-universe-just-get-ruined! 13: Planetary genocide? Tim Shaw, I didn’t like you then, but now… 13: And if you kill him you become the same as him.
13: Travel hopefully.
CHINALL: It could have been a lot better. It could have been slightly better written.
It was also very clichéd.
But I still thought that that story was fairly, erm, boring. CHIBNALL: It’s a recruiting video for us to go – that’s all this year is!
STREVENS: You don’t even have to watch it in order MITCH: The Battle of Hope Valley.
GUARD: Most secure digits in Yorkshire, that’s what I tell my boyfriend anyway. 13: Get me Kate Stewart at UNIT. POLLY: Oh, I’m so sorry; UNIT operations have been suspended pending review. 13: Like I know you’re a refugee from the planet Skaro.
13: Here’s my new year’s resolution – I’m coming for you, Dalek. 13: Squid sized vacuum corridor! BOY: The Wi-Fi’s gone off. MUM: Everything’s gone off. No Wi-Fi. No phone signal. It’s all down.
BOY 2: Not even Netflix? MUM: Nothing.
BOY: What do we do? MUM: I suppose we’ll have to…have a conversation??? BOYS: What!? [DOCTOR WHO SERIES 11 THEME starts playing, with earlier quotes overlaid in time with the music] Better written | Pillar of hope
Better written | Very clichéd But I still felt that that story was fairly, erm, boring. That’s all this year is!
You don’t even have to watch it in order. Better written | Very clichéd [“RELAX” by FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD starts playing]

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  1. 0:11 – 0:13 the song at the end needs more of these Chibnall noises 😅

    No idea who the majority of those people at the the end are but I'm looking forward to this!

  2. A podcast with two different sides? A podcast that is also an interactive narraative? Like some sort of Hybrid…

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