Remote Media Skip with Downcast App

Hey everybody
Today we are going to talk about Remote Media Skip in Downcast This video is going to explain to you what
Remote Media Skip does what your remote controls are and how to set up the Remote Media Skip
option in Downcast So the Remote Media Skip option changes the
default settings in Downcast for your remote controls So it enables you to skip time intervals within
an episode, rather than skipping back and forth between episodes This is a great feature because instead of
going all the way back into the Downcast App player, you can quickly skip through parts
of the episode remotely using your earbuds, lock screen, or control
center So remote media skip changes the settings
on your remote controls But what are these remote controls we keep talking about? Well for our purposes, I’m referring to
any controls that are not in the Downcast app player There are three of these controls and I mentioned
these earlier so this should be pretty familiar The first one is external devices
For example, the controls on your earbuds or your car stereo The second one is the lock screen
This appears when you phone is locked And the third remote control is the control
center And this one pops up whenever you swipe up from the bottom from any screen This is the same screen on your iPhone that shortcuts to the flashlight Now that we understand what the remote controls
are Let’s talk about the remote control default
settings The two left facing arrows on the lock screen
and the control center allow you to skip back to a previous episode If you tap the two right facing arrows, you
will skip forward to the next episode Your earbud headphones have the same behaviors
but we just go about it a little bit differently As I’m sure you know, the plus sign and minus
sign control the volume on your earbud headphones But if you click the center portion twice
you will skip forward to the next episode and if you click that center button three
times you will skip backward to the previous episode These default settings are really great
But what we want to do is skip time within an episode And that’s when we want to enable Remote
Media Skip Ok first let’s open Downcast And this will take you to the Podcast List
screen In the bottom right corner, tap the More icon
with the three dots above it on the More page, tap settings in the top
row On the settings page scroll down until you
reach Remote Media Skip, turn on remote media skip by tapping the toggle switch
You’ll know it’s on when it turns green Move up two rows to media skip forward interval
Tap this row and you will be on the screen to set the forward interval or the amount
of time you will skip ahead Rotate the wheel at the bottom until you reach
your preferred setting I’m going to choose 1 minute and 5 seconds
So choosing this means I will skip forward 1 minute and 5 seconds within an episode when
I’m using the remote controls And now let’s go back and we’re gonna
select the Media Skip Backward Interval and now I’m going to rotate the wheel and
I’m going to choose 30 seconds And that’s it. That’s all you have to
do. Your remote media skip intervals have been set So let’s take a look at how this works Let’s swipe up to the Control Center and
check out your settings And there you can see instead of the two arrows
going left and right, we have the time settings we just enabled And now you’re ready to Remote Media Skip
like a pro

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