*slurp* I’m ready, hah. (intro music) (twinkle) Hi guys. Last time I saw you guys I was seventeen. I am now eighteen. I just wanted to get that out of the way. That has nothing to do with today’s video, I just wanted to get it out of the way. So now that that’s over, let’s talk about what we’re doing today. I sound like I’m talking to a class. Okay guys, so today we’re gonna be learning about shapes. Anyway… So I’ve been a little bit M.I.A. for like the past seven days or so. No like, two weeks almost, because I was sick. I had one of the worst sicknesses I’ve ever had this past week. I could not do shit. I couldn’t leave my house, I couldn’t cook for myself, I couldn’t fucking get up… *burps* …and go to the bathroom. I felt so shitty. *burps again* Luckily I’m good now. But anyway, I was sick as fuck for seven days. And as you might imagine, I was BORED. I was really bored because I was just laying on my couch, watching my TV, for seven days. As you can imagine, as the seven days passed, I started watching weird shit on the internet. You can only spend so many hours on YouTube, watching shit, before you just accidentally start watching weird shit. Like it just happens. I stumbled upon some weird stuff, some satisfying stuff, some cool stuff– like I stumbled upon a bunch of stuff. So in today’s video I decided, in honor of me no longer being sick, in honor of all of the amazing content creators that created the content that kept me entertained while I was sick In today’s video, I’m going to recreate all of the weird fucking videos that I watched while I was sick. I’m gonna recreate all of the types of videos I watched… …while I was sick. I hope that makes sense. So let’s get started. I need to explain to you the types of videos that I was watching so that you’re not just completely confused cause like, we have to have some sort of structure in this video or else… (transition music) The first type of video I stumbled upon was frozen food reviews. Hello food fans, today I’m going to make something that’s relatively easy to prepare. I get to lick the spoon so that is good. Everything is cooked very nicely, it’s ready to eat. This might seem a little bit confusing, like wh–why? Well, there’s a backstory. In my explore page, I saw this video called “Eating Watermelon with my Clone.” So naturally I clicked on that. And I watched that video. It was a great video. I liked the video so much that I clicked on this man’s channel. And while I was scrolling through his channel, another video caught my eye. It was a video about a frozen dinner and him reviewing it. So I clicked on that. Next thing I know, I have watched literally thirty videos, straight, of this man reviewing frozen dinners. And I couldn’t stop. Hello food lovers! Today we’re gonna be eating this veggie… …veggie loaf frozen dinner. This was only a few bucks from the store. Never tried this one before, so I’m pretty excited, a little bit nervous. So, it just says to cook for four minutes. So let’s do that. Alrighty. Well, on the instructions it says that you’re supposed to take it out after microwaving for four minutes and mix around the potaters so I’m just gonna do that real quick and then put it back into the paper. Or maybe that’s not what I’m supposed to do, hold on let me look it up. Ooh, does that look scrumptious. Alright we’re gonna plop this back in the oven for one more minute. Alright. Well, I cooked it for another minute, and then I let it sit and it’s time to eat, so let’s try these veggies. Mhmm. Not too bad. Sauce from over here kinda seeped over here. Tastes pretty good to me, and I’m not gonna lie, think I kinda like that. Let’s try the potaters. Also good. Lacking in the salt department. Nothing you couldn’t fix at home. Now let’s try the loaf. Ohhh… Ehh… What’s in there? Okay. The flavors are good, texture’s a little bit mushy, but what do you expect with a loaf? I think overall I’m gonna give this a four out of ten. Uhh, I wouldn’t eat it again but I don’t hate it. Alright. Well I hope you enjoyed, and uh, thank you so much for watching. Alright. (transition music) The next type of video that I was binge watching was these videos from the channel Hollywood Fix. [Man filming] Hey what’s up Dr. Phil? How are you today? [Man filming] Good, how are you? I don’t know, I can’t think of that. [Man filming] Have a good day. You too. [Man filming] Okay, I will. Now, Hollywood Fix is like this… How do I explain this? They’re like these, almost paparazzi videos, where this guy goes to popular locations in L.A. and waits for celebrities to come and show up so he that can interview them, kind of without asking. He just shows up and is like “HEY.” They’ve interviewed a bunch of people that we know and love, like YouTubers, people like Justin Bieber. Like they interview everyone. *burps* And they’re pretty fucking entertaining to watch. [Amanda] Yo yo, so uh, standing outside of Alfred on this fine Wednesday morning and I uh– Pretty sure that’s Emma Chamberlain in that white car right there but not, not for sure. She might be going to get some Alfred, pretty sure that’s a popular spot for her. I guess uh, guess uh we’ll find out if she uh, she makes movements. Oh oh oh, I think she’s getting out. Yeah that’s, that’s Emma Chamberlain. That’s Emma Chamberlain. That’s Emma Chamberlain. Yeah. Yeah. Yooo. Oh, she looks like she’s running. Alright we’ll catch up with her later. [Amanda] Yo yo yo Emma. Emma Chamberlain. – [Amanda] Emma Chamberlain.
– Yooo. [Amanda] Yo how are you today? I’m alright. [Amanda] Yeah? I’m alright. – [Amanda] Y-y-yeah?
– Yeah. [Amanda] What are you doing on this fine morning? How you been? Umm, ya know, umm… Just got my coffee… [Amanda] Yeah, what’d you get? Uhh, I forgot. Cold brew with espresso in it. It’s pretty good. Try it sometime. [Amanda] Yeah yeah yeah. So uh Emma, the word on the block is that uh, is that you don’t shower but uh here at the Hollywood Six we like to believe that uh that you shower, so what’s your favorite shower product, Emma Chamberlain? Alright yeah, I mean I’m really into the back scrub brush. I think that shit really helps, I do have bacne. So, maybe cut that part out. Alright. [Amanda] Uh so uh, so uh, so uh, uh Emma, Emma, Emma… Yeah yeah. [Amanda] Um, so uh, is is is uh, is uh… *laughs* [Amanda] Yo, so uh, Emma, you uh, you been working on a podcast recently called uh, “Stupid Genius,” right? That’s true. [Amanda] Yeah yeah, so uh, how do you determine if someone is a stupid genius, or if they’re just stupid or just genius? I ask them a quick little question about, usually something like–I don’t know, like– *laughs* Bro you good? You just tripped a little bit. [Amanda] Yeah no no no Emma Emma, I’m out in the field a lot. *laughs again* Yeah you know I usually just ask them a little question, maybe like about politics or something, see what they say… And then I go from there. [Amanda] Yeah yeah, but you’ve been looking pretty fresh recently. You’ve been rocking a lot more designer than usual, leading people to believe that L.A.’s changed you. Do you feel like L.A.’s changed you, Emma? You know, I think it’s helped me evolve as a person. I wouldn’t say it’s changed me, though. I think I’m still the same old me. – [Amanda] Yeah y-y-yeah?
– Yeah. [Amanda] Well uh, well uh, what’s your favorite designer brand right now Emma? You know, after going to a few Louis Vuitton shows, I’m gonna have to say Louis Vuitton. I don’t know, they’re just a classic… Classic… *rawrs like t-rex* [Amanda] Y-y-yeah, so Emma, so uh, I-I-I’ve heard that you’re a frequent uh, customer of Alfred coffee, is that true? That’s true. [Amanda] Are they the best coffee in town, Emma? You know, Phil’s might have to be a close second, I’m not gonna lie to you bro. [Amanda] And uh, do you feel like the amount of coffee that you ingest– Sorry I’m yelling, cause there’s a truck. Do you feel like the amount of coffee that you ingest affects your bowel movements? *laughs* – Absolutely. On a daily basis.
– [Amanda] Yeah yeah. I mean, I haven’t had a solid shit in months, so, yeah. [Amanda] So uh, so uh, uh, what do– Wha–if you could say one thing to your fans right now Emma, what would you say? I’d say “hey, be yourself…” *awkwardly passing people* “…diarrhea is normal.” *more awkwardness* “And be yourself, alright? Don’t forget about that.” [Amanda] Y-yeah Emma. So uh, so uh, so uh– *gags* [Amanda] There’s rumors on the block that uh, that uh… *laughs* (mocking Amanda) THAT UH [Amanda] Yo yo yo Emma, so uh, there’s been a big debate recently around these parts about whether or not wearing socks without tennis shoes–or tennis shoes without socks is a– – Oh! *laughs* –is a non-necessary tactic. Alright. What’s your opinion on people who like to wear their tennis shoes without socks? You think that’s gross or you think they’re doing the most? *laughs* Yo, Imma be real with you. If you don’t want your socks to show, wear no-show socks. It’s not 1975, alright? This shit exists. [Amanda] Y-y-yeah. Wearing sneakers without socks is a recipe for a bad smell, alright? And I know about bad smells, cause I don’t shower, alright? – [Amanda] For sure, for sure.
– Yeah. [Amanda] So uh, my last question for you Emma… You’re gonna fall in a pot hole, right now. *laughs* [Amanda] Thanks man, you really look out for your fans. That leads me to my final question, or maybe my second-to-final question, I feel like I have a few more. Alright. [Amanda] Um, wha–how’s your relationship with the people who watch you? Yo, we’re homies, all of us. Everybody who watches my videos is my best friend. We’re all just a big squad of homies. Yeah, those are my bros, dude. [Amanda] Yeah y-yeah, so Emma, how do you see out of those glasses, though, Emma? Yo, I can’t see shit right now. *laughs* [Amanda] Okay, cool. And uh, and uh maybe my final question is: would you mind ending this off with like an interpretation of your favorite Vine (R.I.P.)? *laughs* *cringes* “My name is Jeff.” – [Amanda] Oh, funny.
– Alright, fuck off. [Amanda] No no no, maybe one more question, maybe just one more question Emma, since we’re not at your car yet. Alright, let’s do it. [Amanda] Umm umm… So I hear that you been taking SoulCycle a lot recently… Yes. [Amanda] Well uh, my question for you is: does the bike ever hurt your… …ass? Well, I’m not gonna lie to you. I’ve had a few ass bruises from SoulCycle. But that’s why I keep coming back, cause I think that’s a little fun. You are getting—no you can’t walk backwards in this area! You just–you can’t! *laughs* [Amanda] Lookin really fresh recently, I just wanna say thank you for taking the time to talk to Hollywood Six– Oh oh oh, big jump Emma, big jump! Nice! Thank you so much for talking to us Emma. You the realest of the real. We’ll be sure to catch up with you later, and have a good day Emma. Yo, she was so nice. That was the Emma Chamberlain interview, Wednesday, October 96th. Having the best day of the summer, Yea–BYE EMMA! Peace out. [Amanda] Yo yo yo, Emma Emma Emma, how are you today? I’m good, how are you? [Amanda] Good, killing it, crushing it. You look great, you look good. Thank you. [Amanda] Yeah so I just have one question for you really quick Emma. Alright. [Amanda] Um um, so people recently have been concerned about the fact that you possibly switched from coffee to tea and I was just curious–I mean based on your uh, your car it doesn’t look like that’s the case–but I’m just curious if that’s the truth. What caused that transition for you, Emma? Yeah, no–well you see, I was sick for… – [Amanda] Oh man Emma, I’m so sorry.
– …for some weeks. I’m, I’m alright now, but… [Amanda] Yeah, that’s not cool, though. Yeah, it wasn’t. [Amanda] Like that post-coachella sickness, yeah? No, I had another one… – [Amanda] Oh wow, wow, wow!
– …after that. – Yeah, and I was not okay.
– [Amanda] Wow Emma, you’re so frickin brave and strong. I know. [Amanda] You fought your way through that, man. I know, I did. [Amanda] I’m proud of you. Thank you. And, and then uh, you know, and I went and I got, got some breakfast and um… And I just–and I was like “coffee might get me fucked up so I need to like tone it down and drink some tea.” [Amanda] Yeah yeah, where’d you get breakfast at, Emma? Yo, I don’t fuckin know what the name of it was. [Amanda] Yeah, cool c-c-cool cool. Well looks like you’re tryna get outta here so I’ll let you go. Thank you so much for talking to the Hollywood Six today, Emma. Yeah thank you, thank you. Yeah have a good one Emma, have a good one. Yo, that was Emma Chamberlain, sweetest girl in the world. She’s so nice. She talks to us all the time. Really really really cool. So that’s that, that’s this interview for January 5th, 2090. [Amanda] Yo so Emma Emma Emma… …yo you’ve had a pretty insane year, and uh, and uh, it’s clear to see that you’re frickin killing it man. Like everyone’s so prou–woah woah woah, Emma, Emma. Is this your car Emma? [Emma] It is. [Amanda] What’d you do there Emma? How’d you do that? Aww, bro… – [Amanda] How’d you do that Emma?
– Shit. [Amanda] You haven’t–you have an accident? – No…
– [Amanda] Are you okay, Emma? – Yeah…
– [Amanda] Is your neck okay, Emma? [Amanda] What happened, Emma? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you emotional. Is this something hard that you’ve gone through that you wanna talk about with your fans Emma? Do you want the people to know about your accident? I’ve been tryna keep this from you guys, but… I was driving into my garage and… – I was having a rough day.
– [Amanda] Yeah yeah I drive into my garage too, Emma. [Amanda] That’s something we have in common. *coughs* Ehh Umm, yeah, and like, I just… …fucking like, turned too fast, and like I dented–hey! *laughs* Don’t fucking look there. [Amanda] Yo Emma is that a dog in there? [Emma] Yeah. [Amanda] Yo yo yo, what’s up little man? – [Amanda] Yo Emma your dog looks pretty wack.
– [Emma] It’s a girl. [Amanda] Your–your dog looks pretty wack. It’s not even my dog. – [Amanda] How long you had a dog, Emma?
– It’s not even my fucking dog. [Amanda] Oh yo yo yo yo what’s up Mr. Scruffins? – It’s a girl.
– [Amanda] Sorry about your accident… …and uh, I wish you the best this year Emma. I know you’re gonna keep killin it. – Thank you.
– [Amanda] You look fresh… …you look fine, like the world isn’t ready for you Emma. All right have a good one. See you later. Bye. That’s Emma Chamberlain, getting into her car. Looks like she’s gonna exit now. BYE EMMA! [Emma] Bye! [Amanda] Looks like she’s having some trouble getting in the car. Those things can be difficult when you’re under the stress of a recent accident, and a dog. She’s gonna start the vehicle soon. (car engine starts) Yo that was uncalled for man. Hey! [Amanda] Yo Emma that was rude as fuck! I’m comin in Emma! (transition music) You cannot judge me for this one, please. My friend Amanda and I were sitting on my couch, we were watching YouTube on the TV and we stumbled upon boyfriend ASMR. (whispering) Does your head hurt? Yeah? What about your stomach, are you feeling a little bit
nau–nauseous? Oh, okay. Don’t worry, babe, we can check. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but… …whenever I was sick I used to be really scared of thermometers. (normal volume) Boyfriend ASMR is like, well… How do I even describe it? It’s pretty fucking weird. It’s basically where these teen boys act like they’re your boyfriend, and do it in ASMR. And me and Amanda were fucking crying, sitting on my couch watching this shit, cause it’s so funny. And I’m actually so excited to recreate this. Let’s do it. (whispering) Good morning, babe. *cringe intensifies* How’d you sleep last night? Good? Same. Are you feeling better after y– –because you were just sick? Oh no, you’re not feeling good? When I get up I’ll get you a water. We need to get you hydrated, okay babe? Me and you didn’t really get to catch up last night because I got home late from work. How was your day yesterday? That’s amazing. I hope you and Shelby had fun. ‘Kay well what are you up to today? That’s amazing. Babe, have I ever told you that you look so beautiful in the morning? I tell you that a lot? It’s cause it’s true. Babe, I’ve been thinking. I know we’re just seventeen, but I think we should get married soon. No, I’m serious. We could run away, you know. Me and you, and… …go run away to fuckin… …uh R–Russia or something. Nobody could find us. Not even Mom and Dad. I don’t know it’s just a thought. (wait Emma is this couple incestuous??) Why aren’t you down for it? Babe?!? wE’rE nOt ToO yOuNg! Babe… You’re telling me you wanna finish high school? And live a normal life? And you don’t wanna elope to Russia? Babe… No, babe! *awkward tap* Hey! Stop crying. *pokes your eye out* I’m sorry I scared you with my ambitious ideas. Let’s just act like that didn’t happen. I’m sorry. My love for you got the best of me. I just wanna be with you forever. Cause you’re my baby. *laughs* (normal) Can’t do this anymore! (whispering) You know… …it’s weird, like, we’ve been dating for like… …two months. I mean… …we’re really like, getting close, you know? Like me and you, like… …I feel like I know–I feel like I’ve known you forever, you know? But like I still don’t know that much about you. So like why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself? I’ll ask you some questions if you want. Alright. What’s your favorite color? (wow, deep Emma) Mhm, magenta’s my favorite, too. Actually it’s not, I just said that cause I wanted to agree with you. But… …it’s okay. *laughs* What’s your favorite food? *mouth noises* Split pea soup? That’s fucking weird. People don’t usually really like that, but, whatever. Where do you like to… …go on the weekends? Trampoline parks? That’s kinda weird too. You know what babe, I don’t really like this game. I don’t– I think that there’s some things that, it’s probably better if I don’t know about– Anyway, I forgot you were feeling sick… earlier… …when I asked you that, if you were feeling sick. You know… …you said you were feeling sick…. …cause you woke up feeling sick. Do you want me to go get you a glass of water? No, it’s totally fine, I can. It’s not a big deal. No I’m serious, I’ll go get you a glass of water. But first let me give you a little kiss. *smooch* Ugh, that sound was disgusting I have to do that again. *better smooch* How was that? I’ve been working on that. Alright, fine. I’ll go get you a glass of water. You stay here, alright? Don’t leave, okay? Just stay right here. Be right back. For you. I’ll come back for you, okay? Get you a glass of water. Alright. See you in a sec, babe. Stay safe in here. Don’t go running off or anything. Love you. (door closes) (transition music) This is very obvious. This is like not even weird, this is like not even unusual, this is not rare. There’s nothing unique about this type of video, and it’s soap cutting ASMR. *satisfying* *more satisfying* *most satisfying* But I’m not kidding you though. I watched HOURS worth of soap cutting on my tv. I would look up “soap cutting ASMR compilation” and I would just watch the whole hour. And it never got old. So that happened. OOOH. Oh man. Dats nice. OOO! Okay, I swear to god if this doesn’t work I’m gonna be pissed. Oh my god it’s not gonna work, huh. NOO!! That is not the result I wanted! Dang it. Okay it’s still kinda cool though I guess. Nooooooo. Unghhhh. Okay that was fucking annoying. Oooo. Why does soap cutting take talent? What did we learn from this? And also these soaps smell so bad. Why do these soaps all smell bad? Do not buy this soap it smells bad. Oh my god I almost just cut my fucking finger off. Don’t try this at home kids! Eww the soap smells bad, okay I’m done with this soap, it’s–it’s too–it smells too bad. *gasp* Wow, this is kinda fun. Okay, that was, kinda fun I guess. This is just not working out. I’m not doing this right, now I’m just getting mad. Fuck this shit, I don’t know how to do it. That’s it for today’s video. I hope you guys had fun. I had fun. You know, it’s weird like when you see people do things on the internet, it makes you wanna try it. So this video was very satisfying for me because I feel like it was like something I wanted do and then I got to do it. So I’m really glad we got to do this together. I’m also just grateful I’m not sick anymore. I was not okay. At all. Glad we’re doing better now. Okay, well I love you guys a lot, and uh you’re awesome, hope you guys are happy and healthy. Don’t get sick. Swear to god. I have new merch, so go buy that if you want. Okay bye, heh. Byyeeee. Buy my merch please. Isn’t it kinda fun? Okay bye. Link in bio. Link in bio! That kinda seemed like weirdly sexual. Okay bye. (outro music)


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