Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

100 thoughts on “Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

  1. The seafood salad was discontinued after psychiatric wards complained that it made people believe they were the reincarnation of Moses.

  2. you guys ever work in fast food?? "just give them some extra training"…… you try to do it before you make that statement. other than that I love you guys, keep it up!

  3. I take offense to you calling that waffle TBs first entry into the breakfast market…breakfast burritos back in the early 90s were.

  4. Love the show guys. If you ever do a taco bell challenge again you should look up the chicken club burrito, cheeseburger burrito, and the grilled fajita burrito.

  5. The pacific shrimp tacos were really good but I feel like everyone was too hesitant to eat seafood from Taco Bell

  6. I'm salty they stopped offering the chicken burrito that had grilled chicken, cilantro rice, cheese, and avacado ranch. that thing was addictive.

  7. You guys couldn't have done any of their good discontinued items? The original grilled stuffed burrito, Baja sauce, or anything from the volcano menu?

  8. "What did I say?"
    "You said McDonalds."

    "YOU said McDonalds!"

    Josh is just…he must not leave the team at any time. He fits perfect!

  9. You guys should talk about your roots in Good Morning Chia Lincoln. That show was a huge part of my early adulthood. Been a fan ever since.

  10. Find da difference



  11. while driving cross country from Washington to Arizona we stopped somewhere in Navada that only had a taco bell and a gas station that was how i experienced the breakfast taco

  12. I would say Taco Bell needs to bring back "Crispas" – the cinnamon covered, fried tortilla slices from the 80s – warm, slightly chewy with cinnamon sugar for days…BEFORE the Spirals of Pain.

  13. I'm sure those recreations we're much tastier than what Taco Bell originally had. They need to bring back the Baja Chicken Chalupa!

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