RealLife English Podcast – How should you learn English?

Hello everyone Welcome back to English with Lucy I’ve got a surprise bonus video for you today. I recorded a Podcast with Chad and Ethan from RealLife English And, they’ve given me the recording of it to put on my Youtube channel. So you can click on the link in the description box And find their Youtube channel, And also the link to dowload the Podcast. Enjoy! Okay, Ooo yeah, what’s up girls, ladies and gentlemen Boys and girls, people from all over the planet, earth I’m Chad from RealLife English, What we believe that listening to Podcast is a fun, natural, effective and fabulous way to learn English so download this Podcast now , and listen to us while you’re stuck in traffic, walking the dog, ironing your socks or making some delicious mexican tacos or possibly drinking a nice cup of tea (Laughs) Oh yeah! I’m jointier in the virtual studio first of all with just a regular boy and our Ethan how are you Ethan? OK, we’ll ask more about the smoke later but, erm, special, our special guest of honour today on today’s Podcast is Lucy from English with Lucy how are you? hello everyone I’m good thank you, thank you for having me on your Podcast It’s an honour yes, that’s our pleasure and just to let ya know, I think you are probably the sixth I think I pronounce it corretly, sixth female to ever appear on our Podcast and now this is Podcast #139 and I think you’re the third or fourth British person ever on the Podcast wow! you must be so excited (Laughs) what a ratio! (Laughs) yeah, we’re slowly getting better people once thought that they were a bit of a macho kind of, on the Podcast we kind of joked around ’bout guy stuff so it’s nice to have a refreshin’ Englishwoman, like yourself on the Podcast I’m here to feminise everything so, yes I think that the world and the universe now, needs a lot more female enegry,so any, anyway we can get and promoke that is positive fabulous! wow, thank you for inviting me on no worries! and, uhm, what to do with the smoke? Oh, right now, uhm, actually to clear up the crobs here and in South Asia and in China i guess they burn them all at the end of the season and that is right now so, there’s quite a bit of a smoke in the air, it’s like blowing down from the China lawn uh,and, it’s quite infortunate ’cause like, there’s beautiful mountines here and you can’t really see them, now hmm that’s a shame so, erm,

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