100 thoughts on “REAL Pirate Food Taste Test

  1. Pretty cool that Ye Banished Privateers are GMM fans. I’ve been a fan of them and GMM for a while, not a crossover I saw coming.

  2. Y'all need to watch Treasure Planet if you haven't. It (alongside Atlantis: The Lost Empire) are forgotten gems from Disney's animated pantheon. They're seriously good, and "darker" than your average Disney flick.

  3. For those who don't know, squab is actually a widely used dish, and is young domesticated pigeon. Granted, that one looks pretty damn full grown to me. Point is, pigeon is not that rare of a dish.

  4. "There's something about the vowels… I…. R… I'll come up with it later."

  5. 13:42 Easily the best Wheel of Mythicality mythical beast outro we've seen yet! That bottle smash.. her accent… like damn <3

  6. I wonder what was the first holiday ever celebrated….. What if the first people after Adam and Eve was like screw it we gone celebrate thy tree.

  7. Something something pirate's 10 favourite letters something something aye aye, arrr, and the 7 seas…. something something Hank Green….

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