Real or Fake Subreddit Challenge ft. Hank & John Green

100 thoughts on “Real or Fake Subreddit Challenge ft. Hank & John Green

  1. Tetris was released in 1984
    1984 is a book by George Orwell
    George Orwell wrote a book titled Animal Farm
    Animal Farm's cover is that of a pig
    Pigs are the source of bacon

  2. “You can’t eat toothpaste! It says so on the package”
    Does he realize that he is hosting a show where the other hosts regularly eat pig anus and pine needles?


  4. That awkward moment when your one of the 11 people who didn’t actually know what reddit was.

    I’ve heard of it, but I just didn’t know how it works.

  5. Hank and John are the best…SciShow forever…Rhett and Link are the best…GMM forever…John and Hank + Rhett and Link is BESTEST OVERLOAD

  6. In 2016 a movie named Tetris was released with tinge actor Hendrik Maaß, who was also in Valkyrie in 2008 with Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise started in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon in 1992. Therefore giving Tetris a bacon number of 3.

  7. There's a pic of the royal family where Charles Boyle's face from Brooklyn nine nine photoshoped onto everyone

  8. Kinda random, but here's a little fun fact. Jon from Jon and Kate actually lived next to my grandparents for about for about a year or two, he moved away last year though. He seemed pretty chill, wasn't too happy with the feral cat problem there though.

  9. I love how you can clearly tell John & Hank actually watch GMM, like how they were excited to spin the wheel & how John was excited to eat the scary food. Great fanboys, nerdfighters forever

  10. I'm happy to say, after watching this a year later, someone created r/poamcdbamc and there is now a double stuff oreo photo of a brown mini cooper followed by two white mini coopers and then another brown mini cooper.

  11. I usually don't watch the episodes where other people are hosting the show but this one was great! Don't know who these guys are I'm definitely going to go check them out

  12. John has Rhett’s laugh and the beard ang hank has the link hair it’s kinda weird to see alternative universe r&l especially because they’re the right sides

  13. I AM IN LOVE with these guys!!! Been following them for years! OMG OMG OMG! ^_^ I loves you Hank and John so much! What a treat, not even sorry now Link and Rhett are out.
    Welcome 😀 Teeehee!!!

  14. I just have to state that im watching all of GMM from newest to the begining and got so excited to see John Green 😍 I actually screamed 😂 I've watched every crash course history video ❤

  15. The Vlog Bros are such great hosts! And I love how Hank's on the right and John's on the left; always have to have glasses on the right and beard on the left!!

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