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[Music] welcome to the take a listing today podcast who are hosts Jim Studebaker and Todd Robertson to give you strategies to get you out of the office right now so you can take a new listing today and now here’s Jim and Todd hello hello once again welcome to our take a listing today podcast we are so glad to have you here today’s topic is great but before we even get into that I want to share with you that you can join us for our live taping in the future we have a little webinar where you can see these things live it’ll give you a chance to ask questions and maybe even win a prize and to find out when our next event will be you want to go to our website which is take a new listing that’s pretty clever website isn’t that’s a beautiful website and you know what all these podcasts were giving you guys substance and content and think about if you just took the title of what this podcast is and ingrained that in it became an incantation that you woke up every morning to decide oh I’m gonna take your listing today and that’s gonna start gravitating you towards what to do to make that happen so it’s a great way to start exactly that was a great way to start your day so I’m Jim Studebaker Todd Robertson over there and over here our producer Lisa gray glad to have you here in our topic today how to get creative with your real estate marketing there’s a bunch of ways that you can do things out of the ordinary to kind of set yourself apart from the other agents that might be in your area so we’re gonna go over just a few of the ways you can do that and it’s gonna result in new clients doing more business with your past clients so all things that will help you make more money and here’s the interesting thing which you guys know this from being in your office and seeing people come and go that people aren’t consistent people aren’t creative people get in thinking that’s going to be way easier and they don’t realize oh I need to do marketing why marketing lets me sell it gets me to the kitchen table and before we start we have a caller on the line Deepak would you like a chance to win something here in our podcast today yeah all right well I just happen to have some some questions here left over from last week and we’re gonna ask you a question very easy question if you get it right you might win a gift certificate or you might win a copy of Todd’s latest book are you ready you probably already have this though right Deepak how to become a listing legend you don’t all right you’ve ordered it and it’s on the way is that what happened it must be it’s in route right no I’m kidding I hope you win a Deepak all right yeah all right here is your question what would you do if you wanted to play a cello would you a blow in it B pull a bow across it or C hit it with a drumstick come on Deepak you got this you would blow it find out answer you want to change your mind or keep the mind you already have yeah we better not change your mind that is not correct you would pull a bow across it all right let’s give Deepak one more chance or he hung in there with us all the way to the end he did I was nice all right how about this one’s even easier I got I got faith in you Deepak you can get this one how many holes does a traditional golf course have he’s trying a golfer he knows this easy [Music] okay two months options your choice is a 18 that your only choice B 13 4c 19 are we about to sub explode here I think that Studios kind of saw the teapot rocket sounds like this sounds like you want what you want yeah you have one I don’t know what that is well we’re gonna give you the gift card and the book how’s that sound excellent if you’ll type in your address and the bottom so Lisa can make sure we get one of these to you and we’ll sign it for you and also send you a gift card right so we’re gonna start with maybe one of the most basic things which is a video maybe you have a new listing you’re gonna make a video of it maybe you walk through the hallways or do one of these virtual tours set yourself apart and create a lifestyle video for the potential new home owners here’s what you can do first of all have some narration you want to script a professional narration that highlights what’s special about the home as it goes through the different parts of the listing tell a descriptive story that gives a feeling of what it would be like to live there and hey if you’ve got a great voice like Todd does you can just narrate the video yourself zoom in and out of each room and focus on specific features especially if it has something high-end in the building like faucets or high in air handler or appliance or something like that zoom in on it and mention that it features these outstanding items and I’ll say in terms of a real-life example where I live and you guys might get this where you live is that I popped it into a handful of Realtors that are marketing my neighborhood their sales funnel and one gentleman sticks out now he’s not amazing with his marketing in terms of hitting the mailbox consistently but what he does do whenever he gets a listing in that development he does the most enthusiastic video and it’s so funny because every every one I see us like wow that’s the most important house in the city and he puts that much emphasis on in enthusiasm and he does a great great job and now that little tiny thing makes him stand out from the other people mm-hmm that’ll do it here’s a great idea make sure you show it both during the day and at night because people want to see especially if you have a great landscaping outside and lighting on it you want to see the outside during the day and during the night maybe you have a nice chandelier in the house you want ax as X and that when it isn’t quite so light out stage it with actors so you might need to enlist your your spouse your kids maybe you know somebody else somebody that you know who’s not gonna screw up a video for you cuz I’m gonna try to prank you in the back or photobomb me exactly so um so stage the furniture maybe show people barbecuing in the backyard or playing in the pool or riding a horse on the property assuming that your property has like a place for horses right right if you don’t have a horse borrowing from your neighbors exactly so that might look odd if it’s just walking through the backyard and it’s not supposed to be there right maybe a family watching a movie in a theater or a great room baby in the nursery I don’t know where you’re gonna find a baby to borrow but it could happen oh there’s nice one if it’s got a spa jacuzzi maybe a nice couple sitting in the spa sipping on some wine and and what I love about this first topic that we’re bringing up today is a following number one you was the realtor this makes you more real and human because they get to see you and your life a little bit about you but also your your showing the home in a home not a house format it’s warm its cozy they’re playing they’re eating there so that other potential couple that’s going to buy it or person you know it’s going to give them a better feeling than just flip through a photo after after photo exactly and finally on the creative lifestyle video include some neighborhood and area footage anything that makes it special whether it’s like close to a beach or a park hiking trails high-end shopping put something in there that makes the area where that home is unique and in-demand so moving on the next topic that you want to make sure that you have is a stellar mobile presence did you know that 54% of consumers now are navigating the internet with their mobile device versus a desktop computer so you want to make sure whatever online presence you have is mobile friendly and here’s a probably the best way to do it go on to your own website and look at it from your phone and see if it looks good exactly because a lot of agents you think you’re doing something great and let’s say somebody goes to find you they get on the phone and you didn’t think about the oh it has to be mobile optimized and it’s all distorted and terrible well that’s the impression so that’s their thing and oh that’s how they’re gonna market me at the reflection of you right right make sure you have a good call to action and a button that’s easy to press it should stand out go look at Amazon’s website they’ve got a great mobile site they make it really easy to press that button to buy stuff images make sure your images and videos look just as good as they do on a mobile device than they do on your desktop and check your headlines to see how they show up on that device do it both lane scape and portrait make sure you don’t leave single words dangling on the line because that just looks unprofessional keep paragraphs short and make sure that they’re easy to read on a mobile phone and remember as we’re going through this whole thing and you guys know this that are listening and watching right now is that perception becomes reality and I mean there’s numerous examples out there Hobbes and her did a study years ago where there was not an actual agent and they embedded an agent did all this marketing and they pulled all this community who would you go it Oh Sally agent and she was not a real agent but they wanted to improve does all this marketing work remember that study do I do that was that was a good study yeah so text messages let’s look at those a report from the National Association of Realtors says eighty-two percent check that 62 percent I need to bring my glasses in sixty two percent of consumers prefer receiving property information via a text message and we said statistically and this was actually in a podcast here from several weeks ago you’ve got five minutes to respond to your new lead for the best results and a text message does allow you to respond quickly and easily and a lot of agents just talking to their phone and have a dictate the text message right correct and as we talked earlier I was originally a couple years ago against this right I would call you know following up with Realtors that want to get in on the market Dominator and I would hear their voicemail and say oh for quicker response text me and I’m thinking for a quick response I want a live person but as time has gone on and of a lot of real estate friends and we hang out and it’s interesting they do a lot of their work even when the property is in pending you know and they just talk to text here’s what the lockbox is when they talk with their clients so text does allow you as long as you’re professional but it allows you to be quick and be right with them and and not spend a bunch of time so right and one way you can make text messaging even easier is by using a short code you can get five or six numbers that a client can text you add a couple of places for those are simple texting and easy texting those services will give you those five or six digit numbers that are easier to remember maybe use a keyword code some kind of a custom keyword add it to your marketing and use it to request a free offer that then you can give to them and now you’ve got their cell phone numbers so you can follow up you can also send full campaigns including images out to a specific group of texts ID text phone numbers that you’ve got open houses images of a new listing an event that you’re holding or a targeted message for a specific niche market and along with text messages you can also send MMS files which are multimedia files that include videos and audios so you could have all kinds of options if you use those exactly and get strong at these tools right now we’re giving you some tools and free resources and the sole objective is to help you separate from the competition so next topic gets hyper local what is hyper local mean basically you are the neighborhood expert in specific areas for specific types of homes what do you do if you are the hyper local neighborhood expert well you want to put that on social media you want to post images of you and your team at local events in the area volunteering at local charities be in the local news that is important to that area another great idea is to create a blog site you should offer information that is important to that neighborhood for example local schools local restaurants housing statistics shopping how the area is growing things like that and of course you want opt-ins you want to get those leads who are interested in that specific area so offer a comparative analysis of local areas offer a list of resources for potential home buyers and sellers including home improvement professionals mowing services painters etc anything that a new homeowner might want in the area and on this topic thing about this if you’re not going to get a hyperlocal your only other option is to be all things to all people which if you’re all things to all people it’s kind of like the light bulb is going to light the room a little tiny bit the laser will cut through steel so if you get hyperlocal like like tighten it tighten it tighten it tighten it tighten it boom they’re gonna be like wow these people are the best in the world at X and finally take part in that community you should offer to speak at local events help organize them doing local Facebook groups networking groups post comments on local website forms so that people see you are active in that community and I love that one for the following reason because let’s say let’s say I’m in a neighborhood in Jim’s a realtor and I’m getting his marketing pieces whether he’s doing monthly or quarterly should be doing monthly you know to your listing campaign would be ideal but let’s say I’m getting some marketing and then he’s doing a community events so I get to meet him right he’s dressed well he has his elevator pitch down he’s sharp he has some collateral material well now when that marketing piece hits you know it’s not here it’s way up here so I met Jim Jim sharp Jim knows the market he knows the market stats get him the listings getting him the referrals right now they’re excited about going to hear this person talk because oh and that guy before and they make that connection that all that’s the neighborhood expert that’s the guy that you want to talk to beautiful yeah right so to tie all that together you really want to use a multi targeted approach to your marketing you want to hit your farm and your sphere across many platforms remember the rule three 727 if you don’t remember that go back and listen about five podcasts ago and I believe we talked about it exactly it’s on that one so your social media account you need to make sure that you upload email addresses from your farm in your sphere so you can create campaigns targeted just to those people if your list is too small don’t worry about just use zip codes and create that targeted list and let me interject something here because I’ve seen this happen numerous times and I know we both have that some people will put all their eggs into one basket or the social medium and do all that right well they got away from what really makes the realtor prospecting skills presentation skills closing skills so we want you to use this marketing as long as you’re tight at that other stuff but don’t put all your eggs in one basket we want you to pick two or three things that we’re discussing today and now you have a multi-pronged approach exactly so do what do what feels right for you don’t make it difficult because then you’re not gonna do it your private emails make sure that you follow up you’re farming your spare campaigns with periodic marketing emails with information of value to those lists and we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about direct mail right direct mail send ongoing postcards and direct mail to these groups such as holiday postcards maintenance tips recipe cards newsletters magnetic calendars those are popular football schedules actually the football schedules on magnets are very popular because you can put those on your refrigerator and have they’re all seasoned and I’ll say something about direct mail because it’s fascinating right and I have this conversation every week with at least one or two Realtors and they all admit this in a world of technology overload in the world of emails and spam and social media and YouTube and our phones and in the world of all that they say they tell us and is this any our stat that 94% of people still go to their mailbox every single day so if everybody else is zigging if you zag you’re going to get more attention because they’ve kind of decided oh I’m not going to do that right and now you got a tangible piece that they can take inside the house that’s why Direct Mail is so valuable because they have that thing they can hold in their hand right phone calls don’t forget about the phone right make periodic phone calls and just ask about their birthday so you can send them something on their birthday that would make them feel special nobody’s gonna say I’m not telling you my birthday right right and a phone call means the world because most most people are used to getting a phone call and somebody needs something so make a phone call and you don’t need anything when you want to give something a lot reciprocity you’re just checking up on them how is everything going can I drop something by Wow and you’re staying in touch with them and how many other people are going to do that not many because they’re scared they’re in scarcity but where’s my next deal you’re gonna cultivate these people and the the last item to cultivate those people show up in person what a great idea don’t have some reasons for you a personal reason to visit just go so you can say hi maybe drop off a canned good branded donation bag we talked about that before on a podcast that you’re gonna pick up later on then drop off at your local food bank walk around your farm area on Halloween during trick-or-treat and hand out bags with treats and of course branded items and you know what people love that there’s nothing stronger than showing up in person even when it’s unexpected and you’re giving something to somebody and I know a lot of our market Dominator agents do that if they have a slow day they’ll say okay they have a friend that owns owns a store and they’ll get a bunch of gifts and they’ll go drive around and just pass them out so it’s a good feel good day that also will help you stir oh by the way before you leave I’m a friend that needs to guess what and it’s very possible by the in the day you leave with a listing because you showed up dressed you went out and did some great things and that would enable you to take a listing today right well that is the name of the podcast take a listing today so hopefully you gathered just a few items out of our discussion today to help you take a new listing today and get creative with your real estate marketing and remember always share with us your success story so stay in touch and send us in to us because we like to share your success with other agents around the country that’s right question before we wrap up for today well the music’s gonna right now so I’m gonna say ok musics on so the ticket listening today podcast was brought to you by prospects plus offering a multitude of marketing products that will ensure your success visit them at prospects plus com be sure to LIKE this podcast and subscribe to our podcast channel for all of the latest best ideas stay strong stay committed and we’ll talk to you next week

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