Read the Shocking Texts Radio Host Sent a Woman He Never Met

Read the Shocking Texts Radio Host Sent a Woman He Never Met

– Here’s Part One, of one
of his texts that reads, “You aren’t coming on. “Handle that with class,
so called young female! “I said nothing wrong, but again, “something black chicks know
nothing about is class.” (audience yells angrily) Hold up, I got one mo’! Here’s another, it reads,
“I’m not your boy, bold bleep. “Keep calling names. “That’s why you live in
a damn empty apartment!” (audience gasps) – And these were all replies. – But Tommy let me ask you a question, so your mom is African-American, right? – Mm-hmm. – [Areva Martin] So she’s a black female. You have two daughters,
they’re black females, right? – Mm-hmm. – And you had those two black daughters by two black women, right? – [Tommy] Mm-hmm. – And I know you’ve gone after black women for having quote unquote, what you call, kids out of wedlock. Were you married to either of those women? – No, and I talk about myself, I use. (audience boos and shouts angrily) I use myself as an example. That’s ridiculous to say
that the guy who has a.. – Do you like us? Do you like Vivica and I? Do you like black women? – Yes, I would not be doing. Let me tell you something. The opposite of love is not
hate, it’s indifference. When you just stop caring, when
you just don’t give a crap, that to me is what real hate is. I don’t say this because
I’m trying to hurt someone. What I am doing is trying
to get people to understand, I really believe if these
women would look at life in their own natural way and say, “We are truly the queens
that we say we are.” Instead of, “If you are a queen, “the one thing you won’t keep doin’ “is wearing the crown of the peasant.” – [Areva Martin] But, but Tom– – What? (audience laughs) – Truth Team, I believe that Sierra’s, you have a question that
you wanted to ask Tommy. – Yes, okay, so I do wanna touch bases on you saying all women
have smelly vaginas. That’s only the women that
you’re surrounded with. (audience and hosts clap
and shout in agreement) – [Sierra] That’s who you’re
surrounding yourself with. – Okay, okay, right! – That’s who you’re
surrounding yourself with. So, it’s either them or it’s your smelly. – So, we’re gonna just take.
– What? – Uh-huh, right! – [Tommy] So we’re gonna
just take my statement, – I cannot hear you! – So are we going to
just take my statements and lie about them? What I said.
– Sir, sir. – [Tommy] I never said
all women were like that! Go ahead and play that back! – You said, you said all women! – Yes, you did!
– No I did not! – You said all women!
– I never said all women! – [Sierra] Yes you did! – [Tommy] I never use the word all. – Because, you know, if you’re often stank and it’s funky up in the there every time, then it can’t be just them. – I’ve never used the word all. You can play it back, I’d never say that! – I don’t think that you’re really taking into account how you’re affecting people with your, in our opinion, your hate. Your hate speech, I mean,
you’re attacking a young lady. – [Tommy] And yet I’ve had dozens and you can go and find
them online as well, young ladies, young black women, saying how I’ve changed their lives. I had those exact, you
can go and find them. – Okay, well I just wanna
point out something to you. Here’s a list of other groups that you take issue with, Tommy: women who wear weaves, fat women, fat white
women, the LGBTQ community, Single moms, feminine men, white men that are with black women. (audience boos) – Did we miss anything? (Areva Martin laughs) – Did we miss anything? Can we agree that you hurt her? – I can’t argue her
feelings and I never would. If she believes that she’s been hurt. – [Host] That’s a yes or no. That’s a yes or a no answer we’re asking. – Can we agree that you hurt her? – Yeah, if she says I hurt her, then I can agree. – [Host] A yes or no answer here! – He doesn’t care, that’s the thing. – Literally, yes, I can
agree that she says it. – Perfect, thank you so much, Tommy. – Do you feel good about
hurting this young woman who was trying to educate people about how to take care of their body and do something positive? She had three million views on that video and a very empowering video. And rather than build
her up and support her, you tearing her down! – [Tommy] My problem was– – How does that make you feel? – My problem wasn’t even the video, it was the fact that she continued to do the thing that
caused her the problem. – I’ve read that you are being supported in some of your social media platform by some white, racist hate groups. Is that true? – No, as a matter of fact.
– Yes it is. Now see, wait, wait, wait!
– Yes it is. [Ariva Martin] I heard
that, I just wanna know! – Now hold up. Now, when you wanna talk about slander, or when you wanna talk about harassment and things like that? People, not one person can show you any white racist or anyone
who supports me like that. But you keep saying it, because it makes you feel better
about what you’re hearing. – I just asked a question. – [Tommy] It’s like I was put
out in the Illuminati as well. – You don’t know what
makes me feel better. I’m just hear to ask questions that I saw that on the internet,
so I thought I would ask. – And the young lady decided
to tell you yes, that true. – [Areva Martin] And you responded, – It’s true! – [Areva Martin] So I have every
right to ask that question. – Baseless that that’s
what we’re gonna do now. The young woman, but because she’s young she can continue to do that
until she what, gets 70 and then that’s when she
can start telling the truth. – [Host] I’m not sure
why you jumped over that, because I was talking about
the white racist groups. – [Areva Martin] Exactly! – No, what I’m saying
is I responded to that and she keeps saying, “He is! He is!”

100 thoughts on “Read the Shocking Texts Radio Host Sent a Woman He Never Met

  1. Play the damn clip you bunch of thugs in women's clothing.
    Black women talk more trash about each other all day. And to be frank it's more horrible than, what men say.
    Let a black man talk about them and call them out? Oh You hate you mother don't you?
    And you ought to hear how they talk about women of other colors.

  2. They jumped him for saying he talked about bl females having no class, then they proved his point as they talked loud and rolled their ñecks.

  3. Black Women deserves every bit of criticism they go ahead and ruin Many Black Men lives and they don’t care about nobody but their selfs and what is going on their life

  4. Delusional self-hating POS💩. If that were my son, I'd knock his teeth out – real talk. I can't BEGIN to understand why a black woman would listen to him.

  5. All they did was ask very bias questions and didn't even let him speak. They kept cutting him off. I guess that is how they attempt to seem like they are right.

  6. 1:59 I was expecting her to jump over and grab him by the neck any moment… Just pause at 2:00 mark; she leaning over, him leaning back… and that's on TV. Imagine her demeanor in private…

  7. Y do black females never talk about what they do to bring these things upon themselves? Tommy is not good at arguing… he coulda shut them DOWN

  8. I'm not down with Tommy at all and I'm a black man I don't listen to his b***** but he has a right to talk his b***** Wendy's bed wenches here the minute you say they can't have a white man you are done

  9. These hoes got no class, they sound stupid. Got nothing good to say and delusional !!!!!! They only talk shit about black man only. That's strange and self hate !!!

  10. Black women looking like a fucking puppet in the media, this is what the elders put they time and energy into. Empty head only talk bad about black men

  11. We must move to stop him period Flag his hate speeches. For KKK😳😳he knows it but black women ate to smart for him 😆😆💯they ran circles around this fool. Facts he has a platform but E Mohammad doesn't. Wake up #WeStillAreNotFree he's a distraction placed 😥🙌💔let's move on 🍷👋👌


  13. He is wicked and evil …..He generalizes black women too much, as if their aren't trifling women in every race….I am sure self hating so called "black" people love him, because he validates their decision to run after the oppressors…..Other races love him, because they hate us and feel the same way. They are just happy a black man is saying what they want to say, so they won't be exposed as the racist and bigots that they are. This Uncle Ruckus is a horrible man. Got his fame, by tearing down his own so called "black" women smh

  14. Keep pulling there card Tommy these women talk shit about men all the time talking about we stink were dogs but when a man mentions something that's true they get but hurt especially black women black woman need to wear there natural hair before trying to talk trash you black Idoliz white and Hispanic women's hair so much you can't even walk out the house with confidence and as far as stinking pussys some of you woman do and you know it do get it twisted I'm not trying to a t like my shit do stink but some of you woman smell like a fish market lol

  15. These so called educated women just need to control their feelings!! Stop letting Tommy control the weakness of their minds!! You can’t please everybody!! Some will benefit from Tommy’s opinion while some won’t!! It’s just damn life!! Childish Debates tho!!!But make dat money!!! I ain’t mad at ya!! 😊

  16. Why would they do that to themselves! Foolish! Why Won’t they let him talk. They didn’t read her text? It was all about her feelings..

  17. Lies have never offended anyone, what offends people is the TRUTH… it's amazing how these women are not arguing if what Tommy has said is true ot not… they always talk about feelings…. fuck people's feelings…

  18. Women are spending billions on make up and weave to purposely make themselves look like clowns! On top of that they have unhealthy bodies and hygiene issues.

  19. Props to tommy, he proved these women love to act like idiots but love to look for excuses for the repercussions of their actions or make someone else accountable for somehow

  20. I agree Tommy say some outrageous things at times but it get views like so many other YouTubers and why we onTommy why not talk about degradation of black females by rappers and I am not taking up for Tommy but it goes deeper than that and sisters you can do a little straightening up so can we all

  21. Smh and these same women spend all day talking bs about men and it's ok. Say crap about women and they all lose their collective minds. Tommy for the win…

  22. Keep grinding Tommy… do not cave under the pressures of a 1000 women… you’re still a man. You’ve said nothing out of the way… it’s all supported by facts

  23. These bitches are typical basics with fancy weaves. Keep preaching that truth mr. Sotomayor. As they say, the truth hurts!

  24. tommy held his own!! black women get so hung up on words and being right and queens and the delivery…they miss the whole message and truth in what he saying

  25. Do these dumb bitches understand he is not YOUR usually pussified snowflake man ? And your constantly making his point for him. This show is called
    " Feelings over facts ".

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