Reacting to Videos Saved On My Phone With No Context

Reacting to Videos Saved On My Phone With No Context

mAC No intro, we’re ju st getting straight into it (GIRL CAN I ACTULLY ADD WHATEVER I WANT ???) There’s construction happening right outside my goddamn window And if it only just stopped right now and I don’t know how long they’re gonna stop or how long its gonna last We’re gonna try to get through as much as we can, without all the loud drilling I got this nice apartment, but bitch it was cheap for a reason. Okay? Nobody wants to live next to a jackhammer. Except for a jackhead Heh… me (thinks of unfunny joke) But replace it with crack. Today, I’m just going to react to random videos on my phone. I don’t know I just thought this was gonna be a thing. I saw a video that was from a recommended page of “Random videos that were saved to my phone.” And I was like You know what? That’s- really- weird. So I’m just gonna make a video about it too. Instead of giving you guys a compilation of videos that are saved on my phone, I’m going to be reacting to them myself because I haven’t seen a shit ton of them in a while. Honestly I’ll save a video and then be like “K.” (hey y’all me again whats good) Then do nothing with it, like literally nothing bitch. Today, we’re gonna be reacting to random videos on my phone! Random videos on my phone? Random videos on my phone. That is all the moving I’m going to do today I- I’m not going to go back there anymore. Like, that’s, I- I’m sore, and I’m tired. I’m sired. Sore-ded..? (lmao,,,,,, sis) What? I have 491 videos saved on my phone. (where did your mind go) Bitch? It’s wet. Why am I recording things? When did I think my life was interesting? That’s the biggest question. Like, since when have I thought I was doing enough shit to record it and save the video? Like, excuse me? Half of my life is literally just me sitting in front of a computer. So, ha, somebody’s lying to themselves. So, we’re just gonna start for the beginning, and we’re just gonna go down the (coke)line bitch. Hopefully, this is not a long-ass video But at the same time, if it is, I saved a lot of weird ass shit. Here we go! I don’t want that one. I don’t want that one. I don’t want that one. I don’t want that one I don’t want that one. I don’t want that one. I don’t want that one. I don’t want that one I don’t want that one. I don’t want that one. I don’t want that one oH *turn down the volume* *incomprehensible yelling* Ooh, never mind. Guess I tried to save the Miley Cyrus meme, but then changed my mind K. I don’t want that one either. And what is this? (i just ate 3 special cookies and ended up doing this ) (its 2 am) Bitch, I would. *gay laughter* Bitch, I so would, that’s like, the problem like I so would, I just, so would. I don’t even know if I ever used this. But I have it, it’s here. It’s on my phone, playing with balls, with a bunch of sound effects, a gorilla, bitch. I’m here Bitch, that’s me. You can take that in a racist way, if you want, I didn’t mean it at first. But then I thought about it for a second, and now here I am. Like, why is that actually me? Like, why- and I don’t mean in a racist way I just mean like why is that- Why do I relate-? *gay pondering* I wonder how I would be if I actually did crack. That’s the question. Oop, there’s my nipple. Don’t need this one (x7) oh That’s tea actually. (sksksksksksksks and i oop- and i oop- i just dropped my hydroflsk sksksksksksks) Yep *gay laughter* I’ve used that one so many times. I’m not even- I totally forgot about- Oh my god, I totally forgot about this one for a good sec. I used this so many goddamn times. She thought she was the shit when she did this. She thought she was unlocking some secret gay code, bitch. She opened the portal and got all this fucking clout, because she said this in the right way The right syntax. The right sentence formation. With the period in all, bitch. She was proud of herself. That is the face of “Bitch, I did that.” Bitch, I conquered. Bitch, I came, I saw, I went, and I said it. That’s tea actually. That’s tea actually. o0oOo0h *gay laughter* Don’t care about that one, don’t care about that one- oh OH Here’s the video of me filming a random man I found attractive, while I was sitting waiting for my class Y’all thought, I was above it. Y’all might of thought, I wasn’t one of them, but bitch I’ve been there, you know, I’ve been around the block I know what I’m doing. Okay? Saying this wasn’t my first rodeo down the creepy train. Okay, bitch I’m surprised I got a man – I don’t know how the hell he fell in line I don’t know what trapdoor he fell through, but bitch I got it. I caught one I maybe liked his tattoos. I really liked the guy’s tattoo. You have some fine ass tattoos like that, man We’ll have some fine ass tattoos, like a man with a bunch of tattoos, that can rock the shit And is like, unapologetic about it can have this bussy. Like, I don’t know if I can date the bitch, but I will give it to him every Sunday if he asks for it. You know what I mean? That was so rude- Have you ever met a woman before Jeffrey? *cackle* I actually don’t remember this one at all. You bitch, you ruin my life you stupid h0E. No one likes you you pUSSY HOE. *inaudible* in my life! Get the fuck away, you bitch, you fucking dirty ass- *gay screams of laughters* *horrid impressions* *mac sTOP my children are scared* Either actually, I think I just saved it. I’m just like this is me That’s tea actually. Saved the bitch twice. I can explain, I can explain. I saved the entire thing, like not just that section the entire thing’s on my phone, I just want to show you that section, because that’s the only he PG 13 mark. Everything after that is xxx. I saved it for a video, just for videos for video I did not save for any other recreation or practice But I know their pop culture If you don’t know anything I’m talking about with that one section of that video Then you don’t have to live your entire life without Knowing just skip ahead bitch. Move on with your life, save yourself or the people that do know Hell, yes, bitch we got one Which study you have seven? What else what else? What else? What else? What else what? Oh, yeah, just like every reality TV show reunion special be like, yeah There’s a T (x10) (oof i forgto i was doing this) (peppaaaaa what are you doing in mac’s videoooooo ) I don’t know. I don’t know I thought it was funnier than it is, but I didn’t see bitch kind of goes flat after the first like three times First of all, what phrase? What sentence? No, I don’t want to leave from beside you You say you’re getting real sick on my attitude thinking back to the day. You say it BAM. I love what you got back What are you having for breakfast today? Oh, yeah, I can’t show you that way I can’t show you that one that one I can’t show you that one That one’s too much. I one can go to play the beginning of it and that’s it Okay, you’re not even going you know, you’re gonna see he’s gonna hear it. This is all Okay, we’re done we’re done we’re done we’re done over this know that that wasn’t a clap in the background I mean something was clapping, but it wasn’t hands *gay regret* Parents, take your kids away You know what we are, don’t you? We’re COCKDESTROYERS COCK-FUCKING-DESTROYERS Ok, we can’t do this, we can’t do this! Parents, take ’em away, take ’em away! Play some ball outside, do some homework, go to summer school. I said never mind. I said, I don’t know if I want this. I was interested for two seconds and I was like, nope bitch I don’t even have a resaving of that. I just have that. Oh, yeah, I have this to Have that saved four times on my phone. I don’t know when I don’t know For what reason but it’s here in it. Oh, no, I have the Christmas version They were playing patty-cake kids. Yeah, there’s this one (when i say i CACKLED) Okay, so we’ve been sitting here chilling for like 30 minute he’s gotta reach the end boy All these videos are just videos of like things I saw on snapchat that I saved cuz I thought it looks cute I’m not trying to brag that much in this video. Oh Why do I have porn? Why is there porn?saved onto my phone Mac? Why this is recent? This is very recent. Actually, why is there porn? How did that happen? Wait, I’m actually very- Confused. When did I do this? I don’t even oh wait. No, wait. Okay. Wait. No, I remember what happened. I remember had it Oh my god, I didn’t save the porn because I liked it. I’m just going to do a very long story I’m not even gonna get into it just know that I am very weird and now there’s a video of a man showing his Asshole on my phone and on that note. Thank you guys so much for watching. What do we learned today? Kids are not a free that’s all we learned if we actually learned that did we already know that I think we already knew that Moral of the story, bitches be doing some shit, you know bitches be trippin’ Bitches be trippin, you know? They’ll trip you be like wait. You’re a bitch. Okay. I mean that wasn’t 491 videos I just showed you but that was- enough. (boo) dEMONS *gay cry for help* I’m leaving. Alright, first time captioning videos, and it’s wayyyy fucking harder than I thought. It started of good, but towards the end it got worse. But eventually, with time, I’ll be able to do better :)) Love you Mac

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  3. Somewhere along the way I received a video of a man shoving a wispa into his ass, pull it out then eat it. I have that on my phone. I have worse but like that's one of the weirder things on here

  4. Guys so I saw MacDoesIt go inside my Walgreens then I waved at him when I drove past, then he waved back.. Idk if I have processed it yet..

  5. 9:57 Mac, I hate to say this, but I think it might be time to move again.

    That is, unless you have no problem with having another roommate or getting an exorcist. 😂

  6. Someone please send me the link to the have you ever met a real woman Jeffrey video I need it for scientific research

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  8. gays: i like boys
    lesbians:i like girls
    bisexuals:hah i like two genders
    me[pansexual]:hold my flag

    AT 10:10

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