Okay… WHAATT! HE DID NOT! AAHAHAHAAHA! I NEED TO LLEEAVE! Wow… WHAT! *Laughing* *whale noise* I don’t know what I’m gonna say right now, but I feel like I was gonna say something. OOPPS. Mac! HHEEYYY Before we get into this video lemme do this PROMO REAL QUICK.. GUESS WHAT YOUR BITCH JUST DID. GUESS WHAT YOUR BITCH HAVE BEEN PLANNING FOR LIKE A MONTH AND JUST RELEASED. GUESS WHAT YOUR BITCH JUST DROPPED OUTTA NOWHERE LIKE IT AINT SHIT! I just released my very own merch store. Yes thank you very much. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I present to you SALTY by MacDoesIt! OOOHHH. UUUUULLLLLLLEE. LLLLOOOOOOOOO. So far only three designs are out right now. But if you wanna cop them especially this Pluto shirt (which is my favorite), then head over to Link will be in the description or at the end of this video! *Gasp* I FINALLY HAVE MY OWN STORE I CAN PUT AT THE END OF VIDEOS. HOLY SHIT. She’s a YouTuber now! She’s a business woman now! DONALD TRUMP WHO? MELANA TRUMP WHEN? IVANKA TRUMP … NON-EXISTENT. But yes, check it out. Buy something if you like it. OR buy something to support me. Ya know.. A bitch could use some money .. in his wallet. I’VE BEEN BUYING WAY TOO MANY UBERS. Just to get in this video. So after VidCon I was like “I should probably film a video, it’s been a week.” And then to myself I was like, “Bitch, Do you have any ideas though? Not really.” What do I do when I don’t have any great ideas that are well developed? I go to twitter. You guys want me to react to a video, I asked you guys “What do you want me to react to?” And a lot of you guys said the “Important Videos Playlist”? Never heard of her.. Don’t know what she does for a living. But you know what? This is going to be an adventure for all of us. AHHH! And I just dropped my computer. So I have my computer now. It’s right… MOVE, MOVE IT. It’s right here. AHHAAH. Give me a view. You know, Momma need them checks. BUT HOW’S YOUR DAY BEEN? HOW’S LIFE? HOW ARE THINGS? HOW ARE THE KIDS? No Skype, I don’t wanna send cat photos. EXCUSE ME. I was watching Drag Queens. Hehe.. Have I mentioned I’m a homosexual yet? Here we go. BOOM! This is, okay! Found the playlist! LET’S GET OUR REACTION ON GUYS, OHHH MAAH GOODDDD. It is 310 videos long… *Shooked* ..I, T.. I NEED TO EAT!!! Excuse me?? I haven’t eaten all day yet! Nobody told me I’m going to be sittin’ here for 3 ASS HOURS! Woo… What? Hold up.. Wait no, I gotta make myself some food. I’II be right back. GIVE ME A SECOND. Okay I just made myself some MACaroni. *Questioning Life* I just noticed how Ironic that statement is. MAC MADE SOME MAC! Uhh…. Put that on a shirt and sell it. BUY MY MERCH, PLEASE. And let’s go! …Important videos. ….WEEEEEE…. *Important video plays, displaying, some creature..* *EEEEE* *Puzzled* THAT WAS ONLY 10 SECONDS LONG! IS THIS WHAT THE PLAYLIST IS?? “EEEEE” ..OKAY.. *Zooming into blue anonymous square intensifies* “East Hills. Back to School.” “DENIM. HAIRCUT.” “BACKPACKS. BACKPACKS, COME GET YOUR BACKPACKS.” “Boots and Pants, and Boots and Pants.” “…NEW SHOES?” “….Get yourself an outfit?” HUHU.. WHAT IS THIS?! WHY IS NOBODY ON BEAT?! “Boots and Pants, and Boots and Pants.” *Demon saying “EAST HILLS”* Dear Lord, E-East Hills, who-o, what happened and who hurt you?? HAIRCUUUT!! It’s like, I can’t even. O-Oh my God, that was … uncomfortable. *Dramatic death on camera* *Concerned* *VERY Concerned* *Confused* That was the MOST, OVER – DRAMATIC, and AWKWARD ASS FALL, I’ve ever seen in my GODDAMN life. BITCH, where are you going? This is a mess. “Name a YELLOW fruit.” “ORANGE.” What is this playIist…? “HOW IT FEELS TO CHEW 5-GUM” *IDIOT SMASHES IN DOOR AFTER CHEWING 5-GUM* “NEW 5 GUM” “FEW TIMES I’VE BEEN AROUND THAT TRACK, “SO IT’S NOT JUST GONNA HAPPEN LIKE THAT, ” ‘CAUSE I AIN’T NO HOLLABACK GIRL, “I AIN’T NO HOLLABACK GIRL.” I’m taking a walk… He’s gonna fall, isn’t he? *Falls* YEP. “It’s the most, wonderful time of the,” No THANK YOU. “EEEEE.” *Contimplates life* I hate this… “So we’re (Aw doogy) just a Q.” “Heyy…. I didn’t DOG the shot!” *Shooked once more* HE DID NOT. HE, DID, NOT. HUUHH, WHAA THE FUH I-I NEEED TO LEAVE! UGHH, I HATE MEMES. UGH, I DON’T HATE ‘EM BUT I HATE THEM AT THE SAME TIME. GODDAMN IT WHAT DID HE JUST DO? HE LITERALLY DID A TRICK-SHOT AND HE SAID “I DIDN’T DOG THE SHOT.” I’M HAVING SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. I NEED TO SIT. … I’M ALREADY SITTING. I DON’T KNOW, MY MIND IS GONE. I absolutely hate the internet. “EEEE.” “This is my new Flutter-Bye fairy, and I’m going to show you how it works.” Perfect, girl. *Dramatic music* OK? *Dramatic music* *Flutter-Bye fairy flutters to death* AAAHHAHA. OAAHHHAHAHAHA. MEEEE TOO. IF I WAS A “TOY”, STRAIGHT TO DEATH. WHEN I SEE DEATH, I GO STRAIGHT TO IT. ME WATCHING THIS PLAYLIST. OKAY, BITCH? Deleted. Violating policy on harassment and bullying. Me. All my videos. In like, 2 days. This video is no longer available because a YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated. ME. Me in like, 3 days. Okay? FineBros gonna come for me. *Sip* TOO SOON!! “GET OUTTA MY ROOM!” What is this? *Seth Rogan chuckles* *Forever shooked* I don’t wanna exist anymore. I can’t watch all 300 of these, guys… Ya’ll know I’m not that crazy, right? *Insane babbling* OK. *Insane babbling* …OK. *Insane babbling* *More Insane babbling* *A lot of Insane babbling* *Is feeling something more than shook* I need a break. I’II be RIGHT BACK. Okay. I took a minute. Let’s get through the rest of this. “I’M ON A BOAT (I’M ON A BOAT)” “I’M ON A BOAT.” “TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK, AT THE MOTHERFUCKING BOAT!” WHAT?! What the HEELLL…… …….IS THIS?? PLAYLIST…. WHY DOES IT EXIST??? “Die you cummy-fucker!” *GTA V death noise* Oh.. My God. *Wet, moist slap* *Mac is so shook, the original typer left, and hired a new one for the Subtitles.” Not today, Satan!! BITCH. Did the bitch just slap him with Kimchi?? *Multiple wet, moist slaps* OOOOO. WOW. OH MAH GOD. I-I’ve seen everything! You know? I’ve seen everything now! Nothing can surprise me anymore! *Baby falls* HAHA! FaIIing babies are not important! “My names Scott Bradfurd. I’m 19 … I’m gonna be 20, in like December.” Awesome… *GETS HIT* Wow… The video is unavailable. MEE! How many times will I say this? I’M, GOING, TO BE, DELETED. HIAH I’ve just spilled my water. HA! I just spilled it again. HHH…. Just delete me now! I’m not doing anything special! “EEE” My friends just showed up! Hello! What kind of fidget spinner is that? *The typer feels offended* What kind of fidget spinner is this? New phone! Who dis? How do you spin this fidget spinner? How do.. Oh my GGAHH…. Get out! Oh they’re not my friends anymore! Have you gotten to the “EEE”? *Demonic EEEE* That was the first one. EEEEYEA! HAHA! Did you see the Kimchi slap? *Long, moist slap* Yes! And that one got me. I play that in the background when my friends go over to my house. “Hey guys, it’s NICOLE.” MEEEEEEME IT’S JUST A MEME! That’s why their important. Oh my God. AHAHHHHAHA! Thank you guys so much for watching! Is it acceptable to read the entire link to the Star-Spangled Banner? Oh my God. I’II put that at the end. IT SHOULD BE MY ENDING MUUUSIC OF THIS VIDEO! STAY TILL THE END FOR A SPECIAL TREAT! I watched 77 videos. Boy….. My name’s Mac, and they’re … … mistakes. Oh my God And don’t forget to like, comment, and subSCRIBE. WAAA with me WAAA with me Come here Come here Come here Come here Come here One, two, three! WWWWWWW- Ooooooh say can you see? (Pshh Pshh) By the daaawns early light! (Boom Boom) early light! What’s so proudly we held, at the twilights (Boom Boom Boom Boom) gleaming. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! BUY MY MERCH



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