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  1. And ray only came back because RT is losing views. So they only uses his popularity for their own selfish needs.

  2. Dude. Ray was the reason I watched AH and truly enjoyed GTA V and Minecraft videos. I truly missed Ray and stopped watching as much after he left. It felt like I was watching something else; but I still love the guys regardless. Been watching for 7 years.

  3. Still can't believe that Jeremy replaced Ray…Ray's natural humor vs Jeremy's forced and desperate humor is depressing. AH died the day Ray left.

    It's also how amazing when Geoff, and to a lesser extent Gavin and Michael, admit that AH and RT are completely different companies and that it's disappointing how much it changed. You can tell that Geoff wants to go back to the old AH so bad, just having Ray there makes Geoff seem 15 years younger.

  4. Really happy to see ray back but I have yet to see him in another video. I figure it’s because they have prerecorded videos for this month. Idk I guess I’m really anticipating to see ray in any ah video

  5. I saw the title of this video and my face lit up but as the podcast went on I got sad from all the memories of the OG AH moments and knowing that it will more than likely never happen again I miss Ray and the times he brought I’m happy for them all I’m just gonna miss the good times

  6. ray has been gone for 4 years,
    michael has two kids,
    gavin is already 30,

    damn, everything has become so bittersweet..

  7. There's no way for unobtainable achievements to exist, Xbox compliance forces you to prove that everything is unlock-able, indie games being an exception because the indie marketplace was a nightmare.

  8. I been watching AH since before they had there own channel (so I guess when it was just rooster teeth lol) but damn, i remember when ray left i cried and seeing him again brought back so many memories of me laughing so hard i started to cry. Good times brown man good times.

  9. Guess i'm the only real pure AH fan (obviously not but still) but i loved AH just as much before Ray left and after. I started with Roosterteeth with Jack and Geoff then when AH Lets Play started taking off, naturally started watching. But I never had the super love for any one AH member that most claim, I think most people just stopped watching lets plays and decided to blame Ray leaving on it.

  10. So is ray actually back. I haven’t really been paying attention but I haven’t seen a video with ray in. Idk

  11. After Ray left it did feel like things started to become more structured… you'll have people just leave in middle of a let's play to go to meetings and theres too much content to the point of not being able to keep up with what's going on, there used to be a weekly let's play, one minecraft, one gta 4 (eventually 5), and one game that was always rotating, afterwards, theres just too many names and too much content, another thing is that part of the joy of watching was that they didnt know how to play either, it was so fun to watch them be idiots and just laugh it up, I've been watching for 10 years and you can see the shift and it makes me sad, however, I am happy for them as a company and proud of how far they've come.

  12. Ray is just so much funnier in a group environment. He's a great streamer but he's just so quick witted with the rest of ah. He slots in like he never even left.

  13. ray and gavin are fucking wholesome. always wondered how they interacted off camera. they play off each other well, but they really play each other up. their chemistry is fun to watch – it's weirdly in sync to be so random. ❤❤❤

  14. AH hasn’t been the same since he left. I stopped watching when he left and now when I watch a video it’s either an old one that Rays in or I just get confused by all the new people

  15. My favorite Ray Trivia moment wasn't way to go champ. It was in Family Feud (same video as aforementioned moment) when he was answering "Name something that is harder for women to do while pregnant" and after two of his ideas didn't show up he went to put in walking but he hit the wrong button. Instead he put waking. What happens afterwards is pure gold, Geoff's cancer curing weez and then what happens in the game causes everyone to just yell and I think you can hear a couple of the boys physically getting up from their chairs to express and shake off the shock. That entire video was pretty damn good and it was just Geoff Michael Gavin and Ray.

  16. Thinking about it in order to do let's plays the way the original six (holy shit they are the Let's Play Avengers) did, you have to know yourself pretty well, and be excepting of both your strengths and flaws. They said before even though nothing was scripted in their let's plays they would amp up their reactions to things that happen a bit for the sake of entertainment, but it was just their normal reactions jacked up like times 5 or 10 or something. Not to mention most of their content was improvising off of each other. Their ad lib was phenomenal. The closest thing I've experienced to let's players like the OG 6 today is probably Fitz and his friends. Kugo, Swaggersouls, John on The Radio, and all the others he hangs out with.

  17. I think that while Geoff obviously loved Ray and knew he fit in with the group he created, Geoff also knew that with Ray leaving, the quality of Achievement Hunter would drop. And it clearly has. Their videos hardly get the same amount of views and attention as they were in the past, and I think it has to do with all the forced inclusion. Trevor, or whoever is in charge now, is too concerned with needing minorities, like women, and none of them are funny or entertaining. We see much less of the original gang in videos now. Them being Gavin, Michael, Jack, Ryan and Geoff. They're constantly being replaced by lesser talent. Ray leaving did suck but at least the other Achievement Hunters could still provide quality entertainment without him. Now, it's just a bunch of new people who don't have the same dynamic. Change is bad in the case of Achievement Hunter and I can't remember the last GTA or Minecraft video I've watched.

  18. I remember the first time meeting Geoff and Jack of Achievement Hunters because I used to play the dicks out of Force Unleashed and needed some help on a level and first thing I found on YouTube was their videos. It was the day I became a fan of Achievement Hunter.

  19. GEOFF and RAY are the BEST Achievement Hunters and yes, Ray is still is!! The one of the originals!

  20. To be honest…..they way Rooster Teeth has become and AH with them bleeding Minecraft dry he would have left either way if he had stayed

  21. honestly Ray has always been my favorite
    Ryan being a close second but ray will always be the funniest to me, and not only that but I think he brings out the humour in other people

  22. Glad to see Ray appear and be known in the AH community. As a long time supporter from 2011 having Ray was the best. His laugh, His jokes, his gameplay. He made the Achievement Hunter golden age.

  23. Even if Ray came back, it wouldn’t be the same. Everybody has changed too much from the old days, plus too many viewers have left and it would be too hard to get them all back.

  24. I like how Geoff says everyone who left got "fired" but he can't say it with a straight face when its Ray. You can't fire Ray silly.

  25. When ray left I felt as if rooster teeth fell off I used to watch him ,Geoff ,Gavin when the old squad used to play Minecraft

  26. I remeber before Ray left I always watched AH, now I rarely watch them because it's never felt the same

  27. i fucking miss the old days i’m only 15 and i started watching AH when i was 10 and i really miss these boys

  28. okay, "flushable" on a product does not mean you should flush it !
    lots of things are technically flushable in the same way bleach is drinkable – the act is certainly possible, you just shouldn't do it !

  29. Damn, these comments are just Ray lovers, which is fine, I like Ray, I just don't like him outside of Achievement Hunter, with the lads and the others, he is absolutely fantastic, but by himself, I just don't find much interest.

  30. i just randomly got into a nostalgic mood and went to rewatch some old Team Lads videos and found this. Honestly when Ray left he took me with him but I guess he kinda like dropped me off on the side of the road and I just kinda went off to be gay somewhere else. I never realized how much I missed these guys' and Ray's sense of humor bouncing off each other. I am happy Ray found his happiness. also now im remembering how much i related to Ray and damn how did i not know i had depression back then lmao

  31. One comment I have yet to see, if Ray came back then X-Ray and Vav would be back together again. I admit that I did miss Ray after he left the AH crew. He was a staple in the videos and minecraft just didnt quite feel the same after he left. But lets not count out the new crew. Dont get me wrong, I love the guys, but then Lil J came on the scene and I was a bit anxious at first but he really grew on me quickly. He had big shoes to fill with Ray gone and I really feel he stepped up and has been doing a DAMN good job. I enjoy Alfredo and Trevor for sure, and they are growing on me quickly, but The crew will always be Geoff, Gav, Michael, Jack, Ryan, Ray and now Jeremy.

  32. 2012-2015: watched every episode and every letsplay for 3 years straight.
    2016-2019: watches 20 seconds of a video every now and again to see whose in it this time around before deciding wether or not to watch it.

    Ik they can't really go back, and its not their fault in the end. Youtube, the audience, and the company all changed since then, as all things do, but man it still hurts to think about. At least there's 3 years of old days AH to reminisce in when I need it.

  33. I seriously couldnt give a shit about jeremy… get rid of him and do lets plays with ONLY ray, gavin, michael, geoff, jack, and maybe ryan. I fucking dont give a shit about ANYONE ELSE

  34. I love rooster teeth/ achievement hunter I grew up watching them and to be able to reflect on how much my life has changed in 4 years and all there lives had changed is kind of scary. Time never stops it seems

  35. I've literally never watched a podcast before and I've watched this all the way through twice… says something

    Love you Ray 😍😍😍😍❤❤

  36. 11:26
    Michael: I was playing Joker
    Ray: yeah batman….how'd i get these scars
    Michael: Missed you Ray

    Man everyone misses Ray

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