Rainn Wilson – Filming “The Meg” & Getting Called “Dwight” – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

Rainn Wilson – Filming “The Meg” & Getting Called “Dwight” – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

I don’t like the narrative of
the shark. – It is weird that, like…
– Cause they don’t – I know how to beat up a shark.
Like, they always tell you… – Just hit it in the nose.
– Just punch it in the nose,
yeah. And if you want to make it come,
you squeeze its balls. (upbeat music) – We have Rainn Wilson coming
in. Any thoughts about this?
– So excited. – Leading up to Rainn Wilson
coming into our studio? Ian, go. – [Ian] I am so excited. Ten years ago, I
exclusively used his quotes to pick up women in chats. – Damn. – In chats? – Yeah, like when you talk to
someone, remember AIM? – Sure. – I like would use Office
quotes as my away message, and then a girl would be
like, “That’s so funny.” And was like, “Yeah, you
know, did you see this?” – Here he comes.
– Here he is. – Get ready.
– It’s the best. – He looks very, like, cool. – God, he’s so cool. He’s like handsome and rugged
and cool. He’s got a whole team coming
with him. Rainn Wilson, hello!
– Posse, what up? – I have a posse. – Yes, you do.
– What’s up, man? – Hi.
– How are you? – Hi, I’m Nikki nice to see you,
or meet, well, I hate to be that person. I don’t like when people
go, it’s nice to meet you or, it’s nice to see you, or,
again– – This is you. – Okay, what’s the story? – Okay, it’s actually a good
story. We met at the Tonight Show in
2009. It was my first time doing
stand-up on the Tonight Show, and you were the guest on the
show. It was you, me, and I was
filling in for Paula Abdul because she had a problem
probably at the time. Woke up not feeling great. (laughing) So they call me the morning of, and they ask me to fill
in for Paula Abdul, and I did stand-up in the
second chair position, which is unheard of, really. – [Ian] Oh, wow. – And then Hoobastank
was the musical guest. – That is very weird. – Wow, what a weird and somewhat
lame assemblage of talent for a talk
show. I’m sorry. I’m throwing myself into that as
well. – Oh, I was so excited that you
were on. You made it legitimate and so
exciting. – But here’s the thing, here’s
the thing, my celebrity star has waned
in the sky of celebrity. (laughing) Which, maybe is a good thing, but now I can’t be a first
guest on a talk show. Like you slip down– – [Ian] Well how do you
think Hoobastank feels? (laughing) – We’re going after the
stand-up. – [Ian] What’s the reason? – It’s so funny how that works, how when the Office was on and we were getting nominated
for awards, they would beg me to come on
Letterman and be the first guest and
stuff, and now it’s just like, hey,
I’m promoting this big movie. Can I be on there? Nah. – Yeah, you’ve been
through each side of it, where you’ve been the first
guest. What does that feel like? Do you even let it get to you? Do you care? – You know, it dings
your ego a little bit, but for me, I don’t really care. I had a great run. I’m a weird-looking doofus.
– Yeah! – I wasn’t supposed to be a
celebrity. Thank you, that’s why I
needed to shake your hand. – [Ian] I relate! – Brothers from another
mustachioed mother. – That’s right. – So, it was such a great
ride to get on that show and get to do that. So it’s all fine. – And you’re first seat
on this show today, so that’s nice. Well, second, I guess. – Oh no, I’m the second
guest on the radio show? Oh, man. – It’s worse than you thought. – [Ian] Incubus is coming in,
they’re gonna kick you out. (laughing) – Third Eye Blind. – Oh, I love that. – [Ian] Yeah, that’d actually be
great. – Yeah, they’re pretty good. – I actually I remember I
crept into your dressing room when you were on the
couch talking to Jay Leno, because they didn’t give
me a bar in my room, and I needed, I was drinking at
the time, and I was like, I need a
beer before I go out there and do my television debut. I don’t go on stage without a
beer in me, so I stole a beer from
your room and chugged it. – Nice. – [Nikki] Right before I went on
stage. – Was I nice to you or
was I kind of a dick? – You were, of course you were
nice to me. You were so nice. – There’s been times
when I’ve been a dick. – I’m sure, but we all can be
dicks, but in that kind of setting and
I’m another piece of talent, you were so lovely, and I even, it was such an embarrassing
moment for me, because I went back and watched
it, and I didn’t realize it at the
time, but you were so lovely
because I finished my set and I walked over to the couch, and you go, “Oh, hilarious, so
funny.” And I go, “Thanks, Dwight.”
– Oh, no. – And I called you Dwight on
camera so humiliatingly because I
obviously knew your name. – Get out. (laughing) Get out now. – I know. It happens to you a lot
though, I’m assuming. – Sure, yeah, it happens all the
time. – I’m really sorry I was one of
the ones. – [Ian] Never on the Today Show. – Yeah, usually not other
fellow performers in Hollywood, like, Hey Dwight. But guys on the street,
like, Dwight! Dwight! Yo, Dwight, can I get a selfie? Dwight, Dwight! I get that a lot. – [Nikki] I would say every day. – And I wanna say, you are
so charming and friendly and relevant. Yes, I will take a selfie with
you. – What do you do? Do you just go, no? What’s your punt? – Fuck you. – [Tom] Nice. – No, I try to always give a
nice photo to a respectful fan who’s just
being a decent human being and is obviously a fan of the
show, but like, drunken frat boys who are neither drunk nor a frat
boy, shouting Dwight across the
street? I just ignore them. – Good, punish them. They should know.
– They should. – They shouldn’t get what
they want all the time. – [Ian] Murder them. – I Hoobaskanked ’em! (cheering) – [Ian] You got ‘stanked! You got hoobed! – Yeah, it’s a delicate thing. – What was crazy though, sorry
Nikki. – No, please.
– I know it’s your show. The craziest thing, I went
and did a play in Chicago and people in New York and
L.A., they’re pretty savvy about celebrity, and you can
tell like they recognize you, but they’re like, okay,
there’s celebrities around. Whatever, we’ll be respectful. In Chicago, I don’t think they
get any celebrities at all. It feels weird talking
about myself as a celebrity, but you know.
– You’re a celebrity! – Whatever, I’m a recognizable
former sitcom figure. They just went crazy in Chicago. I mean, they would paw at my
clothes and grab my arm on the subway and just like, be shaking. A girl came up with tears
running down her face. They don’t get any kind of
celebrities. You would be huge there in
Chicago. – Yeah!
– He would. – I’m going next weekend, hell
yeah. – What’s your deal? Who are you? Are you a stand-up? – He gets recognized on the
street, and he’s not been on anything. Like, people just want a picture
with you. – I know, he’s just got a
great, what is your name, again? – Ian Fidance. – Finance? – Fidance. – Fidance. – Finance with a D. – Fidance. – And he is hilarious. – Yeah, I feel like I
wanna manage your career. – [Ian] Let’s do it. – I feel like I wanna
take him to Hollywood and be like, this is Ian
Fidance. – [Ian] That’s right. – And he’s an actor. He will be someone that
people will be screaming whatever your character
name is eventually. – Paw at me in Chicago, baby. – I love that, because you
are a character actor guy, much like Rainn was. Rainn, I was researching you
this morning, you were in Almost Famous, which is one of my favorite
movies. – It was my first film. – I know! Tell me about that experience and tell me about booking that
movie, how exciting that was. I mean, that’s a huge movie
to book as your first film. – Yeah, you know, I put
myself on tape in New York and then didn’t hear anything, like I didn’t hear anything for most of the auditions that I
did. And then had moved to L.A.,
and then just got a call, like, you’ve got a callback. And I was like, holy shit. And they were like, you
can read the script, but it’s under lock and key. You have to go into Cameron
Crowe’s production office, you have to sign in, you
have to sign an N.D.A., and you can only read it in the
office, and you can’t take it with
you or take any pictures. They confiscate any cameras or
phones. So, it was like this sacred
pilgrimage of going down to Vinyl
Films in Santa Monica, and they brought it out,
like on a silver tray. It was like a chorus of angels – [Ian] Like the suitcase in
Pulp Fiction? – Yeah, exactly, lighting up. And it’s truly one of the
great screenplays ever written, especially the full one,
the 200-page version full screenplay, it’s a novel. You laugh, you cry. And I sat there and read the
whole thing, I was like crying and laughing. And of course I was just
auditioning for small roles, but it was super cool. And then I went in and met
Cameron Crowe, who’s one of the coolest human
beings, and I’m sitting on a
little chair in his office and he comes in in flip-flops and sits cross-legged on
the floor in front of me. With a little Handycam
to film the audition. But totally disarming, like,
hey man, I totally love that audition you did, you were so
funny. Let’s figure out, let’s read
these things, and you have any ideas what you
wanna play or how you wanna play it? And just totally collaborative, and a very, very different
experience than auditioning for most
people. – Yeah, an ideal audition, I
would say. Because you felt comfortable
and he was rooting for you in that moment, and he already
liked what you had done. And you did do something
really, you made a lot of hard choices on that character. It really stands out to me as
soon as, and I didn’t even realize it was
you until I read that this morning. I was like, Oh, my god,
of course I know that guy. – I had a mustache like Ian’s in
that. – Yeah, you worked at
Rolling Stone, the character was the editor? – Yeah, he was an editor at
Rolling Stone. Dave, now I’m blanking on the
name. – Because he’s based on an
actual person. – Yes, and I met him, he came by
the set when we were shooting. And he was Cameron’s
mentor as a young writer. – Wow. – In fact, when I read the
script, there was an amazing scene of this guy Dave with
the kid at the airport, and it’s a two-page
scene all about writing and what it means to
fall in love with a band, but don’t fall in love too much ’cause you’ve gotta be a
journalist, and just about life. So when I got cast, that
scene was still in the script and then they called me
a month or two later, like, that scene’s been cut. I was like (growling). – You get this role,
and you’re so excited. It still, you still
really shine in that film. I just love that, that
that was your first film. Because what’d you been
doing up into that point? – I went to NYU and I was
doing theater in New York, for the most part. So I spent 10 years doing
Shakespeare and just little
plays. Some big plays, I was in
a few Broadway things, and regional theater. I went for classical, I was
not in the comedy world. People always think I was a
stand-up or a sketch comedian or improv guy, I never
did any of that stuff. I just played weird characters
in plays, which kind of worked for Dwight to transition into that role. From doing Shakespearian clowns to Dwight is actually
not that far of a shift. – It isn’t. Yeah, you bring that to that
role. That really makes a lot of
sense to me that you, yeah. I wanna ask you about the movie
that you are currently in, and out, and that is
the reason you’re here. It’s called the Meg. It’s based on, I didn’t know
what it, I just thought it was
about a girl in a sorority. (laughing) – [Ian] Yeah, she’s haunting the
sorority. You guys. – It’s the megalodon,
which is the extinct shark, and this is a monster movie, and you play a scientist? – No, I’m so glad you did your
research. – [Nikki] I did, you let ’em
out. – Wrong, wrong. – [Ian] My favorite part
of the trailer is when you tell Jason Statham that
he had an attitude problem. – Yeah. – [Ian] That was great. – So, I play Morris, who is
a billionaire industrialist who funded the whole scientific
operation and built this underwater lab that the scientists in
it discover this kind of secret area of the ocean that’s
never been uncovered before and they go down under it and then they unleash the
megalodon, who comes up into the waters to chomp on
thousands of people. – Yes, and you shot this in New
Zealand. – We shot it in New Zealand. Amazing. It was three months in New
Zealand, which is the most
incredible country on earth. – Yeah? Had you been there
before? – I’d never been there before. It’s amazing, if you get a
chance to go. It’s a long ways, but,
man, it’s spectacular. And, yeah, it was one of those
dream jobs. It’s like, oh, you’re
gonna pay me all this money and I’m gonna be in New
Zealand with Jason Statham? Cool, this is awesome! – But you spent a lot of
time on a boat filming. – Yeah, so we spent a few weeks
on a boat out in the actual ocean and shot some stuff
out there, but most of it was that same boat that we
were on in the ocean, it’s so weird how they do
these things in movies, they made another version,
they made two boats, and then that second one they
cut in half, and then we shot on the
back of that half of a boat in a tank, in a giant, giant
tank, about the size of a soccer field that’s like six feet deep, and they put that boat in the
tank and then giant green screens
around it and the cameras, and
they can kind of rotate the boat and turn it and stuff
like that, so we, yeah, we spent months on
that boat, but we had a lot of fun, and it’s a really fun ensemble
of people. – I mean, it sounds like it, and you were there during the
election. You said you were like out on
the water when the results were coming in. – That was weird, so weird. – Can you tell me about that?
– Take us to Canada. – Yeah, exactly. I’m just staying, I’m
staying in New Zealand. I was out on the harbor and we were shooting this chase
scene where the shark is chasing
about to devour Jason Statham, and it was like 1 p.m., but
the polls had already closed and I was just kept hitting
refresh on my CNN app, and the results were coming in, and there were only two other
Americans. It was Page Kennedy, who didn’t
care, and Jon Turteltaub, who
was directing the film, who was so busy directing
a $150 million-dollar film that he didn’t have the time to
care. So it was just me, and the
other people are Australians and Icelandic people,
and people from England, they kind of cared, but didn’t
really, but it was nuts. – That’s isolating, man, that’s
brutal. – The scariest monster of
all, the Megalodonald Trump. (laughing) – Did you grow up liking
these… let me just talk to you about
sharks. How did you feel about
sharks going into this? What was your knowledge of them? Are you scared of them? Are you someone who enjoys the
ocean? – Yeah, I like the ocean. I’m a real wimp around the
ocean, so people say, do sharks scare
you? It’s like, yeah, sharks scare
me, but you know what else scares
me? Salmon. – Yeah.
– You know what I mean? (laughing) We were talking about earlier, you were talking about going
scuba diving. Seaweed would creep me out. – Yeah, kelp brushes against my
thigh, I’m like, (screaming). – Yeah, I don’t want to be
touched. I don’t like bugs and stuff. – Yeah, like barnacles. – Yes! – Jellyfish. – I get squeebed out by
all manner of things. – Even the water, the tides, that’s the thing that scares me
the most. – [Ian] Like a riptide? – Yeah, you gotta swim
parallel to the shore. You gotta have all these plans. – [Ian] Lifeguards. – You’ve gotta punch a shark in
the nose if it comes up to you, you gotta swim parallel to the
shore, you’ve gotta remember all these
things. – The punch in the nose
thing is kind of what you do. The main thing that you
have to do, which just seems so counterintuitive, is to just
float there and do nothing. – That sounds like something
the sharks put in your head. (laughing) That sounds like more
bad news from big shark. – The shark’s PR firm. Tell the humans to just lie
there. – Take it. – [Ian] Cut yourself. – Seals splash around, and
that’s when the sharks go. So supposedly, if you just lay
there, they kind of smell you, and
then maybe you have your surf suit on, your wetsuit, and then they’re like, ah, fuck
it. – Yeah, most shark attacks
are just a shark tasting you and going, I don’t like that. And so when people get bit by
sharks it’s usually just a sample. – [Rainn] Which I’m kind of
offended by a little bit. What’s wrong with us humans? – [Tom] I taste good. – Have you tried to taste a
seal? Has anyone had seal sushi? They’re disgusting.
– I’ve never had seal. – Humans are delicious. – We should start eating seal. – I think sharks are
racist against humans. – Oh, my god, thank you. Finally someone’s saying it. – Hashtag. – [Tom] I think we need
to fire these sharks. – Shark racism. Get ’em out of the water. This has gone on long enough. – [Ian] Eat me! That’s a bumper sticker. Hey, sharks, eat me! – I would love, I was part of
shark week, I was doing Shark after Dark,
this show, and we were talking about– – [Rainn] Is that a
euphemism for something? – It sounds like it.
– It does. – A sex show on Cinemax.
– It’s a sex move. – Shark after dark. – [Ian] Take a bite. – There was a shark expert on.
– My fin is so thick. – And I was asking him about
all these things, and the bite. I would love to get bit by a
shark. If I can guarantee to get bit by
a shark and then not die from it. – [Ian] What, like a little
teething or a whole chomp? – Just to have a scar, a shark
scar. I think that girl that
has one arm is so cool. You know the girl that
was young and got bit. – The surfer. – I think she is so, I
mean, I don’t want that. – Were you on shark week with a guy who lost his arm or arms? – No. – Because there’s a guy
covered in scars with one arm who had it lost, an
Australian guy, to a shark. And they’re like, wow, that’s so
cool, we’re gonna make you
the host of shark week. – That’s gotta be so
triggering for him every day. – He’s legit, you know? – I mean, yeah. I think sharks are so
fascinating, and I think that I care about
them a lot and want people to know about
them and know that although
these movies are fun and sensationalized and
make us scared of sharks, that they’re really not,
there’s so many more things to worry about in the ocean than
sharks. – [Ian] Sharks are people, too. – Literally, worry about– – I’m way more worried
about humanity than sharks. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – But also, even if you died by
shark, what a way to go. – What a way to go! – You’re gonna die anyway. – The best way. – You’re probably gonna die
choking on Raisin Bran someday. It’d be way better to go out
with a shark. – I remember one time I
borrowed my handyman’s van to go down to Home Depot
and pick up some stuff, and I pulled out kinda onto the
street, light traffic, and started
going, and I was like, oh the
seat was too far back, so I bent down to kind
of pull the seat forward to hit the little thing, and then my finger got stuck
literally as it slid forward, it slid over my finger. It didn’t chop it off or
anything, but it was like weirdly stuck. And I was trying to drive this
big van with my finger under the thing, and I was already kinda in the
traffic and I couldn’t find a place. And I was like, I am gonna die
in this van with my finger under the seat, and they’re gonna take a
photograph of me, TMZ is gonna come over, and I’m gonna look so
grotesque and pathetic. I’d much rather get eaten by a
shark. – Oh, absolutely. – You should have a deal where in your will it should say like, hey, if I die like that,
plant a shark on the scene so it looks like that was part
of it. – You could make big money from
that shark-planting service. – I always think about that,
like those times where you go, oh, my god, I could have
just died just then, and that would have been the
story. I always think about on Dawson’s
Creek, Dawson’s dad died because he
was licking an ice cream cone and it fell off into the seat
next to him and he tried to reach for it and then swerved off a cliff.
– Oh, yeah! I have done that with
fro-yo so many times, like dropped the spoon. – I know somebody who died like
that. They were making a baloney
sandwich by reaching in the backseat. It’s a cousin of my grandma or
something. But I was like, yeah,
that’s a dumb way to go. – I’m sorry I’m laughing. – I fell into a river
once, and when I fell in, I went (yells), and I spun
around, and that would’ve been my last
words. A pirouette and a (yells). – For some reason, I think that’s how you’re gonna go
anyway. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hope. – Yeah, you’re gonna get
some kind of weird disease, and on your death bed, you’ll go
woo-hoo! – Oh, I hope. I hope that’s my last words. – Rainn Wilson, thank you
so much for being here. You’re such a great guest. – Thanks, you guys. This was a hoot. – This was a true treat for all
of us. We were so excited to
meet you and see you, and you just blew us, you’re
just awesome. Rainn Wilson, everyone. We’ll be back with more show
after this. (upbeat music)

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