Rainn & Magnus Carlsen get Metaphysical over Chess | Metaphysical Milkshake

Rainn & Magnus Carlsen get Metaphysical over Chess | Metaphysical Milkshake

[ Dramatic music plays ] -Take a sip from your soul On a metaphysical milkshake -SoulPancakers,
I am so thrilled to be here with one of my all time heroes, truly the number-one
chess player in the world, the youngest international
grandmaster champion of all time,
Mr. Magnus Carlsen. [ Imitates crowd cheering ] What, do I have a bad breath? -That was awful. -For those of you,
those Pancakers who don’t know, I’m kind of a big chess geek, and I play
a little bit of chess. I was on
the high-school chess team. True story —
At one chess tournament, I saw a guy
with mold in his ear. You may have heard
this is a metaphysical van, and you can go pretty much
any place in the multiverse that you would like to go. Where would you like to go? -To the sun. -To the sun. Boom. -I’m not feeling it.
-You’re not feeling it? Okay, how about we go
to the inside of your brain and see how it all works? -That works.
-You have a magnificent brain, and if it was exposed
to the air, I would massage it. -Um…
-That’s not a sexual thing. It’s not even like
a Jeffrey Dahmer thing. It’s — I appreciate
your absolute brilliance. You are the number-one
chess player in the world. I’m pretty much the number-one actor
in the world, right? -How can I disagree with that? -What keeps you humble? -We Norwegians,
we are taught from an early age that you shouldn’t think
you are something. -Hmm.
-Which is a little bit different from here, where you’re supposed
to be something, you know? -‘Cause you —
That boasting, like, “Oh, man, I took that guy down
with my rook. I’m so badass.”
And your dad is like… [ Norwegian accent ] “Magnus,
remember where you come from.” -That was the worst
Norwegian accent ever. -[ Laughs ] -[ Normal voice ] Some people
view success in chess as you have to be
more of a warrior. And some people view chess as you need to be
more of an artist. Which would you say
that you are, and which of those is
more true? -I think I’m more
of the warrior than an artist, but I like to find
some kind of art, some kind of beauty
in my games. But the main goal is to win,
and that’s the warrior. -If there are a group of evil,
villainous chess players and a group
of good chess players, kind of like superheroes,
which side would you join? -In my dreams,
there are several times evil chess players who make me
lose for no apparent reason or trick me into not coming
to the game and losing for that reason. So, I mean, in my dreams
I’m always one of the good guys, so I think I would be
one of good guys, yeah. -That’s fascinating.
So, you have dreams of evil, manipulative
chess players? -Yeah.
-Do they kind of look like this? [ Laughs evilly ] You know, when I was researching
doing this interview with you, I was a little intimidated
because you’re, like, the greatest at something
in the world. But as I was researching you,
what’s odd to me is, like, you’re a totally normal person. People think
about chess geniuses as hanging out in their basement
and obsessively, like, chewing on their own skin
and, you know, maybe bodies hidden
somewhere in the house. -Well, you know,
I’m only 21 years old, so give me some time
to develop the crazy, you know? -[ Laughs ]
Okay, good. Boom — Life’s big questions.
Lightning round. What is your biggest fear? -To get attacked
by a big fish in an open sea. -What does your name mean?
-“The great.” -Do you consider yourself
a genius? -No, I do not. -What blows your mind?
-Magic tricks. [ Both laugh ] -What is your life’s
big question? What is the big question
that you wrestle with? -Whether there is life
after death. I had a firm conclusion
when I was a child… -Mm-hmm.
-…that after people die they all gather in the universe and use their power
to start a new big bang and that this is just
an infinite cycle. -And that perpetuates
the universe? -Yes.
-That is really cool. Have you given this more thought
as a late teen or in your early adulthood? -No, not really because
I got Internet in my room, and I stopped thinking
about such things. -[ Laughs ] The Internet killed
your creativity? -Yes.
-As it does for so many of us. -Yes.
-What would the first sentence of your autobiography be?
-“I’m not a genius.” -And what would the title
of your autobiography be? -“Magnus Carlsen: Chess Genius.”
I don’t know. -[ Laughs ] -So, YouTubers, here’s
your creative challenge for this Metaphysical Milkshake. Write down the title
of your autobiography and also your first sentence,
and Magnus — I’m going to make him read
through all of them. We are going to read
through all of the titles and the first sentences, right? -Yeah, and I’m sure they’re
going to make much for sense than mine did.
-Than yours? [chuckles] So, write them down right now
in the comment section below — title of your autobiography
and your first sentence. Let her rip. Go.
Boom, do it. Checkmate. Checkmate. You have soft, supple hands
of a chess player. Do you moisturize? These are delicate instruments
for you, like a piano player. Of course, you could probably
get your hands chopped off, and you could still play chess
with your stumps. -SoulPancake Subscribe

100 thoughts on “Rainn & Magnus Carlsen get Metaphysical over Chess | Metaphysical Milkshake

  1. I have a new love, respect, and understanding of Rainn Wilson, and Soulpancake as a whole, thank you, if only there could be more people in the worl

  2. Title: I Have No Idea What the F**k I'm doing
    First line: So am I supposed to be putting words here, or what?

  3. Title: The scenic route
    First Sentence: Every journey has a beginning and an end, and mine isn't close to finished yet.

  4. Title: All the Things I've Done Wrong.
    First Sentence:When adults I knew growing up told me I didn't know shit they were wrong I just didn't know the right shit.

  5. Title: The most unimportant important person
    First Sentence: I always felt this mass of creative energy, I imagine it would look somewhat like a placenta.

  6. Rainnnnnnn? you mean you got to meet with the chess champion of the universe and you didn't play one game???

  7. Title: The Real wonder woman

    First sentence,

    When i was 4 years old i almost jump to my death from a 20 story condo building…

  8. Title: Me
    First sentence: A wholesome tongue is a tree of life; but perverseness therein is a breath in the spirit.Proverbs 15:4

  9. Hahaha!  Wonderful interview.  Magnus Carlsen has a baller personality.  I love this guy.  Nice job Rainn Wilson.  Some of those answers were downright hilarious.  First line? "I'm not a genius." Title? "Magnus Carlsen, Chess Genius."  And the classic "I used to think about this kind of stuff, until I got internet in my room."  

  10. From the Dark Water: the autobiography of K. M. Douglas

    "You can find me in the streets and the sidewalks of your town, in the public library, the used bookstore, the prison, the hospital, the nursing homes; you can find me in your voice, your morning, your grocery store, your garden, your church, in every schoolroom & pool hall & doctor's office, on every toilet seat & every inch of flesh, in every breath of every moment of every birth, among every measure of time & space, in every word held hostage by holy books and teleprompters, defined & redefined, devoured & purged; you will find me in all forms of electricity, all machines, I'll be watching you through the eyes in your screens, looking back at you from inside mirrors, in the silence before nightmares, in the death of spring flowers & the birth of first snow, outside the box you're locked in, dropping notes through your sky in hopes that you'll reject me, and in that rebellion, you'll find your own truth, and if so, I'll leave you, dead with all the rest of the illusions, rebuilding worlds with and without left and right brains, gladly forgotten, hung for turning glass back into sand."

  11. Fire: the Autobiography of Arsonwars
    "Pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger will never affect any outcome positively."

  12. 0:40


    Youngest grandmaster ever: Sergey Karjakin, being only 12 years and 7 months.
    Youngest #1 player: Garry Kasparov, being only 19 years and 5 months.
    Youngest world champion: Garry Kasparov, being only 22 years and 7 months.

  13. Title: (Insert my name here): The Soul of a Godless Dreamer
    First Sentence: To know oneself is absurd, like trying to bite ones own teeth.

  14. That is awesome!! I do not like the character Wilson plays in the office. This video changed my opinion of Wilson. Very thought provoking video!! Awesome

  15. Title: I just want to be loved!
    First: I'm such a stupid loser who gets blamed for everything, even when it's not my fault, why doesn't anybody love me?

  16. Does Magnus Carlson know that the LDS faith believes that creation is a cycle, pretty much what he believed as a kid?

  17. Title: Solipsisic Megalomania – the manic-depressive impact on lack of humbleness or: losing the ability to love by giving the devil an inch.

    First sentence: Already during my 9th birthday party I went musingly through our garden while the other kids were playing, wondering why I have impact onto the future (to chose to walk over the lawn or the path) while I can't alter the past (chose where I've already been walking).

    Got hooked?

    (Alternatively: Read "Doctor Faustus" by "Thomas Mann" – he already wrote kind of biography of "me"…)

  18. Parts of that were cringe worthy. Which chess players, current or historical, would have lost patience and physically attacked Rainn?

  19. He seems self-centered, but hell, with a brain like his, I wouldn't lie to myself. I'd say I'm a genius too.

  20. Title: Breaking Habits

    First Sentence: when I was is my teens, I really wanted to break something. Little did I know, what I really wanted to break was some habits.

  21. Title: Handsome Bob
    First sentence: My mirror broke because i stared at it for a while. Why god made me so ugly?

  22. It sucks that people don't seem to notice some of the answers weren't serious, but supposed to be funny, and now think Magnus is egocentric or something…

  23. good title for ur book would be "Magnus:-Norwegian Chess Celebrity".first sentence would be."Did i ever dream of being chess player?"

  24. Title: Cheese and Crackers, I Like Them.
    1st Sentence: I dont like cheese and crackers; I prefer mashed potatoes.

  25. Title: The Unseen Journey
    First line: We are all of us condemned to live a story we cannot escape and cannot truly share.

  26. Title :Debunking Disabilities- Stupid or Genius,; it's all perception. First lines: I was diagnosed in gr 2, as boarderline stupid,, but my parents didn't tell me what the report said, so I believed I was a genius my whole life. I became smart, as believed I was, and now I know I am a genius. hahahaha

  27. "O, the vastness of the potential of mankind; how tragic it is that we squander it." That would be the first sentence, and the title would be, "I Waste Time Sometimes"

    Thanks for reading this. I love the work you do as an actor. I am almost done watching the office all the way through for the 2nd time. I also loved The Meg and Sahara. This show is awesome too. Dwight Schrute made my list of 10 characters I wish they would let into smash bros. The list also included Darth Vader, Hermione Granger and LeBron James.

    Thanks for reading this and for being a chess wizard. Chess is fun, especially when you make others mad.

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