Radio Tutorial: Infotainment System SEAT LEON 2018

Radio mode the main menu features of following options and use to select the frequency band FM AM da B which will vary depending on country or equipment station list use to display the list of stations manual use to select the station manually settings used to access the settings of the band or station selected stored stations station frequency or name navigation between available stations radio text display digital radio mode from the band main menu option you can select the a.m. or FM frequency band as well as the AP digital radio mode the digital radio support da b CA b track and DMV audio broadcasting standard from the view main menu option you can select which information is displayed on screen for example stored stations radio text or and slideshow FM or CA B band stations can store the logos associated with the frequency station selections the station list button displays the list of stations in this station list you can change the sort mode by pressing options for example alphabet group or genre you can change the station from the main menu using the arrows on each side you can change the function of the arrows in the settings menu using the speak mode option preset list change stations stored in the preset station list change station using the sort mode for the station live you can select the station manually using the manual function by pressing the frequency button to make slight adjustments gradually you can also do so by using the controls on the steering wheel station by station if you wish to store the current station press the store option until the confirmation signal is heard you can do this on the radio main screen by pressing a preset or in the station list by pressing on the station name stations that have already been stored will appear on the list with a star symbol settings from the main option in settings you can adjust different options such as assigning logos to stations RDS settings and function traffic reports seek mode or band specific settings set

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