Radio Royale – “Outrageous New Game Mode” – Official Podcast Series

Radio Royale – “Outrageous New Game Mode” – Official Podcast Series

SUPERCELL Radio Royale SUPERCELL Hello, and welcome to another episode of Radio Royale I’m Cip and I’m Bangs And today, we’d like to talk to you about a cool new feature (Cooooool!) very exciting feature its so good that it’s broken the development yeah like we have spent so much time playing this game mentally physically everything yeah it’s it’s only been working on for the past couple months it’s huge and I think it’s safe to say that it’s the most outrageous game mode we’re ever done so let’s, let’s talk about how it began let me, let me paint you a scene. Alright it’s friday night to finish winter snow is falling making its negative 20 outside everyones freezing but where we going we’re rushing to the warmth of a pub where all are great ideas happen so that the pub we’re sitting around the table squeezed in by other people and we sort of have a conversation like we usually do right we’re sitting there and we’re talking and we’re you know we’re all playing the game by ourselves you know just challenging each other and we’re thinking actually make this better one idea is *thanks* instead of fighting against you what if I fight… with you yeah what do you think of that mic drop rewind rewind we’re here from the future a little disclaimer for this episode banks tell what it is we’re actually post editing this after recording the podcast on the future we are from the future during the development process we sometimes change our take the name of features and change the name of cards we change our mind, change our mind yet with all the time improves over time so the name of this game mode has changed and we previously called it perhaps two battle and 2V2 for the newest version is called clan battle clan battle, clan battle so just keep that in mind throughout the rest of the episode. Okay continue! mic drop and that is how we came up with our new feature 2V2 and team battle and what’s better than you know playing by yourself is with someone else right Yeah, absolutely. so how do i start a team battle? it sounds very similar to a friendly battle ok so in the in the clan page you got you got a button right by the clan chest would normally be. At the top? At the top. and hitting that will post a message into the instant chat with another player for clients can accept ok so I’ll see the text and i just hit accept and we’re both in the battle exactly and it randomly matches us against another time with another clan ok alright so now we’re in the stadium the arena who i’ll wear my where is he how do we what’s going on so it works very similar to a 1vs1 battle you got your own decks you got your alexia bar you can place it anywhere on your side of the field but the difference the main differences that you’ve got a shared King tower ok so it’s 2 2 towers connected with each other yes sharing the same health bar yes ok so it should feel quite familiar to players to put in playing the game the whole time yeah it should feel quite natural to pick up yeah if you want to keep intuitive and this they felt like the best format we try to do different things I imagine it’s quite difficult to communicate with the other partner so how do we know sort of overcome that so one of the challenges we’ve had when developing this mode is is information overload there’s a lot more going on the screen especially because you’ve got you’ve got four players so you’ve got that effectively doubled the unit yeah i’ll make it was so chaotic yeah in the chaos is our is what it’s all about inflate the one of the challenges has been with their with the uim that the HUD that we showed because it’s you want to other buttons that scared because you you want to see what obviously your cars we are Lexi about and what you’re trying to place down but there’s also the temptations also know what your partner’s doing exactly you want to kind of coordinate attacks it like what what does he have in his deck and yeah and while stirred during development was played a lot within the same locations your partner and you can chat to them we will also facilitate when you’re when you’re not next to the person when you can’t communicate in real world and you can you need to communicate through the gate right i remember the first iteration of the game the of this mode was we had all all the cards at the bottom so instead of eight cars of a 16 cards which together and it’s just like well you have that deck and I have that can make you were you ended up looking at the bottom of the screen the whole time thing like what cards you have you know we we sort of eliminated that to get rid of that distraction first off yeah and just focus on your game but also we still wanted to be able to communicate with the other player and show off the deck so what we’ve done is at the beginning of the game it’s sort of flashes your partner’s deck so you can see just for a brief moment oh this is what he has i think we can coordinate this attack yeah and another feature that we put in during its development was the ability to highlight what you’re going to do you’re with your partner right how do we do that just like when your dragon Cardinals onto the field and you can kind of see this ghost out line by line on the card i love the cut right in the place that also gets communicated to your partner in a slightly different ways that we tried playing around with different ways of communication list and we we provide the actual showing the car that you’re going to play trials in the ghosted units alright so if my partner drags out a unit and sort of holds it over the space is going to deploy it and it was shameful shows the card and i can say oh he’s about to drop a golem yeah I should play something behind that and then you know support that again and you can see in real time as well so if you still quickly change your mind and start doing it the other side of the field you’ll see a you feel like I know he’s going laughing so right now okay really fascinating way to talk to each other yeah so i have a question bangs yeah if i deploy an electric pump does that do we share that or what goes on like I’m doing rage what’s happening with the electrical equipment example it just gives it the player that the plate at the driveway to be giving far too much value like you spend six and you get back to load so it so yeah we have only a little problem then yeah it would be really really pumped heavy so buff spells was another thing that we we have that we experimented with things like rage and things like clone like shit just affect one player or the whole team but we thought it made intuitive sense to do the whole team just like that viable would affect both players the opposing post right okay so pump is only me but the spells are both of us local yeah right okay survival would as you would expect by target both enemies ok and if we if it hits both King towers this is such an interesting bug so we had at one point we’ve been experimenting with we have to keep ours do we have lankan terror and quite early on petals on a single King tower right visually it looks like to what is actually one health bar yeah and it and the way it’s kind of been hacked into became well I meant that actually it kinda treated as to kicked out at least initially yeah you could fireball the one King tower and it would do double damage well you get out yeah yes I I should just go in with my off l deck we fix that ok I’ll know that we also actually that was one of our concerns that we’ve doubled the amount of power firepower that you could actually just starting like rockets each taxon so that’s all right fine tunes that shed towers health actually actually got quite considerable more about tells them a 1vs1 and we ended up slowing it down a bit because this is getting too fast in the elixir yeah that’s a really good point yeah we we tried it at normal speed and it just got so hectic you know it’s you’ve got twice as much Alex you’re being generated per side of the battle right so just go ahead and double the unit and all the time and you’ve got elected capital 20 effectively 444 415 yeah so we experimented with a lot during operators playtests we wanted it like the lower it goes the slower paced the game get right there’s a there’s a hot a degree where it becomes boring yeah exactly exactly so we thought we found a at the moment that the balances at eighty-five percent so it is almost as much as eighty five percent of the original theory i catch up and then over time and over time we’ve actually reduced that to seventy percent of the overtime oh okay so you get the more next year you double it and then you take some particular okay Matt every day school day thanks yo hit me with that technical mumbo jumbo about problems we had so in the whole history of clash Royale for it’s very first conception it’s always been our one versus one game yeah so we’ve got that assumption built into our code base essentially yeah so when you kind of take that assumption away or try to break that assumption you generally break the game and interesting when he’s great so you know it’s been quite a quite complicated refactor of the game so to get it to support like effectively end players and players and play what is the end players you could say it’s just that previously supported two players but now we support any arbitrary mlc 10 months i’m gonna think we’ll have to test it but yet maybe maybe in the future of it out if we’re going to need we’re going to need ipads the size of TV is going to be a pc games i could just imagine people like that you know people use our ipads phone imagine a TV now is the phone this is it’s only designing clash Royale the MMO yeah they set that we have to make any changes to the to the arena to support this me late first change was obviously the King towers well we tried sticking two of them just right next to each other and look quite odd because there is a gap in the middle of them yeah so one of our guys actually built a you know a connecting piece and then on that connecting piece we have a shield which your icon of the clan shows up their school’s most so you can see our you know represent our clan because you know the other clan and then we’ve also added a buffer zone sort of on the ends of the backside of the arena so right where your king towers are the tiles behind that one we notice that if you deploy troops behind it it’s very limited space when you put two king towers there yeah so i actually ended up having to extend the arena that school is it just going through the beginning is going through the King Power is it really looks like they were going out of bounds ok so now they now we’ve extended it to tiles each way so it’s a total for in the back row now we have extended and so now that she looks more correct so you actually more space on the field fun fact nice let’s go out in the future I’d love to see that to be actually like this clan vs clan arena oh yeah that would be so definitely I mean this is just version1 you know who knows we can go from here so bangs talk to me about the early days of TV to what was going on well the the earliest date a 2v2 was perhaps just at the end of the last update so sometime in december right when everything first we got the big update out an hour like I who take a breather we’re going to do this time yeah we got it we got out we fix the bugs executioner and I don’t then we’ll do it next say Germany laughs that’s what happened to the development process that after a big release will look at prototyping will try out different things that could go into the next door yeah it’s the perfect time to just you know kind of came down game jam yeah it’s right behind thing seeing what sticks basic yeah so Thomas one of our ninja code is just jump on this and just implemented like wants to implement it as quick as possible yeah that guy’s guy is a ninja is an anxiety I think he got he got the first prototype of this in like three days crazy it is amazing say when you’re trying to protect we don’t know at the beginning if it’s going to work a lot yeah so you want to try out really cheaply to see if it does work a lot so the first version that we had was on a single ipad like two players play on one is to use the ipad try don’t have i’m playing on my phone you’re playing phone we’re all were both playing on one I like yeah right next to each other shoulder to shoulder out and this is private property hacked into the cave that I this is if we further away but we got to try out really really cheaply and from that we just had so much fun do you think we’ll ever bring up that back you note the two people on one ipad it’s as if there’s a cool for its yeah I would love to see it in sort of the in unique tournaments or something like that where we can get people the you know both get on there and you know find another team yeah absolutely but it’s it’s really difficult when for thinking about what features we should put into the game because if we get it sounds like a great idea but like there’s also like a limited amount of things that we can put into the game for an update we want to try try things out work out what that what’s the best thing to do and just getting that into your home’s playing it cool so I understand team battles are fun but I got cards to upgrade bangs show me the money what I went out of this so initially it was working very similar to friendly battle you you didn’t win anything it’s just just just just for fun we wanted to add some kind of progression and we felt that maybe the you know something that you can work with your clans wards and we felt the clown chest was a really natural fit for this ok so how does that work so currently in the game we have a clan chest every every week and it runs monday to wednesday so we’re going to every week every week and if they like it groans and also it’s not great doing on a weekday and we have accepted that and so we’ve listened to the feedback from the community where are you going to make it weekend again ok so it’s gonna run Friday till Monday at least yep so we’ve moved the clan Chester the weekend what’s happening with the team clan chest so we’ll have between clan chest every other weekend so one weekend i’ll be the crown test and the following weekend will be the team contest and then all back to the clan chest the following weekend and the following weekend that would be a team contest and then after that one you think I think that would be a clan test before that one I’ll be all that hard wait one sec the team photos are candidates have been getting really excited that the what is the first version team battle but that was the future and the future is unknown it’s endless it’s it’s a mystery anything it’s everything and nothing at all but no actually what we want to do with it i think it’s developed more into sort of the social aspect of clan wars you know i would love to see teen tournaments and you know see it on stage at Eastbourne events but really we just want to get it out there see what the community thinks you know you guys give us questions feedback we take that into consideration and improve the features from there I wanted was one of the ideas that have been clicking quite close about is like traveled and we are we talked about terrible so like talked about it for yes and I think probably since the inception of the game yeah and and trying to work out how how that fits with cash payout right we don’t want to just adapt it from clash of clans we want to make it our own unique thing and you know really make sure it fits and it suits the game I’m cv2 really feels like that could be something not right it’s our first sort of glint at this ok bangs we have some questions from the community awesome so let’s go through them here first question from Josh will help the clash Royale team should a developer madness game mode where you can make a deck with any card in the game but with cards that are being tested for example a new car that you can use every couple weeks I actually really love this idea really a question but yet yeah he’s a cool guy i like it and I don’t think it’s a really strong concept because especially if if it’s like a card that we’re not sure if it’s gonna sometimes we try Diaz card and you heard in the last episode that we try mad ideas and worried about wanting them because they might break to get out and this is a really good way of finding out that’s what I love about challenges we can put crazy ideas in them and they don’t really you know ruin the main game yeah it because they go in and they might win the game for a weekend and they come out yes i am not really ever weekend but I think we can take that yeah so this is a way of us just experimenting almost prototyping and maybe we try a card idea in there that we thinks a bit risky but it works if it works then we can then rolled into the main letter yeah I also love the name developer madness yeah I get some sort of sickness that we have our next question is from OMG gets dark dude who cool sorry Q so they can yeah it’s OMG gets there oh cool how to father OMG gets the FSS if they add a 2v2 pvp it was surprised everyone by the box and make it perfect update no one would expect well OMG dis the do you’re going to have the biggest OMG of your life with this update who question from killed phantom appropriate name how come they didn’t talk about the ghost it looked like an interesting true but I didn’t hurt it or maybe it was cut off IDK i said tens pointing me to not under any circumstances answer the question but in all seriousness I we actually just forgot we forgot to talk about the ghost so basically here’s a brief overview of what it was the ghost was a true maybe like medium taking this i don’t know i didn’t really matter but its abilities was it could turn invisible and therefore not be detected by any troop so if you could basically run up to would run up to the nearest troop reveal itself go boo and basically stunned the enemy and then it from there it could start attacking and start being attacked so if we killed that card specifically is quite complicated quite difficult to understand and read is very different mechanically and it didn’t really allow for much interesting gameplay behaviors but we did actually sought take that kind of difference in the movement mechanic and apply that to another card that’s coming in the in the next the next update oh yeah we know not sure motion talking Tim’s Tim’s like wait until about it so won’t be rights on one of the next podcast can you explain cards that originally came from fans can you also talk about how you changed it from the original idea and how you plan to shake up the game with it that’s really interesting because i think people don’t realize how many cards actually tried arm and hundreds and hundreds actually and I we getting inspiration all the time from reading community posts and youtube comments and things like that almost the whole development thing breeds like the red importance and any any plans I any right so it’s difficult to save that information from anyone card has come from a specific community member but we’ve had we had a tried cards that I see all the time in forms like such as the I spirit hut or the freezer or the cooler or whatever it was going to be I think we tried every version of a hot like go on high the Barbary hide like hot that’s both tops haha ya got in a hut yea Sparky hot i love the smoking hot right yeah right so we’re gonna try that yeah definitely challenge mode didn’t our next comment is from squilliam 24 my dear for the next episode for radio royale would be to talk about how you do balance changes you could talk about how you decide which cards to change how much playtesting you do and why is there one month between balance changes etc so at least is a really good suggestion and we’re totally going to do this i’ve been speaking to Stephanie’s recently given a DC Talk on balancing Crossrail and he is totally up for for doing doing this with our swords it’s definitely an interview in the future with with this is that this is a good question for you step at human devil skull hello hardcore good question any arenas that was scrapped I don’t think any arenas have been scrapped so much as changed it like sort of evolved into what it is now for example the new Serena that’s coming out I’ve changed maybe four times but its community whether it was never scrapped it surges made and involved you know journey to what it is now sort of the tree had some awkward teenage years but now it’s now it’s where it’s at and that’s cool it’s like it’s the famous cards as well than any feature in the game we don’t get it right first time that we get something in and then we have over and improve that making a better better better and then you see the photo flux asks difficult name yes I don’t have to hear from the our team about the philosophy of visual design readability of units stuff like well a flat works let me tell you basically a lot of our philosophy comes around readability in the game you know we have so many units on the screen at one time potentially that each of them need to stand out so you can recognize what they are and their design should read into their functionality you should be able to look at a card and saying oh yeah that’s obvious that that card would do that and there’s a lot more we get into and I think now along comes this is the tip of the iceberg so I think it might be better in a maybe another episode maybe episode dedicated to write because especially if we can get your guys exactly yeah including yourself yeah like in juvie right if you guys play test all the cards how did the executioner get by with its multitude of obvious bugs bangs there’s there’s really no way of sugarcoating it we we did we messed up with that card a little bit it’s it’s really it’s really tough to get the balance right I think we put in those features and we trying to update released as quick as possible that putting in this those four cars we put the last update and maybe this one changed quite a lot near the end and things slip through we didn’t get the play testing that really deserve to meet it and we’ve taken steps now to make sure that doesn’t happen again right and what we’ve actually done is we slowed sort of the development process of these cards so that players can get used to the new cars are coming out but also gives us more time to really polish the card and make sure it’s it’s really good part of the the deck yeah we feel like the game doesn’t need a new card every two weeks and we are looking to slow down but not by much baby it’s three weeks right weeks between card releases but we want to make sure that when we do really scarred it’s going to have a big impact yeah it’s gonna be awesome and people going to love it exactly mustard Lord of Death wait what-what mustard lord of death master Lord of Death best may I think that’s the name of the podcast to him he won the internet for today here many others have come up with ideas of how to make the cards work that we were talking about the what the cards right and i think this is really really cool really powerful and actually pretty good suggestions out that I think we’re gonna revisit some of these cards definitely I would love to see these cars actually come back in you know some way or another by a challenges or you know boss battles or something like that so it’s been really great hearing hearing from the community and having all these questions and many comments we love how many dollars yeah it’s great and it’s really good i really love being on the team we can get back connections are tired and be able to respond in this way yeah we’d love to have more questions so yeah if you guys have questions right in my mouse with doorman forms and read it we didn’t forget about you I’d also like to make a big shout-out to Thomas ng whoo-hoo what we’re talking about this to me to feature those guys have done some seriously card seriously heavy leather yeah they’ve been they’ve been the mastermind of this notice a big shout those guys yeah or blame them if it turns out horribly yeah thank you guys for joining us today for another episode of radio royale subscribe for more and we’ll see you in that EVP marine arena every time we got to come up with the right name

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