100 thoughts on “Quality Control – Too Hotty by Migos featuring Eurielle

  1. "They think that I'm Illuminati cuz of my profits pull up in poltergeist." Welp sir doing what ya did in 0:30 definitely shows that you are. Woke woke over here, still a fye song tho. Takeoff with the best verse

  2. Offset: they think that im illuminati cause of my profit pull up in poltergeist
    5 seconds later
    throws up illuminati symbol

  3. Eaeee fiz Esse som , que foi gravado , mixado e masterizado pelo Celular
    Confere aí que tá brabo o som
    O link do som é esse
    Vlwww 🤘🏼

  4. Treezzy tree skeert on
    Trillion dollar vert
    Gucci ain’t no nerd
    Cool tree in
    About to insert
    All these people
    Into the gang
    I see money rain
    I’ve been through the pain
    Me and cash was acting In sain
    I put this act in ya brain
    See how how we bleeding the same

  5. damn they got copyright by Eurielle, she made them put her name in the title because of the sample in the background of the beat lmaaao

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