Putting Weird Things In An Instant Pot (TEST)

Putting Weird Things In An Instant Pot (TEST)

– What happens when you put
slime in an Instant Pot”? – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) – Good Mythical Morning. – Did you know that in 33 U.S. states, you can get instant pot? – That’s not what this episode is about. Today we’re doing experiments
with the Instant Pot. Different thing. It’s the extremely popular
all-in-one kitchen device that does everything. – [Narrator] With Instant Pot, there’s an affordable
solution for everyone. Whether it’s hearty chili,
spicy curry, perfect rice, refreshing dairy or non-dairy yogurt, you’ll never forget the first
moment you put Instant Pot in your kitchen. – And that family hasn’t
spoken in 12 years but the Instant Pot is fantastic. – But what happens when
you use your Instant Pot for less conventional items? Today we get the answers, it’s time for Putting Things In Things:
Instant Pot Edition. Today we’re gonna be putting
things in the Instant Pot six quart Duo seven-in-one series. And it’s probably important to mention that the user manual clearly states, do not use the appliance
for anything other than its intended use.
– Right. – But we didn’t read the user manual. – Right but you at home
however should follow all the Instant Pot rules. Let’s let the games begin. (quirky music) – We’re gonna start this
Instant Pot experiment this instant with the
most revered instant food in the history of the word
instant: instant ramen. So what happens–
– Toss ’em in there, Link. – When you pressure cook
as much instant ramen in an Instant Pot as humanly possible. – Okay now I wanna be
able to get a lot in. Stop for a second and let me clap some. (pounding ramen) – [Link] Oh yeah that’s good,
this is fun, this is nice, this is why we get up in the morning. – All right you got some
seasoning over there? – Oh yeah. – Don’t do it all because
it matches up with this so I’d do about half of that seasoning if you want the right proportions. – Okay, fun fact, one packet
of ramen with the seasoning has 66% of your daily
recommended amount of sodium. – And you need that sodium for cramps. – Mm. – And of course, the way
that the Instant Pot works, I own one of these, I didn’t know this, but you have to have liquid in
there because it’s the steam that creates the pressure. It’s called thermodynamics, Link. – Yeah.
– You took that class. So did I.
– Thermodynamic means hot action in Latin. – Hot action.
– I was like, that’s the first course I
signed up for in college. – It’s also one of my favorite movies. – I was very disappointed. – I wanted to kinda make
a little game out of this. I’m gonna put a marble in there. Whoever finds it is the winner. – [Link] Okay well don’t
put it right in the top. Kinda nestle it in there. – Oh, trust me. – All right clamp that baby down. We’re gonna put it on the poultry setting which gives you a nice
15 minute pressure cook. – Okay so obviously you
have to release the pressure using the valve, we’ve already done that, so now it is safe to open
and see what happened to the ramen. (gasps) – Now we did some math
and with 12 packets, we have 792% of your daily
sodium intake in there. Is it still crunchy? – I’m gonna dump it all out here, Link. Watch yourself. – Oh. There’s a little bit more but– – Okay that’s good.
– This goes to show you there’s a little bit of,
there’s some crispy bits there that we might wanna– – It’s like it didn’t get the water. Now what are the eating utensils for this? – We’re gonna eat with these. Just ’cause they’re here and–
– Where’s that marble at? – You gotta find it. Let’s taste it first. A lot of steam. Whew. – Oh. That’s really good.
– Yeah, good. – I mean, it kinda just tastes like ramen. – Yeah, the question is, ♪ Who’s gonna find the noodle ♪ ♪ Where’s that ♪ Not noodle, oh. The round, hard noodle. – You found it?
– Got it, whoa! – (laughs) That’s what
you win, you win a bur– – Oh! – You win a burned hand. – All right, I won. (quirky music) – Say you find yourself
left for dead in the middle of a barren savanna and as
you’re butchering your dinner, you get hyena blood all over
your favorite white t-shirt and all you have at your disposal is your handy dandy Instant Pot
and a handful of Tide Pods, ’cause you would bring those
with you in the savanna. – Yeah.
– Now sure, it would make a nice hyena stew, but will the Instant
Pot clean that t-shirt? – Now, this is actually just
red wine and fake blood. No hyenas were harmed in the making of this laundry exercise.
– Whoa. – Okay. All right so you’re
throwing that in there. – I’m curious.
– And then we’ll set it up for 15 minute cook/clean? – And we hit the poultry button. ‘Cause that’s what you do
when you wanna cook a t-shirt. – Our hyenas have headed for the hills and the Instant Pot is done. Is the shirt clean? – [Rhett] Why don’t you
tong it out of there, Link? – I see some redness, some pinkiness. – It smells good. It smells clean. The water’s blue. – I mean there’s some stainage
but it seems remarkably– – Give me the other pair of tongs and I can grab the other sleeve. – Oh man. It’s fresh, now we’re gonna pull this out, we’re gonna hold it for a second and then we’re just gonna
drape it over my face just like at the barbershop. – Wow, okay I mean without
even really mixing it– – Look at that.
– It got almost all of the blood. There’s some blood there
in the middle kinda where it folded onto itself.
– Yeah. – It looks like–
– It’s rather remarkable. I mean I would not have
predicted it would have gotten this clean without any agitation, ’cause there’s nothing that
moves anything around in there. – There’s no agitation.
– There’s no agitator. – In an Instant Pot.
– Yep. – And now you just drink
just like the kids, you drink the Tide Pod water. (quirky music) – And now it’s time to
do something with slime because the internet. So what will happen when we
put the unique properties of slime into the unique
confines of an Instant Pot? – This is what slime
looks like in a package. I didn’t know. – Yeah at my house, Lando
has turned our kitchen into a slime manufacturing facility. So we don’t buy it pre-made. – Now the ingredients
in slime are white glue, water, and borax. – And the hopes and dreams
of middle schoolers. – Pretty simple. Borax is also my favorite
Dr. Suess character. – [Link] Yeah, tastes great too. – You gotta be a child to
get your hand in this thing. – Oh I’m actually starting to get it. You know, hey look at me! – Okay and water of course. I almost forgot. – I worked with Lando to
conduct his science fair project about–
– Did he win? – What ingredient, what amount
of shaving cream impacts the fluffiness of slime. – Did he win ’cause
that’s all that matters. – Everybody wins. And no one wins.
– Okay and, slime button, nope, poultry. – Now we were told that as this
one was releasing the steam, it was very gnarly and you
can see what that was like at MythicalSociety.com but
let’s see what it’s like now, right here. – See look at the top, all that residue. And then, here, maybe stir around. Is there slime in there? See if you can grab some.
– That’s not slime, man. – You’re closer, you’re taller. – Ope, ope, wope, we
got some slime remnants. – Any more of that?
– Yeah. – There’s more where that came from. Boy, this looks like fun for the kids. – Hey kids, we’ll take all
the fun out of your slime. Just give us a few minutes
and an Instant Pot. (quirky music) – Ken and Barbie have been
around for nearly 60 years. They made it through Vietnam,
the fall of the Berlin Wall, and that time La La Land
accidentally won best picture. But can they withstand
a life or death game of Barbie Beach Cruiser
chicken which catapults both of them into… – Let me guess–
– The Instant Pot! – An Instant Pot! Hi guys, I’m here in my Beach Cruiser! Come on, Ken, catch up! Oh, what did you say? I’m trying to catch up. Oh, I’m gonna do a U-turn,
did you say turn around? Oh no, Beach Cruiser chicken! (plastic whacks) Look at that.
– Woo! – Immediate impact. Wee! – We violated several laws of
physics in that demonstration. Kids, don’t pay attention. Okay we’re using the larger
eight quart Instant Pot because Barbie and Ken need their space. – Give ’em some agua. – [Rhett] I’m gonna throw
in a little water here. – What are we expecting is gonna happen? – I don’t know, I’ve got– – Barbie soup.
– High hopes though. – Mm. – Of course because it
was a game of chicken, we hit the poultry button. – [Link] (mimics motor
revving) All right it’s done. – Let’s see what happened
to our little kids in here. Our cute couple. – Okay, did it get steamy in there? – I thought it was gonna be
like a Breaking Bad situation and there was gonna be nothing
but teeth and eyeballs. – Let me pull her up out upright. Keep it decent.
– Keep it family-friendly man. – She’s having some visibility issues but she looks to be entirely in tact. I’m gonna put her up here like on the– – Can I grab Ken? Let me grab Ken with the other tongs. – I’m not trying to hit her, I’m just trying to see if she’s hot. She’s very hot. Okay get your skirt down, girl. Well she lost a shoe and she can’t see through her hair but I
thought there was gonna be some disfigurement but– – Well have you looked at
her left arm? (chuckles) because I don’t think
that’s what it looked like before the Instant Pot. – [Link] Oh my gosh, look at that. – Okay. – Barbie, I don’t know what
to say except I’m very sorry. – But look at Ken.
– But the shoe stayed perfectly in tact.
– Look at Ken. First of all, don’t make that sign, Ken. (crew laughs) We had those suspicions about you but, no reason to confirm them. – I mean he looks kind of ashamed I think because his fingers are in tact. – Yeah but his head is real loose. I almost feel like it’ll just, yeah see, it just popped right off. – Okay, she likes him better that way. He can’t talk. – So do they make Ken and Barbie
out of different materials? Is that what we’re, is
that we’ve discovered here? That seems scandalous that
Ken’s made from better plastic? – Ken’s fingers are made
from better plastic, that’s what we’ve discovered. – That sounds like something
that we could bring down the whole Barbie enterprise with. – We want a level playing field. (quirky music) In all our experiments thus
far, we’ve created pressure by rapidly heating water
within an air-tight space but what if we replaced the water with ranch dressing–
– Oh! – And what if we Instant
Potted a full pizza within that ranch dressing, and what if we got the Nobel Prize for it? – (laughs) I think we might, Link. Okay I’ve got the dough here. – Stretchy stretchy. – I’m gonna stretch this out like they do in the… – Pizza parlors. That’s good, that’s okay, now
just stretch it a little more. – Oh gosh.
– You’re making a hole. – A hole. – Lets the ranch through.
– Exactly. I’m glad you came up with a
reason when I looked at ya. (chuckling) – Okay.
– You know me, man. Reason maker. – [Rhett] Almost as good as a rain maker. – Okay and then there’s some sauce. – Uh yeah. – [Link] And then there’s some cheese. – [Rhett] Yeah that’s good. – We can’t have too much cheese, and then some pepperonis,
why don’t we take half those and then let’s do a little roni toss. Woo that’s greasy. – Okay, and– – All right Instant Pot
people, y’all watching? – Because it’s a pizza,
we hit the poultry button. – All right it’s time
for that Nobel pizza. Pop it. – Oh baby. – [Link] All the liquid
still seems to be there. – So bring that tray kinda close. – Oh goodness.
– I’m losing peppis. – Bring it, bring it!
(Rhett sighs) There we go.
– I lose some ronis. – Can you get some of the ronis? Oh yeah. – [Rhett] Maybe I can
find some more ronis. – We got some Tenderonis in there. – Wow, it looks like–
– It’s a term from the 80s. – It looks like a calzone that gave up. – Let me slice this pizza. – It smells great, first
of all, just the smell of roasted ranch.
– Yeah. – It’s everything you
would think it would be. – It doesn’t look fabulous
but it’s meant to be eaten, not to be stared at. – It kinda looks like a
partially digested pizza. That a shark ate whole.
– You’re right. We found an Instant Potted
pizza inside of this hammerhead. Let’s give it a go, warm it up. – I think this could be
a fun little exercise. You know you don’t really
have to do all of it unless you eat every single bit of it. All right, oh. It’s juicy, moist–
– Now it looks to be very hot, sir.
– Piping hot. – A little hot.
– So doughy. – I like a doughy anything really. Anything that’s undercooked. – It definitely feels
like something that– – Mm–
– Wasn’t quite done. – Mm!
– But we were hungry anyway. – Mm, I really like it for that reason. – Okay, I can’t say I
would recommend that, but I can say, I think
the most valuable thing that we learned today is
that there’s an easy way to take all the fun out of slime and there is a scandalous
conspiracy at the Barbie plant. – Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi I’m Jessie. – And I’m Sam. – And we’re from Byron Bay, Australia. – [Both] And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – Oh love the tie-in.
– That’s a non-Instant Pot. – Click the top link to
watch us play real or fake, steamy Netflix movies
in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where
the wheel’s gonna land. Listen up, the latest episode
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  1. There's nothing instant about the Instant Pot. 15 minutes to make Ramen? I can do it in a microwave in 3.

  2. We got an insta pot just like that a few months ago and got super into making tacos, like real tacos. Super delicious.

  3. …no one wants to talk about the part where Rhett said something about cramps and other unimportant stuff?

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