Putting Weird Things In A Toaster (TEST)

100 thoughts on “Putting Weird Things In A Toaster (TEST)

  1. the brave little toaster was one messed up movie. I watched it recently and I was like, damn, this is dark.

  2. 14:16 Did Emma name several of her snakes after Sailor Scouts or just the planets? I love snakes, so cool!

  3. My brother thinks that the toaster belongs in the fridge, which my mom has come home to witness many times. The other day I came home to it in the microwave.

    My brother is 12

  4. **at the store**
    Clerk: what are you guys buying 10 toasters for?
    Rhett and Link: eyeing each other nervously uhhh we really like toast?

  5. Rhett: we’re doing this so you don’t have to. Don’t do this at home
    Me, shoving a tube of toothpaste into a toaster: dang it

  6. To succeed in popping the popcorn in the toaster, you need to put some butter or some kind of oil in the toaster.

  7. Fun fact: my dad wouldn’t let me eat pop rocks when I was a kid because he thought it would make my stomach explode 😂😂

  8. They should’ve experimented with making like aluminum foil bag/boxes to cook the stuff in or those packs you can eat to toast panini’s and stuff in!! The cheese probably would’ve worked good in those!! Then it’d be more realistic and practical and serious lol.

  9. Idea for patent natcho cheeze toaster melter where it melts the cheese and funnles it over natchos o wait they already have that XD

  10. I can only imagine what their tax guy must go through each year.
    “So you’re saying these 19 toasters were a business expense?”

  11. Woke up drinking coffee eating a pop tart ironically, as usual watching rhett & link then choked when the toaster went up in flames 🤣🤣🤣 LOVE GMM!!

  12. In middle school I tried a hack that I saw which was to put the toaster on its side then put bread with cheese on it cheese side up in the toaster and uh, the toaster caught on fire.

  13. Watches video, looks away for a few minutes reading an article. Comes back at 9:30 to see a weird manichin arm and they are doing it's nail. WTF AM I WATCHING? This isn't even true to the title.

  14. Idea to make a container for the cheese for the toaster so you can melt the cheese in there so it dosent get everywhere

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