81 thoughts on “Putting Weird Things In A Meat Grinder

  1. Funny I live on the Big Island 😉🐋🐬🦈🐡🦑🦑🦀🦀🐠🐟🦋🌴🌴🌴🍍🍍🍍🥭🥭🥑🥥🍄🍄🍄❤💛💚🖤

  2. Imagine the parents of these ants just waiting for them to come home but they’re being grined by Rhett and link

    Lucky them

  3. Of course the ants gonna stay the same, there are no nano teeth and other squishing stomping pressure mechanisms Again, they've engineers degree 🤣

  4. Barbie— Not real. Real women can be autonomous AND like their men. Y’all just keep going further down that rabbit hole!

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