Putting Weird Things In A Coffee Maker (TEST)

Putting Weird Things In A Coffee Maker (TEST)

– What happens when you put
hot sauce in a coffee maker? – Let’s talk about that. (theme music) (fire breathing) – Good mythical morning. – It is back to mythicality
week and in honor of that we wanna bring back a
recent fan favorite segment. A couple of months ago we
decided to take an ordinary water filter and put things
inside of it that were not water just to see what would happen. – There’s no fizz. – There’s no carbonation.
There’s very little color. That’s the Dew, that’s the Dew, Bro. Bro, that’s just the Dew. – Yeah, we did the Dew
and discovered stuff. – Yes, and you guys left so
many comments recommending other liquids for us to
try, that we’re going to do a part two to that episode soon, so keep those ideas coming. – But before we do that, we
realized that there is an entire world of appliances just
waiting to be experimented with and so today, we’re gonna
use another appliance in a way it was never intended to be used. Y’know, for science. – And that appliance is a coffee maker. It’s time for: putting things
in things, coffeemaker edition – Now, we’re not officially
recommending that you try any of this yourself
because it can ruin a perfectly good coffee
maker, but as with many things on this show, we do it
so you don’t have to. – [Both] Round one. – I’ve always thought the
one thing a coffee maker was missing was hot meat,
that’s why we’re gonna replace the coffee grounds with
raw beef. Look at that Link. – Okay so we’re talking hamburger meat. – You wanna taste it to
confirm? That it’s raw? – Ah, no, I can look at
it and tell that it’s raw. – Okay, so break it up,
so that we don’t just put one big globule in there, you know, make it as coffee bean like as possible. – Oh, really small you think? – Well, I mean, you know… I’ll help you out. – That’s a lot of beef going in there. – It’s four hands, handling
hot meat, don’t want raw beef. – The beef in the coffee
maker is the best beef. – Okay, and also I have
some salt and pepper because, you know, why not? – [Link] Oh, whoa, that’s a lot! – No, no, no man it’s
gonna all be filtered out. – And then we’re using
the standard aqua, H20. Filling that up there. And closing that. And activate. (clock ticking) – [Rhett] Okay, I think
it is fully brewed. – Okay, it’s kinda foggy,
so let’s just take it out and take a look at, oh gosh, there’s still a little drippage there. Is it pink? That is cloudy. – [Rhett] Ah, it’s light brown. – [Link] I mean, is this
just raw meat juice? – It’s not raw, it’s
been cooked, I believe. – Has it? You believe. – Open it up and look at the meat. – [Link] Oh gosh, yes. – [Rhett] Whoa there’s still a lot of… – [Link] All the meat cooked. – You have a fork or something? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. It
made a friggen brain! It made a burger. – How did it all come…
it all congealed back, oh but there’s still rawness. Is this where the raw meat was kept? You just put it right back
into where the raw meat was, that’s why there’s raw meat in there, you put it right back into the same place. – Burger! But this isn’t the test. This is a byproduct, that’s the product. – Hot beef water. – It’s got a lot of floaties.
I mean I would think it’s just like good broth, right? – Well, let’s find out. (crew laughter) – It’s good! It’s good, man. – I think I’m just a little worried. – I think it’s got a pinkish hue, which means were just eating beef run-off. – I just don’t know if it’s safe. – It’s not the most
appetizing thing to look at, but I think this is great if you’re sick, or want to get sick. – [Both] Round two. – Here we have a crap load
of Frank’s Red Hot sauce, their slogan, not a sponsor, is, “put that (censor noise) on
anything.” Or everything? Something like that ,
they ain’t paying us, so I ain’t getting the slogan right. But can you put it through anything? Including a coffee maker.
So let’s throw the… – Yeah, so we’re using just
regular old coffee grounds. – We’re basically making
coffee with hot sauce. Which is smart? Stupid? Little of both? Who knows? Let’s find out. (booping noises) – I’m interested to see if
the hot sauce will actually work it’s way through this,
cause this is a little thicker than water. – Oh, you mean through the
veins of the coffee maker? – The veins, specifically. Well,
blood is thicker than water and so is hot sauce. – We’ll find out eventually. (clock ticking) – That’s a lot of vapors. – That’s not… that’s
smoke I can smell it. It’s burning. Something has become… – [Link] What is it burning though? – [Rhett] I don’t know. (coughing) – I think we may have
ruined this coffee maker. – It’s a freaking fire hazard, man. – [Rhett] Okay, I’m cutting that off. – Now, that is bright orange,
let’s bring in the glasses. The question is, what’s
gonna be the flavor profile between coffee flavor and hot sauce? Cause it looks so orange, but… – There’s little grounds
in there, you can see ’em. It kind of just looks like V8. – [Link] I can see a few
coffee grounds floating in it so that tells me there’s
probably gonna be… – That’s a good even pour, man. – Thank you. – Where’d you learn that? – It’s intuitive. – Uh, but it didn’t change
the color of the hot sauce it didn’t make it brown. – It’s like hot coffee, this
is officially hot coffee in both senses of the word. Now again, you don’t want to
burn yourself so go in gingerly (sipping noises) (exclaiming) (crew laughing) – There’s something pleasing about it. – The hot sauce is dominating. – You have to listen
for it as you taste it just listen for the coffee. – There’s a coffee aftertaste. – Yes, it’s like, “I thought
I was eating hot sauce, “must’ve been coffee.” – This may be a good idea
to then put it on hot wings but to drink it out of a
coffee mug, there’s not enough of a coffee component
for this to be viable. – It gives your hot sauce
a hint of coffeeness, which if you’re into that kind of thing and you wanna go through
a coffee maker a day… – Cause, you can rub a chicken
with coffee, can’t you? – Cause we definitely, we broke this. – [Both] Round three. – Well pizza is good hot
or cold, and so is coffee so in theory replacing
coffee grounds with pizza should work, in theory. – Let’s put it into practice. – Just gonna do some rippity-do-dah. – Gimme half on this, see the
smaller piece that you make the more likely it is to infuse. – I dropped a little of my sausage. – Imma put the sausages in there. Okay and we’re just
using regular water here. – This could transform your
morning, it really could I have high hopes for pizza water. – Activate. (clock ticking) – Okay, hot pizza water, coming
right up! Line up, people. – Well, it doesn’t have a lot of color. – It’s a bit beige-ish. See if I got it even.
Nope, nope. There we go. I don’t wanna slight you, Rhett. – Yeah, since I’m gonna
finish it, definitely. – Okay, so let’s take a sniff. Oh, it smells like a pizza. – You know like pizza flavored things. – Dink it. – And sink it. – The pizza smell is so
strong, that you expect it to taste strong, but it’s very weak. – You know what, if you
drank this whole thing you could fool yourself into thinking you had eaten pizza like three hours ago. That could be a diet!
“You want any more pizza?” “No, no, no. I had it
three hours ago, I think.” No it was just hot pizza water. – Let’s take a look at
this, oh my goodness There’s not that much water in here… – Take that plate and let’s dump it. – Because a lot of the water
was soaked up by the… I don’t want to burn myself.
There’s too much water to dump. – Really? Let me just. Oh
look at that, it’s pizza soup. Oh, that’s not gonna be bad, right? (blowing) (laughter) – But it is going to be hot. – It tastes like somebody
with a really bad fever digested the pizza (laughs)
you know I’m saying like they made it hot.
– they what? They made it hot. – They made it hot because of their fever. – This is much better than
the beef broth from earlier so if you’re choosing between the two to ruin your coffee maker, use the pizza. – [Both] Round four. – Cereal, it’s the innards
of every good bowl god and I think we’ve got a good idea. We’re gonna put Cinnamon Toast
Crunch is a coffee filter. – And then, straight up milk – You know it! This has to be a good idea. – If this isn’t good I’m going to physically hurt this coffee maker. – Fire it up man, I can barely wait. (clock ticking) Alright let’s taste it, man. – You take it. – Alright I’ll pour it
since it’s on sideways here. Now there’s not a lot of brownness. – No there’s not. If any at all, really. But I choose to believe it has the essence of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in it. – There’s more for later, look. All right. – You made a little bit of a mess there. – Dink it. – And sink it. Oh, the smell. – Wow, it’s milder than
I thought it would be. – I feel like I’d wanna
run it through again, with fresh Cinnamon Toast Crunch, cause that would be worth my time. – Oh, you wanna double run it? – You know like two or three times, I think you could do it all day and then at night you could
have something real good. – So when you’ve finished a
bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and you’re left with that milk, this is not what we’re experiencing. We’re experiencing something that… You could down multiple glasses of this without compromising your integrity. Look at that soup. – Grab a spoon. – Let’s just put it on the
table here so we can see… – Put it into that bowl,
that bowl was clean right? Or right there, that’s good.
This is where the party is at. Can I have a spoon? – I’m getting this for you. There you go. Here’s what I think we’re on to, a lot of people don’t like
coffee but they’re missing out on the entire coffee shop experience. Or if they go they order
like, “hot chocolate.” I think, you dedicate a whole
area, Starbuck, to this. – Well, hold on. No, no, no. – Running milk through coffee makers… – You didn’t taste it.
– With cereals. – Because what’s the third
word in Cinnamon Toast Crunch? – Well it’s crunch, don’t
make me looks stupid. (laughter) – Well it was an easy one, and tell me what that doesn’t have. – Cinnamon Toast Limp. – Yeah, I never thought the crunch was so important til I had that. – This is not what it’s
about, this is offage, man. This is bringing everybody
into the coffee shop. – I do recommend this,
as like a holiday treat. – Gather your friends
around the Yuletide cheer. – Yeah, for people who
aren’t into eggnog, and… People who are scared of eggnog. – Oh, but it ain’t over. – [Both] Round five. – Under no circumstances should
orange juice and toothpaste go together, which is why we’re putting them together in a coffee maker. – Cause maybe that’ll make
all the world of difference. – Take one of these and
let’s just squeeze-ify. – Get it all man. – You gonna do the roll? – No I’m just doing the squeeze ‘n pinch. Now what I like to do, is
I like to save these tops these special tops and then
I buy the cheaper toothpaste and I put this on it so it’s
got a quicker open and shut. – Are you making that up? – No, man. – (laughs) “No, man, I’m
actually that crazy.” – And now, orange juice.
Oh, this was already on. – Yeah, I thought I’d prime it for you. So anxious for this one. (clock ticking) – Okay we got a carafe full of what appears to be orange juice. – Hot orange juice, with a
little sud in it. Little suds. That’s from the toothpaste. – Okay, man. – I think it may just make
it taste a little tangy. – Yeah, it might just
spritz it up a little bit. Dink it. – And sink it. – Now watch yourself. Nothing, except hot orange juice. – Let it take it’s course. – Then you breathe in
– Oh! – A little refreshment. – Yeah, it’s not bad. – My first note
– Hot orange juice – is good. Second note… – Why is that not a thing? Is hot orange juice not a thing? – It’s now a thing, man. – Seriously, hot orange juice
just straight up. Do that. Second, put toothpaste in it. – (laughs) look what we discovered – Breaking grounds – Alright here’s what you do now, go into the comments and
leave your idea for what you’d like to see us put
through a coffee maker the next time we do that. We’re
gonna do that, we’re gonna do water filter, we’re
gonna do some other stuff. – All that stuff, in the
mean time thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi Rhett and Link, I’m Nico. – And I’m Gem. – And we’re from Sydney, Australia. And we’re about to do our own
coffee taste test right now but for the mean time, it’s time to spin – The Wheel of Mythicality. – Good luck. – That’s the mythical spirit – Click the top link to watch us try the strongest coffee in the
world and read mail with Jen in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where
The Wheel of Mythicality is going to land. – [Voiceover] It’s a
sketchbook. It’s a notebook. It’s a snotebook. Get yours
now at mythical.store.

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