100 thoughts on “Pumpkin Spice Snack Taste Test

  1. Certain spices need to be cooked for them to taste good. Pumpkin Spice and Nutmeg are a couple. Tasting it raw is weird.

  2. Not all “pumpkin pie” is made from pumpkin but it can be and is very good if you do it right. Making it from pumpkin isn’t a new idea

  3. The good vibes in this episode… IDK. They've had a few outbursts towards each other in the past few episodes. It feels like the calm before the storm.

  4. I will bet my nuts that these "Horse Treats" are derived from the classic Danish christmas cookie "Pebernødder" literally meaning "Pepper Nuts"

  5. I love the pumpkin spice stuff it’s so weird cause I literally went back watched will it pumpkin spice and you guys should do a will it pumpkin spice reheated

  6. whatttttttt $14 for 1 pack of pumpkin spiced english muffins… that is ridiculous, original muffins are like 3 bucks at local grocery store…..

  7. You guys have such great one liners and back and forth moments 😂😂 idk if you’ve don’t this or not but I feel like at some point y’all should do some sort of competition about them, like a “did I say that?” challenge where you have to guess who said what or a fill in the blanks or try to guess what was going on or something….idk, I just feel like there’s a LOT of good material that needs to be truly re-appreciated 😝

  8. I have had pumpkin flavored frosted mini wheats before. they are delicious, but
    they don't taste like pumpkin pie spice. they taste like regular frosted mini wheats.

  9. It’s called pumpkin spice bcus it’s the spice mix you put into pumpkin pies…………………. it’s called PUMPKIN….. SPICE…..

  10. "We know pumpkin pie isn't made with pumpkin"
    What degenerate pie have you been eating?
    i have made dozens of pumpkin pies, I have never made one without pumpkin, nor have I ever seen one made without it.

  11. "we know that pumpkin pie isn't made from pumpkin" … Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don't know what kind of hellish pie you eat, but we make ours with canned pumpkin.

  12. Wait, people don't know pumpkin spice is a collection of spices for use with pumpkin bakery items and not spice made from pumpkins?

  13. I love Link's ability to eat animal treats normally. This episode was full of so many fun moments! Silly quotes, good stories. I loved it! Thanks so much for making it

  14. Also why do horses speak German if their history of domestication originated from the Arabians? From what I've been told by people who own or make a living working with horses.

  15. Lmao the horse treats come from the feed mill in my hometown and I never knew they had such a thing but I still feel attacked that y’all didn’t like them 😂😂😂

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