Psych of a Guy Who Doesn’t Ask Out | Love Playlist | Season3 – EP.02 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Where is Jun Mo? I know too… that I’m a moron. Hey, Jun Mo! (2018 UmUmUm Emergency Contacts) This isn’t the time to make
an emergency contact list. -Your life is an emergency!
-Why? Why? (Jun Mo’s Story) (Love Playlist,
Season 3, Episode 2) You have amazing stamina,
Jae In. You drank until this morning, yet you’re still making it
to your first class. I know. Do Young, thanks for covering
last night’s roll call. Whenever you spend the night
with your boyfriend, I’ll cover for you too. My boyfriend? Why? You’ve flirted with her
for a whole year? Does that make sense? You still didn’t ask her out? It’s not like guys should always
ask girls out first. I guess you’re right. But do you really think Do Young will ask you out first? No, forget that. She doesn’t even talk that much
usually. I know. But I can’t do it. I don’t know how I should start
at which timing. I’m totally lost. How does everyone express
their feelings? Whenever I’m with you,
I always become a coward. Jun Mo, you idiot. You pretended to be busy
dating all the time. You weren’t even dating then. Can’t you just keep flirting? That’s possible. Why not? But if you’re going
to keep flirting, you can’t do anything
for the other person or receive anything either. You can’t get mad or feel upset. Both of you don’t have
that right. That’s not true. Me and Ha Neul get mad at each other
and feel upset all the time. So just admit that you two
are dating then. Goodness. I told you
we’re not like that. This is 100 percent friendship. I don’t care if Ha Neul
drinks all night with a girl from his department. I don’t care if Pu Reum goes on a blind date
seven times. I think I really did go on
seven blind dates. How did you know that? Are you like that too?
Is it okay if Do Young drinks with another guy
and goes on blind dates? No! That’s unacceptable! So even if you think
there’s not much to dating, it all has a meaning. I’ll help you. Just do as I say. First of all, send this text to her. Do Young, can you translate this
since you major in English? I want to have a more
serious relationship with you. I want to have a more serious
relationship with you. Right. That’s what I want to say
to you. (Do Young has left
the chatroom.) Are you insane? Why not? It could go well. Since Do Young’s major
is English Literature, he should ask her out
by using English too. Do you think I’m stupid? Or… Do Young, I love you.
Will you go out with me? Hey. Girls totally hate
those types of events. I’m already frustrated enough, and these guys aren’t being
helpful at all. Guys, stop kidding around. Okay, fine. Hey. I have a real tip for you. Buy her something to eat
every day. Then your feelings for
each other will grow naturally. Check this out. Do you know So Yoon and Ji Hye? They always ask me
if I can buy them lunch. My goodness, you poor thing. Do Young always wants to
split the bill with me. Does that mean
she doesn’t like me? Gosh, listen. Just ignore everything
they’re saying. Jun Mo, just do as I say. You have to set the right mood
when you ask her out. Watch a romantic movie
late at night. You can ask her out then. Or, when you’re walking her home and when you both don’t want to
go home, ask her then. If not that, you can have
a drink with her and tell her. I always trusted Jae In,
but she’s not helping either. What is it? Don’t tell me you’ve already tried
all of that. Yes. Do Young, do you want to watch
“Ruby Sparks” today? Jun Mo, I don’t usually watch
romance movies at the theater. I have something to say… Do Young. Do Young. You did a good job today,
Do Young. You too. We’re all here. Thank you for walking me home,
Jun Mo. It’s alright.
I enjoyed walking with you. Come on, we’re late. Do Young… Jun Mo, it’s almost time
for my curfew. -I have to go.
-Okay. Good night. That’s right. I’m the one who should
ask her out. How can they possibly help me? Hey. Isn’t Do Young coming
to our club get-together tomorrow night? Yes. After getting off
her part-time job. Really? Then we’ll set the mood for you. Okay. Um Um Um!
(*The name of the club) It’s been a long time. On top of that, I made another stupid mistake. -Over here.
-Hey. Good evening. You’re already here. You came too. Yes. I called him. Hey, I should come too
since I’m a club member. Why? I can’t be here
since I’m a returning student? Of course not. This is Dong Min Kim
from the class of 14. -Hi.
-Hello. -Hi.
-Hello. Hello. Hey, where’s the bathroom? It’s outside, around the corner. Okay, thanks. -Darn you!
-Are you crazy? Why him, out of all people? Why? He’s our senior,
so I thought I should call him. Why do you guys hate Dong Min
so much? That jerk Dong Min chases girls
all the time and I know many girls
who cried because of him. Hey. He’s notorious in the
Business Management Department. All the girls fall for Dong Min
so easily, but he dumps them
for another girl soon. What’s wrong with that?
It means he’s good with girls. That’s not the end of it. He even spreads bad rumors
about his ex-girlfriends. He’s trash. Calm down. Still, he’s a senior of our club so let’s treat him with respect.
It’s all in the past. Hey. Don’t you even have brains? What’s wrong with you?
He’s our senior. -You know, right?
-I do. -You didn’t know?
-I didn’t. Hey, Do Young. Why didn’t I think of that? That Dong Min’s next target… might have been you. Hi. How are you coming in together? -Oh.
-Oh. Was she in our club too?
No wonder. We were headed towards
the same table. Yes. She’s Do Young from the
English Literature Department. Oh, Do Young. Hi. I’m Dong Min Kim
from the class of 14. Hello. I’m Do Young Kim
from the class of 17. Do Young, there’s an empty seat
next to Pu Reum. Okay. I didn’t expect… to see such a pretty girl
in our club. It’s nice to meet you, Do Young. Guys, why don’t we play a game?
Let’s play. Okay. Sure, let’s play a game. Let’s play Soo Jeong’s favorite
random game! -The number game. 1!
-2. -3.
-You two have to drink. Let’s play the spelling game! -G and J!
-Gam Ja(Potato). -H and S.
-Hoi Sa(Office). -Hak Saeng(Student).
-Hong Shi(Persimmon). -Ho Su(Lake).
-Wi-Fi, Hak Sa(Undergraduate). (*Wi-Fi: When it’s too far to
reach, shouting it is accepted.) -Wi-Fi, Hwa Sa(Bright).
-Wi-Fi, Ha Sa(Staff Sergeant). Drink up! Keep drinking, bottoms up! We don’t have time to waste. But… it seems like Do Young
hardly drank. You must be very good at games. I guess I’m not bad at it. I like girls who are good
at games. I felt worried and frustrated and thought about
taking you outside. But honestly… what could I possibly do? I’m not even your boyfriend. (College Club Association) Hello? I didn’t know the girls in here
were so pretty. You’re very handsome too. You have a knack for
flattering people. I mean it. They call guys
like you a “Face Genius”. In short, an FG! Thank you. A Face Genius? Do Young. Since we’re in the same club, let’s be good friends
from now on. Okay. Do Young, there’s something
on your face. Is it food? I can do it. Okay. Yes. She’s in your department. Do Young Kim,
from the class of 17. Does she have a boyfriend? Should I make a move? Hey, what’s wrong
with a returning student? Returning students are
way more popular nowadays. We completed
our military service. Forget it. Have fun in the army. Talk to you later. All the girls fall for Dong Min
so easily, but he dumps them
for another girl soon. I know many girls
who cried because of him. I like girls who are good
at games. Should I make a move? If you’re going to
keep flirting, you can’t do anything
for the other person or receive anything either. You can’t get mad or feel upset. Both of you don’t have
that right. Do Young. I don’t know much about dating. I just want to protect you and do nice things for you. I want to get angry at guys
who try to flirt with you. But… if that’s possible only when I’m your boyfriend… Do Young. Be my girlfriend. Okay. I just got goosebumps. (The best timing
to express your feelings) (is ‘right now’.) You mean you two
aren’t dating yet? Well… Jun Mo keeps preparing to ask me out,
but he hesitates in the end. I kept waiting. He might feel upset if I ask
him first, don’t you think? Seriously, both of you are
so frustrating. But I’m just thinking about
asking him out first. Good idea. Hey, wait. I asked my ex-boyfriend out
first too. But every time he had a chance, he teased me about it. You should wait a bit longer.
Let me take care of it for you.

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