Pros and Cons of ⚓  for Podcasting

Pros and Cons of ⚓ for Podcasting

I’m so glad you joined me today in this
video I’m going to talk to you about using anchor for your podcast you need
to know that there’s some pros and there’s some cons. so thanks me today if this is your first time here my name is ileane and you can actually find me over
on anchor at that’s I L E A N E and today i want to talk to
you about the pros and cons of using anchor for your podcast i gotta tell you
guys i have been having a ton of fun over on anchor anchor is a really active
and engaging platform where you can start to build a podcast you can post
five-minute segments if you want you can add background music they have a
selection of about 20 tracks i want to take a second to say hi to my friend
Tish se she’s here hey Tish how are you great to see you today as always my dear
and we’re gonna have some hash tag Eileen fun and so you can post the
five-minute segments like I said you have about 20 different background
tracks to choose from and I see Larry snow is here and barb T is here as well
so let me just take a minute guys to share the chatroom with you since all of
my friends are coming in and I always like to give a shout out and give some
props to the folks that are here hi hi hi Barty larry snow and Tish Rosales
okay so let me get back to talking a little bit more about anger
like I said you can add those background tracks to your voice if you wish the
choices are you can do like an upbeat kind of music you can do a mellow
laid-back type of music and my friend Dave Jackson from the school of
podcasting is in the house hey Dave how are you um Dave don’t um get ahead of me
don’t rush me I said this is pros and cons can I talk about the cons first I
mean the pros first I’m sorry Dave threw me off guys I’m gonna talk about the
pros first and then even after I talk about the cons I’m gonna give you a
workaround because you need to have a back-up plan okay so so let’s get back
into it all right so you can also call-in to
other people’s stations so not just can you create that content for yourself
with five minute segments which can be later strung together if you want to
create an even longer podcast episode they can all be added up together but
people can call-in to your station they can ask you questions they can respond
to your question they can give you feedback they can just say hi they have
a 1 minute window of recording now what I find with sites just like even here on
YouTube Facebook there’s always people who are just a little timid and they are
not ready to actually broadcast themselves but they want to contribute
they want to be part of the community well one thing that anchor has launched
is the ability to have discussions which is basically a commenting board within
each of your episodes and if you liked the comment or if the comment is really
adding to the segment that you just recorded you can click a button and that
comment will pop up and it’ll be a timed pop-up that oh comma
so that when people are listening to your segments they’ll see that this
comment came up that maybe that person said hey I agree with you or you know
you make a good point or you know have you thought about the other side so
whatever they’re saying so this is a great opportunity and this is one of the
reasons why I really like the platform because it’s an opportunity for folks
who are just a little shine they just haven’t come out of their shell yet or
for whatever reason they decide that they’re not ready to comment like for
example today in case you haven’t noticed is hashtag super choose Saturday
right so I was in the hair salon this morning there was a bunch of kids in
there the salon was really full today and I was listening to some segments and
there was a girl who was kind of new to the platform and she was saying I really
wish she would call in and tell me what you think about the plaque but I
couldn’t call in but I could leave her a comment and say hey I can’t call him
right now because it’s noisy here but I will call him later and I did eventually
when I got home I called in to her station so it’s it’s a really it’s a
neat platform it’s really a social media platform it’s all the things that you
really wish Twitter could be in terms of engagement and conversation yeah there’s
that you have what they call a carousel and you know what I’m going to really
quickly see who else has just arrived over in the comment section and then I’m
going to take you over to the platform really quickly as well so let’s go over
and see who else is here and read some more of the comments okay so Dave
apologize for trying to rush me and my hash technologists Tish has given me the
Eileen super cute Saturday thing okay so we got all the folks here I must have
got Dave’s attention I’m not sure how I got his attention but Dave Jackson is in
the house okay so now let’s just take a look at the platform really quickly so
here is what we call the carousel all right I’m on
homepage and I can scroll around these are all the stations that I’ve favored
it so we’re not going to listen to anybody station right now but one of the
neat things that I like about is down at the bottom you see the blue little dot
that’s right next to the Bell that’s where you click one you’ll see all the
notifications people have applauded that’s another thing another way that
people can give you feedback they can just clap
you know remember blab right when you could give somebody props you just tap
on the screen and so they kind of brought that back as well and you know
you’ll also see when people have commented ray there’s applauds let’s see
that’s great somebody’s set there now I see that Rachel has come over and listen
to just about everything I posted in the last 24 hours
because your station stays active for 24 hours if you wanted to stay longer you
make it an episode which would be your podcast
okay so here’s people applauding commenting calling in now for call ins
is a feature that you’ll see right here where there’s the plus symbol oh there’s
my girl tachi I definitely got to give her a shout out hey tachi she listened
to all my stuff and it gave me a nice comments and applause now here’s where
you can do an interview that’s another topic that will cover it later on I
don’t want to spend too much time on that right now you can add music tracks
those would be from your phone the Spotify or the Apple music that you have
on your phone and enter lose are just little I guess you could just call them
little clips and here’s where my list of Colin’s where people have called in left
me messages see for example my friend Simon he let me let me know right up
front this is private this is just between you and I so this way you can
communicate with someone and it could just be a private conversation in fact
of there’s one girl and you I snow her Antoinette she’s in my
Facebook group of she is the Delaware blogger I’m going to stop the
screenshare she and I we you know we have this connection but we hardly ever
really talk but we’ve been almost like talking on the phone with going back and
forth with our anchor conversations even though others are listening in as well
but we’re like hey girl what are you up to this weekend and you know we just
going back and forth with banter so it’s a fantastic social network when you’ve
decided that now I’ve recorded all these segments just give you a little bit of
the lingo you’ve got your five minute segments you’ve got your one minute call
lens maybe through in an interlude or two here or there then you can take
those segments and turn them into an episode for your podcast now one more
thing is the Web Clipper and I showed the web clipper before but
I just want to do it really quickly because I think those web clipper is
another thing that really sets anchor apart in terms of the things that you
can do with your content all right so first what I needed to do was turn down
the volume which I forgot to do but I did that just now so here’s the Web
Clipper now because I’m logged in already if I have audio on my computer I
can upload audio so I can upload up to a five minute track and add it into my
broadcast that can be not just a pre-recorded clip from maybe I did a
Facebook live or I did you know an Instagram story or a periscope or
something and I have it saved on my computer now I can repurpose that
content okay would be an old episode of the
podcast but just remember five minute segments however when you use that Web
Clipper it really seamlessly ties those segments together so that even if you
wanted to add a background track so you upload this let’s say you had a 15
minutes piece of all you upload it you drag the Clipper into
five minute segments you can add that background music if you want and then
when it plays back it plays back seamlessly like a 15-minute segment so
the 5-minute limitation is only when you’re on your phone okay and also a lot
of times you want to just keep your station going you want to engage people
you can use the scheduler because like I said your segments will go away after 24
hours people won’t be able to hear them your episodes will be there but your
segments go away after 24 hours so you just want to make sure your station
stays active you can use the scheduling feature you can also pull in videos and
it will extract the audio you can also use a URL of a YouTube video I mean
really that Web Clipper is dynamite that’s a whole video all in itself in
fact I’ve done a couple videos about the Web Clipper I just didn’t post them up
on YouTube so if you want them just let me know leave a comment if you’re
watching this in a replay so really quickly before I move into the cons and
I give you the workaround mmm my voice crack and I give you the workaround let
me go over to the chat that’ll also give me a chance to take a simple border and
I know Dave Jackson is over there biting his tongue just be patient mr.
Jackson I’m gonna get to the cons in a minute all right so let’s see what we
have here okay Anker is more social than most mainstream networks absolutely and
it’s still relatively small which I like exactly
it’s still relatively small Larry is another reason why I like it it’s easy
like I’m in the top 100 one day I didn’t post that much and I was back into the
top 500 and I was like oh no let me get back up there okay and then barb is
saying Tish oath just saying hi to everyone tisha saying great Larry I’ll
listen to your segment I didn’t hear Larry’s post a segment yet
but we’re going to this is what I should follow for my
company theme song right and you mentioned blab and we know how that
ended it was free – yes yes yes yes yes but with that said and I’m glad you said
that Dave because guess what almost everyone in this room now with the
exception of Dave Jackson I met on blab so platforms do not keep us from each
other when we want to be connected with each other am i right so if there’s a
platform where you can go out there and Dave always says find your target
audience and go where they are right so if you know your target audience may be
hanging out on anchor don’t worry about whether they’re going to shut down or
not cuz they probably will one day if they don’t do a monetization really
quickly I think they’re smart enough that they have a monetization figured
out and that’s gonna be part of my cons and I guess that’s my segue to get over
there but before I do that and since Dave told me to preach I’m
gonna preach and we’re in YouTube Church right Tish where’s my hash tag the the
platform’s do not define the relationships that you make okay like
for example I’m gonna give everybody an example that you can really relate to
because a lot of people probably like might never thought anything a blab
anyway but what about Google+ Google+ used to be a super thriving community
over there and it’s still there and you know what I think Google just can’t let
it go because they just know how many people just have so much invested in it
but there are still really thriving niche communities over there but those
folks are hopefully that they’re not they know that the best thing they can
do is also make sure they’re connected with people in other words you know
build your email list and all a lot of people don’t want to be
bothered with emails but you’ve got Facebook where hopefully that’s not
going away I’ve got YouTube Thank You YouTube so
Google’s not all bad but oh my point here is don’t let the platform or the
fact that you think the platform might go away stop you because I’m gonna tell
you what you need to do to future-proof yourself and your content future-proof
your content okay so that you don’t have to worry
let’em shut down they can shut down all they want bye it was fun
have a nice life right okay so now we got to get into the cons sure for Dave
Jess it has a fit over there okay so here we go the number one kind and Oh
for this I’m gonna go back to the screen share really quickly because I want you
to see what happens when you’re on my anchor page let’s go back to my anchor
homepage okay sorry so it tells people ok people come to my anchor dot F M /
Ilene page it tells people that they can start their own thinking because the app
is on iPhone and it’s on Android okay don’t and want also iPad and all that
every eye device if you want to listen to my podcast you can listen to it on
Apple podcast and on the google play music all right now you’ll probably get
more listeners on Apple but then again you’ll never know because guess what you
don’t get you don’t get those stats and the reason you won’t get those stats is
because anchor and essence has submitted your podcast to iTunes so you say okay
well that’s good fun I was hoping somebody would submit my podcast I to us
alright because I’m in the podcast to iTunes I’m sounds like a really hard and
Technic thing right but the thing is when they
submit that podcast to iTunes there’s a little thing with iTunes that connect
you to your show and that’s your email address that’s the way the Apple has to
get in touch with you as the owner of the podcast but because you’re not
submitting the podcast anchor is so that podcast in essence belongs to them and
yes you’re using their platform to create the content you can really you
can’t do it without them right but by the same token you also can’t go in
there if you want to make changes you do have to go through anchor and when Apple
releases those stats that they’re going to release in the fall with the next
version of iOS and all that you won’t get access to those stats because the
show is literally owned by anchor okay so that’s something to think about now
like I said this is pros and cons so for those of you who never had a podcast we
were completely afraid of the tech and we’re like oh my god I got a radula
chord then what’s an RSS feed I thought no one I can’t do a podcast and then you
found anchor and you’re like wait all I got to do is talking to the thing and
then tell them that’s a minute okay I’ll do that
great this is fantastic because there’s getting getting you your first podcast
it’s getting you the away from the tech it’s making it so that you don’t have to
worry about the tech at all all you have to do is have an image and
upload it to your profile and type in a name for your show that’s it no and
record your episodes okay so wait I have more cons but I see the chat moving so I
better check in and see oh I got a feeling that there’s some comments going
on over there that may add to this conversation okay so on my hashtag
ologists which is Tish has given me an hashtag anchors aweigh Eileen Anchors
Aweigh Dave I don’t want to rush you if there are more pros
keep them coming okay there wait a minute okay I’m sorry I got to go back
right here we go I’m curious concerned about copyright
issues with bringing in someone else’s YouTube content on anchor okay good
point Larry oh oh let’s do let’s address that one right now there’s no problem
with bringing the content in one anchor for people an anchor to listen to the
content it’s just like you post a youtube link on Twitter you’re sharing
it for people to listen to it on the app does that mean you can add it as an
episode of your podcast not I nope it doesn’t give you the opportunity to do
that now the app may allow you to do that but that doesn’t mean that Apple’s
not going to kick you out of iTunes so with a podcast you need to know that the
material needs to be your material now somebody calls in to your station
they’re giving you that content because the folks that are on anchor know that
when you do a call-in if you’re giving that content to that creator and that
everybody’s on there to create podcasts well some people don’t create podcasts
but in general that’s the point of it is to create a podcast so it’s just like
when you’re being interviewed on somebody’s show you know that you gave
them that content so I play YouTube videos
you know I use the youtube link and pull in that entire video from the Web
Clipper but I would never post that on my podcast that’s just an segment not an
episode a segment for the people who are on anchor to listen to now if someone
else goes and does that and puts it up on iTunes or Google Play then more than
likely their podcast they’ll I don’t know if they’ll get a nasty letter over
at anchor because remember that person won’t have that connection with Apple
Apple won’t know that is Jane Doe they mason anchor and nasty Graham I don’t
know how that’s the other thing about giving up control that’s another one of
the cons but you don’t have to worry about just playing the music for people
who are listening to it once the app because like I said that’s just like
sharing and on Facebook sharing it on Twitter what’s the difference right okay
so that’s a great question Larry always has say so thoughtful love to pieces
okay and Larry says I use anger to repurpose
my content so I’m not worried about my content disappearing wonderful that’s
part of the workaround Larry but I’m doing it the other way around okay so
wait hang on for a second oh the king of blazes is here too okay Dave said he
didn’t want to rush me and if I have more prose and now I’m gonna have more
prose – Dave I guess as this conversation goes along anger is
exploding in a good way if anybody wants to come in the room let me know and I am
connected with most of you guys over on Facebook I will send you the link anchor
is exploding in a good way they are constantly working with providers to get
your content out there in this wacky world of web yeah that’s right
you know anchor is exploding right now because of there’s a lot of venture
capitalists and and other influencers that are over there so
now’s the time strike while the iron is hot you can always get over there if you
don’t like it leave you’re saying anchor TOS says they exclusively own show
content I barb you are the TOS expert I’m not and I’m not saying that they own
your content so let me be clear about that
I’m saying they own your show they own that connection between you between the
iTunes and your content or between Apple podcasts and your content they’re not
going to give you their email address and they’re not going to say oh you know
what um Apple podcasts let me change the email address on that one account it
should really go to Barb T I’m not gonna do that okay because that’s not their
point one of the feet other cons cuz I mean move on to the next time is that
there is a pre-roll and post roll advertisement so like Dave asked me
earlier about them well he didn’t ask me but he mentioned about them not having a
monetization strategy so if you listen to my podcast the one that comes through
anchor at the beginning of that you’ll hear this very nice sounding fellow that
says the podcast or the content you’re about to listen to was recorded on
anchor anchor is an easy way to blahdy blahdy blahdy blahdy blahdy it’s 15
seconds it says the same thing at the end or maybe it’s they tweak it a little
at the end so of course I don’t like that but hey it’s the price I would pay
if that was the podcast that I’m promoting and if I’m putting all my eggs
in one basket with anchor that would be the price that I pay would be the fact
that if their commercials plane so this here’s the other thing there’s
absolutely nothing stopping them from putting commercials inside of your
content once your podcast is up and running what
are you gonna do say although I’m gonna move well they did say cuz someone did
ask about this ownership thing of course that piece comes up and there’s a
community manager and she said just send us an email and we will send you your
RSS feed or something to that effect I can’t I can’t remember the exact wording
okay but the bottom line is there’s nothing stopping them from putting other
ads insert it in your content okay so be prepared for that and I think if you’re
prepared for that you you should be okay with it because you’re not paying them
to host your content I mean there’s a reason why Lipson and blueberry and all
these other podcast hosts Spreaker I have to say Spreaker because I actually
uses Freaker you know there’s a reason why they charge because they have to pay
for hosting servers that’s not cheap or free anywhere okay so that’s one of the
cons so I just I think that as long as you are informed and this is my goal
here with this this video today is for you to be informed and if you’re
informed then you can make an informed decision about what you want to do and
I’m gonna get to the workaround but I think I have one more kind written on my
sheet over here while I’m looking at that let me put up the chat let’s see so
that you guys can see you all can see whatever each other is saying but I want
my replay for your city as well and hi king of Blaze’s doesn’t know what anchor
is it’s a podcasting app that’s the best quickest way for me to describe it and I
think someone else already told him that I think I’m too young to understand all
of it says oh okay king of blazes just sit there and just absorb honey because
when the time comes you’re gonna be like ah I remember miss Eileen was talking to
that let me go over to our YouTube channel now I get it
they own the listing distribution on Apple as an anchor show but can’t we
upload separately to iTunes if that is what we wanted to do absolutely that’s
part of the workaround barb why y’all keep trying to get ahead of me thanks
Dave we’re thinking on the same lines if you would join Eileen I will come in
with you Dave would love to have healthy discussion yes did they say you wanted
barb if this was radio they will own your transmitter okay Dave every time I
send you a facebook messenger you don’t get it or you don’t respond to it so I’m
gonna try again let’s get some seats distributed here because I think this is
a really good type I would really love to hear days if I have to stop screen
sharing in order to get to that link haha okay so um anybody was watching us
in the replay just bear with me for one moment
I want to get some links out here to my friends here and you know just be
camera-ready and of course it doesn’t do it that the way I wanted to do it to
send you a message I have to click one again and then click on it again because
you know that’s just how that is and then the screen is that’s our okay we’ll
start with Dave and barb I don’t know why you said you wouldn’t come in and
this Dave is coming in so you’re saying you wouldn’t want to come in without
babe I feel some type of way about that I guess I’m gonna send Larry is never
tation I don’t know of Larry I don’t know if you’re available to come in or
not but I’m sending you the invite anyhow and let’s see what the
conversation is going over I’m OH email okay well can you check messenger just
to get that invitation if they’re T Oh they own your content you use at will
under license grant okay man alright see come on Dave your longer then we get on
the ball I’m not knowledgeable enough to us discuss podcasting okay and tsch tsch
you could always join me don’t think that I am ignoring the fact that you’re
here cuz I know you normally don’t come on but you never know I don’t want you
to think that I will overlook you you have the option you just say send it and
Dave off the top of my head I’m going to say that your email is Dave at school of
podcasting calm I’m going to try that one and I know you have have a
connection with you over on patreon but that’s gonna be just a little too
hard for me to find right now Dave oh wait it’s coming at yes you do have that
as an email so here’s the link Dave over at Davis School of podcasting calm okay
cool alright so let’s get back over there and let’s see what else
re thanks for bearing with me everyone and the other thing oh I did mention Oh
Dave you’re here already hi can you say something Dave there we go oh hi hi what
do you wanna say let me let you just get it all out right now this is Dave
Jackson from the school of podcasting and ask black the coach yeah I’m just
worried because a they’re not bringing in any money and we’ve seen I mean
SoundCloud was charging $15 a month and they’re almost out of business we don’t
know they might get saved we’ll see but my big thing is the lack of control like
if I wanted to change an episode I want to upload something else because I had I
don’t see where I can fix my mistakes I don’t see where I can fix my artwork and
then just the the that if you know I hate always
worst-case scenario but if I wanted to leave when I emailed them it took them
20 days to get back to me to say yes we can redirect your feed so that’s good
that you can redirect your feet if you want to leave so that makes me feel much
better because I would hate to see somebody put
all their eggs in this basket and then you know if it did go away you would
then lose all your subscribers and you got to tell everybody okay I’m over on
this new bright shiny thing over here now and you’re gonna lose your
subscribers that way some of them at least so that was my biggest worry so
he’s just the fact I didn’t have a whole lot of control okay so hang on one
second Facebook does this weird thing when
you’re opening up we have multiple messengers open anyway I don’t want to
get off into what Facebook is doing wrong you can easily change your artwork
because basically your artwork is your profile picture oh so I mean so it’s not
really the true iTunes suspects that we’re used to so let me do a screen
share real quick that makes me nervous because as a tech support person for
libsyn so we should make that out there okay I’m I work for the competition but
I’ve seen where people’s stuff won’t update properly because they don’t have
the right artwork sizes well you’re pulling it from the app okay
you know I I wasn’t I was a little concerned about this so let me make mine
big so you can see I just pulled something that was on my phone as fact
that was from my birthday in 2016 and I just pulled that in when I set up my
profile on anger and so there of course I could have stylized it with you know
my logo or something like that if I wanted to but see whose logo is there
that in fact let me make that bigger because you guys might not be able to
see that at the bottom a right is the anchor logo see that little white sorry
that’s my sharing tool keeps popping up there if you see that
little white circle there that’s the anchor logo and it even says by Eileen
Smith / anchor okay so even though it’s my podcast and it’s got my name there
it’s slash anchor alright so it was that you chose me I’m sorry okay I’m playing
with my anchor as we speak okay all right hi barb
hi so I’m glad to have both of you in here because I I love your audience what
you’re drawing Eileen and I love Dave’s knowledge base in podcasting and like
you like you said about going where your audience is we all agree with that and
I’m watching these statistics that I’m pulling from Facebook and what’s
happening there and we know about reluctancy to actually get on cam for
one thing but also we’re moving to two to three generations to the phone
removing the silence the boomers and the older generous to actually use their
phone as a primary device and so we’re all radio based we’re you know on the go
it’s listening and even today like I streamed live cast on video over via
Google Chrome to a large scale television that has a large speaker just
so I could keep on doing what I was doing I was listening I wasn’t watching
unless it was something really hey Krishna said look at this you know then
I would go and look at it so I think there’s a real need for this and I think
being on the ground floor is also good and if it’s again the point-and-click
making it as easy as possible to get rolling but the thing is I thought that
iTunes was very difficult to get because I haven’t paid attention and that’s why
I want Dave in the box I thought it was very difficult anymore
to really get your listing on iTunes it’s become so full of content that it’s
harder as an individual to get noticed just in general and so question is that
true or false because being affiliated with someone else who has deeper or some
entity that has deeper pockets even if they go under you can say that you are a
broadcaster with anchor you know and so you can turn that around and actually
use that as a marketing tool if your broadcast went beyond just your
experimenting your testing or just your communicating and building community
through anchor at this stage right now but doesn’t that isn’t that kind of like
saying I was a violinist on the Titanic everybody remembers the Titanic don’t
they turning it around in that day and age Titanic didn’t have good marketing
people you mentioned being found in iTunes this is just a different door
into iTunes you’re still going into the crowded space so and you’re gonna hope
that based on anchors marketing plan that they bring a whole bunch of people
over here to hear you over here where they then get to hear the pre-roll on
the post role well yes you’re absolutely right so they have deeper pockets you’ve
pointed Ilena’s pointed out venture capital you’ve pointed your concern
about that how deep those pockets are but they have deeper pockets than each
of us as individuals and they’ve got their brand going out on all those
broadcasts that are going from anchor and some of them are really exceptional
so not necessarily any one of us but we can jump on the bandwagon I mean as a
for instance I mean it’s not that he’s they all right or they even oiz there
but I mean John Lee Dumas if he actually had a channel on there it’s like he was
affiliated with it I mean fans oh is even he’s drawn a
a large crowd he is on there so those folks because they’re marketing
themselves separately and they’re saying you can catch me on anchor that carries
my weight my there’s a lot of youtubers over there as well Tim Schmoyer is there
roberto blake is there and really quickly Dave I know you had something to
say but I have to say hi hi hi to Larry snow hey Larry
but are those those people are using anchor as a secondary platform right
they’re not using it as their main platform correct and this is my point
for this video I just didn’t get to that yet because I’m with you guys to talk
that’s that’s I just wouldn’t I’m not anti anchor I’m not I’m not sold on
using it as I’m gonna put this this is my house I’m gonna build this as though
this is the basement that I build on I’m like no but but Dave and not to play
devil’s advocate no please done one who was completely intimidated yeah ever
start a podcast they don’t have they may not have a business maybe they do maybe
they don’t okay they’ve always wanted a podcast
they’ve always wanted to be empowered by being able to say whatever they want to
say on the air I still think that it’s better than them not podcasting at all I
totally people are completely afraid of the whole RSS feed thing mm-hmm Apple II
thee at all well in my opinion they they make it easy for geeks like easier you
know like you probably could sign up for iTunes in your sleep okay but for
someone who is just like my kid that sounds like ooh super complicated oh I
have to have a RSS well what is that how do I do it
you know so for that person I think this is a perfect solution and I think and
there is so many people that are visually impaired using this app to
that’s another reason why I really like it because I’m listening to people and
and I’m saying let me just go to their profile and let me just check there and
I’ll see they may even have it in their profile or something that they say or
they’ll click through to their website and I’ll see their visually impaired and
I’m like I’ve seen more visually impaired people or I’ve heard them Oh
for anger then I’ve seen the whole time of course they don’t do live-streaming
most of them some do I’m not saying that that should hold people back but I know
it does so for them to be empowered now this is why I started with the pros but
I do want to let those folks that are like now though I’m putting all I’m
leaving Lipson because they have an import feature now to leave SoundCloud
and actually on that page it says leave bring your SoundCloud or Lipson podcast
and import it I don’t know why they didn’t mention blueberry but and import
it into now for SoundCloud I would say yes you’re just as good SoundCloud
I would say leave right now and go over to anchor if that’s what you want to do
and you want to do it for free but you should go before I want to anchor it’s
not as easy over there that’s the bad news
yeah yeah you know but for is for for someone who just doesn’t want to deal
with any of the technic but yet wants to have a podcast I think this could be
very empowering and I’m definitely seeing a lot of people that did not have
any type of podcast before that are now use now all of the more savvy tech savvy
folks that are over there know that yes this is a backup this is a place that
you may want to repurpose I like to use it and I’m going to get to my work
around now the time has come I like to use it to create the episode because I
can bring in the voices of other people I can have that dialogue that
conversation starts usually with a question someone’s called in and asked
a question now once that podcast I made my podcast like I did this yesterday I
had question I gave an answer I brought in a clip I brought in and did another
segment another question came in I responded that question and then I
wrapped it up right posted that podcast took it from iTunes use Quicktime
trimmed off this has been recorded in anchor trimmed off at the end this has
been recorded anchor and boom uploaded ellipse in my podcast I had been on
hiatus since March of 2016 and now I’ve got two episodes and my feet that
weren’t there before you know people were probably I’d lost them anyway but
at least now I have an easy way to record and with using that Web Clipper
when I do decide that yeah I want to have a little bit better quality I’m
going to sit at my ATR 2100 and I or I want to add some music that I own the
rights to I can add that in and I can do that right through the app and I don’t
even have to go and listen and check my stats because I know who’s listening to
it on anchor yeah so I know the people that are listening this is one thing
that I loved about blab when you were finished with your show you can see
exactly who watched now I don’t know how lonely listened I don’t know all that
stuff that’s always going to be a mystery of in podcasting I think but at
least I know when they’re giving me applause they’re leaving comments and
they’re re-echoing my segments that’s another thing that I forgot to mention
as a pro remember I said it was another Pro somebody can echo your segments so
that means that they’re putting your segments out there’s just like a retweet
that segment now is going out to their audience and this is how you get new
users yeah and I know Larry still hasn’t said anything but this chat is just
scrolling right along so something must be being said I feel like I’m missing
something oh and Karl is here hey Carla Andrews
here unfortunate most of us who want to get on air and
say something aren’t really worth listening to
oh and and what’s the four one one TV is here hey hey hey and Stephanie Roberts
and she said earlier that she wanted to hear about this totally agree with you i
lee all stephanie half I like a new frame y’all so make it easy and remove
the barrier so everyone has access and you know it’s I got to be honest as much
as I love podcasting and and the whole concept it is not the end of the world
because I know I lived through it with all the content that I had over on blab
I broadcast every day for 365 days plus you know people talking about challenges
that’s the kind of challenge I want to see somebody do go live every day for a
year that’s a challenge I remember that okay yeah 31 day
challenges BAM I think the key element Ilene is the time it’s not even so much
intimidation it’s the time it takes to get started and get rolling
hmm yeah and you know that’s why I like the idea of the five-minute segments if
you want you can just make a five-minute segment and that’s your podcast for the
day that’s it Larry hi and you’re not just a pretty face come on now well I’ve agreed for most of what you
got but you’re what what I I think you’re doing is you’re creating a
podcast you’re you’re editing what you’ve done an anchor but you’re still
creating a your own podcast even though the content was created on another
platform it’s the same as if I sat down at my desk and narrated something
through Adobe Audition yes the difference is but you’re
engaging on a social component their voices exactly it’s not just me sitting
here this is why I was yeah like getting disillusioned with
podcasting cuz I’m like I’m just sitting here on my computer and I’m going into
audacity and adding it out oh my god that was driving me nuts but so now I
can do with that and because I got other voices coming in there and if I want to
I just add a little background music if it gets really bad so you can add other
people’s comments audio wise into your podcast yes they call into your station
that’s what I was saying or I’ll you might not have been here when I said
that so I just understood it I didn’t think that you could add someone else’s
comment to yes to your podcast yes what you can’t add is if I echoed you say for
example and I didn’t realize this Brian fans oh did a really great episode meant
he did a really good segment which he did later or included as his podcast and
I actually wanted to give him a big shout out and say how I loved what he
was doing he was embracing the platform seeing the benefits of it and just you
know taking a bull by its horns and so then I said I’m gonna play this segment
so I echoed what he had said from this conference he attended blah blah blah
blah well I don’t have the option to include that mm-hmm that’s his segment
however if Brian would have called into my station and said Eileen I think this
that and the other then I can include it which is what I did I had two questions
that came in yesterday or might my segment yesterday I should say my
episode yesterday two folks call them with blogging questions and these voices
were included in my podcast because when you call into someone’s station you’re
basically giving them your content yeah it’s low on anchor when you call in it
says that it may be broadcast okay so it warns them to begin with okay
yep so that that that’s the advantage for me you know especially the coastal
component has been for you well yeah because it’s not just
a social component I think to me the storytelling of a podcast especially
when you’re talking about something boring technical stuff like blogging you
know it’s nice for me to say I got a question the other day and blah blah
blah blah blahs how you do it right exactly but when you have this guy call
you he’s got this fantastic British accent he’s from London however he’s
black you know and he’s leaving this question like I saw your picture over on
the SEO prep Wow okay so you as a listener you’re
kind of like okay this is this guy’s experience he’s actually researching SEO
plugins now really that would put you to sleep you hear someone else saying that
this is what they’re doing and they see me on the website that
gives him even more incentive more reason to call in leave me this great
question which led to two fantastic stories which I would have never thought
to just sit there and record those two stories which I think were fantastic but
he asked me the question so so it’s also giving you content ideas as well yeah
it’s just enhancing the storytelling aspect of it as well so you’re not using
it as your source for iTunes you’re using it to cultivate information that
you then use Quicktime to put into a quote I’m gonna use this
word real podcast and where it goes to Lipson that you now have control over
and etc etc my blog yep okay so literally I mean I’m in there twice okay
however if I ever decide okay I don’t even want that to be an episode on
anchor so cuz I’m I’m you know right now I have five or six episodes right so I
decide I don’t want it to be on anchor as a matter of fact let me show you
really quickly which is going and delete now nope you don’t even have to do that
yeah you don’t even have to do that hang on I’m going to show you really quickly
yes okay all right so these and pink here are my episodes from today now when
I get down here this is from the last 24 hours
okay so this was everything I did yesterday and everything from the day
before and so forth and so on right and Barb I think that you’re typing yeah you
come if you get mute dear that’s why you’re doing it okay so see right here
it says August 2nd right I click those dots and I say export I
get an email from anchor with all my files for that day
oh that’s calling and then it’ll just be one yeah and I really should talk about
that feature a whole lot more because I never have to now you got my attention
now this is a cool tool to get information that and do what you did and
just send it over to uh yeah okay and it’s gonna come with that with the
little commercial right that you just cut out that you just trim off and guys
it’s so easy to trim off in QuickTime it’s so easy I don’t even need to show
you you open a file in QuickTime it’s like edit trim and you move the handle
just like you do when you’re creating something I Instagram story or you know
you just move the handle when you just wait until he stops talking and then you
do drag it at the end and wait till he starts talking then you got a new file
you download that file to your computer that’s it
now the extra step that I do because of lips and away lips and is set up that
file still needs to be converted because it’s really nm for a still needs to be
converted to mp3 it’s okay I pull it back into iTunes convert it to mp3 add
the artwork at my little description tags blah blah blah boom uploads the
Lipson so I know ever have to publish an episode through
the anchor app I never have to create that podcast on anchor I can just go
every day at the end of the day click those three dots and get all my files is
there a way if somebody leaves you said how people can call into your show yes
through the app okay can I export that yes that’s part of it that’s part of
what you’ll get okay yep I think I just waited too long cuz I know Jim Collison
and sent me something and I don’t see it now but that’s why it’s probably been
more than it’s probably long gone and so now is the time for me to talk about the
interviews the interviews the only thing is I’ll give you the bad part first
about the interviews okay it sounds like you’re talking on the phone because
essentially you are talks it’s an a phone line connection I think you can
run it through Skype only if the person has a us-based Skype number okay but it
goes through and the person has to have a us-based number that you’re calling
and you know they get a notification this is going to be recorded whatever
you can conduct your interview and it can go as long as you want it to go as
you know hours two hours three hours and then you can you know publish it if you
want as an episode or do what I just showed you how to do click those three
dots and get them to send you to file you actually can do and I did to demo
this in the last anchor video you actually can go to the anchor web page
view source code and grab the m4a files for any segments that you want okay Dave
stop making a noise I’m how does podcasting thing works like how fast can
I get mute on my phone because I really get a chance to tease him so let’s see
if there’s any other questions anything else um that you wanted to say Larry uh
nope right now I’m four
shoutouts okay shoutouts is really it’s kind of
complicated and I want to know how you do the cause so you for the Collins you
prep it right you record a segment saying and now we’re gonna hear from
so-and-so and then you add the call in so how it works you can but you don’t
have to yeah it’s up to you like you know how a lot of people like this is a
new style that a lot of people have on podcast where the guest says something
really you know really good during the interview and that’s the first thing you
hear when you start listening to their podcast right then you’re here to
podcast intro and then right you could do it that style if you want you just
start off your podcast with this call in because people who are on the app
they’ll see that it’s a calling okay let’s see if I can show ya it’s but
it’s a very fine print on the bottom alright
no very fine print I’ll show you let’s see if I can show you one and then if
you can go over shoutouts for me that would be good too okay all right let me
talk about shoutouts while I’m getting the other thing up okay shoutouts are
just you somebody listen to one of your segments right but they didn’t say
anything they didn’t applaud they didn’t order would you just like I’m gonna try
to engage this person right so you say you click on a shout-out and you say
thanks so much so-and-so for listening to them us
eggman please let me know if you’ve got questions blah blah blah but the only
people that will hear that shout out or that person’s followers yeah that person
has to be following both of you to hear the shout out they have to be following
both of you of course they’re not going to hear if you’re not following you they
won’t hear it but they also need to be following that person so that person’s
you know like just this to say if Dave came on there and I gave him a shout out
but you’re not following Dave you’re not gonna hear it hmm I’m not following Dave
so I will though follow them yet so I can’t even give him
a shout-out well I could give him a shout-out if he came and listened to
some of my segments it’s um il e a and E he find me I found you
okay very good right I can’t really quick I just want to say chatroom I’m so
sorry if I did not get a chance I got so many questions from the panelists I
haven’t had a chance to look at the chatroom really quickly so anyway go
ahead with your question bar so I understand that we can have multiple
accounts if we set up different to email addresses is that true I don’t know
honestly I haven’t done it I’m going to assume that that’s true
yeah that sounds true okay now here’s like I I’m going to give you a real
world example I own ballooning and I’m setting it up I’ve owned it
since way back in the 90s but we have the Albuquerque International Balloon
Fiesta coming up and I have some volunteer mobile journalists that I’m
going to put out on the field and could I have a channel for ballooning news
that all of those people on that team call into that one channel and can
report no right now they don’t have multiple users for one account in fact
and I only know that because somebody asked that question the girl there’s two
Community Managers one is Maya so if anybody wants to ask question you can
ask Maya and Phase I just started like a week and a half ago so she’ll pick
certain questions that she will read out I mean well she will play the callin and
then she’ll answer the question so someone just asked that question about
two weeks ago and so that’s why I know the answer to that question is no it’s
only for the one person your phone so now Larry really quickly this is an
example of a callin notice the person’s name is there if you want to click on
like this happened to be Angelica whetstone from the
gen-x Tech she runs a Facebook group called anchor boss babes however men can
join the group to which I just found out I think she just changed the rules on
that anyway so if you want to you can click her name so that’s spinning it on
the screen Eileen oh I’m so sorry Weston screen-sharing
there you go so this is what the difference is when you’re looking at a
calling the Gen X Tech which is Angelica whetstone if I click that and it’s a
little tricky sometimes I would take me to her profile but see how you it’s in a
box as opposed to this this is what a regular episode would look like can you
do that again okay I feel like I’m in a tough time it’s just better this way
better that way this is the callin okay someone else see it’s in a box yeah how
do you get that how do you share that or export it uh when you say share it if I
just want to share it on Twitter or share my audience well yeah I want to
get it off my phone onto something that I can put into my podcast then you would
do the old-school method of using the view source code on the website so
screen sharing that got it I just want to get that one episode okay now gotta
move things around cuz windows are all I thought you said that the Collins were
included in the podcast yes that wasn’t his question no it would be but if he
just wanted to get that one Collin oh if I was using it to get information am i
cool I got this call in I wanted to I guess I could I could put it in my
episode and then export the episode that would probably be the year right well no
actually that would have to because now you’ve made an episode okay okay
the easier way and I’m only showing because this would be only for super
techy people view page source which I showed them the last with a hack version
of the podcast I mean the last episode where I
showed how to use anchor I didn’t know about that export feature that I just
showed which was a really quick way but here you go to the source code right
don’t you love gobbledygook this is worse than an RSS feed for podcasting
right so you’re going to command F or control if you’re on PC that m4a that’s
gonna bring up all the audio files you’re gonna look for the one let’s just
say this was the one you highlight it shortcut click go to that opens it up in
a new window boom now you can see that wasn’t the one
but you can just you can easily see the titles here like this one here is how I
met Yost of all aka Yost right all right so if I wanted to really keep looking
just keep going oh here it is is from newbie blogger right here see newbie
blogger so then I would just get that HTTP all the way to the end where you
don’t get the quotation marks cuz they gonna be a URL okay you like that I
think and then just click the download like anchor ninja now I want to change
the title of this video to be anchored yeah so you know you can repurpose this
content so many different ways and like I said you can use your repurpose
content you know I had Oh a couple of videos that I did for anchor I didn’t
use upload them to YouTube I was showing folks how to use the Web Clipper okay
where did I put that video maybe I’ll put it on Facebook I’m not sure but it
was like on a three minute video I just entered that URL from Facebook it
extracted the audio I posted it so many people echoed that thing I can’t even
tell you cuz people don’t know about the Web Clipper you know so they were site
miss Eileen shared the Web Clipper and because I
blamed during the video because I knew that it was going to be later on an
audio I was a little bit more I used a little bit more literation because I
knew people wouldn’t be seeing it but then I also gave a link so if people
wanted to come over and watch it they could watch and see it in action so yeah
I pretty much I am really loving this platform I can see that yeah and I mean
oh it’s only two days out of the week that I have super cute Saturday so on
those other days where my hair is not even done let’s open up my phone
anything about podcasting right yes I could take all advantage of all those
things I’ve been missing for the last year and a half or more what’s up I’m
having fun you know and no of course they could shut down next month but that
doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy take the benefits of the fact that it is
there now and it’s still small it’s not crowded with there are a lot of
marketers over there I will say but it’s so easy to avoid people come in that is
another bad point if you’re somebody who is very into the statistics you don’t
see who follows you you don’t have a way of seeing how many followers you have
but you see to engages so you see how many people give you applause or leave
comments or echo or of course the comments but then you know they’re
following you right because they’re listening to your
content you see each oh and you can also see who listened to a segment so I think
that’s really important to show even your old segments so right here I can
click on the viewers list so I mean you can’t beat that so I know these people
were following me because they wouldn’t find my segment without following and
this is where I can quickly give them a shout out
so like this person raycast I have no idea that is but they sound like they
might be a podcaster right raycast they’re listening to my content I may go
follow them I’m not gonna do it right now because I just don’t know what’s
what kind of content they have over there I don’t want you guys to see stuff
you can’t yeah and you know I just love the fact that I can see the people you
know people always like war my listeners what’s my audience I don’t know my
target audience is I do I go ahead grab bars I’d like to add I’m getting an
animal are you guys yeah yeah cause Dave’s over there play with his fault no
I’m just kidding somebody else has another window open with it’s gone now I
don’t hear it now okay so for me I am NOT a person who subscribes to iTunes
and listens to podcasts on iTunes but this appealed to me right away
from the standpoint that you know I I Drive I travel and to be able than to
actually have relationship based connection to the broadcaster because
you’re sharing this content over on Facebook which is more where I’m present
every day I mean like Eileen I would listen to Dave I would listen to Larry
I’d listen to I know you but that I’m actually to me I got excited about it
because I know I have that long trip to make and I said finally I will listen
because it’s so easy I can just click and play and I’m not going to download
iTunes and I’m not going to download all this other garbage and it’s just click a
play and so that’s a big deal at this when you look at who is actually
listening to this kind of stuff who’s actually listing listening and watching
at length it’s not the younger generation in general there’s still
hooked on the music and there’s still you know because they’re still we’re
pretty much at this stage in life even getting down to the the older end of the
Millennial your you’ve got a family you’ve got things going on and it’s you
know a time of introspection and am I where I want to be at this time in life
so these coaches that come on with all their insight is good and I don’t see it
now if Dave went in probably because I want to know more about podcasting and
because I’m just in love at Dave’s voice I’d probably just listen to Dave but the
other thing is that I’m telling you Jay what really connected me to you was your
music the minute you started talking and playing don’t you but really that’s
copyright copyright yeah exactly how you get your ideas
that’s the creative the creative side so I think there is a market there I think
and I think that because of the way it’s being introduced in shareability because
we are sharing directly to Facebook we are sharing too and I think Twitter’s
got real issues but I believe for the amount of time that I have left and I it
took me a long time to get here to make these statements but for the days that I
have left in my life my social platform base has to be Facebook overall just
because of friends and family and global connections that are I have real-life
relationships with well she’s not here right now but I’m giving a big shout out
to Bonnie Frank because bonnie is the one that told Stephanie about me and
Stephanie has subscribed to the channel she’s getting the alerts so shout out to
my girl Bonnie Frank over there in Facebook land and I just want to see if
what’s the for one one had something with some of the big youtubers promoting
anchor right it won’t be long before anger gets crowded yeah cuz I mean you
know like I hear people that when Tim or Roberto playback
their call ends that’s the first person thing someone says I watch your YouTube
video about anger and I’m so glad you told me about it this is just an amazing
app blah blah blah blah blah you’re wonderful and you’re the god of YouTube
so yeah it’s you know it was the same way when Bryan fans ou started talking
about oh and Dave that’s another thing I have to tell you about this app called
echo and I just didn’t get a chance to record a message for you
it’s a social app for podcast you know host your podcast there but you find out
what other people are listening to hmm you can do that one weekly web tools
it’s called echo Soho sorry yeah yeah yeah I’ll show you that one real quick
too while you guys are are still talking so
any more thoughts Larry like on how you’re going to use it and how come I
haven’t heard you record anything you should look there today just recorded
one put it up oh you are so slick that’s a you’ve got like you know what
Eileen’s gonna say something about anchor and the other thing is I can’t I
don’t know how to get rid of your request saying I haven’t heard from you
in a while you don’t have to get rid of it once you once you broadcast it I
don’t know if you stops you should stop seeing it maybe I’ll go check yeah I
mean it was that knowing me so I said you know what you put thing let me put
one up so I can get her off my back let me explain with it what that mean same
here Larry oh yeah I did it for barb too let me explain what that means
anchor is really smart they they know that in order to get users that have
signed up to come back and or people that have actually never broadcast it
they gave all of the users a tool to request that the person come back on so
you can go through all you can see who you’re following right you go through
your favorites list you click on a profile and it’ll say listen if they’ve
Pub something in the last 24 4 hours but if
not it’ll say send request or make a request and you can hit that button and
type in a little text to say hey I noticed you haven’t broadcasted in a
while or that’s what I type or you might just say where are you or whatever and
then they get that notification that says hey your listeners want to hear
from you so I think that was a brilliant marketing plan because they’re not
sending out the notification even though it’s coming through the app it’s coming
from your friend so your friend is urging you or your listener maybe it’s
just you know not me and you it’s just I see something like maybe it was Gary Vee
ha ha that’s a joke this just say for example I was a huge fan of Gary and
then I would say Gary I haven’t heard you cursing me out in a while come back
over to mean that if you skip 24 hours and they’ll be right on your butt where
are you you know me if I think that I’m not gonna be you in there for 24 hours
I’ll just use the scheduler so see this is how this is why the web the fact that
they have combined that web piece with it is to me what makes it a winner
because you never have to use the app if you don’t want to if you want to be a
broadcaster because we all know there’s people hit all they do is broadcast you
see them on Twitter all the time right mm-hmm
you can just record everything you want right on your computer or get your old
podcasts or your old Facebook lives or whatever and just use that scheduler and
post them up there and you never even have to look at the app or engage with
people if you don’t want to could just put your message out there
mmm I had one question I’m still a little blurry
you said the guy that sent you the thing about SEO right uh-huh he did that as a
call back calling and then you got that by digging through the code to get it or
there someone no no you have to dig through code no no
no no how did you because that was my whole thing you had me and then all the
sudden we went to the one screen where we got we got distracted I’m sorry let’s
go back what time I realize I’m not screen-sharing yet this time guys
sorry I’m a purpose on which all to see all the apps that I have on my phone okay now I’m screen going to go back to
screen share okay cuz that’s that was the part that got me excited I’m like
alright I can use this for my question of the month and all sorts of other fun
stuff okay oh wait let me just see if maybe there
maybe there’s a calling it would be nice if there was no no you had that’s okay I
have example to show you but see here where it says that’s this code a
favorite at my station but let’s say it would calm it it would be Dave Jackson
called into your station or you have a calling from Dave Jackson whatever then
I will click this this is where all your media happens right where I could do an
area or or my Collins got it now they’re just sitting there waiting for me I can
play them and just listen to them before I add them of course you want to play
them and listen to him so you can respond appropriately or so that you can
record a segment ahead of time to say Simon called in and he wants to know
about vlogging versus blogging and then play Simon’s segment if I want or I
could just play Simon segment because like I said everybody can see it’s a
calling cuz it’s in that little box okay so back
me up a second you’re you’re recording an episode and then you play it in the
app no a segment okay there’s the let’s get the terminology down today if I want
to record a segment I’ll do it right now effect hey guys I’m over on YouTube with
Dave Jackson barb Tomlin and Larry snow come join me over there live so now I
get opportunity tips background music if I
want let’s say I’ll just add one that I know would be fine
take a listen to it if I want probably can’t hear it because of the way I have
everything set up then I give it a name and I know I didn’t spell it right oh no
I’m not love I’m live okay loving life and so now it’s post it
to my station then I give you little prompts there like get listeners like I
don’t know what happens when I click them I’ll forget sorry I blew it I
missed it so now I’ll go back to my oops station for the day remember when it’s
pink those are the ones from today all right so it should be at the bottom of
the list right if I wanted to share that on Twitter I could share that an altar
piece book it’s you can see para to me right now or I can say oh I really only
here to think I can delete it oh the three dots instead I’ll just share
delete I’m not going to leave I’m gonna leave it there I can later on change the
title so I can take out that tight bow right but how do you get the Collin I’m
not sure okay now when somebody now if somebody’s on their dial they would be
on the home page and they’ll see me just like I just saw Angelica on her and then
I can listen to now see this is another thing that she’s doing she’s repurposing
her own content so she and you can tell because it’s in the box so she recorded
this segment but she doesn’t want to record anything today so she’s just
reposting it out to her own station something that she said I don’t know we
can’t tell when she said it originally she knows okay you still there Dave look
like you’re frozen well you are fair I’m still confused on how do you get the
Collin he’s actually about to download it in an
episode I think say mouse is calling yeah if somebody calls in how do I get
that into your episode or yeah you download it to your computer well when
you say episode you mean an an anchor episode right and the episodes are the
ones that go to iTunes once you’ve established a podcast okay
the episodes go to iTunes yeah because then I could export it right well from
iTunes that’s the way I’m doing it from iTunes if it’s an episode cuz that no
trick that I showed you with the m4a files no only from your segments not
from your episodes you don’t have a web page yeah I’m just trying to figure out
how to get the call ins into someplace I can use them the one I
just showed you when you go to the website right and you get the m4a4
I don’t have to do it that way or you have to wait until the end of the day
and click those three dots and tell them to export your day yeah cuz I was
confused about that as well because in the beginning you showed us that you
this is your I don’t know if it was part of the workaround or whatever but you
exported everything and then when I asked you does that include call ins you
said yes yes it will so they’ll send me an email
okay so let’s see let me go over to my inbox and let’s see if I can get it up
before I okay there it is just right at the top so hang on no does that does
that push you into it so when you say you only can export it like that if it’s
an episode no okay every day at the end of every
stay you’re gonna get all of your segments including Collins and
interludes will show up there as some your archive so to speak okay so you can
download your archive for that day but for the day right okay so that should
help your day so that so then they send you
email don’t laugh at how many emails I have there okay
and then when I click here to download the file you’re about to hear was
recorded in anger so now y’all know what that little
commercial sounds like good morning okay so now everything Oh everything is mixed
in together but I but if you want to you can extract write whatever you want you
know you can trim it out because I mean for somebody like you who’s tech savvy
who knows just how to go near edit the file and pull out the part you want you
can do it that way nice okay okay that’ll work
yeah all right so we’ve got some anchored ninjas in the house now let’s
see if we got any in the chat room you know I like I said guys this is if
you’ve never had a podcast before you want to think twice before you decide
that you’re gonna use anchor okay because with the free host always comes
the price that you don’t know if they’re gonna shut down you want to really have
a reliable host for your podcast which would be Lipson blueberry or Spreaker
the rest of them are out there don’t ask me about it I haven’t tried those these
are the ones that I’ve tried actually I’ve never really used blueberry I just
feel confident in endorsing them definitely endorse Lipson and always did
even before Dave started working there doesn’t Lipson have a really low end
even to get in my five bucks yeah it’s like oh yeah they’ll give you about a
hundred minutes of stuff if you’re exporting at 64 mono so you know and and
I’m Spreaker now yeah with that said about Spreaker I did not
like the fact that I went to Spreaker and I heard commercial commercials
playing before my I’m like wait I’m paying why do I have to listen to the
commercials you can turn that off oh do you have it monetized oh you mean
I guess I do I’m us maybe I do yeah cuz they have that now if you want they’ll
put in ads in your stuff they’re not paying a ton
listen to as when I’m listening to my own stuff last time I looked at gonna
paid a penny for five listens wow that’s that’s not I’m not gonna get rich on
that okay Stephanie is saying that she’s on Lipson too and Stephanie I got I
apologize I forgot to tell you to tell us what your podcast is cuz I didn’t
realize that you had one so just type the name of the podcast in there and
somebody will go out there and find your link and we’ll post that link anybody
else have a podcast oh and Andrew I’m sorry Andrew hi Andrew one of my Google+
friends I told you to Google+ community still tight so on Monday Wednesday
Friday I upload a video Tuesday I create a playlist on Thursday I’d do a podcast
right um you can do it that way that sounds like a plan yeah that’s a lot of
content Andrew

16 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of ⚓ for Podcasting

  1. This was good Ileane. You were right. I wanted to do a Podcast but I know too many people who are up all night doing edited, RSS, etc, so I didn't do it. This take the intimidation factor away… As I build this, then I can start on ITUNES under my own control.

  2. I have a few questions about the platform… 1) Can you upload pre-recorded audio? 2) Do you retain your rights to your podcast if you use Anchor? 3) can you put a feed of your podcast on your own domain? 4) Can you leave anchor and use a different platform down the line and transfer all of your content away from anchor easily?

  3. If I do s podcast or anchor can I use the same podcast on a different podcast like iTunes or stitcher?

  4. If one decides to delete an Anchor account, what happens to podcasts that were distributed to all of the other podcast platforms (e.g., Spotify, etc.)?

  5. Dope Dope DOPE Conversation!!! I’m new at Podcasting & right now, Anchor is my home. I’m actually getting pretty comfortable & good at it too. How can I transition into having my own THANG? Thank You!!!

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