Promote Your Podcast on Instagram

Promote Your Podcast on Instagram

today we’re gonna talk about how to use
Instagram to promote your podcast so thanks so much for joining me my name is
Ileane and on this channel we talk about digital media so please be sure to
subscribe and click that Bell notification so you don’t miss any of
the tutorials here now you might be wondering if you have an existing
podcast why should you use Instagram to promote your podcast
well first Instagram has a wide adoption rate there’s a billion users on
Instagram and with the multiple demographics that the user base is
spread across more than likely your target audience is already using
Instagram and the other great thing about that is your existing listeners
are probably on Instagram too so this gives you a way to stay connected with
them they can give you feedback you can notify them about existing episodes or
episodes that are upcoming you’re working on you can show them behind the
scenes and all of that so let’s just talk about some of the unique options
and features that we have in Instagram that will help you promote your podcast
so for example you can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram now why is that
important well on Instagram the currency of search and finding things on
Instagram is pretty much based on hashtags and with a great hashtag
strategy that will like I said get you in front of a new audience as Oh as well
as keep you engaged with your existing subscribers so one of the tools that I
recommend now they’re not sponsoring this video but I am enough
for a tailwind so check out the tailwind and that link will be in the description
but it’s a lean a dot link slash tailwind tailwind has this really cool
hashtag finder it’s a scheduling tool but as you are typing in your caption
for your image tail went will suggest different hashtags that would be
relevant based on what you’re saying in your caption and then you can also
create and save hashtag lists so that’s good to know about hashtags because I
know a lot of people struggle with finding the right hashtags for their
posts on Instagram but we also have the location and the search and the Explorer
tab and one of the reasons why this location feature is really cool is
because people when they’re out and about they want to have their location
turned on in Instagram so that people can see where they’ve been especially if
they’re traveling or if they’re out to eat or if they’re just at work and they
just want folks to know their location and then you can click through to that
location tag and see all of the latest posts there and your Instagram Explorer
tab then because Instagram has that square image it’s the preferred size
it’s also very congruent with the image that you have for your podcast you know
for our podcast art we always have to have a square image whether we’re
talking apple podcast Google podcasts Spotify and so much more we need that
square image so it’s a great way if you have an episode image for your podcast
to go ahead and post that in the Instagram feed and we’re going to come
back to Spotify in a second so then also you have tags and mentions so you can
mention people and tag them in Instagram if they’re in
photo it’s a great way to give a shout out to your friends also bring attention
to other accounts and then the other tool that you can use is DMS the direct
messages tell people to message you especially your podcast listeners or
potential listeners that DM feature on Instagram is a powerful way to really
connect with folks okay you also can let’s talk a little bit
more about some of the features of posting on Instagram
you have the photo filters you know and so in addition to tagging with your
location mentioning your friends and all that you also can add these really cool
filters that will sort of set the mood or the tone for your image so now let’s
move on to my favorite part of Instagram and that is the Instagram stories oh my
gosh I absolutely love Instagram stories told the Evelyn hello thanks so much for
joining my dear and you said that you found out about me from Frasier Ramsey
Thank You Fraser for introducing me to your friend
totally Evelyn thanks for joining so let’s talk about Instagram stories now
before I even get into all of the features of Instagram stories I want to
come back to Spotify because Spotify now has a unique integration with Instagram
stories where you can promote your podcasts so let’s just head over to
Instagram and then I’ll show you that integration with Spotify so we’re on
Instagram here on the phone but we’re going to open up Spotify now and Spotify
you your head over to your podcast and if you need help with how to get your
podcast on Spotify just let me know I’ve done some videos about that then you’ll
go to the show option and you see one of the options
there is the Instagram stories now of course I’m not logged in right okay now
it says continue no I don’t want to set up a new profile so there we go
switch to Eileen that’s interesting so anyway let’s go back because oh
that’s because and Spotify I’m signed in as Eileen all right I’m sorry let’s go
back let’s go to Instagram stories and hmm we were gonna have to do that demo
later because I don’t want to share to the wrong account I don’t want them
starting another account for me it should should already be set up anyway
so you can share directly I know what I can do I can show you from my highlights
and that’s another feature I was gonna talk about as well and the highlights
here on my profile you’ll see that I’m talking here about podcasting okay and I
love the highlights because the highlights make your Instagram stories
permanent so here let me just scroll through and you’ll see here’s one where
I told people that I had a new episode of my podcast coming and then you see
here that I pointed up to click on that link because that link is going to open
Spotify so people who are following you one Instagram sorry it went to the wrong
camera let me get that straight here okay so folks who are following you on
Instagram can go ahead and click directly through your story over and to
Spotify to listen to your podcast that is a win that if nothing else that
should have you convinced that you should be promoting your podcasts on
Instagram because a lot of people have Spotify or in the front probably very
close to just as many people that are using some of the other apps like
Twitter and all that so also you can do movie clips and with the way the
Instagram app works let’s go let’s just go directly back over into Instagram and
just take a look at adding a story I think I lost my connection there to my
phone let’s get that back up and running and so I can show you some more stuff
here really quickly thanks for joining – for those of you that are here be sure
to subscribe give this video a thumbs up as well so let’s go back to the home and
let’s go into the stories so for example if I wanted to do a story right now I
could do that hey guys I’m live on YouTube talking about promoting your
podcasts on Instagram the link is in my bio so now that I have now that I’ve
recorded that little piece some of the things that I can do is to add I can add
let’s say gifts I can tag people in that story I can add the location oh that
let’s just see if we can I think that has closed out on me again
so that’s okay I’ll do another video just giving you a complete walkthrough
of everything you can do on Instagram but so let me just take a moment to
explain you can these are the features that are available to you on Instagram
you can have focus is one of the filters that’s available that kind of puts a
little bit of a blur on the background you can go hands-free when you’re
recording your stories you can do rewind and boomerang just to add a little extra
flair to your videos also there’s something called super zoom that adds a
little dramatic background music and zooms in on your image and may also add
some type of animation and then you have the option to just type text and then
also to add gifts now I always recommend that if you’re doing just a still image
in your story or if you’re using that text feature that you go ahead and add
those gifts because the gifts will turn your still image or your text into a
movie and so that just increases the options for people to you know get
interested in following your story so once again just to stress the use of the
highlights once you’ve already done your story you
can go back and add something to your highlights and then that makes it a
permanent feature one your profile so I think I’ll be able to show you that
again let’s just connect it again quickly because this part is really
important especially if you know depending upon whatever the topic of
your podcast is oh hi Ethan howdy how are you and we’ll
try to get those comments up in this in a minute
here and thanks for the shout out very interesting indeed oh okay yeah do if
you have a podcast Evelyn and even if you don’t have a podcast if you’re just
doing like live-streaming one Facebook or and I forgot to talk about Instagram
live that’s another option that you can use to promote your podcast Instagram
life so anyway let me just go into these highlights so you can see here now we
talked a little bit about the one for podcasting let’s just go into a
different one here just showing you that even though I’ve had these as part of my
Instagram stories a while ago I added it there as a highlight and it stays there
permanently okay so that is the advantage of using the highlights to
promote your podcast so let’s just do a quick recap hopefully when I come back
on cam I’ll be on the right cam let’s make sure there you go so let’s just do
a quick recap you want to use the hashtags okay and I recommend to check
out the tailwind hashtag finder that’s gonna make finding your hashtags so much
easier and it will automatically it has like the smart I guess it’s an
artificial intelligence that kind of detects based on the caption that you’re
typing in what hashtags will go well with your image and so and you can
schedule those in tailwind as well and they have something called the smart
scheduler something else that will help you to make sure that you’re optimizing
the times that you’re posting your images there over on Instagram so I
recommend checking that out as well so then you’re gonna
use all the other features of Instagram including the focus and the hands-free
rewind and boomerang and the gifts is probably the most fun feature Instagram
alive let’s see if I can quickly let’s just quickly go over here and it’s just
for those who have never done an Instagram live you would go as if you
were going to do a story but you just click the live button here instead and
start a live video now I’m not gonna start a live video right now cuz I’m
live when YouTube but that’s just too much live and I’ve already had a couple
little technical difficulties so I don’t want to make things worse on myself so
just so you can see just how easy all you have to do is click that start a
live button and they have those augment reality filters in there they put hats
on you and crowns or you know butterflies and stars and all of that
just to give your live stream just a little bit more Flair and a little bit
more fun and funky this so that you know people will remember and you can also
invite people in on your live stream so see how you can connect with your
listeners because of Instagram because like I said with a billion people on
Instagram there’s a huge chance that a lot of your existing subscribers are
already on Instagram and then also there’s so much potential to connect
with a new audience so with that guys thanks so much for
coming and for connecting with me connect with me over on Instagram my
handle is Eileen that’s il e a n E and with that please
hit that subscribe button and click the bell so you get notified the next time I
go live or upload a video here on YouTube have a wonderful day peace

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  1. Hey Ileane, so many ways to connect with your audience. I don't have a podcast going yet but I'm thinking about it 🙂 . Thanks for the tips!

  2. Instagram has been a great tool for earning new business as well as driving people to my blogs. It is the 2nd biggest traffic driver and first for getting new leads. I have both a personal and professional account.

  3. The info in this video is huge. The subject is promoting your podcast, but it could go beyond promoting your podcast! This video is an out of the park home run!

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