Project Podcast | Soft GIS

I am Gloria and I’m a Estonian
University of life sciences junior researcher in the Department of
Landscape Architecture. My responsibility is to oversee Tallinn site
interventions, soft GIS research and also I’m helping other scientists to do their
activities. Soft GIS helps local people give input into scientific research
Tallinn has a really interesting history what comes into access to the sea. In
Soviet time all the coastal areas of the Soviet Union were border zones so they
were blocked off for people and they had only specific access points to the sea
that created this sort of condition that the seaside was not accessed but
now after 25 years people are now starting to use more intensively these
sort of areas but there haven’t been a lot of development so it is really
interesting to see how people create the uses by themselves and use these sort of
abandoned or neglected areas. So in Tallinn we’re going to develop a small recreational feature together with local experts and local community so
this research for me is really exciting because it is research which is actually
changing the world and I can contribute into the development of
good blue spaces and good cities in many different towns all over
Europe and I can see the results quite quickly and this will give
me more motivation and more understanding of why science and actual
practical work should be more connected and how we can connect reality and the

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