100 thoughts on “Professor Jordan Peterson on climate change and climate policy at the Cambridge Union

  1. Climate change is all about crippling western economies and reducing people freedom. Why didn’t they send Greta to Russia, China or India?

  2. JP, the recently- obscure psychologist who is now considered, at least by himself, to be an expert in every imaginable subject. It’s one thing to spout off in one’s own living room ; it’s an entirely different matter to be lecturing to the public on fields of study outside your own. His ego knows no bounds.

  3. The cognitive dissonance on full display at 2:20 on the kid's face who asked the question … 😂😂😂 It's ok, young snowflake. You're not expected to be able to hear alternative viewpoints supported by facts. Just stick to your dogma. The world is simpler that way.

  4. AOC probably thinks that he's a white nationalist dude talking about all kinds of stupid stuff and all that.

  5. I think I heard Bill gates say in an interview that the “clean energy/simple solution” group was a far worse problem to addressing climate change than the group that denies the problem. In same interview he had another astute comment to the effect of “there is no affordable alternative to the industrial economy”. He doesn’t advocate do nothing but investing in R&D across spectrums, as well as advanced nuclear.

  6. Taking people up and out of poverty will not make them care about the environment. WTF are you rambling about. Also, what a dumb question. Is Peterson talking to himself on the street? There are equally smart people living on the street, in poverty who are understandably glass half empty. Peterson needs to put his mind to better use then these forums.

  7. I hope Jordan Peterson talks about the situation with Greta, his psychological background would provide interesting insight to a topic I find rather strange right now, very odd that her parents are both activists yet its their child speaking not them… not suspicious at all.

  8. I can separate the science from the politics: There are two possible solutions. One solution is a Socialist wet dream. Levy another tax and redistribute it. The other is that the cyclical causes of weather changing is due to the Sun, Sun Spots, Earth/Moon and Sun Alignments and relocations of the Jet Stream, none of which is manageable by people. The solution is to adapt slowly using Capitalism.

  9. Point of discussion: climate change is not enough of a perceived existential threat to unite nations in conflict
    Takeaway: climate change isn't real


  10. We can plant more trees, depopulation and eating less meat are reasonable solutions, although most of what he said is just so true, glad he gave some of these naive people a big dose of reality!

  11. "It's not a plan, it's a wish list".
    And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls is the fundamental problem with the global warm-ists/climate change-ists.

  12. 'there are more trees than 100 years ago' is a bit dishonest. A fuck ton of them will be young saplings that have been planted to replace fully grown felled trees. Its not the same

  13. Tony Heller over at Realclimatescience.com shows how the Political State Science Institute invented global warming by data tampering.

  14. This little Ass Fuck is nothing more than a pseudointellectual moron
    who never misses an opportunity to humiliate himself.
    Yeah sure, I'll get all my science from political Tools like Peterson
    and just ignore all the climate experts … who actually know what they're talking about.

  15. « Things are complicated ». let’s do nothing and burn all the shit down then. Only the strongest will survive (no old farts with pink ties amongst them). I will prepare myself in my bunker. Thanks PROFESSSOOOORR !!! 😮

  16. I am glad he wasn't around when we had to figure out how to win WWII. "I can't deal with the complexity" is not an option for climate change.

  17. He perfectly described everything that I have in mind. He's such an articulate and smart man, whether you like him or not. And then we have Greta, who can only hurl claims and orders without justifying them. An utter political tool…


    Also gotta love the comments here bullying a 16 year old girl with Aspergers who barely features in this video, what lovely people 🙂


  19. Having spent time on a UN committee on sustainability he should know climate change has nothing to do with the climate but rather only exists to advance marxist causes.

  20. Could I just ask any one with intelligence (ie not one of Peterson's many acolytes) why this rambling, disconnected stream of consciousness drivel passes as some kind of wisdom.Peterson sounds mentally ill frankly.

  21. Peterson says we can aspire to be like gods, but we can't solve climate change. He is simultaneously hopeful and hopeless

  22. lol mr proffessor trying hard to look and act like mr proffessor. this guy is a joke so full of himself and at the same time the biggest sissy. not to mention the obvious stuff he sells as his intellectual property.

  23. One minor, minor quibble. Trees are a renewable resource, coal is not. But coal has more energy density, making it more efficient.

  24. There you go, Peterson suddenly became a guru on climatology as well. This man needs a therapy to fix his narcissism. Only if psychology had any scientific merit or reliably projected or predicted anything. Otherwise, I think nothing can be done about this man feeling of self grandeur.

  25. It seems Mr. Peterson fundamentally underestimates the factor of change. He mentions not being able to store electricity, so therefore sun energy or comparable sources would be fruitless. Even within the last decade this changed and it will easily surpass these hurdles in the coming ones. Solutions on government and society level do consider the next 20, 50, 100 years, that’s standard. For an academic he seems to operate on quite a low resolution, the real challenges were not even mentioned.

  26. Min 3:19 screenshot of a corner of all the global warming cronies who have the look of death on their faces.
    They have the look of post-millennials who have just been told that the Easter Bunny does exist, but it is extremely difficult to catch it when it dashes away with the presents. 🤣😂

  27. I have had so many crazy questions with climate psychos……. Peterson’s response to the BS behind this climate emergency was the best yet. 👍👍 now, where’s my lobster😁

  28. Lol jesus christ. That's a full foot up the ass load of truth right there. . .and those kids in the crowd look traumatized. Holy shit that's amazing.

  29. Wow what a stupid question. The only relevant scientific consensus about ocean levels rising is that it has been happening for at least 800 years. And that the climate has changed continually for 100's of millions of years. In fact, in human history the north pole once had no ice and wheat was grown on Greenland. Climate change is a left issue because it has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with wanting to impose a Marxist agenda (taxes) to disadvantage the supposedly advantaged in society. My answer would be fuck off socialist weasel.

  30. Youtube has now tagged an ad going to the wiki page for global warming to the bottom of this video.

    I fully expect to see all of the alarmist videos have a link to a contrarian article moving forward or I'm straight up calling out Youtube on their biased bullshit.

  31. Everybody is a critic, Jordan. You are an intelligent critic. Well done for being the critic that makes other unintelligent critics feel less smart. Here is what you said:

    1. 'first of all it's very difficult to separate the science from the politics'
    2. 'even if the more radical claims are true we have no idea what to do about it'
    3. 'as we project outwards from claims that are unreliable to begin with… they become less reliable as we move further forward in time. how on earth are we going to solve a problem when we can't even measure the consequence of our actions
    4. 'we're going to switch to wind and solar? just try it, see what happens, we can't store the power'
    5. 'Germany tried it, they produced more CO2 than they started with cos well, we don't want nuclear'
    6. ''Well we should cut back. We shouldn't consume as much as we are consuming. Well maybe, but we should… make everybody in the world who is poor out of poverty''
    7. '200 goals isn't a plan it's a wishlist'
    8. On global warming: 'well if you don't have a solution then we should think about the other problems'. Errrr we have a solution
    9. 'There's more trees in the N. Hemisphere than in there were 100 years ago (by a substantial margin) because people burned coal instead of wood'
    10. It's not going to unite us
    11. We're not going to do a damn thing about it either. So, it doesn't really matter.
    12. What are you going to do? You're not going to stop having heat, you're going to stop having electricity, you're going to stop driving cars? You're going to stop taking trains? You're going to stop having your I-phones? You're not going to do any of that.

    OK please reply if you think any of these questions (the ones that he charismatically presents as dissolving the debate) are good questions that you can't answer. I will answer them, either way, apolitically.

  32. 1:50: "fifty years from now the error bars of the projections are so wide (…) you cant even measure the consequence of your action" WRONG, you can, at least for a short time into the future. You simply cant predict the human behaviour 50 years into the future. and even so the wide bars still show us a best case scenario an a worst case scenario. and the best case is quite disturbing already. so a wide bar doesnt tell us, we dont know anything. it shows us, we dont now everything but quite a lot already. Peterson just is NOT a natural scientist. Poor show.

  33. Professor Douche-bag Jordan is a joke. Greta & the extinction rebellion have proven their is unification under a movement plan of non-violence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLoDX1HheFY

    Tony Heller is a joke too. He belongs with "lord" Monkton. Anyone can see the "lord's" rap-sheet of goofiness.

  34. There is a solution to global warming, it is called Cyanoacrylate and you use it to glue yourself to a busy road which slows down the engines in cars as they sit there idling thereby momentarily reducing the amount of deadly poisonous carbon dioxide spewing forth from their exhaust pipes.

  35. The problem here is the terminology: Climate Change. It's the wrong issue and has lent itself to politicization. Ergo: There is no such thing as a 'climate denier' – how ridiculous.

    There are two types of climate change: natural and man-made. To influence or rectify the naturally occurring climate changes would be idiotic and catastrophic.
    Man-made climate change however can be adjusted.

    We have to ask what causes man-made climate change?
    I suggest the main reason is pollution of the soil, the waterways, the oceans, the air, the forests… in short, our natural environment.
    Nobody can deny that it is WE who are the polluters.

    Now, in this light we can have a productive debate, but instead of calling it "climate change" – we will call it "environment" and/or "pollution".

    In this frame, fingers can actually be pointed at culprits, be they multi-nationals or… myself.

    The so-called "debate" on climate change is NOT a debate and can never be a debate. It is merely a convenient excuse for EVERYBODY… be they politicians or… yes, YOU.

  36. It's already united many nations, scientists and political indifference to the cause actually. Sorry you weren't invited Jordan

  37. My interview with Prof Tim Ball about climate change https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_x2ED8LwA0&t=202s and my other shows at https://www.youtube.com/user/GlobalPeaceTV/videos

  38. trouble with him is he gets on a narrow tangent often pessimistic. He is a depressive so it makes sense. We need to leverage capitalism (greed and innovation) to help the environment. It takes time to turn a huge ship. Clean nuclear is one such practical solution. Problem is the election cycle. China does not suffer from this luckily.

  39. "Her" pretentiously enunciated, rehearsed, rambling question so succinctly demolished by a single syllable. A joy to behold.

  40. There are two ways to fix the climate change problem: Go 200 years back or evolve in a much faster rate. We have to improve the education system so we evolve as fast as possible so we can get the most of natural renewable resources as fast as possible.

  41. Guess what Peterson I don't have a 'smart'phone I have an old PC (10 years old) I don't drive, I don't fly, I have near zero food waste, there's people who do do something so you keep believing in your 'God' I can't see how you square your 'Christianity' with being a good person, oh yes of course you're 'fallen', a sinner, how convenient as long as you keep repenting you'll be let into heaven. So this 'failure' to address climate change would be proof humankind is flawed and 'God' can ride in and say I told you so. HAHAHA you are a nutbag.

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