100 thoughts on “Principles For Success by Ray Dalio (In 30 Minutes)

  1. There's simply no price it can pay for each one of the lessons you're sharing, Ray. I had the pleasure to see you in person in San Francisco, during Dreamforce, and even covering the same topics, it seems that every time we listen to you or watch this video, something else new will pop-up in my head.

    As someone who moved to another country to live a better life, who's trying hard to cope with the challenges of building a family, advancing professionally, build my own business, I feel that I need to watch this video every single week.

    You have my word that I'll share it as much as I can to as many people as I can.

    Thank you so much for sharing this content.

  2. What are your thoughts on shaping principles based on self-reflection, ensuring conventional thinking doesn't camouflage what truly matters to us? I've begun to look at this from some of the wealthiest schools in the world to some of the worst youth prisons.

  3. Thank you Mr. Dalio for the amazing insight. Really inspiring. You are a good man, Mr. Ray. I wish to meet you for once and say thank you.

  4. Ray Dalio; you are one of the three people I respect and admire most; Chamath Palihapitiya and Elon Musk. I have a solid career goal in the investment banking industry. Reading your books gives me a lot of courage and enable me to truly acknowledge what lies ahead in my career path. I hope one day I would able to meet you and listen to one of your speeches at a conference. That would be a true pleasure of my life!

  5. I just don't know how best to say thank you. For being such selfless to share such expensive information for free. Your are such great human. Thanx sir

  6. we can google all the information we have, but we cannot google each others lenses …so we share, or inquire and learn. thankyhou

  7. I love this, I think I want to watch this weekly, also I need to share this with my son I think he will really buy into it.

  8. Iam listening, reading and writing about my goals since 9 Months now. And i can't find them. Someone here has some ideas or tips to watch my goals from another view?

  9. Too general. Non-specific. Need to know how to apply this stuff. This would be like a video whose main message is "Respect must be earned, never given." Or something like that. It's like, what does that mean?

  10. Dalio's 5-step process is really no different than the OODA Loop, a paradigm developed by an Air Force colonel for explaining how American fighter pilots were so successful in their air battles against the MIG aircraft during the Korean War.

  11. There should be an option to like a second time after a certain amount of time has gone by and you've found yourself returning.

  12. 70% into this video I was thinking "This dude must be an ENTP". I was right. Lol. https://twitter.com/raydalio/status/1049447954531176448

  13. Very nicely done. Thank you!
    Lester Levenson put it simple: When do I feel the most happy? When I love.

    The goals we set for ourselves are really based on our values gained during one lifetime. But the untimate goal each human has, is universal and for it is for all humans the same.

  14. Thank you for sharing these precious principles. I think I was struggling on some principles to understand which you made it clear. Thanks you so much.

  15. This is incredible, and deep down we all know these principles, but it's fantastic how you presented them so clearly. Thank you so much Ray, we need things like this to help push forward the evolution of people so that society can grow and move forward. I am grateful that you also recognize this as an important factor to your own personal success. We fail as people if we learn and don't cause others to learn and grow as well. Thank you. 🙏🏽

  16. I'm usually rarely the cheerleader, whoever when it comes to this video + audio combination, I must say this is one of the best videos out there!
    I have shared this video with everyone that matters to me, downloaded this video so that I will never loose it and I have purchased the book right on in succession of 5 minutes within watching it.
    Great stuff ,very well made!

  17. This video is gold. If is so obviously the best way to approach life, but people (myself included) will get caught up in it's simplicity, their own ego & complex made-up social constructs that they will continue to make the same mistakes over and over. I have recommend this video to so many people, but most of them didn't watch it or watched it, but didn't absorb the information. THANK YOU Ray. This video really taught me to change my perspective.

  18. Love your thought-provoking work Ray. I agreed with all of the Principals except at the end you say "Forget about where these Principles come from….". To be transparent, I've not always come from a Judaic Christian view point but in my quest in search of truth and applying these Principles in my life, I know that finding where these Principles come from makes so much more sense and provides me so much more confidence in applying them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Invaluable 🙂

  19. This is one of the best business stories I have seen told with beautiful and thought-provoking animations and illustrations. A true gem. Thank you, Ray Dalio, for sharing your wisdom in so beautiful way.

  20. I have worked at some of the largest global banks and asset managers in the world.
    Excelled at all of the expected academic and professional qualifications (and some unexpected ones too).
    Spent my career faking that I fit into the large bank paradigm while actually wanting the risk of going through the jungle, learning about my unknown biases, seeking real truth, and earning the great life my embedded in my potential.

    Rise Up! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

  21. Kind of lines up with the classical pragmatists … Dewey, Pierce, James, Mead. S#!t happens, you reflect on it and interpret it, then try things in response…truth is what works for now until something better comes along usually because of new information and you go through the cycle of reflection, interpretation and response again, over and over drawing on the principles that still seem to hold. One thing where he's off however is that "reality" is actually socially constructed. Actual phenomenon occur but people only react to them or anticipate them based on their interpretations and use of linguistic convention. People interpret phenomenon differently and therefore respond differently…as if their own "reality" is "real" to everyone else. Hence, life is complex and unpredictable and his advice to reflect upon the inevitable bumps is sound, if unfortunately not obvious to many people.

  22. I'm just going to say it…this is bull. You've either got it or you don't. Ray is an over-thinker, he's successful for other reasons beyond application of these principles.

  23. You're a great man for sharing these principles. This is true education, distilled over a lifetime of professional experience. You are making the world a better place by giving this away. I have unfathomable respect for you

  24. Ray, thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom and life lessons. I have just shared this with me three adult children. Now… If we could just get the obstructive and exploitive politicians to either take heed or step aside, we would all be better for it!

  25. Mr Ray Dalio,
    This is crap. How do you advise someone who took a huge risk but suffered from a fail from which they cannot recover.
    Perhaps you profit from these types?
    You own a company?
    Do you advise people who work for you to quit and go it alone?
    Congratulations on all your success.
    I don’t mean any disrespect.

  26. I feel like I have to watch it a couple of times to get the grasp of it. But wow, so much wisdom in this.

  27. Thankyou, great principles and idea about working with others. Evolution is an idea that has been totally discredited, of course. You missed one principle, that everyhing is by the will of the one true god, so good idea to praise god, ask him for help, seek his forgiveness. Ultimate success, is to obey his law and pass his test.

  28. I fear not becoming all I was born and created to be. My greatest goal is to be a gift to others. To become extremely happy or what others call successful in life through controlling how l first think and next knowing how to teach others to repeat the process of controlling how they think in order to create their best life and live happily!

  29. The issue I find is that those people you rely for "thoughtful criticism" are not always well intentioned, and yet these are the ones who are close boor around, plus if things go right they want to take credit for it, though it is your business or enterprise and you HIRED them to HELP you thought it, most of those people are not satisfied with you giving them credit for their CONTRIBUTION but start talking and acting as if they were the ones who made it happen or are indispensable to the project.
    So the people section process is crucial, but still sometimes you choose the wrong people for it, which according to this video is a "fatal flaw" in your character?? It has happened to me that one or two of these people I hired end up trying to take the business from me or take the customers and start their own business; but solid solutions to this problem do not exist, it has to be, by necessity, a case by case issue … but in general I agree with the video.

    Thanks for this great video.

  30. In Ray's thought dissertion is an all-important hidden ssumption without which the rest of the talk is not very useful. He touched on it, but did not elaborate. The missing trait will dictate what you can or can accomplish in life, and define who you are.

    I am going to leave you to identify trait. I will be back in 1-2 months to see the responses and also to reveal and defend my idea of what this imp[ortant trait is.

  31. Dalio breaks down his own journey to success as the continued repetition of a five-step process:

    1. Know your goals and run after them
    2. Encounter the problems that stand in the way of getting to your goals
    3. Diagnose these problems to get at their root causes
    4. Design a plan to eliminate the problems
    5. Execute those designs

  32. Great video sir. But the examples could have been more realistic/witty. It was a lot about principles, but better concrete examples to supplement them could have explained some things better. Looking forward to more of such videos, please enlighten us.

  33. Thank you Ray Dalio. It is Life changing. I am trader from India and presently reading your principles and learning a lot of it from the book.

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