Primeira Guerra Mundial – Nostalgia História

Primeira Guerra Mundial – Nostalgia História

Hello my friends! All right with you? History is back! One more Nostalgia History. Why? Because history is cool! Yes, history is really nice, if you not understood yet, go and watch the Hitler’s video! That I think is one of the best of this channel. Our Cold War video is also really good. Our list of history videos is just amazing. I recommend you take a look at our history playlist and watch all the videos, Because they are really really good! I always wanted to make a videos about the first war. That why a like war? No! I don’t like war. War is wrong. Make love, not war! But as we are covering war theme in the channel I believe it is the right time to do this video. But before we start, i would like to talk you you that watch Nostalgia in your phone. When you enter the channel page, you’ll notice it has a small bell like a icon. Click there and you’ll get rich! Just that, click there. Despite my desire to make this video about first war, you guys asked a lot in the comments session. Only not exceeded requests for a video about World War II. But is not possible to make a videos about the second war before made one about the first war. In the end of this video you will understand why. Another thing, to be more recent, everyone know a little how it happened WW II. The Nazis things, and the bomb. Most of people already has those facts on mind Mostly due to the series and movies that always bring up this subject. If I ask to you now to summarize the first war, are you be able to do it? How many people can do it? Unless you are a History teacher. Like my dear history teacher, Caio Vinícios, that helped me do make this video. Thank you so much for the consultancy. Don’t worry anymore! Now you going to know everything about the first WW. The first war was a huge thing, with several battlefronts, one of the deadliest conflicts in human history. A war that had more than 70 million soldiers and left about 15 million dead. 15 million, guys! From beginning to end was epic.
The people, the battle, the slaughter and the mistakes. The war also changed the face of our planet, with its trenches, tanks and aircrafts and I believe the best way to understand the first war, is not only be quoting places, names and dates. I think it a bit boring because were so many important battles and generals if i say the name of everyone, you will listen and then will forget everything. I prefer to explain in a different way looking the countries as the main characters. Before we dive right in the war of the trenches. I need to understand how it began. You may remember from school days. that the first war began with the death of a boy A guy called Francisco Ferdinando This guy was heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and he was killed in Saravejo, Bosnia capital. The names started, there is no way! in the beginning we have say. But we need to contextualize the war. Did was like that: Ferdinando had Exodia from Yugioh They killed him, they get pissed off and started the war. No! Not happened like this. Was the war triggered by the murder? Yes! You will soon understand why. His death triggered the war because Europe was already a barrel of gunpowder about to explode since the XIX century. Picture Europa. ‘An european country’ Prepare your mind, lets imagine Europa because we are about to understand how the war began. this is one of the coolest things how it started. It’ll be on the test, then it is good to understand it! Lets back in time, to 1871 more than 40 years before the war The war started in 1914. Did you get it? You already know the year! 1914, started the war. That was not called first war, because they did not know that would have the second. They called it: The Great War. OK! Lets back to 1871. 1871! 1871 was the year that happened the German unification. What we know has the second german empire by the way, let me explain something, many countries in the war were empires Ok! Not everybody was an empire France was already a republic But were a lot of empires around. And those “countries” were empires not just because the fact of have kings or emperors But mainly because they have colonies around the world So, they were fucking strong nations! The guys had the power! They were rock! British conquests reach from Australia to Canada. Those of France, from Indochina to Africa. The Germany also has colonias but want a bigger slice of the pie I’ll talk about these empires, but I’m going to say: countries, to be easy to understand. For example: When I say Russia, it actually means Russian empire because at that time it was still an empire. Good! Understood? OK! Now let’s look to Germany. Or rather to the German Empire. In 1870 there was a war against France. to make it easier to you follow I’m going to call my friend, the map! Where it will be much easier to you understand how started this fucking war Come here map! Look the map! In 1870 there was a war France against Prussia. it was one of the Germanic kingdoms in Europe. By the way, one of the strongest. This war over in the next year and France was defeated. the French lost. At this time, several small germanic kingdoms of central Europe. They were already allies. With this war, Prussia united all these kingdoms forming a German empire. Of course, French that lost some territories in the war and had to pay a fortune in compensation felt very humiliated Before 1871 Prussia was a divided State. crushing France, and attaching the provinces of Alsace-Lorraine so it become the German Empire. things started to get rough and the relationship between these country that was no longer good became more complicated after this. Here comes an important information: of all Europe’s major powers Germany was the one that had fewer colonies and those they had were pretty half-assed but Germany was becoming a great economic power but politically, by the fact that few colonias, They were weak They needed new allies very much To expand their political power It was at that time that Germany created the League of the Three Emperors allying with two other empires. One of them everybody knows, that was the Russian Empire one of the biggest of all time. The other one was called the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This empire was very interesting It was as a partnership between Austria and Hungary And functioned as a single empire ruled by Austria But this alliance didn’t last long because Russia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire were already coming into conflict over the Balkans a region in southeastern of Europa that will be very important in a moment. Don’t forget the Balkans! Russia got out there! breaking the alliance just remaining the germans and the Austro-Hungarians In 1882, our great friend Italy. Yes Italy! Who had just finished their unification, realized it would be a good idea to join the alliance. I’m going into this with my homies! Was at that time that was born the triple alliance. But on the other side.. remember the France? Was upset to have lost that war that I mentioned. Did you guys remember? So France was upset. As Russia had coming out of the alliance with Germany France started to flirt with Russia saying things like: “looks how hot I’m! Look to my boobs!! Are you enjoying, Russia?” So in 1882 France and Russia become allies. To make worse Do you know who entered in the fight? The powerful England In the beginning of the twenty century England empire entered in this brawl these guys had colonies all over the world basically was they who ruled the world In 1904 the British made several agreements with France. and 3 years later, with Russia. These three countries form the so-called Triple Entente this name ‘Entente’ is a french word, it means agreement. With these two great military alliances, things started to get very tense in Europe. The tension became more tense… Make sense? I don’t know. To make matters worse a little bit more was going on an arms race between German and England They were at the time the largest economic powers in the world and because of that, they began to reverberate in the neighborhood That is, all Europe started to arm themselves The arms race is very good for business the great European powers are being prepared for the war. Their uninterrupted military service prepares thousands of men for the war And now we have to go to the Balkans. the place that i told that would be very important for the beginning of the war and which was for a long time ruled by the Ottoman Empire this empire was very old! Its heart is in what is now Turkey. They have spread throughout the Middle East, north Africa and a piece of Europe. but from the nineteenth century it fell into decay and lost several territories and the place they were more screwed, was in the Balkans especially in Bosnia The Bosnia belonged to the Ottoman Empire But in 1878 After a war between russians and ottomans it came under the Austro-Hungarian Empire control. it was here that everything became a mess Bosnia remained under the Ottomans control but who administered the place were the Austro-Hungarians. Very confusing? The guys from the Austro-Hungarian empire also thought it was a mess in 1908 they decided it would be easier attach Bosnia to their territory and fuck you. Now all that shit is the Austro-Hungarian Empire. If Europe was a barrel of gunpowder the Balkans were the wick of that barrel. Then it was only a matter of time for this barrel explode. And when that happened, it would be terrible because everybody was armed to the teeth. The British pays little attention to the black hole of Europe known as the powder keg of the Balkans. Two wars in the Balkans had left two hundred thousand dead. In 1914 in Great Britain these distant tragedy had been forgotten. Now you already know what was the situation in Europe at the beginning of Word War I. On one hand we had the Triple Entente and the other the Triple Alliance.. but you don’t have to memorize these names we gonna use other that several historians prefer. and are simpler whenever I talk about Triple Entente Composed of Britain, France and Russia I gonna use the term ‘Allies’. and when I’m referring to the central empires, it mens I’m talking about Germany, Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. THE POWDER KEG EXPLODES Now we finally arrived on June 28, 1914. When the famous Franz Ferdinand heir of Austro-Hungarian Empire traveled to Bosnia with his wife. It was the worst decision of his life. the worst and also the last. his because in the Balkans had a country called Serbia and they were crazy to master that region and wanted to see the Austro-Hungarians out of Bosnian. and that was the trouble because in the middle of the visit of Archduke A student called Gavrilo Princip drew his gun and shot killing Franz Ferdinand and his wife. These are the last images of the couple soon after leaving the building they are killed with a gun. The killer, Gavrilo Princip is a 19 years old bosnian nationalist. Clearly, he did so at the behest of the servants. that even had conducted several terrorist attacks in Bosnian this was the spark that the gunpowder barrel called Europe needed to explode. There began something called July Crisis which were several political maneuvers that resulted in the largest war ever seen. This July Crisis is something crazy There were several allies in Europe. When an ally goes to war, the other ally also automatically goes to war together. Europa was falling apart in a week. Look at the madness that it was. Because of that murder the tension between the Austro-hunger Empire and Serbia that already was big grew to the point that Austro-hunger Empire said: You know what? It’s War! Mother fucker! I wanna fight you! I wanna fuck you! Austrian generals were looking for long time a excuse to subjugate the Serbs. They can’t prove that the country is responsible for the murders in Sarajevo. But they can convince their emperor. The largest head of the Austrian state declares: “We need to deliverest of the services because they live biting the hells of the empire like snakes. But Russia was allied to Serbia we have one more to the fight. that’s when Russia joined the war and began to organize his troops to help Germany realized and ordered Russia to stop this shit. As the Russians not even answered Germany declared war against Russia and France. Because France was a Russia’s ally. Germany gave 12 hours to the Czar to suspend the military mobilization. Then came the German ultimatum to France 18 hours to declare neutrality. In case of German fight against Russia. With the fortresses of Verdun under German hostages France mobilized the rest was formality. On 3 August Germany went to war against France and Russia allying with Austria and Hungary what ended up being very exciting to reach France, Germany had to go through Belgium So they went there and invaded the country As Belgium was a neutral country, the invasion made the British very pissed off. In this moment British declared war against Germany. And Italy? Italy was very smart and found a way to stay out of this mess. When the war started Italy said that the alliance was a defensive agreement As the Austro-Hungarians started the war, they would stay neutral. But don’t worry, we going to talk about our loved friend Italy The output of Italy didn’t make much difference because immediately following, Germany made an alliance with the Ottoman Empire Now it’s everybody against everybody! And the mess was not only in Europe! At the beginning of the war took place several battles in Africa and in the Pacific. where European countries had colonies In Africa, french, britishs and belgians attacked German Colonies of Togo.. Cameroon Tanganyika Rwanda and Namibia The aim To extend their colonial empires Get the raw materials for the war industry In the beginning the Germans were beaten In a few months they lost almost all their colonies in the Pacific Even Japan, who had kept an eye on one of the german colonies entered in the game and declared war against the central empires In Asia, to honor its alliance with Great Britain Japan fought the Germans from the beginning The Japanese take the opportunity to use the German enclave in Indochina The port of Tsingtao Where there is a famous German brewery until this day. Who also had an important participation were the armies of: New zealand and australia Who were on the side of England India, which was also an English colony, also played a very important role Nearly a million Indians fought alongside the allies during the four years of war. But things got really nasty in Europa. Here comes what we call the first phase of the war: The Maneuver warfare The Maneuver warfare This is because between August and November of 1914 Many armies were moving through Europe going towards the enemy. Most of this movement was done by the German and Austro-Hungarian armies. Germany wanted to defeat France quickly and then worry about the Russians The Austro-Hungarians wanted to invade Syria and solve their war there. But both get fucked up The Austro-Hungarians thought they would enter in Servia easily they would beat everyone ‘Cool, We won our part! Lets help Germany!’ No.. That’s not what happened. They got beaten up by Serbia. They even managed to invade Serbia but they got beaten up by Serbia so hard that they have to evacuate The Germans were crossing Belgium to reach France This crossing, which in theory seems simple Since Belgium was neutral was something so bizarre! so violent! who became known as “rape of Belgium” The germans painted the city red. They burned buildings, killed thousands of civilians it was insane! it was a carnage! Anyone that they believe to be a sniper is captured and executed. Belgians, French and British accuse the Huns, as they called their enemies, of rape, cut off women’s breasts and children’s hands If it was enough to have “raped Belgium” when they arrived in France they also began to screwed up the French. Who had to go back However, the Russians began to invade the region of Prussia on the other side of Germany And for that reason, the Germans had to displace several armies that were fighting against the French They even managed to prevent the advance of the Russians in that part of Germany but ended up weakened on the forehead against France. This also happened by counting the help of the English armies It was at this time that the great battles of World War I took place in September 1914. colled of ‘The First Battle of the Marne’ Marne! Mon français est très bon! This was a battle with more than one million French and English soldiers facing a million and a half Germans. Dude, imagine two and a half million people killing each other. It’s a lot of people This great battle lasted a week And became known as the miracle of the Marne because was at this moment that the Allies managed to stop the advances of the Germans Which ended up receding 100 kilometers in territory. The big German plan to conquer France quickly was not going to happen Which also left for the fray was the Ottoman Empire that, as I said, had allied with the Germans and decided to fight the Russians in the Black Sea region but, whats happened.. this fight against the Russians did you know when? during the winter! in the mountains. Obviously the Ottomans got screwed up. First time the general winter comes into action The Russians used to their winter of minus 40 degrees celsius succeeded in containing the advances of the Ottomans. The attack fails defeated The 70 thousand soldiers of the Turkish army die of cold or are killed as they recede Not a single Muslim Neither in Russia, nor among their allies stood up to the holy war Guys, back to our map Let’s pay attention. There had already been several battles going on in various places however, the war was just beginning… Europe
No man’s land After the battles in the first month The First War entered its second phase Colled Maneuver warfare Maneuver warfare If before were various armies advancing against each other Now it is completely different because, especially in the region of France the solders continuem to fight But basically in the same place in the same positions No one conquering much territory This happened because of something very famous in the First World War: the trenches. In wars that happened before The battles happened with the infantry of both armies face to face, one advancing towards the other Always with support of cavalry and artillery But it changed in the FWW The soldiers dug line and line of holes in the ground, that were the trenches. They stood there defending that position Among the various trenches on one side and the other There was a place called no man’s land. Armies filled these places with mines and barbed wire for the enemies do not advance by there. Troops in the open area are easy targets. and they are readily killed. Because of this they dig for shelters through an elaborate system of trenches. Fortified with barbed wire and heavy artillery. Their defenses lines are almost impenetrable. But commanders continue to send hundreds of soldiers to fight in no man’s land. This is the daedlock of trench warfare no army can advance. Troops are massacred. There is a funny story that happened in France in 1914. In some places the trenches were so close to each other That on Christmas Eve the soldiers made a truce Some French, English and Germans left the trenches and went to fraternize with the enemy They exchanged gifts and even played soccer together. Guys look how bizarre. The famous Christmas truce is still seen today as one of the great examples of humanity of the 20th century. If a lot of people died in no man’s land life inside the trenches was not easy, because it was a rough thing In fact, more people die in the trenches than outside there were rats, lack of food mold, disease It was fucking cold It was a morbid environment it was terrible. Living in the trenches was a horrible experience for soldiers The western forehead is known for its cold and wet climate lots of rain and lots of mud It is difficult to get hot food, it was difficult to wash. There were mice and rats Sergeant Bach writes: One of my men was bitten in the ear other in the nose When we are lying the rats run over us like cats they devour everything we have chocolates, Camembert cheese and even the stock of our rifles The men hunt as they can In just one hole killed 17 of them as little rabbits In addition, trench warfare has given rise to something new… one of the greatest atrocities of modern wars I’m talking about chemical warfare. The use of chemical weapons was prohibited internationally but in the first war everyone ignores this. fuck off, we’re already at war. Who started with this were the French who throw tear gas bombs in the trenches of the Germans The first lethal gas, which was made from chlorine, was used by the Germans in 1915. A cloud of chlorine gas killed five thousand of allies in minutes. and disabled other five thousand Some survived rushing from the gas cloud Getting away at a distance of 4.8 km Terrible thing A man came as bluish as a sailor’s uniform. coughing a lot, expelling a thick secretion and struggling a lot to breathe a horrible way of death for a strong man. Since I’m talking about it, it’s cool to go until 1917 When one of the most tense things happened on the FWW when the most famous chemical weapon of all wars emerged. The famous mustard gas The name looks harmless you use mustard on your hot dog, what bad mustard can do right? Ironically It was effective not by the number of soldiers it killed, but by the number that it injured. In 1918 the British had about twenty thousand men hospitalized suffering from the effects of mustard gas. If someone throw this shit near you You’ll be full of bubbles. Your eyes will start to burn you will throw up a lot will have internal and external bleeding and obvious, if you breathe too much this shit you will die. Even soldiers wearing the most modern masks, are not safe. It caused terrible bubbles If it came in contact with the skin it was already starting to produce bubbles immediately reaching even the bones. Also affected mucosal areas under the arms and in the groin. The victim suffered from conjunctivitis. the eyes closed, many men could not see but this was temporary however incredibly scary for soldiers who did not know if they could see again. If in the western front all were inside the trenches around 1915 on the side of the Ottoman Empire there the things are tough First the Ottomans tried to conquer the suez channel which is in Egypt and was defended by the English. This channel has a very high strategic value. Because it allows ships to sail from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean without having to circumvent Africa. But this attack did not work because the English who were there in Egypt resisted. but the fight really started when the French and the English started a campaign called Gallipoli that had two goals the first was to dominate the peninsula of Gallipoli and the narrow Dardanelles which was a gate to the Russia seas The other goal was to conquer the capital of the Ottomans which is the city of istanbul and at that time was called Constantinople I’ve heard that name in documentaries! Then does this was Constantinople? Yes! In April 1915 several soldiers landed there. and went to fight against the Ottomans. Were more than four hundred thousand English and French soldiers Facing more than three hundred thousand Ottoman soldiers This lasted for several months. Until in January of 1916 The Allied armies began to have huge losses Were forced to leave there and retreat to Egypt They had several fights going on around the world Many people dying and much destruction It was at this time that two countries looked at this whole mess, and they said: “Is fun this game, I’m going into this fight!” Remembers that I said that Italy had chosen to stay out of this war In 1915 several negotiations took place between the imperial powers promising several territories to Italy so Italy decided to go to war on the side of the allies Fellows, the Italians turned over And they went to fight the Austro-Hungarians Son of a bitch! Italy enters the war in May 1915 Neutral at the start of the war Nevertheless was an ally of Germany British and French promise to the Italians recover the city of Trento and Trieste that still under Austrian control Italians turned over In the same year Bulgaria entered the war Bulgaria is in the Balkans And had a strategic position First because it was like a corridor linking the Ottoman Empire to Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire that is, they could send resources and soldiers from one place to another And most importantly, it is stuck in Serbia And the Serb that until that moment was holding the Austro-Hungarian invasion got fucked up! The Bulgarians who were mortal enemies of the Serbs Marched into the country and that’s it! The war is over for Serbia But there could have been another final for Serbia Because the Allies tried to persuade the Greeks to join them in the protection of Serbia But the Greek government was completely divided Between which side to support the war Even internal conflicts occurred for this reason But when Greece finally joined the allies And declared war on the central empires The Serbian had already been defeated and there was nothing more to be done Blood Everywhere If you think that the entry of Italy on one side and the Bulgarian on another the teams were complete, calm down! It fits more people there! In 1916 the Romanian decided to enter the war From the sides of the allies and began to attack the Austro-Hungarians early the attacks were successful But soon the central empires turned the game and began to win. War in Romania lasted more than a year and gave enormous work to the Austro-Hungarians Who lost many soldiers Until the Romanian surrender at the end of 1917 we can not talk about other countries entering the war without mentioning the Middle East In this region several important battles took place Such as the Caucasus campaign Which had begun with the battles between Russia and Ottoman near the black sea But close to the Ottoman Empire The battles were more scattered Had the Mesopotamian campaign where today is Iraq The campaign of Persia where today I Iran And the campaign of Sinai and Palestine It is important to realize that in each of these conflicts the powers sought to bring these people to their side And the most successful in this endeavor were the English Has caused several Arab peoples to unite for the independence of the Ottomans Which became known as the Arab revolt It is important to remember a decisive English general: Tomas Edward Lawrence The guy was so important to consolidate an alliance between the Arab peoples Putting all these people against the central empires Who became known as Lawrence of Arabia Besides making all the political agreements with the Arabs He also participated in several attacks against the central empires It was something so important that the Ottomans offered a reward for the guy But it did not work, Lawrence only died in 1935 Many years after the end of the war in England But let’s drop the Middle East and talk about it later. And return to the fight between the French and the Germans Remember the trenches, let’s go back there. because in 1916 the western front was the setting for one of the bloodiest battles of World War I The Germans realized that staying in the trenches would not do anything, only more people died Instead of conquering territory They realized that the way was to massacre the French armies so that they would surrender This plan had two levels The first was at sea Submarine attacking ships that had taken supplies to the allies And the second was to attack the French with heavy artillery But in a place where the French could not back down The idea of cornering and massacring The Germans chose as target the city of Verdun I have several military strongholds and it was at a strategic point Exactly on the way to Paris at the beginning the plan of the Germans worked out they managed to win several military forts But soon things were balanced and the French began to react The military forts were captured on one side and then recaptured from the other And all this happened on heavy artillery, toxic gas, a hell on earth which lasted ten months The French used a strategy that became very famous And that was decisive to win this battle The strategy consisted in making a rotation of troops The soldiers went and fought on the front But after a while they retreated, returned to be able to rest And other troops came in their place Soon the Germans began to get tired Meanwhile the French armies were rested This has increased the confidence of the French In December of this year the Germans were forced to retreat After nearly 6 months of exhaustion and lack of ammunition caused the cease-fire France lost 500,000 men Germany 400,000 One of those responsible for the victory of the Allies was a dog More than 50,000 animals were used during World War I Mainly as Messengers One of the great heroes of the Battle of Verdun I was a dog called the Satan Yes! Satan was a hero The dog was from the french army Satan crossed the Enemy Lines using a gas mask carrying a message saying where the Germans kept the weapons and ammunition But when he was near the French The Germans hit two shots on the dog And broke their paws But even so he managed to cross and reach the trench For this reason the French discovered where the Germans kept weapons and ammunition and destroyed those places Saving the lives of at least 10,000 French soldiers who were trapped by the Germans This was Satan’s story a hero dog, a hero on the side of the French of course To the Germans It was Satan who screwed with them But before that battle in Verdun, when the Germans were still planning to attack the French The allies were also preparing to attack Germany But this attack was elsewhere In the region of the Somme River that is in the north of France This battle happened in July, that is, at the same time of the Battle of verdun it was even very close there The allies started winning but the Germans resisted Once again many people died on both sides It was at this time that the Western Front changed The Germans realized that their offensive power had ended They realized that the most important thing was to keep the territories they had already conquered A better strategy than trying to move further into France since the main idea of them was to arrive at Paris and to dominate France The Germans set up a line of defense just behind the Battle Front Was known as the Hindenburg Line To resist allied attacks While these two battles took place The Russians on the other side of Europe Also launch a two-month offensive that greatly damaged the Austro-Hungarian armies The army was destroyed they lost almost one million soldiers among the dead, wounded and captured Many people say that was the Allies’ most important victory in the war When we cited the great battles of 1916 Verdun, The Battle of Somme vous vous rendez compte que je parle français Something that was very important in those battles were airplanes We got on the planes! Even as World War I became very famous for using airplanes for the first time in a major conflict. That Had Been Invented in the Beginning of the 20th Century And had decisive participation in several battles The first aircraft were only used in reconnaissance missions With the pilots flying over enemy territory to find out where the troops were In this period they even used balloons With soldiers watching the movements of the other troops It takes a lot of courage to get on those balloons But it’s a Vital work Connected to the earth by telephone Officers direct artillery fire Protecting them becomes a priority. But soon, the fights began to happen also in the sky But in a very rough way The plane that went on an enemy reconnaissance mission Ended up meeting the enemy’s plane Each pilot pulled his pistol and tried to shoot the other. What a bizarre thing. Sometimes they even took grenades to try to hit the enemy’s plane In 1915 the first aircraft designed for battles began to emerge It is important to remember that in the first war there were not so many bombings Who became very famous in World War II Atomic bomb and others these first aircraft was not able to carry bombs They were too light and could only carry small bombs Some bombings took place, but carried out by the huge German zeppelins To overcome the impasse in the trenches The Germans develop a devastating weapon Take the war to the sky Targeting the heart of Great Britain Including civilians The summer of 1915 was full of anxiety and fear more attacks, more civilians killed and injured The bombing campaign had a devastating psychological impact all over Great Britain the first air strikes in history had begun It was not until the end of the war that more advanced bombers emerged Gotha was the fortress of the First World War A long-range bomber with a crew of three Carrying three machine guns It carried fewer bombs than zeppelins But with a maximum speed of 133 KM/H Flew faster than the British interceptors The bombing of civilians in the First World War Was the turning point in the 20th century Has placed, in addition to the Germans, the whole world on the road to attack civilian populations In the first world war the main role of airplanes was recognition And attack enemy infantry with machine guns It was a support for the attack that happened on the ground And also the battles of airplanes against airplanes And in these battles came the most famous names of the First World War You should not imagine, but when I say the name you will remember. The german Manfred von Richthofen also widely known as the Red Baron The red baron is known with one of the best pilots in history Were 80 victories in air combats During the First War he became one of the greatest symbols of the German army His image was used in propaganda for war The Germans helped spread the myth of the Red Baron Saying that the British had set up special squadrons to hunt the baron Even the German government wanted him to stop flying Because Red Baron was shot down this would be a blow to the Germans’ confidence. But he refused to stop flying. Kept flying until he died of combat On April 21, 1918 Already at the end of World War I New Weapons
New Countries 1917 was one of the most important years for the first war Not only for war but for the entire 20th century Because it was in that year that the Russian empire imploded The Russians were experiencing an internal crisis a long time ago Of course this would not end well when the war broke out the Russian people suffered greatly With enormous economic and social problems This tension was growing Until in 1917 happened the Russian revolution In Petrograd there have been riots And police machine guns killed hundreds The conflict spread to other cities “What will I do?” The tsar asked his advisers. The answer: you have to abdicate Was what he did, and his dynasty died on March 16, 1917. To destabilize his enemy Germany sent to Russia the revolutionary Vladimir Lenin Coming from his exile in Zurich From that moment, Lenin was launched in a fight for the leadership And Russia began to abandon the war You must be thinking with the exit of Russia Germany did well Because now they did not have Russia to disrupt Now they could attack with all their power the French and the British Without Russia would be easier But it was not like that Russia left But do you know who came in? USA! The trembling French flag along the American flag the Britannic flag and banners that say: “Hell is too good for the hun” At first the Americans wear campaign hats But soon exchange for the efficient British helmet But even so the boys are quickly recognized They are fun and have friendly smiles The French called them Sams referring to Uncle Sam It is not too difficult to understand how the United States entered the war And for that we need to talk about the fighting that happened at sea We talked more about the land battles because the great conflicts of the War were with infantry But war all happened on the seas Remember when I said that an arms race was happening between Germany and England the two major powers This is why technological advances have been made at sea When the War began the Germans and the English had gigantic vessels In addition to other smaller vessels The fights took place in several Seas: like north sea, atlantic ocean, mediterranean sea and black sea The first war had several small battles in the seas But also had huge battles For example in the battle of Jutland that happened in the sea of the north in 1916. And throughout the war they developed new ships In 1917 the English put, for the first time in history, An aircraft carrier in the sea Another important thing happened in the seas Were the submarine attacks of the Germans The Germans did not have enough boats to deal with the enormous British naval power But Germany hoped its new submarines could face the British Navy Even the great Battleships had only armor above the surface Being vulnerable to submarine torpedoes Which reached them below the waterline This Submarine fighting is very cool, but what does this have to do with the United States? When the War Began the Americans decided to stay neutral This is very interesting, because with war the Allied countries Would increasingly need to buy American products In addition, the Americans lent a lot of money to the British and the French The two countries owe the United States two billion dollars This debt will never be paid if Germany wins the war With its underwater and restricted warfare If there was someone who was getting on very well with this war, that someone was the United States Remembers that I said that one of the plans of the Germans was to cut the supply lines of the French The key point of this plan was to prevent any ship from reaching allied countries And with that the Germans ended up sunk 7 American marker ships Which made the Americans very angry and made the US declare war on Germany In 1917 he already had American soldiers in some battles From 1918 the Americans began to land in the thousands in Europe Do you know who else went into the war because of submarine attacks? Brazil!!!! our beloved country Brazil was also neutral at the beginning of the war But the Germans attacked a Brazilian freighter that was going to England full of coffee Germany declared a naval blockade to its enemies on February 13, 1917 The Brazilian government protested with the Germans that it had no effect After 2 months the first incident occurred with the sinking of the Parana ship On the coast of the European continent that was loaded with coffee and cereals to france Attacked by a German submarine, already as a reflection of this blockade imposed When the news arrived in Brazil the repercussion was very bad People began to protest in the street, asking for the country to enter in to the war. People started attacking German shops and companies the government cut ties with Germany Who continued to attack Brazilian ships In October 1917 Brazil declared war on the central empires Look how bizarre. Due to popular pressure in October 1917 The president of brazil ends up declaring war against germany The participation of Brazil in the first war was very small Because our armies did not have much preparation for this type of conflict. We even sent doctors and military to europe But there were few people. The largest participation was of the Brazilian navy Because some Brazilian ships were to help patrol the coast of europe But something happened that we need to talk about. Because it’s history, we need to talk… Happened in the Mediterranean sea, near the Strait of Gibraltar In that place there were several attacks of German submarines All were afraid of a new attack In the middle of the night someone started yelling that he had seen a periscope of a submarine emerging from the water They thought it was the Germans. “Run, let’s all die!” “How will I see the pelé play? fuck!” Everyone took their weapons and started shooting at the sea Die German! Die motherfucker! When they looked they realized that the sea was full of blood It was not submarine, because submarine does not bleed It was a bunch of porpoises An animal similar to the dolphin It was a slaughter committed by Brazilians. They killed the little animals thinking they were the Germans Look at the shame that Brazil has gone through. This one became known with the battle of the porpoises Let’s talk about something important now. Because by the end of 1917 the war was already quite different specially regarding technology Remembers that the war began in 1914 Three years have passed I talked about the innovations of planes and ships, now I’m going to talk about ground innovations The trenches forced more powerful new weapons to be created Besides the chemical weapons happened several innovations of armaments, like the flamethrower Used for the first time in the first war by the Germans A terrible weapon appears on the battlefields A modern launcher of one of man’s first inventions The flamethrowers were used for the first time in flanders Was a weapon that both sides used to overcome the deadlock on the battlefield there were also small armored vehicles with guns Which had been used since the beginning of the war They read something about a tractor with continuous treadmills used in farming To divide the weight and prevent the vehicle from jamming in the mud The engineers propose to use the agricultural machine as a weapon of war That could overcome the heavily armed trenches of the western front An armored vehicle and driven by mats Equipped with machine gun and cannon Could cross no man’s land overcoming lines of machine guns, bankers and defenses For a much lower cost than that required by the infantry The French invented even a super cannon Which weighed more than 130 tons it was transported by rails and diparva grenades of 700 kilos in up to 16 kilometers 700 kg??? Look at the power of this weapon! Another breakthrough was communication between the troops. It was at this time that the first wireless communications Like those phones that soldiers carry on their backs and we see in several movies That changed the face of war a lot Because communication was faster the armies did not have to come up with hundreds of men Smaller troops began to emerge Who communicated with each other With about 10 or 12 soldiers Which were much more agile and efficient in 1917 the world met the most famous weapons of World War And also one of the most important The tanks of war In fact the tanks had already been used in 1916 At the end of the battle of Somme in France But they were not very useful, because they were few and could hardly move through the trenches One of the things the British discovered in Somme Tanks tend to fall into the trenches and get stuck There began to add things so that they could cross the trenches But finally in 1916 the English discovered a way to use the tanks in the trenches in France With all this technological innovation The armies finally succeeded in overcoming enemy defenses And the war is no longer static Next to that we had the entrance of the Americans in the war Made the war finally begin to come to an end Peace! At least for a while… If in 1914 we had the maneuver warfare and after the war positions In 1918 we have the last phase of the First World War It is called the Hundred Days Offensive When the final attacks of the war took place The Hundred Days Offensive The Ottomans continued to lose to the British and the Arabs Who supported the allies in the region But in 1918 they gained a new enemy, the Armenians When Russia came out of the war The territories inhabited by Armenians founded a republic Who also declared war on the Ottomans And they had a reason for it Since the beginning of the war the Ottomans committed several genocides Against the peoples who lived in the regions of his empire Yes, this also happened in the First World War Several genocides occurred And the Armenians suffered the most The Armenian genocide was less than the holocaust When millions of Jews were murdered But during the first war it also had several concentration camps and mass murders About 1.5 million Armenians were murdered by the Turks One day they said they would give us food But they all got behind a wall Except women and children And then they murdered everybody Then the Turks began to torture and rape the women Now we can understand why the Armenians declared war on the Ottomans at the first opportunity In France, the war was also about to end. But still much blood would be shed The Germans knew that the only chance they had of escaping a defeat Make a decisive attack before the Americans arrived in Europe in the thousands Which arrived in an increasing number From March 1918 The Germans began a series of attacks that became known as the spring offensive In some they were victorious and made the Allies retreat For the first time the war arrives near Paris The Germans even managed to attack the city with airplanes and cannons But this lasted very little From May began to arrive more and more Americans Was something around 300 thousand soldiers per month And the war had a second turning point in the second battle of Marne This battle began with a German attack But the allies succeeded in overcoming the Germans with many soldiers and tanks Was a key victory It was at this moment that the allies realized that it was time to end the war It was time for the final attack And set out to fight with full power started the Hundred Days Offensive Were several short battles that occurred between August and November 1918 Many people died on both sides The Germans were forced to retreat and lost almost all the territories they had at the beginning of the war Meanwhile the Italians continued to attack what has left of the Austro-Hungarian empire And was completely destroyed This caused the whole empire to collapse Several regions declared their independence To get out of the war The central empires had ended Bulgaria was the first to surrender Then it was one after another Then the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires surrendered Now I only Germany At that time there was a mess inside the country On account of the defeats there was a great crisis There was no more understanding, and several revolts and revolutions began The emperor was forced to flee to Holland Then germany became a republic This happened on November 9, 1918 After two days this new government surrendered to the allies After four years the war was finally over And the world would never be the same No war ever changed the map of the planet as much as the first world war The Russian empire ended during the war Then the German, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires New countries were created Such as Poland, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia After centuries the center of the world was no longer Europe This role now belonged to the USA Another consequence of the first war Was the emergence of the League of Nations Created by the Treaty of Versailles It was a kind of UN predecessor that was intended to prevent new war As everyone knows, this idea did not work out very well Since we had the second world war Something that is funny At the time of the First World War it was called the war to end all wars And it was exactly the opposite Tensions between countries continued and became even worse We realize this even after 100 years The most emblematic case that showed that the war did not solve anything Can be analyzed looking at germany The treaty of versailles was made by the countries that won the war This treaty put all the blame on the Germans Which destroyed Germany Germany had to give up territory and pay a fortune to the allies This is why the country went bankrupt in the 1920s. Most of the Germans were left behind with the treaty of Versailles Many said that the penalties were unfair and very humiliating Who never accepted this defeat was the German army When the surrender was agreed there were still several battles going on It still had whole battalions inside France And none of the Allied soldiers had ever set foot inside Germany The German army told everyone that they had been betrayed by the new government That there had never been a German defeat, that Germany never really surrendered A person who thought like this was a soldier Who had fought on the western front As a messenger Who after being injured with pepper gas at the end of the First World War Started to get involved with politics After 20 years this guy would show the world The first war was not the war to end all wars In fact, the first war was just the beginning of the Second World War Which had as protagonists the soldier who was injured with pepper gas in the first world war Fighting alongside the Germans The time of crime Most terrible against the German people Two ethereal disturbances And eternal sack of this eternal oppression And we saw ourselves in this moment The life of every German Sinks slowly more and more Our people needed to suffer from inflation Which stole the economy of thousands of people Everything was instigated and achieved And all responsibility And the people who signed the treaty of 1918 This was Nostalgia about the First World War Leave your like down here Because this video is a lot of hard work! 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