Positive Thinking Podcast #004 – The Greatest Christmas Gift

Positive Thinking Podcast #004 – The Greatest Christmas Gift

welcome back my friends to the positive
thinking podcast I’m Alan Ray and today we’re talking a little bit about
Christmas today is actually Christmas Eve so I want to wish you a very Merry
Christmas Happy Holidays wherever you may be all right hope you have a
wonderful wonderful time so let’s talk about this Christmas is interesting
because on one hand it’s supposed to be very jolly happy joyful on the other
hand you have a lot of people who find themselves feeling very stressed out
during this time of the year you have people who feel depressed sometimes
they’re depressed and stressed out so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about
today ways that we can ways we can overcome some of these feelings let’s
talk about this so first off I believe that Christmas and the holiday cheer and
all this we all know that commercialism has really done a number on on this
holiday the businesses are very well aware of this because there’s businesses
making a lot of money at this time of year a lot of money
but check this out though I believe that when we’re buying gifts for our loved
ones right underneath the underneath the commercialism right underneath the item
underneath the purchase price underneath all of that underneath the profit that
that company made underneath it all is the desire that we have to show someone
else that they matter to us that they are important to us that we value them that’s all there is to it a desire to
show someone that you appreciate them they mean something to you because
that’s a universal desire that we all have right is to feel valued to feel
like we matter to feel like we’re appreciated and we’re near able to show
your loved one then it’s a wonderful thing it’s a wonderful thing yeah and
even when you can show someone who you is may not be a member of your family or
a very close friend but someone else when you can show them that they matter
to you that’s good that’s a good feeling for them and for you as well but that’s
something we can do if we can do that in how we treat people really in the way
that we interact with others and treat them we can do that all year long all
year long we can make others feel that that what that we value them that they
matter it’s a great gift it’s a wonderful that’s that’s a wonderful go
that’s the best gift you can give anyone but do you give that gift to yourself do
you you should and if you don’t I want you to start how can I start how can we
start how when we start valuing ourselves
you just need to know yourself you need to learn who you are internally what you
are internally if you don’t love yourself you just don’t know yourself let’s rewind a little bit though let’s
rewind let’s talk a little bit more about the holidays we’ll get into more
of our loving ourselves a little bit later on but um yeah so again underneath
everything is the desire to show someone guess what hey I care about you I got
you a gift like a it’s just a way that we show others that we care about them
we can do that all year long we really can so a lot of people find themselves
stressing out about financial difficulties stressing out about buying
these items and things can be expensive and looking back when I was little now I
feel sorry for what my parents had to go through when I had the big magazine and
I was circling all the things and turning the page I want this I want that
I guess that’s how we were when we were kids a lot a lot of kids are like that
so yeah yeah I remember being so excited at waking up early on Christmas and
wanting to open the presents that my parents are trying to sleep and I’m like
come on let’s open oh man it was crazy it was crazy but of course now that I’m
an adult I just wow it’s not like that anymore perhaps them the joy now I can see the
joy for them was you know watching watching their kids open everything to
be happy about it anyway let’s continue so people find
themselves feeling stressed out about the finances are I believe that with the
gift that you’re getting your loved ones your close friends and family it doesn’t
have to be something expensive right sometimes you can make them something
you can make people things right things that will mean something to them because
you mean something to them you can even make things or you can actually get
something that doesn’t cost that much but has a certain special connection
between the two of you right yeah those are some clothes some good solutions another another reason that people get
stressed out is a they have to sometimes they have to see
people that they don’t really want to see you know these large gatherings and
things like that you know people have these large gatherings and maybe they
don’t like a certain person or they’re not comfortable with a certain person
they have to be around them I think that the thing about that is
if there’s a situation you really don’t want to be in you don’t want to be in
ask yourself do you really have to do you really have to maybe you have your
significant other who really wants you to go to this location or to go that or
you have a friend who really wants you to go here with them and if you choose
to do it then that’s good do it do it but if you really don’t want to and
someone doesn’t respect that and wants to try to force you do something you
really don’t want to do well it’s just gonna be too bad for them because you
have to do what’s right for you we can talk about making sacrifices though and
I do think it’s sometimes it’s necessary to make certain sacrifices the question
is what kind of sacrifices are you willing to make is it going to be worth
it for you I think we need to respect ourselves we don’t just respect others
we need to respect ourselves and we need to value ourselves so let’s get on let’s
get back on that a little bit here evaluating ourselves I said it before I’ll say it again if we
don’t love ourselves it’s because we don’t really know ourselves we want to
look deep within and find out who we are and what we are and we will have no
choice but to love and appreciate and value ourselves but sometimes the
stresses of life is clouds form over our vision these clouds form over our
consciousness and awareness and it blocks it and it puts us in a little
dark ball and we can’t see outside of it we can’t look outside of it and we can’t
look within because it’s blocking everything that’s blocking everything
and what we want to do is keep that blockage you keep it at a minimal keep
it at a minimum all right and what is there we want to eliminate it you want
to get rid of it ruin it clear we want to clear everything so that we can see
clearly and once we see clearly we not only will
see great love for the inner for who and what we are but will see it for the
outer as well will see it for others and that’s the clear that’s the clear vision
and that’s the way to live makes you happy makes you feel good it
makes others feel good you can value and appreciate everyone
and that’s the good energy that’s the good energy and that’s that’s what the
holiday is really about is valuing and appreciating your loved ones
and showing them that but again I want to hone in on that don’t forget to value
and appreciate yourself but in order to do that again you got it all yourself those things that have been bothering
you about yourself things that bother you I know how it feels to not like who
you are to despise who you are I used to feel like that when I was younger I just
always wished that I was different I felt like if I felt like oh if I was
into this if I was into that if I could blend in and be like everyone else that
I would be happy that’s how I thought when I was young I was about nineteen
twenty I thought I wish that I liked these things I wish that I was into this
brush that I’m not I said I’m not I said what can I do what can I do I said why
can’t I be like that eventually I started getting into
learning more about uh-huh learning more about different
spirituality I started learning about energy I started uh and I finally
finally started to brighten up because then I through learning about these
topics I learned about myself I began to believe in myself and I said hey so what
that I don’t like these things that other people like I said I like what I
like and I said I may be capable of I may be capable of accomplishing some
things I may be capable of achieving some things come to find out I had a lot
more strength and courage and determination within me that I ever knew
as possible and if you ever find yourself feeling unhappy with yourself
she’s gotta look within because I’ll tell you if it wasn’t me if it wasn’t me
it’s in you too alright it’s in all of us it’s just a matter of are we gonna
find it and are we going to are we going to embrace it what you can and you will
you will hey again I hope you have a wonderful wonderful happy holiday
wherever you may be hey also if you would like to join the positive thinkers
Club I’ll send you updates I’ll send you news things were gonna be doing around
here it’s gonna be some good stuff got some good stuff planned I have a link
pinned in the comments come join the positive thinkers club and I will talk
to you all very soon peace and blessings you

40 thoughts on “Positive Thinking Podcast #004 – The Greatest Christmas Gift

  1. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays my Friends! May your Holiday be as wonderful as you are πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    Join the Positive Thinkers Club to receive important channel updates: https://positivethinkingpodcast.com/positive-thinkers-club-join/

  2. Christmas is a very hard and depressing time of year for me. But when I watch your videos and listen to your voice and that music I feel a lot better. Thank you for your positive videos.

  3. MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS dear sweet Allen..i pray you and your beloved family a bless_ed Christmas and to everyone here listening to allen.He is AMAZING!!πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸ˜‡πŸ˜πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸ˜‡πŸ˜πŸŽ…

  4. Merry Christmas Shaman! You’ve helped me immensely this depressing holiday season. I hope this channel prospers. bless!

  5. Happy Holidays Alan! For the past year i have been looking at lots of your channels and videos, it helped me allot. I'm not yet where i want to be but i'm definitely closer than i ever was in my life! You are doing an amazing thing my man, Keep it up. Going into the new year with a some positive thinking!

  6. Merry Christmas from the netherlands β€πŸ’›πŸ’š i love it but sometimes i feel depressed and stressed. But my happy inner child will never be gone.

  7. Onelove all year through β€πŸ’›πŸ’š love yourself and love others and RESPECT. This video is 100% right. You can make it as expensive as you want and it is all about choices.

  8. I have been feeling depressed this holiday season. My girlfriend of 2 and half years broke up with me and my best friend from work started acting distant and ignoring me because hes found better friends.

    I just want to say thank you for starting this podcast because it has given me a different outlook on life and you've made me feel like that I matter and that I'm in control of my own future and destiny.

    Thank you so much and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas.

  9. Merry Christmas, my man. I’m a day late to this one, but I hope your own holiday is filled with as much happiness as you’ve given everyone on this platform.

  10. Hey Alan, I'd love to have you as a guest on my podcast some time in April or May if you're available. Lemme know, brother, love your work.

  11. 4 months late but Alan I wanted to say your stuff always made me feel less lonely and always placed more of a positive outlook on the way I see things/changing some of my negativity , keep up the good work πŸ–€

  12. Can you give me some advise for my YouTube channel and how I can progress and grow based shaman?i look up to you a lot

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