Positive Thinking Podcast #001 – Karma, Castles & Gratitude

Positive Thinking Podcast #001 – Karma, Castles & Gratitude

hello my friends welcome to mindset
challenger where I’m going to help you challenge conquer and create the life
that you truly want let’s get started today this is our first series here but
before we begin if you’re here right now you are so early you are so early and I
thank you so much for that um a lot of you know you know what I’m going through
all my other channels you know what’s going on with me but I preach positivity
I preach making the best of the situations no matter what happens never
thrown in the towel never giving up always moving forward always advancing
never giving up I don’t just preach it but I live it now you get to see me live
it what I talk about all the time when times get hard when you’re in deep you
you roll with it and you gotta make the moves I’m doing
it now so check this out you guys welcome to the new channel thank you so
much for being here ah this series here I’m going to be reflecting on lessons
I’ve learned recently mistakes I’ve made successes I’ve had I’m sure some of you
will relate and and hopefully I can prevent you from making some of the
mistakes I made yeah let’s talk about it you guys we’re gonna start off first
we’re gonna be talking about castle no no no first we’re gonna talk about Karma
because I’m experiencing some real Karma right now and I’ll tell you exactly why
then we’ll talk about our castles and we’ll go ahead and finish up with some
gratitude it’s oh it’s good stuff good stuff let’s begin so karma do you
believe in karma that’s the question of the day do you believe in karma I’ll
tell you let me know in the comments I’ll tell you I do I think that karma is
real I believe karma is so real and on my other channel I uh it’s always
been comedy right it’s always been laughing it’s always been having fun but
unfortunately a lot of the laughs that we’ve had over the over the years well
they’ve been at the expense the expense of people who weren’t feeling good right
and I think that a lot of times we kind of excuse our laughing because of you
know outrageous things that people say but regardless of what they’re saying
when our laughter and our joy is brought to us by the misfortune of others or um
low feelings right it’s not good energy is not good gonna bring about good karma
and it’s not gonna last it’s not gonna be permanent because that’s not the way
that we’re supposed to treat others right like you can’t fight lower
energies darkness negative thinking bitterness you can’t really fight that
by shooting more at it because all that’s gonna do is reinforce it right
like people who are on that trapped in that lower paradigm they have a lot of
negativity and they shoot that up at you and sometimes it can kind of bring you
down but then when it brings you down and you start that we’re reinforcing it
that’s that we can’t do that um that’s not building people up that’s not
helping people that’s not a lot of times people don’t you can’t really help
people but why make the situation any worse than it already is right I think
that’s something I’ve come to the realization of and it took a lot it took
it took things really hitting the fan for me to learn that but I I’m realizing
that now is that you you fight fire with fire it doesn’t work like that
yeah I mean we can all play a part we can all play a part of making a
difference but reinforcing that doesn’t do anything so yeah that’s why I think
that this is karma what’s happening to me on my other channels it’s uh it’s
it’s I I brought it upon myself I talk a lot about taking accountability and not
blaming other people for the things that happened to us because it’s so often
it’s our choices and our decisions that get us in the predicaments we find
ourselves in and just by doing that taking that accountability it makes you
feel more more strong right more powerful because you’re saying I got
myself in the situation I can get myself out right don’t throw in the towel I
don’t like when people give up I don’t like when people give up but over time
if you realize that what you’re doing hasn’t been serving what you truly want
to serve like what you feel called to do your purpose and if you realize what
you’ve been devoting your time and energy and dedication to that is not an
alignment with who you are and what you are then you want to change what you’re
doing so I’m on a path of that myself of changing what I’m doing because it
doesn’t align with Who I am I don’t like making people feel bad I
don’t like making people feel like they’re being laughed at things like
that yeah it’s not what I’m on the world to do okay let’s continue karma so that’s a
little bit about Karma let’s talk about the castles now my friends castles you
say Alan why are we looking at castles I’ll tell you I’ll tell you I’m reading
a book and part of it is said if what you’re not and this is just I can’t stop
thinking about this if what you’re building is not based on truth it’s not
going to stand the test of time sometimes things go up fast right like
castles you can’t build a castle in one day well maybe a castle that looks like
that I’m just kidding I bet it looked a lot nicer back in the day
no but the castles it takes time to build your castles and it has to have a
firm strong foundation right we’re all gonna build castles by the way my
friends we’re all gonna build castles we’re all going to we’re going to I can
feel it I see the future man I feel it in my heart in my mind everywhere but it
has to have a firm solid foundation of truth and if it’s not based on truth
it’s not going to withstand the test of time that’s just that’s the way it is it
has to have a firm solid foundation sometimes you hear of the overnight
successes but the overnight success is they don’t they don’t last long term
typically they don’t last long term because they don’t have that strong
foundation we have to be serious about our lives we have to take our lives
seriously we want firm solid foundations we want
to find out who we truly are I think a lot of times we don’t know who we truly
are and we may believe that we’re one thing but that’s because it’s of what
we’ve of what we’ve experienced but the deeper we search within ourselves we
find things and we can act upon those and we all have our different strengths
and weaknesses we want to find out what our strengths are find out what our
strengths are and work with it make it happen don’t doubt yourself oh here’s
another thing check this out the bricks the bricks and the castles they all have
to be meticulously placed right you place those bricks where you want them
to be you plan it okay you plant it and that is our life as well our lives we
want it to be planned we want to we want to know how we’re going to build it how
we’re gonna go about building it taking the right actions you’re trying to build
a castle right is that it can’t be all the castle I can’t build the castle
maybe you don’t have the right bricks maybe you don’t have the right mortar
maybe you don’t have the right team right it takes it takes dedication to
build a castle like that a lot of times we fall into this trap where we try
something and it doesn’t work out and immediately we just fall into thinking
like I can’t do this I give up I’m never gonna try this again right we have a bad
experience and we take that bad experience with us throughout life and
it just causes us to doubt ourselves and that’s why so many of us don’t try
things because we doubt ourselves and once we build up the courage to try it
and it doesn’t work out how we thought it would immediately were like boom I’m
not trying to try you know but we can’t do that we have to overcome
that most of what we try in life attempt most
of it is not gonna work out the way we thought it would
especially not fast to build wonderful things in our lives like castles it
takes serious dime time dedication commitment perseverance and if we if
we’re not if we’re not ready for that then we may not be ready to ready to
start building the castle but you can do it you can build it make your dreams
come true it says beautiful stuff beautiful stuff
I love it so much but be ready for what life is gonna
throw at you because life’s gonna throw a lot of stuff at you it’s gonna throw a
lot of stuff at you but you just got to keep pushing on and keep educating
yourself see something about me is if I stop educating myself if I stop learning
new things new skills if I stop learning about things that I’m interested in fine
fashion ating I start falling into a lower lower vibration lower ways of
thinking I start to feel sort of depressed if I don’t if I’m not
consistently learning new things taking me where I want to go same thing with
exercise now I’m at the point I’ve done it for years and now if I go a day or
two three days that I can’t remember the last time I did three days but if I if I
don’t exercise for that amount of time I just I fall into a state of depression
it’s not good it’s not good I have to exercise I have to keep my brain working
I have to keep my mind rolling I have to if I don’t I just OH I don’t so let’s
continue we have one more thing one more thing to talk about here
one more thing here that’s gratitude gratitude
I love gratitude it’s a good feeling it’s an amazing feeling
you may have heard me talk about this before I talk about the the pillow cases
what I’m laying in bed at night I have the pillow case I think about the
individual threads in that pillow case and I think he’ll thankful I am for each
and every thread in that pillow case because there’s always something to be
thankful for always something to be thankful for can you see can you see can
you hear can you smell things can you taste things right the senses oh but
there’s always something to be thankful for always and we want to program our
minds to see the things that we’re thankful for instead of the things that
we wish we had right not that anything’s wrong with desires because desires
desires exist for a reason you may want that right but just don’t ignore
everything you already have right yeah focus on gratitude look at this
gratitude changes everything I like that it does it really does grant you changes
everything it’s a good way to feel good way to feel try to when you wake up in
the morning think of things that you’re thankful for before you go to sleep at
night think of the things you’re thankful for and focus on it and just it
shifts your paradigm I talk a lot about paradigms and how we want to shift our
paradigm into a place where we’re happy that we want to be and from there we can
work towards the things other things that we want to accomplish that we want
to achieve I love it I love it practice gratitude that’s right it’s
life-changing it’s not happiness that brings us gratitude it’s gratitude that
brings us happiness I like that too that’s good yeah
yeah gratitude good state get state to be in good state to focus on hey if you
want if you want to learn some more of this kind of stuff we’re gonna learn a
lot of stuff here we’re gonna have the interactive worksheets that we can do
together all sorts of great stuff we’re gonna conquer the mind all right we’re
gonna challenge we’re gonna conquer we’re gonna create it’s gonna be
wonderful I thank you so much for being here I’ll
see you all very soon take care everybody you

100 thoughts on “Positive Thinking Podcast #001 – Karma, Castles & Gratitude

  1. I'm a relatively new view of yours.. you seem like a pretty real, solid guy. I can appreciate your honesty. Best of luck with your new channel, looking forward to more videos. Thanks for the video man

  2. I believe in Karma, but not in the way you think. I think if you are nice to others and treat others well, that fosters the growth of a society that holds those characteristics. The people you interact with, especially your friends, project those behaviors onto others and their friends do the same thing and the chain goes on and on. If you hurt people, the same thing will happen in reverse. This belief system allows me to feel like doing the right thing has a purpose even if I don't directly get rewarded or punished for the things I do.

  3. I don’t believe in karma but I do take responsibility for everything I do and therefore accountability for most everything that happens to me, so I am on board with you on that.

  4. I do like you man but I think that YouTube is going to take legal action against you I think you’re funny you would be a great comedian or evangelist

  5. First, thank you for making this channel. I think it's really going to be what I need to learn and grow. The positive energy is a great side of you!

    I'm somewhere in the middle when it comes to karma. I used to believe in it heavily, but after seeing a lot of people treat others badly and still enjoy success, I've had to re-evaluate my position. Further, I really don't want to believe that because I committed some benign injustice in my past, my future is doomed for failure. Of course, the more I look at it… maybe there is a grain of truth in there.

    I can see that I'm already due for a long journey. I'm ready.

  6. Just started watching, even if I don't end up liking it I'm still going to support it because I support you shaman. Thanks for being you.

  7. There’s a great book, but there’s no english version I believe. Maybe ask your grandparents to teach you german and you can read it xD

  8. I'm with you all the way on this new channel. I need some more positive thinking in my life, and I'm eager to learn from you, bro.

  9. i believe that karma is a trick our mind plays on you, when something randomly bad happens to you and you have no explanation for it, your mind scrambles to find a reason, and that reason is karma. this applies to alot of 'supernatural' thing that society is split on

  10. Thank you so much. Im going through it right now, homeless and having to rebuild from the very bottom. Hopefully with time I'll be able to comment on one of your videos telling you im back on my feet.

  11. I wasn’t there for the beginning of the shaman era, this time I’m in at the ground floor and only going up with the positive vibes 😉👍💪🏼

  12. Love that you're going in this new direction, Alan. I look forward to continue watching your videos. Btw, I do have some questions that I would love for you to address in future videos, if you would like. 1. What is your opinion on the Law of Attraction and programming an abundance mindset? 2. Have you ever heard of binaural beats/solfeggio frequencies and how they help with programming the mind? If so, what do you think of them? I've been listening to videos that use them on Youtube when I go to bed, and I always seem to wake up refreshed and ready to start the day. In fact, I've been listening to this one with subliminal positive affirmations regarding wealth and abundance for a couple of nights and I ended up getting a raise yesterday where I work. Not sure if that's coincidental or not, but it does make one wonder. Anyway, again, I look forward to watching more of your videos. Stay positive and much love!

  13. I believe in Karma but less in a spiritual way than in a logical way. For example when you are lazy, your life will probably suck. If you take the time to learn, you may improve your life.
    Even though I think the spiritual way is real too
    Löve from Germany

  14. where's the turban? who are you? what did you do to shaman?

    by the way i've been here from 10k subs and dont plan on stopping there, goodluck in the future shaman.

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  16. lockjaw! please talk about weed and the dangers it can present mental health wise, its something that i have personally been affected by and nobody really talks about it and it generally gets pushed to the side because "weeds harmless". when in reality its broken me mentally.
    i just want to say if anybody who happens to be reading this comment is in a depressed state of mind and currently smokes a lot of weed please be careful because although it seems like a fix for your anxiety and depression, it is only temporary and can leave long lasting damage.

  17. Love this, Alan. I've always felt this is what your calling is, and you're the only life coach I will ever need! While I'm sad at what you're going through at the moment, I am hopeful that this direction is going to get you the attention you truly deserve. Many would have given up, but you're evolving – and that's what keeps me watching. Keep at it Mr, we're here for you! Can't wait to see what you've got in the pipeline.

  18. This is definitely one of my favorite videos of yours, and it touched many aspects of my life that need improvement

    I hope to see more of your podcasts soon, and ones that go into greater detail about karma, gratitude, etc.

    Keep up the great work brether!

  19. Hey Shaman I loved the video though a suggestion for the future. Since the images you used were picked out before hand a slide show without the google page in the back ground would remove distractions.

  20. This is an amazing idea Shaman. Having access to your positivity via videos will help me and so many others! Peace brether!!! Brilliant.

  21. "Your castle has to be based on truth, if it's not based on truth it's not going to stand the test of time" wow so true, this is definitley a quote i will take for life. Thanks man.

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  24. Thank you for making this video, it could begin many people down the path to a better life, a fulfilling life, and a happier life.

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