Podcasts We Think You’ll Love | #BookBreak

Podcasts We Think You’ll Love | #BookBreak

Something a little bit different on Book Break
today. We are going to talk about podcasts! So I’ve been talking to the whole team, getting
their recommendations, and here is a list of all the podcasts that we have been loving,
and think you might too. And just because I’m here at Strathmore Publishing,
it’s really exciting to mention that this is actually the studio where we recorded some
of Laura Thomas’s podcast, Don’t Salt My Game. Laura Thomas is amazing, I’m sure you already
follow her on Instagram. She is the author of Just Eat It, which is
a book all about intuitive eating, and ditching diet culture forever. So I’ll put a link below so you can listen
to some of that, it’s all at the end of her book’s audiobook as well. So I have been having a lot of fun exploring
the control room in here, but I’m now going to go through to the other side of the glass
to the live room, and tell you about all the podcasts that we think you’ll love. So I am in the reader’s chair now, this feels
very exciting and professional. But on with the podcasts. So one of the biggest genres of podcasts is
true crime. The whole podcast scene really exploded with
Serial, so it’s no surprise it’s such a big genre. It’s really hard to pick out the best, but
here are just three of my favourites. So let’s start with one of the biggest stories
of the last few years, which you will know all about if you have listened to the podcast
The Dropout, which tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder and CEO of Theranos, a
health-tech company that collapsed after it was found to have committed massive fraud. The story was unbelievable, and people were
particularly fascinated by Elizabeth Holmes herself. This Stanford dropout who founded the company
at only 19 years old, was on track to be the next female Bill Gates, but was then discovered
to have lied about basically everything, from the extent of Theranos’s blood-testing technology,
to, some people think, even her very distinctive low voice. And the story has been absolutely everywhere. So John Carreyrou was the reporter who first
broke the story, and he wrote a whole book about it called Bad Blood, which set to be
adapted into a film. There’s an HBO documentary about it called
The Inventor, and The Dropout is a six part podcast that tells the story, and it is absolutely
gripping stuff. And another story that’s been absolutely everywhere
is Dirty John. So there’s the podcast Dirty John, there is
a book that was then made called Dirty John and Other Stories, all stories from the original
reporter who reported the Dirty John story. And most recently, there was a Netflix show. So this is the story of conman John Meehan,
who met Debra Newell on a dating site and seemed much too good to be true – because
he was. So she slowly starts to uncover the extent
of his lies, and quite how creepy and manipulative it is. It’s a really scary story, and ends on a proper
action sequence. And then for a bigger range of true crime
stories, They Walk Among Us focuses on a different crime case in every episode, but particularly
focuses on crime in the UK. So I first discovered the podcast after I
was reading about Jeremy Bamber, who one night in 1985 allegedly murdered his adoptive parents,
sister, and nephews, all at their farmhouse in Essex. And there is a whole book about this called
The Murders at White House Farm, which is really interesting, because the whole time,
Jeremy Bamber has maintained his innocence. But the rest of the extended family are convinced
that he did it. So the book is this quite fair investigation
of everything that we know did happen. And then They Walk Among Us did an episode
about the case. But that’s just one episode, They Walk Among
Us is now on its fourth season, so there are so many creepy and fascinating stories to
discover there. So onto my next genre. Something I didn’t realise until quite recently
is that podcasts don’t have to be strictly nonfiction. They can also tell stories, and really start
to kind of blur the lines between podcasts and audiobooks. So for example, the podcast Lore. So this one is actually nonfiction, but a
lot of the stories in it are folklore. And the narrator who hosts the podcast, Aaron
Mahnke, said that these stories are factual “in the sense that people reported them and
believed they were true”. And again, each episode tells a different
story, and they’re all these really creepy and fantastical stories that you’re not quite
sure whether or not to believe, which is why I’ve put it in this genre of kind of blurring
the lines between fact and fiction, even though it is technically a nonfiction podcast. And it reminded me of books like Gingerbread
by Helen Oyeyemi, which is this fairytale retelling, which again blurs the lines of
what you are and aren’t supposed to believe. And I love that style in a novel, so it’s
really fun in a podcast. And then of course you have flat out fiction. So one of the most famous examples is Welcome
to Night Vale, which is this fictional radio show about weird happenings from a town called
Night Vale. And the same creator went on to produce a
podcast called Alice Isn’t Dead, which is a series of fictional diaries from the perspective
of a truck driver road tripping across America in search of her missing wife, who for a long
time she had thought was dead. And again, it’s sort of creepy, part sci-fi,
part thriller. It has been adapted into a novel, which I
haven’t read yet, but actually listening to it I got kind of Lovecraft Country vibes,
which is a book again about a road trip across America, uncovering along the way horrors
both supernatural and real. So fans of that will love Alice Isn’t Dead. So then onto my next genre, something else
that podcasts are great for is inspiration. Teaching us stuff and making us feel like
we’re becoming better people. So a great one for that is The Success Monologues. So this is hosted by Molly Flatt, who’s the
author of the novel The Charmed Life of Alex Moore, which is this really unusual book about
a woman who wakes up one morning and finds that everything in life is suddenly going
her way. Until she uncovers this massive conspiracy
which explains why her luck has so suddenly changed. So now, the author has this podcast The Success
Monologues, where she talks to real life women who really have achieved amazing, inspirational
things. So it’s really really motivational. And kind of similar to that is Russell Brand’s
podcast Under the Skin, which is where he talks to people he admires, and asks them
these probing questions, to kind of probe beneath the surface. It’s sort of in the same vein as his recent
book Mentors, which is all about the importance of having mentors to look up to, and to guide
you in your own self-improvement journey. And he’s had amazing guests, like Karamo from
Queer Eye, Derren Brown, and Jack Monroe. But the podcast isn’t just about people, it’s
also about ideas. And asking questions that kind of get under
the skin of the beliefs that we hold without questioning them. And so leading on from that, one of my favourite
educational podcasts is You Are Not So Smart, which is all about uncovering our misconceptions
about the world. And it’s quite shocking how wrong we are about
so much, both about the world around us, and about ourselves and how our brains work. And there was a really interesting episode
quite early on in the podcast with Clive Thompson. So he’s the author, most recently, of the
book Coders, so he’s obviously an expert on technology and how it affects us, and he was
saying in the podcast that actually technology isn’t making us less clever, so that was very
reassuring. And finally, my final genre is podcasts that
are just about books. And there are so many of these. But just to pick out, very hard to do, but
just to pick out a few of our favourites, let’s start with Backlisted, which is a podcast
all about older books. So you’re discovering some really good hidden
gems, instead of just always the newest, most exciting books. I Found This Great Book focuses on underrepresented
authors, so again you’ll find some hidden gems there that you might not have heard of
otherwise. And the host has a particular interest in
Black mystery authors. Next, a podcast with a name that all book-lovers
will fall in love with: Better than the Movie. And despite the name, the podcast isn’t actually
exclusively about books that were turned into films. The main focus is actually books by Black
authors, but also bookish news, controversies, prizes. They haven’t uploaded anything for about a
year, but there’s a really great, long backlist for you to work your way through. And finally, the last one I’m going to talk
about is You’re Booked, which is basically, think Desert Island Discs but for books. So the host Daisy Buchanan goes to her favourite
author’s bookshelves, and nosies around, and basically asks them to tell their life story
through their journey with books. Which any book lover like me will agree, is
the best way to get to know someone. So give this video a thumbs up if we mentioned
your favourite podcast, and please do leave a comment below recommending some of your
favourites, I would love to hear some more that I should be listening to. And of course, do hit that subscribe button
below for new videos every Thursday. Coming up next week, we have a very special
guest who’s going to tell us all about his favourite Caribbean literature. So that’s going to be a great one. And of course, while you’re waiting, you can
always go and follow us over on Instagram @bookbreakuk, for all of our fun behind the
scenes content. See you next time!

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  1. I love Stuff You Missed in History Class and That’s Ancient History for the history lovers out there

  2. This is great! I’m always looking for podcast recommendations 🙌🏻 Ones I love to listen to:
    ✨ Happy Place
    ✨The Minimalists
    ✨As You Are


  3. Thanks for the recs! I highly recommend Red Handed for true crime, as well as Last Seen (the Gardner Heist) and Small Town Dicks. As for general podcasts, Ologies is a fantastic science podcast, The History Chicks does great deep dives into historical women, and I recommend Get Booked for book recommendations, SFF Yeah! for sci fi and fantasy discussion, and Annotated for cool book topics and deep dives.

  4. I’m so glad you did this I always get overwhelmed when trying to find new podcasts but these sound brilliant!

  5. Wow these all sound amaaaazing! I am a huge fan of You’re Booked, but really want to get into true crime and have been meaning to listen to Russell Brand’s for ages as well. Thanks for the recs!

  6. I’m immediately planning what all my answers would be if I went on you’re booked, what a great idea! The true crime podcasts sound fascinating, think I’ll be downloading those for my holidays ☀️

  7. just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to the podcast Backlisted. Can't get enough of it! Been listening to an episode a day:)

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