Podcasts – Learn While You Clean

Podcasts – Learn While You Clean

Hi there, I’m Angela Brown in this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Today’s question comes from a housecleaner
who says: “Angela while I’m working and no one is at home, sometimes I like to listen
to podcasts. Do you have any podcasts that you would recommend
for house cleaners?” This is a fun question for me because I’m
really new to podcasts. I don’t know why I never listen to them. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have the right
smartphone. Or I didn’t know how to make the apps work
or whatever I don’t know. I’m not that technical when it comes to
how the smartphone works and it has all kinds of apps I I’m just discovering. A couple of years ago I had a car out in Los
Angeles California, and I was going to drive it back to Charlotte North Carolina. And so, it was a cross-country trip. And I knew I would be on the road for about
3 days. And so, I wanted to occupy my mind while I
was driving to keep myself awake. So, I did a Google search like “what is
the best thing to listen to?” I didn’t even know the term podcasting. And podcasting popped up and along with that
came a recommendation for a podcast that was designed for men. And it’s called The Art of charm by Jordan
Harbinger. And basically what it is, is a cognitive thinking
series of skills where he interviews experts in the field of education and information. And business and prosperity, and self-confidence
and self-help and all of the things that you need to know to be a successful person. So, I downloaded the podcast on my cell phone. And I plugged it into my car as I drove across
the country. And I didn’t know there were hundreds and
thousands of podcasts on a variety of different topics I didn’t even know that existed, I
just only knew about this one podcast (laughing) so, I listen to this one podcast all the way
across the country for three days straight. What’s really interesting is it’s not really
designed just for men. All of the rules that they talk about, and
all of the skills are personal development skills that anyone, anywhere including women,
can learn from, and implement. And so, I was super excited because I came
home with this new set of skills that I then turned around and I started implementing and
using with all of my employees. Using with my husband, using in my own personal
life, it just became a new part of me. But along with that I discovered the world
of podcasting. And so, of course the next default is: “What
else is there that’s out there?” And so I have a series of podcasts that are
my favorite podcast and I update that list on a regular basis. And if you want a copy of my favorite podcasts,
you can go to the show notes that’s the easiest way to do it – I’ll put it in the show notes. There is a link when you click on it your
email will… a little thing for your email will pop up. Plug your email in there and then the computer
system will automatically send you that list of podcasts,
so that’s the best way to do that. Okay, so having said that, I started looking
for podcasts on house cleaning because that’s our industry that’s what we do, and I found
a couple that had some really great ideas and I will put links to the show notes in
those as well. However, having said that, there wasn’t one
specifically that taught me the things I wanted to know about house cleaning. There were some that were similar but not
exactly what I was looking for. And so, as a result of not finding what I
was looking for, I decided to create this podcast for you. And so, when I first started learning about
podcasts just a couple of years ago I had no idea I would come up with my own podcast. That wasn’t even on the horizon. I wasn’t even thinking about that. The good news is that if you’re watching this
on YouTube right now, it’s also a podcast. It’s available on iTunes and Stitcher and
Google Play and all the different podcast apps that are out there. So if it’s not on your favorite podcast app,
shoot us an email at Angela at AskaHouseCleaner.com and we will have our production team contact
the person that owns your app. And we will add this podcast to your library
so that you can listen to this on your way to clean your houses every morning, The tips are only 5 to 8 minutes long and
so you can listen to one every single day on your way to work. So, that was my incentive for creating that
for you so that you could use it on your way to work, if you just even work in the next
neighborhood over. So, podcasting. I love The Art of Charm. I still listen to every episode,
but that is one of my very favorites because there is so much helpful information that
you will then use and apply to your regular everyday life. And if nothing else, it’s just positive, uplifting,
informational, educational, entertainment that you will use. So, whether it’s specific to the housecleaning
industry or not, is completely irrelevant. It’s applicable to you. Male and female. So, forget it Jordan if you said it’s only
for men – it’s really for women too because I said so. 😊 Alrighty that’s my tip for today. And until we meet again., leave the world
a cleaner place than when you found it.

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  1. I currently for another company cleaning offices at night while i try to expand my business and I listen to these youtube videos for tips on doing so. You're helping me more than you could imagine.

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