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Hello! Welcome to Hanji Namaste! I am Veethika, this is Ankush. He is a junior of mine from MBA. And today we thought we’ll do something different. Actually he came here thinking that we’ll do something like completely different. We were about to record a sketch. But then, i don’t know what happened. We decided to do a podcast. When has any plan gone according to a plan. Right? True that. So today the idea is… This is like an experiment that we are doing of “podcasting”. We’ll be doing that and yeah the audio is getting recorded here the video is getting recorded there and the topic of the day is… Drum roll please Oh yeah! So Ankush, tell me yeah? What superstitions were you made to follow Since your childhood? hmm any that stand out, than others? i guess, one thing (that’s like i guess) many people have in common would be like when you were going to give exams or anything, something which is very important like going to have an important effect on your life. Your mom used to always be ready with a bowl of curd with sugar in it. Like have it before you leave do not go without eating it. Otherwise you don’t know what is going to happen. The results will be successful and if it is successful then she’ll always say, i told you so. Its because of the curd To hell with studies. true true true i think the most like superstitious things that stand out and i still like when you are told something for a significant period of time you start believing that right? Ok. so, and you start doings things like that. so one of them is Don’t cut your nails in the night. Oh yes! Not just the night. Don’t cut them on Saturdays too. For me the most significant was, to not cut them in the night. If you are sweeping the house at night don’t put the garbage out at night. Oh yes! i think this is jogging my memory. Good good! If a cat crosses your path. that was like a major thing. Oh yes! that is like, every Indian would’ve come across this one and do you know what’s the funny part about it? If you are walking or going somewhere and this cat crosses your path You will stop This thing will strike you this superstition will strike you and you will wait You know what? you will wait for somebody else to cross that before you cross it What is this? You are like, transference of the black…whatever is going to happen voodoo So transferring the voodoo from you to someone else and then that person leaves That also used to happen a lot So because I The sweeping thing that i was talking about That you are not supposed to throw the garbage out at night i never understood the reason So since childhood i used to ask my mother why Whatever it is, why are you telling me to do this Why are you telling me to do that i never got an answer. Did you get any answers? No. But i was told one thing. Yes, our parents did the same thing. Now we are doing what they used to do. You do the same. I still don’t understand the logic behind the nails one. Maybe, in old times they did not have electricity maybe, that was the reason why people used to say that it’s better if you cut your nails in the morning But now we have enough electricity Even in the night we have electricity So now why shouldn’t we cut our nails in the night? You are right! Now that you mention night. I also remembered something. When i was younger I started learning and practicing a few musical instruments like the guitar So then i used to be told that you shouldn’t play the instruments in the night or else a snake will come out of somewhere. It was not the music, it was whistling Oh yes yes, whistling and i used to love whistling I like doing that still So i am still scolded, if i do that I am told that a snake will appear I am like “WHAT”..we are on the 7th floor how will the snake come???? The whistling one was significant too true true and i think our imagination was molded because of these superstitions so if now you whistle in the night. You will imagine a snake coming out of some hole in the house it happens. Right? Yes It was like…i am in a good mood. i came from work…and ansent mindedly just whistling around and go to sleep suddenly i wake up in the night and for some water i go to the kitchen i find out something somewhere moving. i will suddenly be scared. Oh sh*t and you think…Oh god! is it because i was whistling? and it happens sub-consciously since it has been ingrained so much in you i mean, seriously true that, true that so tell me, do you? Ok now that we have discussed Like what and we’ll keep on discussing Like if you remember any more But do you still believe in these superstitions? You know kind of…you know some superstitions are like…you feel good believing them Like yes this should happen something like that you know this is another common thing as you go to give an exam the first paper you give you write something and you feel that exam has gone really well great then you attribute that greatness to maybe some maybe because of the way you are dressing or the pen that you are using to write the exam true and then you will stick to that no matter what agreed no matter what and then it be any paper you believe that so much, that it gives the confidence of giving them Now that is a superstition everyone knows it but now if you take a step back and think then you should have that it builds your confidence i agree i agree and i remembered one if you sneeze once, something bad will happen Oh yes! you shouldn’t sneeze before going out of the house and also you shouldn’t call stop someone and call them from behind if they are going out of the house I am like what?? What are you even talking about? oh my god! But the sneezing one, i enjoy that a lot because everytime i go out and i sneeze i am like let’s see what is going to happen Ok while i walk down the stairs and i am near the lift i sneeze again i am like “Oh damn” now i will never know what was going to happen to me so i enjoy the sneezing one quite a lot another one – if your eyes twitches yes if the left eye twitches, it has a different meaning and if the right one twitches it has a different meaning my god! if your left eye twitches then something good will happen but if your right eye is twitching then something bad is about to happen if your hand itches a lot of money is about to come to you if the left hand itches then you are about to gain some money, but if the right hand itches you are about to lose a lot of money Like WHATTT? but i enjoy that also a lot like when your left hand itches then even if you find like 10 rupees in your wallet that you already knew existed there but you found it and you thought that you lost those 10 rupees and suddenly you find them you are like i knew it this is because my left hand was itching so funny so you were saying that you believe..its like a grey area for you yes its a grey area..its not… so some so its like situation specific its situation dependent Like the example that i gave of the exam something like that so when you get your results and then all your superstitions come crashing down but but do you ever think about them like when something good happens like this is what i have noticed when something good happens we string that back to maybe something that we did like a superstition sort of a thing but if something bad happens then we never string it back to that thing that we did like suppose if we are using our lucky pen even if we fail we’ll never say “oh my god! even though i used my lucky pen” exactly we never say that yes we never say that next exam you’ll again use the same pen correct. it’s like….i don’t knowwww so it’s like it’s like you are assuming something and you are executing on that and irrespective of the result you are already assuming that it is going to happen again and again even after the result is not in your favor Yes, you are assuming that whatever the result in the future is, it will be better than whatever it is currently and even if it is worse that what it is now i will still continue doing this and i will make myself believe that the failure was because of some other reason and not because of my superstition true what else? why do you think that superstitions actually happen? where do they come from? was it like in ancient times somebody sat down and said “lets fool around with people” “let’s start giving them random sh*t” that’s what…so i as i said earlier…the example that i gave of not cutting your nails at night i thought about it and i thought maybe because there wasn’t much electricity in the old days so they used to say dont cut your nails in the night as you might end up hurting yourself and now although we follow the same thing, but we do not know the reason You shouldn’t wash your hair on thursday. So is it that god is saying that don’t wash your hair on this particular day. Shiv ji is saying “no dude, dont wash your hair” even with food dont have non-veg on so and so days oh yeah! you can have non-veg on Mondays. You can have it on Wednesdays. But you can’t have it on Tuesdays. Why? because Hanuman ji will get angry if you have Non-veg on Tuesdays Oh yeah! and you’ll shave on tuesdays…no All other days Hanuman ji is blind. yes so this topic is pretty like interesting when it comes to superstitions yeah! so what would be your concluding thoughts when it comes to like superstitions? i think take every superstition with a pinch of salt if you try to analyse or try to figure out how the situation came into being the superstition then you can actually figure out if it will be valid or not anyways we call it superstition the point being that they are idiotic they cannot be true but that is what they are…superstitions so i think you should take all of them with a pinch of salt and see what works for you works for you i mean i, to be honest i enjoy superstitions a lot like i have fun with them because it is something like you do not know what the outcome will be but you are holding something accountable that at the end of the day might help or might not help right? whether it is helping or not, you don’t even, you don’t even know but i enjoy the uncertainty of it so if you ask me i enjoy superstitions a lot like be it the nails, be it washing your hair i just think that we as humans have so much uncertainty in our lives that i think superstition is the link that provides us some kind of stability some kind of predictability though we might be utterly wrong about it but we like to feel good that because of this this is going to happen. We are influencing the outcome because of our actions. Correct! It could be the same with horoscopes also. Do you know that they are going to be true? No. but that is what it is. i mean it could be a very weird analogy. if you can say so. So yeah i enjoy superstitions a lot like i enjoy them like thoroughly enjoy them like dont put the garbage out at night, so whenever i sweep the house i just put the garbage in the corner and take it out in the morning so i enjoy these things. so yeah This is i think what we have to say about superstitions. i hope you enjoyed this video. and we will be posting more podcasts in the future. if we get a positive response on this one. alright, i will see you guys in the next one Ankush say Bye…Bye Bye!! Like, Share and Subscribe! and we’ll see you guys later Byeeee!

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