Podcasters Making Money with Listener Support on Anchor

Podcasters Making Money with Listener Support on Anchor

it’s here! Anchor’s a long-awaited
business model is here and it’s called listener support hi everybody my name is
Ileane Smith and I’m so glad you joined me today because I’m really excited to
talk about Anchor and the listener support option that’s been launched in
the last few days but in addition to that I want to make sure that you know
how to support your favorite anchor podcaster and the first thing you need
to do is pull out your credit card so let’s get that all taken care of and
while you’re doing that let me just give you a little bit more background you
know Anchor.fm is an amazing place for you to start your podcast especially
if it’s your first podcast and you’re just learning about podcasting I want to
say hi to my buddy here Rob fuzz how you doing thanks so much for joining today
Rob and the reason I love anchor so much is because for years I have had lots of
friends who wanted to start podcasting I’ve actually started back in 2009 and
people are intimidated by the tech they just think there’s so many steps it’s so
complicated RSS feeds and all of that stuff and I’ve
seen a lot of people that have a lot of important things to say
turn away from podcasting simply because they didn’t want to deal with the tech
they didn’t want to go over the hurdle of that learning curve that can help
them to get their message out and it’s important I want you guys to get your
message out there because I know that you have something important to say and
I know they you can touch someone’s life with your
message and Rob is here’s giving me all kinds of support love your tips and
streams thank you so much Rob Rob has a great channel with his son so I’ve been
tuning into some of your stuff while I’m at the gym Rob just so you know that’s
why I haven’t had a chance to really comment cuz I’m on a treadmill but
anyway so here’s what I want to do today I want to talk to you about this
listener support give you a quick rundown listener support is a way for
your listeners to give a monthly donation now a lot of people are already
asking me about the comparison with patreon but before we get into that let
me just finish up you have three choices as of right now this is August 12 2018
as a listener you want to support your anchor podcaster it could be 99 cents a
month $4.99 a month or $9.99 a month and I’ve want to first say a big big THANK
YOU to Bernie Goldbach from topgold he has supported my show over on anchor
call the anchor show and also I want to say good morning to my friend ant
Capone someone else I met on anchor and now people may wonder well you know
what’s the benefits of using anchor one of the things that really benefits you
from being a user of anchor not only from the podcasting side there is a
built-in audience and I’m going to give you a prime example this young lady that
we’re going to I am going to show you how I want to support her I found her
one anchor and so funny and so ironic because like me
she does podcasting like me she does YouTube like me she does live streaming
and without further ado guys let me share with you my friend Ashnichrist
she’s the stream coach over on anchor and now part of what I want to show you
is how to give somebody to support and you’re gonna see me give support to
AshniChrist live but it’s really easy to support someone on anchor who has
this option turned on if you’re on desktop super easy just push the support
this podcast button and you see here become a supporter spring strength coach
by Ashley Christ if you love this podcast you can support the creator with
a small monthly donation your contribution will help sustain the
future of the podcast and enable the creator to make more episodes you can
cancel at any time and here are the levels I mentioned to you already 99 for
$99.99 and the creator earns 13 percent more per dollar now I’m not a hundred
percent sure who they’re comparing that with but neither nonetheless I you know
I do think that you are getting a couple more percentage points when you support
someone this way and I also want to say hi to my good buddy Andrew Hatchet he’s
waving there andrew is who I call the zoom master so if you want any tips on
using the zoom live streaming platform check out Andrew Hatchet do it do it
today okay so before I move on oh whoa oh yeah I gotta say this about AshniChrist AshniChrist is such a
great community supporter and believe her tagline is pursue your dreams and
learn to stream and she does coaching she has a patreon she’s got a discord
she streams these really really long in depth and very vibrant streams over on
Twitch but she also puts out a ton of content here on YouTube and then to top
all that off she has a podcast a girl after my own heart she works her
you-know-what off and to support and to help others so who better for me to show
my first support over an anchor other than someone who I met through anchor
have all these other outlets that I could have possibly met her on because
as you guys know I’m on Twitch – right that’s why I got my twitch shirt on but
I didn’t meet her on Twitch I didn’t meet her on YouTube I met her on anchor
and she’s a super fun gal so you guys all check her out okay so the reason why
I’m not showing you how to do this on desktop cuz that’s just straightforward
you guys saw all you have to do is go to the person’s you go over to the person’s
I just realized I forgot to send out a tweet anchor page so in my case it would
be anchor.fm/ileane that’s i l e a n e right and slash support I just put
it as a comment here in the chat so it’s in my case I should made a short link
for ileane.link/support just to make it easier because you guys know
whenever I have a link for something always say Ilene that link slash support
but if you’re it’s someone else and you know
that they’re on anchor and this is for us-based podcasters for now
right now you can live anywhere in the world like my friend Bernie Goldbach
he’s over in Ireland and he’s done listener support from my station so
anywhere in the world you can be a supporter but currently it’s only
available for us-based podcasters okay so we got that out of the way now really
quickly let’s put out another tweet while we’re here okay so what I want to
show you is all that well unless you’re gonna show you all I’ll give you a few
of the mobile apps I want to demo some of the mobile apps
because as one of the things that I love about anchor right is that they put you
on all these platforms without you really doing much you know you have to
record the podcast and you have to tell them that yes I want to be listed on
Apple podcast but then they add you to all these other platforms you’ve got
Google podcasts breaker castbox google play music overcast pocket cast
pod bean radio public Spotify stitcher and tune in so let’s first go over to
Spotify okay because Spotify is unique in the fact that spot if I really just
started having podcasts there but there’s so many people who use Spotify
to consume music and so it’s a really great platform to get exposure on and a
DC scraping rooster has said good morning Eileen hello DC how are you dear
so glad you could join so I’m not sure if you have a podcast but I would love
to know if you do okay so here we go we’re over on my phone now let’s open up
Spotify now I had previously already searched
for Ashley Christ and so that’s why you see there that fro rhe first one is for
the stream coach let’s just tap on mine which is the anchor show so what you
would do is hit the three dots and notice at the very end the very last
line this is what anchor has added to the end of my show notes and all of us
who are doing listener support it says become a supporter of this podcast make
sure I get my mouse over there I don’t think you can see my mouse though all
right and it has a link there now the problem when you’re on Spotify that link
actually doesn’t work so you kind of have to educate your your listeners that
they need to copy and paste that link okay so that was Spotify let’s let’s
bring me back on screen alright so that was Spotify so it is a couple extra
steps now let me show how easy it is in the podcast act and like I said we want
to support Ashley Christ Ashley has this thing called the yam fam all right and
it has to do with yams you had to be there okay it’s really cool so we want
to make sure she can buy more yams for the yam fam that’s the name of her tribe
okay so let’s go back before I start screen sharing again let me now we’re
gonna go over to the Apple podcast app now I had already done the search and
you see down at the bottom it says the stream coach alright so here we go I think we have to there’s a couple
extra hoops you got to jump through in order to get over to the shownotes
because that’s what’s important you have to be on the show notes okay so now that
I have added it to the library I’ll say subscribe alright so now you see the
details of the show notes you have to click on more it’s a few clicks this is
why I’m showing you guys because I know that you want to support so you’re going
to go to the show notes and go to the bottom of the show notes that’s where
you see become a supporter of this podcast and there you go so now like I
said I’m going to do this live I’m gonna get more yams for the yam fam right now
okay so we’re going to do $4.99 per month all right so I can show you guys
all this up until the part where I have to enter my credit card alright so there
you go all right so let’s let me just come back on cam and I think you
probably need to make sure you enter the same as what appears on your credit card
so like some of my credit cards I have my middle initial in there I had to look
over just double-check and make sure that I’m so I’m using the same email
that I use for anchor but of course you don’t have to do that all right so guys I’m going to enter my
credit card name Oh see the proof is in the pudding right the reason why I want you guys to see
this is because I want you to explain to your listeners what they have to go
through in order to support you all right and I want you guys to know what
you need to do in order to support your anchor podcaster or you know yours truly so you know it’s pretty straightforward
and you do have to enter your zip code after you’ve entered all that other
stuff and I just click pay per month this is exciting I love being able to
support someone who oh wow now I can tweet it out so I love that you guys
were here watching me do this you’re a supporter and thanks for supporting this
podcast if you ever want to adjust your subscription you can do that at any time
from the email confirmation we sent you then it gives me a confirmation number
and then I can also share this out on Twitter and that’s what I’m going to do
so there you go showing support for the stream coach Ashley Christ and I’m going
to make sure that her handle is in this a hmph I see alright I got it all
composed now so now let me show you there you go and now it’s got her tag
there I just became a supporter of stream
coach and I’ll just add her tag and just to get this out here we’ll go ahead and
let me put my credit card down before I do any more damage okay so if it’s a
good feeling it’s a good feeling and Andrew says I
have a DIY podcast just go watch my videos and close your eyes that’s right
that’s so true and see this is what you should do Andrew you may want to even
think about doing this it suggests convert one or two of those files into
audio files and set up a podcast over one anchor and get support that way
because you know it takes forever to get monetized on YouTube these days I mean I
was lucky I got in when it was still kind of easy alright
in comparison relatively easy but someone like Andrew my dear friend
Andrew who puts out a ton of value who’s been using YouTube for ages and putting
out all kinds of fantastic content and yet because maybe he doesn’t have enough
subscribers and I’m not trying to pick while Andrew of course because I love
him to pieces I’m just saying this could be you this could be you watching and
listening to this now alright and so andrew is saying hey zoom already
provides audio only files so there you go and then my friend dry your buzz is
in the house question our supportive podcast separate from regular or so you
create separate No they’re not separate they’re in there
just like the rest of them I’m not sure if your question was that you kind of
wanted it to have some type of separation no it’s basically about you
getting the word out to your listeners so now that’s something that you will
add maybe to your intro or maybe to your outro okay and I love the fact that now
we don’t have to depend on advertising it’s just all about me so whoever wants
to support me I don’t mean to say it’s all about me I mean it’s just all about
the relationship that you guys have with me the value that you guys know that I
always provide weekly live streams here on YouTube for the whole month of July I
did daily live streams on Twitch as well as the countdown over on Facebook the
countdown to podcast movement and you know you guys know I don’t have to tell
you but if anybody who’s watching this maybe you’re seeing me for the first
time and you’re thinking okay so why should I give you support and once you
start to get into my content and you see the kind of value that I provide and
you’re ready to support I love the fact that it’s super easy on desktop you’re
just gonna go to Aileen dot link slash support that’s it Eileen that link slash
supported I’m gonna put that in the chat one more time I’m using my Elgato stream
deck so you know I gotta show off okay and you don’t have to worry about
listening to a lot of ads on my podcast now here if you’re on YouTube watching
me on youtube and you don’t have YouTube premium you’re gonna have to watch some
ads I’m sorry that’s just the value exchange that you’re giving for you
to me personally I couldn’t take it I upgraded to it used to be called YouTube
bread as soon as they announced that I was like oh yeah take my $10 a month so
the same way that I feel with the value that Ashley Ashley Christ is putting out
and I see all the hard work and I see how she gives back to her community so
for me and honestly I just thought about this as I was preparing for this video
because I was going to talk about this feature today but I wasn’t exactly sure
what my take on it was going to be and then I just so happened to blog into the
anchor app and see she had a new episode and I’m like that’s someone that I want
to give my listener support to because I know what she does for her community I
know how she works tirelessly she provides so much value in fact I learned
so much about twitch from Ashley Christ I probably should support it a little
bit more but I chose the middle-of-the-road the $4.99 level but
as I saw and that announcement I can change it at any time okay so I could
either go down to the $0.99 or I could go up to 999 and if I get
more supporters here maybe I will wind up showing more support over there okay
so it’s not a paywall Josh optional support yes and now let me show you my
page because I showed you ask me Christ’s support page but I want to I
don’t think that I don’t think that dryer bus was here Yolanda by the way
you guys make sure that you guys are connecting with Yolanda cuz she’s
awesome alright so let me let me just show you
once you turn it on you’ll get this little button this little extra button
that says support this podcast nice purple button it’s just a coincidence
that that purple color is in that in fact I probably need
to put a different shirt on it but anyway this seems to be the same color
as anchor and as apple pie Kassab just a coincidence okay and if I did not
let’s go over to my other podcast which I did not turn this one and the other
podcasts that I have one anchor is called free podcast host sorry for the
banging okay that C doesn’t have it there alright so but and in the side of
the app it would be just the same so let’s go into the app alright I like to
in between things I like to go ahead and just put myself back on screen anyway
let’s go over to my profile alright so now it’s interesting on the app you
actually don’t see that support option when you’re one the anchor app okay you
don’t see that support option when you’re on the anchor app it’s when
you’re on as a listener when you’re on other platforms that’s where you see it
so that’s why as an anchor podcaster what you can do is go in there add it to
your bio let’s do that right now I’m gonna go to my profile what I’m actually
on my profile click those three dots and let’s go to settings and I got stuff in
here about watching me on Facebook and I can it’s probably easier for me to edit
it from desktop and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do I’m gonna edit it from
desktop guys just because it’s easier for me and I want to make sure I don’t
go over the character limit and then you know that would be a bummer okay so let
me go let me come back cam here from not if looks
like I’m having a little technical issues there oh I know what I have to do
sorry about that ah there you go I have to click me there
my bad alright so we’re gonna go into my
settings and you know I talked about a bunch of things that people can do and
what I see if I’m gonna have enough room in here oh yeah it looks like I have a
hundreds of characters left and then I always like to put my little arrow there
and then I’ve made a custom short link cuz I use this site called rebrand Lee
so it’s Eileen dot link slash support better put to peace or people won’t find
it ok oh and while I’m here this question came up when I was hanging out
with the folks on ask the podcast coach yesterday they were saying that they
were concerned about the anchor logo notice I don’t have the anchor logo on
my cover art that’s because when you go in here you can turn it let’s toggle it
off right here this is where you go into the advanced settings and this is where
you get your RSS feed and you can toggle off the logo the anchor logo and also
the anchor post roll which is just a little thing of John saying this podcast
was recorded on anchor get your own state I turned that off now I may at any
given time I can turn it back on it’s up to me all right it’s very easy
as you can see that it was done right there alright so now I’m going to save
that and I don’t know how long it’s going to take to update on the app
itself because I actually have the app open but let’s just say let’s just close
the app out and let me just go back to my settings page and good I FM I mean okay so now I have it as part of my bio
now when you’re on the web it kind of looks kind of silly because here’s a
support link right there but if you’re inside the app let’s see let’s see what
happened inside the app guys you know you don’t actually see and you know what
I think someone else would see it even though I don’t see my whole bio there but someone else would see it so wait I
just went into the edit the editing side there and you see it’s there support
this show I clean that link slash support so there you go yeah so wait let
me go over to my notes cuz I just want to make sure there were so many things
that I wanted to cover today and I want to make sure that I also added in some
of the concerns that people have about using anchor and first one is the Terms
of Service now you know it’s so funny because I showed you guys earlier
Spotify right and one of the things that Spotify does is they don’t take your
native file they actually Rijo stand Rhian code your
files in order to accommodate their platform
and no believe it or not eventually Spotify will play ads and they probably
doing it now I don’t actually use Spotify so I know this emailed me to
death and asked me you know last chance I don’t have any last chance
emails I got from Spotify okay that I could get premium for $0.99 and it’s
like no thanks I don’t use it like that but anyway people are concerned about
anchors Terms of Service because they think the anchors gonna take their
content and do something with it which they’re not okay they clearly state in
their Terms of Service that your content belongs to you and I can show you that
you know even though I think looking at Terms of Service it’s probably one of
the most boring things we can do as content creators just create your
content okay but nobody seems to be concerned that that Spotify will take
your content and place ads on it that you get absolutely not one little red
cent that doesn’t seem to bother anybody I don’t know why I’m I’m not one of
those people my anchor podcast is on Spotify because anchor was nice enough
to put all of our podcasts on Spotify I never had to lift a finger I didn’t even
have to send a request in fact I’m also now on stitcher that’s the latest
platform that they added this podcast to alright radio public I’m going to talk
about that I’m gonna definitely want to come back and talk about radio public in
a second but anyway getting back to some of the concerns that people have the
anchor TOS has some things in there about using your content for derivative
works and that basically is to address and I heard this from Mike McMahan oh
when he gave his talk at pop caste movement and he explained the derivative
works are those anchor videos that we can make and my friend
tinu over on Twitter’s just asking me about
this yesterday and she said well if they can transcribe my content I’m in yes up
to two minutes of a two minutes of a segment now mind you can have more than
two minutes you can have different segments as part of an episode on anchor
and they give you all the tools to do that and you can take a two minute
segment and anchor will transcribe it for you and create a video for you so
now you can share that on Instagram stories you can share it on your
Instagram feed you can share it on Facebook YouTube whatever you want to do
with it okay and let’s go back to the radio public thing because here’s
another question that a lot of folks had for me is how to embed their podcast on
a wordpress.com blog oh I was driving me nuts
well wordpress.com has a really nice integration with radio public it gives
you this really gorgeous player and I see my friend Larry’s here hi Larry how
are you and Larry and I talked about this and we worked
Larry helped me with getting wordpress.com to show the embeds but if
you want a really nice looking player you will use your radio public I don’t
know why WordPress comm decided to team up with radio public but they did and
it’s a really nice looking player that you can embed with radio public now you
can also embed just the link to your MPs your m4a file from anchor but finding
that is a bunch of work that I’m not going to go into if you have anchor and
you want to have a free wordpress.com blog use that radio public because
already gonna submit your podcast to radio public you don’t have to ask them
you don’t even have to tweet them it’s just gonna happen and all you have to do
is take that link from that episode and it’s gonna give you a really nice
looking player that you can display on your wordpress.com and your blog post
and in a sidebar widget so I wanted to make sure I mentioned that and now if
you do all the backend stuff where you actually go and grab the link from the
anchor raw file which is m4a file you get a player kind of ugly count a little
hmm not my best user experience but like I
said it doesn’t matter because you can use the radio public one and get now
people can still hear you and you’re gonna add your call-to-action support
the show listener support so that’s something that you want to be able to
add to like I said your intro or your outro of your podcast going forward once
you sign up for listener support now I wanted to give you a little bit more
info about the listener support and rusev my latest bumper sticker don’t
give me a like just send money Andrew I love that sentiment that’s right go
ahead and set up Andrew anchor dot FM / Andrew hatchet or whatever handle you
want to use put some of those audio files up there and then say if you want
to support the show okay because some people who are in the US did have a
little issue and they weren’t able to turn on this monetization feature so I
might as well put that out there right now before somebody asks because they
can add they have added music from Spotify or
Apple music into their podcasts so they need to get rid of that now I’ve never
done that I’ve never thought that was a fantastic feature of anchor and Larry
says or show me the money yeah maybe that could be your podcast anchored IFM
slash show me the money I never thought that was a great feature of anchor and
and I’ll show you what I mean you honestly I gotta tell you guys I really
don’t have many complaints about anchor at this point I really don’t and this is
not a complaint this is just to say to you be cautious if you’re going to be
doing this okay so this is one of the things you can do when you’re composing
an episode in the anchor app so let’s go to the app real quick all right you’re
gonna see that plus sign all across anchor in various places okay Gord is
here hey howdy Gord Iseman and gorgeous did videos talking about how you can
make gay your Facebook profile pic that’s a movie mm-hmm yeah if you’re
into Camtasia make sure you follow Gord alright so Alfredo
am I still alive Alfredo yes believe it or not I know I’m getting closer and
closer and closer to that day but for right now listening from Stevenson field
after overnight camping oh no wonder you’re not at church this morning you
were overnight camping good thank you my rule number one if you don’t write the
music then do not use it hello yes you know because we’re old school
we’re old school Andrew I you know and ever since
anchor had the option and I’m not gonna say I never used it I I’m not
to say I never used this option I never made a podcast episode with this option
okay but a lot of people do they didn’t do anything wrong it’s just that now
they have to go back and delete those music but let me just show you what I’m
referring to okay so if you wherever you see that
plus sign at the bottom it’s when you can start your composition of your
episode so you have all these different options the very first one is the green
button that’s when someone leaves you a message another unique feature of anchor
which caught my attention from the very beginning the way to bring other
people’s voices into your podcast is from the voice messages that people can
leave people we’re not going to go into that right now then you can record why I
could record right now if I wanted to then and I’ve shown this in many videos
and I would definitely put a card there and no YouTube so you can see that then
here’s my library so this is everything that I’ve ever recorded in the app
whether it was from desktop let’s see if I can get a little I don’t think I like
that let me let me just show you to add you don’t need to see me right now okay
so that’s my library of all the content I could also import at the very top you
see there’s an import button I could import from a different app that I may
have done a recording one okay so next we’re going to slide over transitions
now the transitions are fine those are just a little two-second little notes
right two to three seconds of some type of a new to just say to your listener
hey we’re moving on into something else okay
invite people to join feature has the sound improved okay Larry we’ll get back
to that and one second cuz I didn’t even get to the feature that I want to show
but that’s a good question so we will get back to that alright music this is
the part that I’ve never used in an episode I have used it because you know
people can listen to what you have to say over an anchor doesn’t have to be
the podcast that gets pushed out to iTunes and gets pushed out to Google I
shouldn’t have said iTunes bad podcasts are bad bad Apple podcasts or Google
podcasts or Spotify or cashbox blah blah blah blah blah overcast is my favorite
app all right so people can listen inside of the app so one of the things
they can listen to is music that you’ve added from Apple music or Spotify now if
you’re on Android you don’t have the option of google play music so it’s
either Spotify or Apple music for those of us who are on iPhone and what that
does is you know it does add some variety to your content it can spice up
your episode you’re talking about something and then there’s the song that
just goes with it so well and people that are in the app they’ll hear I think
it’s I want to say 20 seconds I can’t remember because that’s like I said
that’s never never been my favorite feature never but suffice to say it has
been a fun way that a lot of podcasters have filled in the gaps and added the
additional mood and enhancement to their podcasts and the way it works and the
reason why Spotify allow anchor to do this an anchor for some reason they’ve
got some really great connections with these folks in Apple podcasts right I’m
sorry Apple music in this case Apple music
is because the listener only here’s a snippet and it’s supposed to prompt them
click through to hear the whole song so then I put the song and my podcast and
you’re like oh that is my jam I need the body or maybe it’s in you know I got the
new Nicki Minaj CD right and you guys are like wait a minute I didn’t know her
thing but that good let me go over there and buy it I think you can buy it now I
don’t know anyway maybe not a good example so that’s just to entice you to
go over there personally I don’t kind of mix my music listening
with my podcast listening I guess that’s the best way for me personally okay so
people that have done that and then publish that episode with that little
music in there they’ve published the episode they’re not able to turn on this
listener support so it could be a big pain for them to go back and delete all
of those little segments but it can be done you know or you could just delete
all your old episodes and just start from now on and say or you can be
composed them because remember the library has all your stuff there so you
can go back into your library I’m just trying to give you guys some options I
know these these options are not gonna work for everybody so everybody who’s on
anchor if you’re in the u.s. this option may or may not work for you but you can
go through and your library of all this content is there you can make a new
episode alright see in my case let’s just say I
had done it before in my case because my content most of the time is a tutorial
okay and the weight anchor updates their app because the anchor show is all about
anchor the way they up their app the sum of that content is you
know it’s old news it’s not evergreen content so it would be no big deal for
me to go in there and just say I will just delete that one cuz look I don’t
want that stopping me from turn or listener support and LPS candy bomb hey
what’s this live about this life is about listener support for podcasts on
an anchor what’s the revenue split Oh Larry I didn’t even answer your other
question let’s go back to the first question invite people to join feature
has the sound improved yes anchor has been hiring so many people they’ve hired
a web person they’ve hired a is person they hired and they they are just hiring
all these people that are behind the scenes working to make the sound better
maybe they put out blog post saying up the sound is improved but it’s like okay
thank you thank you so let’s let’s go now let’s go to your other question all
right so the best way to do that for me is to head over to the blog posts
because your second question was what’s the revenue split all right so let’s
head over to the blog post and they describe it in here now you can get paid
to podcast and onetouch payment with Apple pay and Google pay and here’s a
screenshot of what oops sorry not bad here’s a screenshot of what I
showed you guys earlier I cuz you guys know I already did it live all the folks
that have been here since the beginning of the stream or if you’re watching this
in a replay you actually saw me go in here and show support to Ashlee Christ
all right so this is just a screenshot of what it looked like for those of you
who missed it you see that become a supporter of this
podcast there and here then they enter payment info the stripe all right
because you have to as a podcaster you need to connect with stripe wait a
minute that’s not what I want to do mm-hmm hang on one second guys
let me get me on here with this because it doesn’t make sense for me to have
that okay I feel better now all right and so let’s get to the
question where is it doesn’t tell me the breakdown here it is her anchor takes an
industry lowest four point five percent fee four point five let me make that
bigger okay four point five alongside stripes
standard five percent plus ten percent processing from each transaction there’s
also a point 25 percent stripe pay outfit now I definitely recommend don’t
go in there cashing out every time you get $0.99 because then you you see right
there you got to pay twenty five cent just for going to give you a payout you
know wait until it builds up a little something-something okay so as I
mentioned I had a supporter I had my friend Bernie from top goal show support
at the 99-cent level array and you guys follow Bernie top gold that’s on good
social networks everywhere let me just put his handle in here Bernie go back and it already took out
anger did their thing stripe did their thing
then that came down to 79 cents so I guess it was 20 cent that went between
anchor and stripe and all that but of course I didn’t cash that out I would
build up all right so I hope that answers your two questions but I’m also
going to show you a little bit more up here on the website the different people
they’ve been hiring with the audio because that’s just important it’s a
really important thing and you know I gotta be honest with you I was listening
to like I was saying earlier the as a podcast coach show yesterday and they
started really talking about these preamps and Oh some other things that
were just gone way over my head and I think that this is one of the things
that really turns people off who are new to podcasting all of the tech you know
with the different devices that you could connect and massaging and the
compression and what they call it the not the voiceover the double Enders and
ah that was too much for me I like to do it nice and simple where I just either
talking to the phone I will use an external mic or talking to the mic and
there’s got to be a USB mic that’s just me and some people might say yeah you
sound like you’re on a USB mic whatever but there are so many people who are
serious audio files and nothing wrong with it I’m just saying I know because I
talked to you guys and I hear from you guys this is a turn-off is a reason why
you don’t pursue podcasting because you think your audio has to be pristine it needs to be good it needs to be
listenable but it doesn’t need to be pristine okay
and believe it or not I got I’m more getting back on my little soapbox
Believe It or Not for all of these folks that have this really really great audio
they bring on the gas and the gas sounds like crap I look I y’all got me spoiled
right cuz I’m used to listening to the how PR for tea and everything there’s no
echo in the background and then you bring on the guest that doesn’t even
sound like they’re on the phone in your head it’s like well you’ll understand
every now and then there’s gonna be no I don’t understand you should’ve never
spoiled me yuda sounded like crap they’re not when you see a crap I just
had to get that off my chest alright so this is an engineering manager meet the
newest I don’t know what he what kind of engineering he does but hi Sam I tweeted
him already and then this is the relations person and this is business
operations and then this is the content operations the web engineer I’m not
trying to just brush over these folks I’m sure these folks are all doing
fantastic job I’m just trying to give people an idea of how much hiring that
anchor is doing so that things sound better look better easier to share and
all that good stuff now your audio anchor sounds better than ever this is
the one that I definitely want to share with my friend Larry here I’m going to
put that link over here in the comments so you guys can look that up whenever
you want now your audio sounds better than ever and there you go any more
questions there’s so much to talk about with this this whole topic and you know
host host:2 guess what are you talking from
the bottom of why are you talking gallon drop Andrew thank you thank you thank
you you know it’s like this is the way some of these podcasts sound because
they have these gasps that no absolutely nothing and it could be easily solved I
want I wanted to be teching and say solvable but that just sounded too much
like a probe podcaster it’s the easy solution tell them to get their fall and
put in their Apple earbuds that came with their Apple iPhone or if they’re on
an Android phone the earbuds that came with their Android phone or get that
level ear mic and you can find all the gear that I recommend over in my Amazon
shop I don’t know about that amazon.com slash shop slash eileen smith and you’ll
see my rode smartlav+ mic also the at2020 which i’m recording my new
podcast oh yeah I tell you all about the new podcast yeah I will in a minute
though and that 2.8 million in flux is going quick with all these hires yeah
but you know there’s always more VC money to be had and you know their
anchors saying that they’re being very transparent but I gotta be honest with
you I I don’t think they have to record or put out a blog post every time
somebody throws I’m a hundred thousand dollars or you know half a million or I
mean you know what I’m saying like money may come in I don’t know I what do I
know about VC I don’t know nothing we bootstrap everything we just look at our
bank accounts when I say we I mean better than success
and that will segue me over into my new podcast to use anko that okay
what do we really want with Amy I like that
what do we really want with Amy will Amy you have one the cutest white dress and
you are chilling and a nice comfortable I don’t know if that’s a sofa or
whatever so that’s one thing that I really want like right now I would love
to be you want chilling on a sofa to use anchor do you have to use your phone
what if a guest is in another country can we use Skype yes yes yes
you can record however you want to record you can record with the call
recorder Skype call recorder that is from the same folks who make this
platform that I’m using right now you cam live they also make a camp call
recorder you can do your interview and then simply upload it to anchor using
the anchor desktop and I highly recommend that as a very great workflow
and let me just show that really quickly because I think that’s an excellent
question and speaking of Skype you know Skype has
a mobile app so even if your your guest is anywhere in the world
okay the Skype mobile app you can have them call in to your Skype on your
computer you can record it with the call recorder I understand the the new
built-in Skype recording app is not good so don’t use that that’s coming from my
friend Jim Coulson from as a podcast coach Fame okay so here if you were to
do a new episode anchor gives you options you can upload it so you’ve done
your recording you interviewed your guest
and you recorded it with your Skype call recorder you just upload it or you turn
on the recorder and start recording I’ve done so many of these tutorials I think
you guys have all watched them all but it’s impossible you couldn’t watch them
all except for Larry and Andrew okay more questions are coming in Andrew said
plus the podcast labs in NYC oh my gosh I don’t think I told you about this
speaking about me having a new podcast maybe I did tell you but Larry wasn’t
here the founders of anchor have decided that they’re going to release their own
podcast called co-founder so it’s Michael Mike McNabb oh and NIR and
cannot remember Neer’s last name I’m sorry but his first name is NIR they set
up the studio said so that they can record a podcast and then they decided
well why don’t we when we’re not recording let other people come in and
record it for free so all you have to do is go over fill out a Google Doc and get
your time so if you’re in NYC area you can have a professional recording studio
I guess they let you stay in there for I don’t know an hour 45 minutes probably
at least a half an hour don’t hold me to those times I didn’t go sign up because
I’m not an MI see but yeah oh and TechCrunch was recording an episode of
their podcast I don’t know if they released that yet I meant to go look and
see if they did but I thought no I take it back I laughed I laughed for good
five minutes when I saw anchor tweet now TechCrunch
and guys the reason why I’m laughing it’s because you know TechCrunch these
are the tech gurus they could podcast on any highfalutin rootin tootin high OPR
40s away but where did they decide to record their podcast at anchor
TechCrunch yeah mm-hmm I yeah I just thought that was amusing III thought
that and Amy has joined the list of those that love me thank you Amy
Amy loves me or Amy you could always support the show listener support and
I’ll just add that link there into the chat record slash edit your podcast and
upload via the web Thank You Larry you said that so much more efficiently than
I did but you know may I like to show visuals and actually I could bring
somebody in here right now using Skype I’m not going to do that though but I
could bring someone in on skype and while I’m having this live stream I
could be you know talk interviewing someone on skype and then just extract
the audio from the recording and then upload it to my podcast and I probably
will do that one day soon but not today I had too many windows and things opened
and so they so yeah Larry’s saying anchor is available from the website and
app and if you have an iPad which I don’t and I feel bad I feel some type of
way that I can’t demo this but if you have an iPad you have access to a really
really cool editor from anchor where you can you know trim sections out and all
that and it’s it’s strictly an editor you can’t listen to
I cast with the anchor app for for iPad but hang on let’s see if I can sure that
was one of the the things that I kind of skipped over when when I was growing
through here showing you all the new hires okay here it is let me get that up
for you guys to see if you have an iPad they have this amazing I mean honestly I
thought about buying an iPad that’s just how amazing this little it and here they
even have a video to show you know how you can record edit you know do all the
trimming out of your arms your eyes or whatever you want to trim out something
that was said that you misspoke or whatever and then you can do all that
from your iPad and then upload it into your anchor podcast so I think that’s
absolutely tremendous like I said I even thought about hmm how much your iPad but
I need a little bit more listener support in order to migrate over to an
iPad it’s a nice workflow and then like I said some I think as long as you have
the expectation to know that you can’t really listen and consume anchor
podcasts with that iPad app is strictly a creation tool but I think some of the
you know typical or some of the guys that I hang out with how about if I say
it like that instead of trying to be so fancy my anchor pals were kind of pissed
the ones that I buy ads because they were like oh I can’t listen and it’s
like you know they should have made it clear that’s not a listening app that’s
only a composition app wait what out of all the tech you’ve purchased you don’t
have an iPad I don’t have a reason to have one because I have two iPhones why
do I need an iPad this little Anker thing is the only thing that I’ve
seen that I need an iPad for if I was into drawing and you know doing that
kind of stuff where I could use the stylus I’m not into that I should be I
wish I was I should be more creative I’m not ready for my close-up mr. DeMille Oh Andrew well one day we’ll get you in
here on skype so guys you know I think I kind of going through soup to nuts here
about anchor and you know I just want you to see that people were concerned
about angers with their business model so now you guys see that they do have a
business model I know that as soon as I turned on the listener support I got
some support so I I know that there’s other folks out there that their
listener base has wanted to support their show somehow and so this is a
perfect solution but the more we as podcasters who are one anchor put that
out there that people can support the show that way I think that’s another way
for the you know the monetization that doesn’t just benefit an advertiser I
mean I don’t have anything against advertisers but I really go out of my
way not to listen to ads I got to be honest with you I TiVo everything so I
can watch it later even the things that I like what I call it tifo but you know
they actually call a DVR but to me is so much easier to say TiVo so then I don’t
have to watch those commercials because I’m just some things that I’m not going
to go out and buy same reason I don’t have a smartphone no need see how many users are on Inc I am assuming
you met our on tanker is it growing substantially well Larry that’s a good
question you know this cause a big oh well maybe I am exaggerating when I say
big all the other podcast hosts were really really speculative of these
numbers that anchor is putting out here and there they said that this is
according to anchor here anchor is expanding the world of podcasting by
empower independent creators all over the world in fact one out of every three
new podcasts are now powered by anchor and this is according to something
called char table not anything I ever heard of before and honestly I don’t
know how any of these statistics are derived I don’t I don’t see all of the
other podcast host sharing their data to say you know I still see from me anchor
being used a root purpose tool for our kappahd cast okay I must be yeah there’s
a few typos there but I think I understand what you mean yeah of course
why not use it as a repurposing toy don’t kosta nothing
oh really quickly let me tell you about my new podcast my new podcast I’m sorry
you guys are not probably going to be interested unless you are a member of
the better than success real estate league cuz it’s just a little small pot
podcast for those folks and I actually got the inspiration for this podcast
from Mike Mike McNab Oh of anchor because you know one of the things that
kind of drives me crazy is how everybody in the podcasting industry is always so
worried about numbers I want to grow my show how do you build your audience how
do you make it bigger how do you make it and sometimes it just drives me nuts
and some of the examples that Michael gave during his podcast movement all
four of you know what about if you just want to have a small audience what’s
wrong with that just say for example I’ll give you some examples that and
that may apply to you let’s just say you you’re the person in your family who’s
always coordinating the parties or the family reunions what if you just want to
have a podcast for your family a family reunion podcast or what if you just
wanted to have a podcast for your neighbors just like the people I’m
pointing cuz you know who my neighbors are right my friend mr. Rodney his
mother his sister we do have other people that live on this block though
but let’s just say you know there’s a hundred people then there one is block
falls together I’m just making up that number it may not even be that many
that’s probably more like 75 what if I just wanted to have a podcast for 75
people or what if I wanted to have a podcast that was just for the two
hundred and twenty members of the better than success real estate league what’s
wrong with that and so that’s what my new podcast is is for those folks and
you know I just wanted to say that I just want to put that out there that
podcasts don’t always have to grow they don’t always have to have a lot of
listeners they don’t always have to be so big and build this humongous audience
especially when half the time you don’t had nothing to say
oh I’m the reason why I say that is because you’re doing an interview show
and you got to bring somebody else in why coz but you you don’t have anything
to say you just have to bring in an expert who sounds like they’re in a
tunnel but water pouring down their back I don’t know why
oh don’t you have something that you could say the beauty of anchor is guess
what you can experiment with all that for free you can do it all for free BTS for the win
Thank You Larry podcast for neighborhood watch associations are great thank you
Andrew and they don’t have to grow it’s you know your message needs to reach
your target audience and make an impact and what’s wrong with having a small
target audience there’s nothing wrong with that
but because people have to pay for podcasts hosting they’re like oh no I’m
not even I wasn’t even thinking about having a podcast for this group or that
group or these people or those people because I’m not paying $10 a month $20 a
month $30 a month I’ve got a game show art just that in the other I’m not doing
all of that but when you know it’s free why not now back to talking about the
better than success little podcast i’m doing i’m not using anchor for that
because it’s private content okay but I could if I wanted to I could because I
don’t have to put it out I could just put it in for anchor but I don’t want to
everybody in the league to have to have the anchor app now you can use it for
your small group but they don’t need to have the anchor app because remember I
just showed you all those platforms that that podcast can be shared to okay mines
is on and even actually Chris had more than me Ashley Christ had more than me
but I’m on all these platforms Ashley Christ I think she also had in
addition to these she had TuneIn I think was one of hers and then
I’ve seen some people also listed in pod beam but just still not sure how that
works but hey look at all these apps there’s so many different ways and the
two primary ones being Apple podcast and Google podcasts and then of course as
Larry can also talk about and you can find out if you were one of his patrons
I know you did a video for us patrons how to turn it into and a flash briefing
for Lexi notice I didn’t say her name I didn’t activate your device wasn’t that
good of me all right so there’s a lot that you can do with with a podcast when
you know that it’s not gonna be any technical barriers there’s no monetary
barrier all you got to do is push that little button and start talking and you
might want to put a title when you finish so that you can remember what you
were talking about how’s that Larry’s talking about the next door app
is a great tool for NWA Andrew yep I don’t never heard of the next door app
but then you got to get all of your people to install it so see this is why
I’m this is why I’m saying about anchor because everybody’s got some kind of
listening app on their phone whether there’s Apple podcasts you know if you
got an iPhone that’s built-in right you have to literally get rid of it or you
now google podcasts is not really native on an android but if they search for it
it comes up right there yeah and then you know you can listen on
the web and then like with Andrew he doesn’t have a phone so he said he’ll
pass it on so sister she’s the one doing NWA alerts from the scanner yeah
so if people knew that they could just navigate to the website to listen to the
NWA alerts neighborhood watch for those who just tuned in so there you go guys
just think outside the box and like I said Mike will inspire me because I do
hear this all the time about how do I grow my audience how do I get more
listeners how do i how do i and it’s like sometimes it just drives me nuts
it’s just like it’s okay if it’s only benefiting ten people because guess what
y’all we had to pay for it and you never know they made and their listener
support so that you can decide to grow it take it on the road so to speak next
door is web also it’s like community looking out for community law
enforcement use it all the time oh thank you Larry thank you I know my dad used
to listen to the police scanner recipes Percy that was the background of I was a
background of me growing up police scanner you know my father was a police
officer and that was just in the background you had music playing all day
long and then the police scanner yeah that was pretty much it when you went to
bed the police scanner was still on doesn’t overcast grab Google / iTunes
podcast I didn’t know you could submit directly oh you’re right
but you said two things overcast grabs Apple podcasts not Google podcasts
overcast grabs Apple podcasts yes there you go oh my goodness Oh
Pacino hello L I like that purple that’s the color for today anyway
of the L and a Rob is saying hi Larry and my sister has three scanners going 7
a.m. to 11 p.m. to cover in Nashville your sister is the bomb she is on it
yeah so there’s there’s so many things you can do with the podcast it’s like I
said especially when it’s free there you go
so yeah I did a little demo of the overcast app last week for those who you
know are looking for a podcast listening app if your own iPhone yeah the only
problem with overcast is that it is iPhone only and if you’re on a Android
phone then you want Google podcasts and that app is displayed prominently on all
the anchor podcasters page so you know and I mentioned also when I was at
podcast movement and it seemed like all the folks that were asking me about my
podcast had just so happened to have Android phones and then I just told them
to type in my name and they typed in my name I Annie and packed in the word
podcast and two podcasts came up my miss Eileen speaks and my anchor podcast but
actually the anchor podcast came up first I mean you know they just typed it
in huh well I don’t know why the anchor podcast because the other podcast is
called miss Eileen speaks and I didn’t tell them to type in the word anchor I
told them to type in the word Eileen but the anchor podcast showed first not sure
why but you know that’s how Google is that’s why I try to have my hands a
little bit of everything because Google has a way of showing what they want to
show not what they should be showing because
you know that’s just how it goes guys was there a referral Cole for
Angkor for you okay anchor is free so you don’t need a referral code from me
sweetie just go ahead and sign up the anchored IFM and then look for me when
you get there make sure you subscribe to my podcast or followers call follow when
you’re inside the app and then that way I can see you and then I can follow you
back okay how often do you record for anchor and listen to other anchor
recordings that has changed a lot Larry and honestly I can’t I don’t know if I
can quantify that right off the top of my head like when you say how off every
day I opened up the app how’s that every day I opened up that anchor app I don’t
record every day there that’s the way to do it put your hands and everything yeah okay making sure if there was I wanted
to give you credit oh that is so wonderful of you thank you so very much
Rob you know and what I’ve always wanted to do is to provide two tutorials for
folks and I also do have an anchor course if there’s somebody who just is
like look I don’t know I still don’t understand so don’t get it about anchor
I do have an anchor course and let me show you that by the way might as well the oops sorry got hidden
behind the window it’s how to start a podcast with anchor and you know how
tips they’re for promoting your show how to use the mobile app and and so yeah
it’s there for you guys if anybody wants to just feel like they need a little
extra hand-holding I do have a course there
you know so all right and then radio Don has said good morning good morning yeah
it is still morning Wow yep so guys if you have any other questions
let me make sure that I let you guys know how to get in touch with me and if
you want to send me a voicemail first just know that you can use the anger app
okay you can leave a message inside of the Anker app but if you don’t want to
get on Ankur you can go to Eileen a dot link slash voicemail to leave me a
voicemail and if you would rather just send me an email then you would go to
Eileen dot link slash contact I mean that link slash contact and Rob said
you’re using ECAM live to youtube have have you had any issues not one not any
issues any issues that I have all been user error on my behalf I’ve been using
it just for Facebook any tips for me I have about five tutorials here on
YouTube about how to use ECAM live and it’s basically the same as using it on
Facebook the only difference can’t really think
of any can’t off top of my head Rob I can’t think of any difference you know
you can do all of what you guys see me doing here I guess the reason I don’t do
podcast is that most of my stuff is tipped Orioles yeah mine says to Andrew
with lots of screenshots and screen shares and that is hard to do in
podcast yep but sometimes people just want to listen anyway you know even
though there’s a part where we’re saying do this go here go there sometimes
people just want to have that as background maybe they’re driving or you
know doing housework multitasking that’s advantage of having a podcast is
that when you know even when people are multitasking they still can listen so at
this time what I want to say to you guys is feel free to go on and check out some
of my other YouTube videos about anger and be sure to subscribe to the channel
for more live streams every weekend here on YouTube bye for now have a wonderful

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  1. The iPad editor is awesome. It makes the trimming process so much easier. I am kicking my Anchor podcast, Hello Neighbor, into gear in September. Thanks for all your creator support.

  2. I love watching your videos! You give helpful information. Even though I don't comment on every video. I always watch most of your videos. I have a podcast on Anchor too! It's Reflection of Des.

  3. Neat Ileane! Because I put a podcast on Anchor and intend to dive into it more freely, in the future. Rocking reminder!


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