Podcast: Standing On The Shoulders Of Others

Podcast: Standing On The Shoulders Of Others

Greetings! My name is Michael Rice, newly appointed Michigan
state superintendent. It is an honor to welcome you to a new school
year! So, I begin with an admission: I’m not exactly
a video kind of guy. That said, I’ll do a few of these throughout
the year to get messages out to local educators. The good news for you: If I am as boring as
I look, you don’t have to clink on the video. Three quick points and out the door. First, teachers, support staff, and administrators:
know that you are ENORMOUS in the lives of our Michigan children. Our kids may not say it, they may not show
it, you may not feel it on a given day, but you are HUGE in their lives. You have a tremendous opportunity EACH day
to help shape our children. You help make a better world every day you
work with our kids. Don’t forget it. Second, think of the best teachers, support
staff, and administrators that YOU had growing up, those who had the greatest impact on you,
the ones who made you a better person, who cared about and poured into YOU. Think of them – by name, by story, in context
– and channel them into your work with children this year. Put their names somewhere where you can see
them each day. You stand on their shoulders. Soon, some of your kids will see themselves
standing on your shoulders. So… Felton, Hazlett, Doddridge, Tope, Miller,
Dedrick, Robinson, Butz, Gio, Cummings, Wilson, Melnick, Romeo, Young, Krahling, Ferraro,
and Eisenberg: you’re with me this year as I help raise up the next generation. Third, congratulations to our Regional Teachers
of the Year in Michigan: Michele Pizzo, Detroit Public Schools Community
District Katie Farrell, Hudsonville Public Schools
Tricia Zēman, Holt Public Schools Amanda Clemons, Manistee Area Public Schools
Rachal Gustafson, Rapid River Public Schools Jeremy Winsor, Fulton Schools
Jessyca Mathews, Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools
Douglas Duncan, Kalamazoo Public Schools Kristalyn Musselman, Tecumseh Public Schools Congratulations also to our Michigan Teacher
of the Year, Ms. Cara Lougheed, Rochester Community School District. Finally, I would be remis if I didn’t thank
Ms. Sheila Alles, who served for the last 15 months as interim state superintendent
in the wake of State Superintendent Brian Whiston’s death. Along with department staff, Sheila did a
terrific job in continuing the momentum on a number of important initiatives in the last
15 months, and has returned to her chief deputy superintendent role, from which she will continue
to make invaluable contributions. To ALL of you: Make this a great year for
children! Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Podcast: Standing On The Shoulders Of Others

  1. Teachers,

    Thank you all for your compassion, hard work and skills towards developing the minds of our youth. You all are an integral part of students’ lives. Keep up the good work and persevere because we all need you!👍🏼♥️


    Camille V. Frazier, substitute teacher

  2. Thank you Dr. Rice and again congratulations on your new position, we look forward to your leadership in the years to come!

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