PODCAST: Spill the Beans with Lesley Leveriza-Lina!

PODCAST: Spill the Beans with Lesley Leveriza-Lina!

hi everyone welcome back to another
spill the beans but just my name is Lester yes and this is Paulo Street
Nestor I just like to commend your energy every
day it gets a little lower okay so today we have a very special
guest someone whom we’ve worked with in I’m not sure what year was that so I’m
not going to try to remember but just like shit just like chef Carlo
the this is one of the people that has collaborated with Teddy Sage so today we
have I’m not sure this is going to be career talk or YouTube thought so how do
you want to start it so thank you for being a boy Lester okay so today we’ll
start off up close and personal okay so we’re going to get up close and personal
with a creative director of make-believe productions so here is Leslie larisa
Lina Leslie can you just say hi the camera and then just say your name
and then your profession all right thank you so much guys for that introduction
so yes I am Lesley liveries Elina triple L yeah
yes I’m creative director of make-believe productions and on the side
I’m also a host so I host live events I also host on Oh shopping some a vendor
on TV mhm as well and I am an independent film and theatre actress
okay Lesley you’re such a professional when
it comes to you’re saying you’re a theatre practitioner can you define that
for our subscribers and memory keepers what’s a theatre practitioner oh hi
there subscribers and memory keepers for a theatre practitioner at somebody
that’s involved in any aspect of theaters so he could be backstage you
could be a director a playwright you could be a stage manager or a performer
on stage performer so how did you start your core competence more it’s more of a
performer yes I really fell in love with acting it was very very young actually
Paolo if you had told me like today or many
years ago rather that I would one day end up as a performer I wouldn’t have
believed it I was painfully shy Wow so we lived in the US and my teacher
couldn’t call on me without me crying man Abajo cinematic tear that was you
know no sound just tears in school and my teacher even like had this special
meeting with my parents asking does she even understand English you know because
she really doesn’t want to talk in class and you know that’s the only language
she knows she just knows a sprinkling of Filipino she grew up here in the US and
so I really was painfully shy but then I think around grade four grade five I
think this was during the time that that Leia was starting to appear in Miss
Saigon and at the start of the year we had already come home to the Philippines
at the start of the year we had a teacher well the teachers introduced
clubs and they sort of like have this open sign up for
everybody so the one in charge of drama club said so who here would want to be
just like Lea Salonga and without thinking you know something just really
clicked within me it’s like lightbulb moment you know without even thinking I
just raised my hand and I signed up for drama club but when I got home and I
gave my parents so I signed up for drama club they’re like oh really you you’re
the shyest girl you know you don’t even want to talk in class yeah yeah but I
think initially for me it was it was also because I wanted to escape myself I
was so uncomfortable and really insecure and so I welcome the idea of becoming
someone else but my first stage play actually I wasn’t someone else I was
another animal so I was a bunny yeah and then but what was happening was as I
started performing in school plays rather than me escaping myself I sort of
started becoming more comfortable with myself and I was growing more and more
confident and yeah just being more comfortable with who I am okay so the
Lea Salonga what what what was the play or what was
because I know it’s missing on me yeah so yeah I watched the documentary of her
coming out and Miss Saigon so when I was watching that I’m like wow it looks like
a lot of fun being on stage that documentary like charted her journey
from like the auditions yeah and rehearsing for the plane and
finally you know the play premiering and it just seemed like such a fascinating
world okay so from someone who’s painfully shy yeah what made you come
out of your shell what’s that whole miss I go on production nothing specific
about it it’s just in general when you saw it you it’s like how boy see Michael
Jordan when we see something similar you can do the same for us since we’re all
so painfully shy yeah when we warm up some more and then now unless there’s
not hiding behind this monitor but we can do some exercises but not me it’s like a team effort
really is fun if you know more than one or two people are involved okay
I’ll try to join reply I’ll try you know I guess a gentle no or declining I’ll
try but lastly so when you were saying that that when you saw me Saigon this is
the thing that really made you come out of your shell was it continuous once
once you saw it it was just one play after another or one school activity
after another or were there times that you also regress yeah well I so I signed
up for the drama club and my first role was as a bunny and there were like a lot
of struggles like I remember coming out I wanted to be a daffodil Oh Rose
because there were also like it the scene was in the forest and it goes into
their animals in the forest I really was hoping for daffodil arose but I didn’t
get daffodil arose I got a bouncy bunny there’s a part of the dancer and we had
to like turn around and shake her butts and I found it so so humiliating and we
had like this tail that was attached to our white jumpsuit okay and I just found
it really embarrassing so I tore the tail off yeah but then I didn’t but only
gonna eat have my own life right there that they all offered to gonna leave a
hole in my in my jogging pants attach it again like had glue was too shy because
I was really shy through Scheider approach the teacher and asked if she
could fix it so you know just trying to fix it all on my own like as a grade 5
students like what did I know about but when you pulled it it was in mid
production were you it was there a show or yeah
it was yeah there was a show I think like right before we came on stage yeah
so I did have like those moments when I’d regress or and of course we’d have
like addition the audition process to be cast in a particular play there are
times when I didn’t feel like I did well or wouldn’t get in cast in particular
production so it wasn’t smooth sailing all the way it was also
getting more acquainted with what the craft required and what was part of a
play production so additions not getting cast or not getting the role that you
wanted and just being able to also be confident through that and not let go of
your dream just because things don’t go the way that you expect but when
rejections game or I’m sure when you’re in performing arts or when you’re an
actress you guys just like in real estate with Lee Jay you guys have a lot
of rejections so what’s the impetus any momentum that
or what’s what do you fall back on that tells you okay all right so this is like
my fourth rejection for the month maybe I should keep on trying what makes you
keep going yeah I guess it’s putting things in perspective like it really is
part of it and also seeing an addition just because you didn’t get in that
specific project you know being able to see it as a learning experience like
what did I do well that I want to keep on doing what did I not do so well that
that I can improve on for the next edition and I’ve always seen auditions
you know it has happened to me that I didn’t get the part
the producer or the director heard my voice and they liked it so they got me
as a voice talent for a different project or you know you’re waiting in
line and you get to talk to somebody there and then they find out more about
what you do and they’re like oh you know I’m gonna call you for a certain role or
you know like the friends you make actually then you they become important
contacts that’s true as well so it’s never Taeyang you know really getting
out of your bed because it means I’m gonna didn’t have any do I go to this
audition you know I might not be able to get in the factory setting but always
you know remembering that it’s a learning experience and yeah I’m always
so glad that for auditions that I push myself to go to I always end up like
learning something picking up something or making an important acquaintance okay
so technically it’s putting things in perspective
and you just won’t get a yes or you’re hired all the time yeah but sometimes
especially now at this day and age where everything is instant gratification on
Facebook if you don’t get a like you don’t get a share kids now do get
depressed over social media so firfer do I say us but for me the the
old-school way is really to grind it out what I was taught when I was younger and
I know will eventually lead you to a yes one rejection eventually opened the door
so you were saying but because you’re also a mother yes how do you impart that
old-school tenets of do you just have to keep trying you have to keep trying how
do you impart that to the younger ones because our subscribers are James II and
in younger Millennials how would you impart that that that
wisdom that you just have to keep trying every door that’s closed eventually will
open what’s what’s the best way to tell young one and I’m asking advice for you
because I guess it’s really putting it in perspective and realizing that in
this day and age of instant gratification you can’t do away with
process you can’t do away with your learning curve like for my daughter for
example she just recently told me that mom I think I know what to do she’s 13
by the way she recently told me no what’s that she said I want to be a
performing artist and practical or it’s very hard I mean I do like paint a
realistic picture but I really need to support her as well because yeah because
that was that was the exact same path that I wanted but like right now she’s
taking a workshop and she also shared with me like her audition process and it
was difficult and she was so nervous and so you know just I told her you know
this is like the first workshop that you’re taking outside of a make-believe
workshop because she attended with with us for a long time so she does go to the big productions
yeah she started I think she started attending workshops with us like she was
two and a half okay years old like until like eight or ten but now now that she’s
older you know we’re making her take workshops outside and she’s like yeah
mom it’s awkward if you’re my teacher so yeah just teaching me like okay so
you didn’t do so what you felt like you didn’t do so well in the audition so
what what have you learned from it and then I told her you know you just have
to keep on like attending workshops and learning so it’s just realizing that
yeah it’s a process like whatever it is that you’re passionate in be it art or
be it photography or editing you can’t expect to get to it and be good right
away they say that one of the things that we do I’m especially like for us
like artistic there’s an immediate output you can’t expect that your first
foray and that you’re gonna be good you have to realize that it goes into a
process of you working hard like for theater for example the audience sees it
at the end of season show at the end of a long and tedious rehearsal process
it’s like two to three months of preparation and what you’re seeing is
you know like toward the latter part of a journey that started you know a couple
of months prior and my own experience as an actress and is coming into a role you
know I’ve really struggled with trying to get a character I feel like there
I’ve come into rehearsals really feeling like I sucked like downright suck but
then knowing that it’s a rehearsal and that’s what rehearsals are for that
you’ve got to work it all out and try to work out the kinks you can’t comment to
her so thinking that it’s gonna be perfect that I’m gonna say my lines that
I’m gonna get into character but you have to trust also that throughout the
process and trust in your director trusting your co actors that you’re
gonna find it but then of course doing your due diligence so like outside of
rehearsals making sure that I studied my lines that I study my character if I
need to change my shoes or what I’m wearing during your herzl so that I get
into it of course you’ve got to do the work but you also have to trust the
process that you’re gonna get there you know feel like you need to
fast-forward or just because you’re not good right away you’re gonna abandon
because a lot of people do that they they’re passionate in the beginning they
like super get into it but then when it doesn’t go their way then oh that’s not
for me yes you really have to you know go
through the process and go through the journey of being bad maybe sucking in
the beginning but then really working hard to get better I like it I like it I
like it a lot as you were saying a lot of I’m not sure if it’s just Filipino
sparing a lot of people we call it in Filipino peroneus whoa yeah exactly
we’re very very hard working in the beginning but eventually we just taper
off and and give up I like that it’s a simple word as you were saying you have
to trust that there’s a process trust your journey thank you there’s a process
and one more thing that I got from you was you have to do your due diligence
I never heard due diligence that I was a lot older but eventually I think I
called it by another name but you’re right you have to do your due diligence
you have to know how to play your part I’m not a big fan of Floyd Mayweather but there’s this one thing about his
group that they always say play your part
trust in also sorry for so many sports reference bring the male perspective there’s a player now from Philadelphia
76ers his nickname or his moniker is cross the process so for the kids at
least they can somewhat see it that not everything will just immediately come to
you exactly in process Linnaean is making a profile on facebook profile on
Instagram and then eventually you feel like everyone’s going to like you so
right now you’re saying there is a process and you have to trust that
process but also at the same time do your work okay so what’s the process if
you want to be an actress or in the performing arts process I really would
recommend like signing up for a drama club getting into production because
yeah that’s how I first got into it and you know you’ll be surprised like those
of you that that started out in drama club
you know you do end up encountering these people and later down the line
and you realize that oh you you pursued it too or maybe in a different maybe not
exactly theatre but also in media also in entertainment so there is that but
you know just you know experiencing a school production where and you go
through the process of additions and you go into a rehearsal a process and then
also a lot of times in school productions you don’t just perform but
you’re actually you help make the props you help make the set you help sell
tickets you know stirs so just that all-around
immersion so that you can appreciate all of the different components to it is
also very important that’s through multitasking startup business lenders startup minami-kun any hobby gondola
once you leave a startup company and go to a bigger company most of the time you
end up overqualified so I can move on to my next point so you’re saying that you
have to go through school productions first or a drama club and then there you
also learn how to multitask what’s the next step after you say you do school
yeah because what what happened to me was I was doing school productions and
then also signing up for workshops during the summer so those during
summary that would be an opportunity for you because big theatre groups also
offer workshops and that’s a way for directors
what happened to me also was that as I was doing workshops you know somebody
would approach me and say you know you should try an audition for and when I
was in high school also I was pretty lucky because my high school during the
time I was there I heard that they don’t do it anymore but they set aside a
performing arts section and now instead of taking PE like if you were in the
theatre strand you would be taking acting classes if you’re in the chorale
you’d be taking voice lessons if you’re in band you’d you know have somebody
come and teach you the music and so we had that and also because because we
were in the performing arts section like we we would have irregular schedules and
that we were always performing for school programs or we would be out of
the school representing the school in different events and so they would give
us a you know make up tests and all that and allow us to make up for the time
that we be away from school time from from formal school times I was really
lucky and during the time there were some practitioners coming in and
handling our classes and there was something really really come up to me it
was so hard thing to hear that you know as a high school student with a big
dream and you don’t know like how do I get there but some like approached me
and said you know when the time comes or maybe you should start exploring you
know professional opportunities you know keep your eye out for additions maybe
you could try it and go so you know just hearing that you know what’s validation
for me and it kept the fire burning kept the flame burning and when I got into
college also doing like a school production team in there and when I
graduated yeah then I said okay I’m just gonna go for it you know if it doesn’t
work out then maybe I would go for a desk job but maybe for the first year
after my graduation I’m just gonna go for it and see where it takes me so yeah
so I just poured over the newspaper when Apple much I didn’t wanna face ba ba ba
lappa during that time cuz now they’re like a lot of Facebook groups auditions
and casting calls so for you guys actually if you wanted to expert those
opportunities you can just you know type in on Facebook audition casting calls in
the Philippines my god yeah Lester you know the requirements
for my dance lastly I like that so technically what
you’re saying is be proactive yes yes very proactive but four are there a lot
of summer what do you call workshops laughs or
even for the younger ones yes for the younger ones so my group actually we
have make-believe productions we do have a theatre workshops as well we even have
during the offseason really specialized young kids so like three years old three
about nine or ten year old for teenagers you know you have trumpets you have
repertory if it means my daughter’s joined both actually trumpets and rap
right now she’s taking a rap workshop and there are actually also a lot of
different independent groups oh you also have betta which shows a creative
musical theatre theatre acting as well and they take you through the process of
creating a play not just acting play so there are like a lot of different groups
actually that offer theatre workshops I’m sorry but I have to put you on the
spot III really don’t watch a lot of theatre very few and far between how
come I always see the same actors the same group most of the time is it still
a thriving community or is this the role just circulate amongst a certain number
of people I remember I wanted to watch I won’t name the title of the play and
there was a three-player I wanted to watch like wow it’s the same guy again
so how’s the status of the the theatre community now in the Philippines is it
I’m sure wondering since I have a daughter and what if she chose this path
did this kind of path if she goes through summer summer workshops she
really works hard in school is it best to send her abroad or if she wants to
pursue theatre here is there a path a direction for her
well I’d say like for those that go to like the summer workshops the teachers
there are professional they either work as performers or as directors and they
could spot you there and then you know if you come in an audition for them in
the future like after having graduated from from college and oh you’re my
student and I know what you can do so you have
sort of that foot in the door already which helps and also for a lot of
college theatre organizations also the the heads and a lot of the directors
also are in the professional theater scene anyway so if they see you and what
we can do within the college or school context then when you go outside and
audition again that would be another way of the foot in the door and that you
don’t come in cold you’re not a complete stranger they know what you can do yeah
with that I do get what you mean in terms of like you see a lot of the same
faces these are people that have really pursued it and have fought for it action
because it’s not easy it’s not easy and the the state of it here in the
Philippines is that you can one cannot live on theatre alone but then you would
have to do like a lot of other things like on the side or some even have like
maybe jobs flexible jobs as programmers or and then they’re able to do theater
in the evening okay um there’s some that have full-time jobs and then from there
full-time job they run to a rehearsal at night so it’s really different ways of
making it work and different ways of making room for that fashion like me for
example I’m not just a theater app just I have make-believe connections I do o
shopping I also host events on the side so it really is something that you fight
for and make space for and the people that you see these are people that I
extremely look up to because they’ve really fought for it and they’ve really
you know put in the work to make sure that they’re able to do it on a regular
basis but with that said I wouldn’t say that’s impossible for like a new person
to get in because I feel like just the feeling of like being somebody who was
like in in the circle that wasn’t my story I mean I think in like a workshop
earth you I’ve I hadn’t countered like professionally – they
told me to go for it but a lot of the people that I dition for in the
beginning never heard of me okay and it would it had come to a point also like a
direct you said how come I’ve never seen you anywhere where did you come from and
even when there was a time when I took a break from theater acting you know the
focus and make-believe the focus on mom being to focus on matters of consequence
adult thing and so it had been several years and then I came into additional
director was like how come I’ve never seen you before he commended my addition
he said that was a very good audition he’s like how come I haven’t seen you in
any show so I told them you know I taken a break it’s been quite a while but I
would love to come back and I was cast and I was cast in the lead role of that
show and there were friends of his that he had invited to audition and so it’s
not impossible I think then your due diligence and your work comes in like
preparing well for your audition I’m making sure that you know you come in
and you just show everything that you’re gonna do yeah so it’s not impossible but
I think that getting into like workshops is good so that you sort of you will
meet people in the industry but then also keeping your eye out going through
Facebook for auditions that you could possibly send to it’s actually planting
a lot of seeds yes it’s just exhales it’s a numbers game like you send do as
many as you can I’m hoping that maybe if I send out twenty that maybe one or two
will bear fruit yeah and then then you’d be cast in a project so it’s not
impossible it’s being very proactive it’s training let’s say if you’re in
between projects also like I make sure that I’m so able to attend classes take
yeah acting workshops mask workshops voice workshop just to make sure that
I’m still yea sharp making sure that I watch also so that I can that’s being
done I learned so much from from watching people act on stage and yeah
just coming in and giving a great memorable kick-ass audition yes how long
was your hiatus you were saying that there was a time that you took a break
just came from a break right now I’m part of a festival called
the Virgin lab fest that’s running CCP underwriters block and tackle and
pilipino basically what it does is that it stages untested untried plays for the
first time so it’s all original work by Filipino playwrights and so it’s sort of
like if you know cinema laia which is the independent film scene this is
little bit independent theater scene and it’s been around for 15 years already so
this is its 15th year and apparently has like a cult following like people really
come in at the watch to see the fresh work and to see these new creations it’s
very exciting so it when I auditioned for it a couple of months ago I realized
wow it’s been 4 years since I’ve acted in a theater play for years yeah because
I’ve been busy with work for make-believe I’ve been still been able
to do like acting projects like short films you know up here I have a cameo in
the occasional mainstream film but not like a theater play and so I auditioned
and it was four years I realized for years and 16 years since I came out in a
minnetonka in a CCP play so it was such a wonderful experience to come back it’s
still running by the way till next week if you guys wanna watch people lit up
maybe we can see the virgin lab there so that’s a virgin up fest 12 I’m just not
sure if they like released any video on virgin Ava’s 15 oh but they’re ready
very chats – they’re about virgin laughter so they’re that ready Vera who
is a co-founder of a virgin lab fest 15 is a wonderful director actor and
playwright any mentors also the the playwrights throughout the process and
he they also have like critiquing because of course when you make a new
play it’s a one thing to write it it’s another thing to bring it to life and so
it really is a collaborative process with the director and the actors also so
the actors bring something new the director also has a vision for the
material and Robbie also helps like critique that process and give a
constructive feedback so that the material is further developed and
polished until July 7 yeah wait I’m sorry who’s Roddy Roddy Roddy very rosy
Vera the one on the left is in the floral in the floral shirt okay all
right so for our memory keepers and subscribers is there a possibility that
he can be a theatre actress and just do theater without working because a lot of
people ask us can you vlog and just quit your day job this was discussions
yesterday so is it possible if let’s say all right let’s just say my daughter
wants to comes up to me and tells me I want to be a theatre actress in just a
theatre actress and nothing else I don’t want to work I don’t want I don’t want
to be in the corporate world I just want to act is that reality maybe
seasonal it would be possible let’s say or like if you land like a good a
production that would have like a very good budget then that would be possible
but that’s not very often I’d say season are like there are some
that I know like okay I’m gonna do a series of big maybe corporate event or a
certain project like I know somebody for example she’s a computer programmer so
okay I’m gonna do this for like a couple of months so that I have bauen and then
I can like just think of theater for like the next few months the reality is
actually here in the Philippines is that you would need to have something else
yes in fact I recently watched the play and I was talking to one of the theater
stalwarts I can say like one of the pillars in Philippine theater and I was
commending his performance because was so amazing and he also works like as a
teacher as a director and he do it he has a corporate job as well and I was
telling him you know you were so wonderful
perform I just hugged at my heartstrings then I was in tears and he said you know
I if this was like the only thing I could do I would do it but the reality
is is that you would need to have somebody else and he’s like because when
you do theater why would you want to do anything else I mean and I totally got
that because yeah you know you feel so alive and iterated and isn’t anything
like it but at the end of the day you still don’t need you need something to
fall back on yeah and a lot like for example they do theater work but they
also do TV like they come out as regulars in a TV show or they do a lot
of commercials so you would be finding like a lot of things on the side to be
able to complement your is there some form of sorry for the the the choice of
words better is there some form of discrimination when you do theater and
then you start to do TV because TV pays more do theater actors and actresses
feel like they’re dumbing down do when they they do more of TV is there some
form like again I hate it when I keep doing sports reference just like if an
NBA player came to the PBA there’s there’s some form of feeling that okay
maybe I’m not as good as I used to be or is there a certain feeling of once you
go from theater to TV just to support the day-to-day is there a certain
feeling of man my choice of words are not so good that they a certain feeling
of resentment or maybe a feeling of maybe this isn’t for me well it’s a very
different experience of course doing film and production work and having the
experience of doing for myself it really is challenging like a film acting is
very very different they’re acting for the camera and
I’d say that like both are equally challenging because of course like for
theater again there’s nothing like it because you are living through that
moment from start to finish whatever the storyline is there’s a beginning there’s
a climax and you let it all out and then there’s a resolution at the end and the
audience is with you and they’re clapping they’re crying they’re you know
they’re with you in the journey and it’s just so electrifying and so exhilarating
for film on the other hand it’s very it’s very tedious in that you know you
have to set up your light you know set up your camera everything has to be at a
precise angle um you’re looking out for sound – it really is very very mu CCA
and the time to set up a shot you have to do your test shots and then you know
things have to be perfect you know you have to hold the coffee cup in a certain
way up to this certain level you’re thinking about of course like cheating
there’s just so many factors and of course you’re not doing it an order like
you could film page 18 first and then you go to page 2 and then you go skip
over to page 100 we’ve done it all so we’re and we did a film where the ending
was filmed first yeah but then when you edit that altogether it has to look like
you went through that organic journey so it’s a different challenge altogether
and because setup takes such a long time then you know you could have like a two
minute scene but you’ve been waiting five hours yeah before you know so Mele
say I act for free I get paid to wait when you’re doing a lot of film work but
you know it’s different but it’s a jobs job yes and whatever job it is we’re
very grateful to have that opportunity yeah as well it requires like when
you’re doing TV or doing film it requires a lot of patience and you know
you really have to get decked out they call those who know those folding chairs
yeah at least the chairs because you have one so that when you’re waiting you
know you can actually lie down you have your books your power bank you know just
so that you can keep yourself occupied because it is a lot of waiting to do
like a few minutes seen but it’s a job and you get to tell a story
yeah so I see the difference in the structure yeah but how about with the
the execution or the method is there a difference
some say that in theater you have to be exaggerated on TV you have to be very
reserved expression yeah well for theater then you’d have to do of course
you’d have to project your voice and then of course since it’s a bigger space
and you have people in the back then the whole concept of stage makeup comes in
where you’re doing like want or maybe your nose line just so that your your
features are more pronounced so that it carries and registers up to the very end
of the theater and then yes you have to make certain you know movements big and
yeah basically you’re playing for up to the last row and the story needs to
reach them your words need to reach them what you’re feeling your energy you have
to throw it to the very end so yes you would be more exaggerated but for film
then you would have like really extreme close-ups and a lot of it is you know
registering it on your eyes you know not going like really really busy
simplifying really distilling the emotion and keeping it simple now I
understand Lester do you watch plays mean panel
Caliban a play means and I get lucky enough I’m on the third row and I
watched some of the plays and then I wonder when they look at the the actor
or the actors when a boss is NATO audience but now I get it
as Lesley was saying once you perform you have to perform even for the person
in the last row I’ll ask you a question but I think I already know the answer I
hate it when this happens when I’m about to ask a question and then I have the
answer in my head or my end up answering the questions in my head but what’s your
preference if you were be if you really had to choose would it be theater or
Sabina not in film nella what TV is it it would you act more for for the a
theatre industry or would you like to shift to the film industry you
know I’ve been thinking about that and I’ve been asking myself that I think I’m
a ninja

100 thoughts on “PODCAST: Spill the Beans with Lesley Leveriza-Lina!

  1. Lahat siguro teh ganyan feels pag hindi pa ganun kagaling sa mga trabaho nila. “Trust the process”

  2. Anak ko gus2 din magartista. Ang mahirap lang kc dyan kelangan may kakaiba sayo e, parang sumikat ka magkaron ka ng pangalan sa industriya. Sadtruth.

  3. Theater Arts na work is really good! My cousin's is a actress sa theater but sabi niya the salary is based on your performance? IS that true?

  4. 24 hours din naman ang oras niya pero pano niya napagkakasya lahat? Including her family? Galing!

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